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WATCH: President Obama's FULL 2013 Inauguration Speech, More Pics Of The FIRST FAMILY

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 photo e5236923-77f4-380f-86e2-276adf054108_zpsfe3e595c.jpg

It was a big afternoon for the Obamas as they stepped out looking like the quintessenal First Family as Prez O was sworn in for his second term.  Pics of their looks for the big day, plus Obama's full Inaugural speech inside...

President Barack Obama saluted MLK's birthday observance today, as well as his role model Abe Lincoln, by using both of their bibles for his swearing in.  And First Lady Michelle and daughters Sasha & Malia were right by his side.

 photo fd633f73-6acd-3a57-a0c3-d511fc34bf8c_zps3048a0c1.jpg

Mrs. O added on from her look this morning that she wore to church by embellishing her Thom Browne menswear inspired coat with a J.Crew belt.  She changed into Reed Krakoff boots and added pops of color with her purple J.Crew gloves and earrings designed by Cathy Waterman.  At the end of the Inaugural festivities, the outfit and accompanying accessories will go to the National Archives.

Underneath the coat is a silver A-line Thom Browne dress and cardigan that we got a glimpse of during the Inaugural luncheon that just wrapped.


 photo b49a7e54-43f5-3c99-8552-09be65f9a71c_zps663a92b5.jpg

Sasha kept with the blue/purple color scheme in her Kate Spade peacoat and scarf.  And her big sister Malia rocked a J.Crew peacoat herself.

More pics:

 photo 02ead7d0-ffc6-33fc-8339-b7fa135d14b6_zpsf81a0842.jpg

 photo 9c0d6b9a-fb93-354d-8bca-6362092f9928_zpsd17aa7ff.jpg

For you fashion heads:


 photo f49cd862-f50e-33af-aa03-743a6262a2e8_zps4f6e38e2.jpg

Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden rocked a fab silver bow coat by Lela Rose to make a fashion statement.  Reportedly, it's already sold out at Nordstrom.  Best look of hers to date.

 photo 1dc0cb77-3478-3f83-b18d-cdb03f822d93_zps52e3d77d.jpg   photo 29d868b6-fdce-3e85-963b-3ab067690175_zpsd0d6fb49.jpg    photo 1d83c653-9acc-3cd2-b3a3-8d643ef571a4_zps5d3e7122.jpg

Loves it.

Mr. President's speech in full is above.

The President was seen looking back after the ceremony was over saying, "I want to look out one more time. I'll never see this again."

 photo 17c88701-0d68-3c5f-a114-c62ebae46f05_zpsf3010b91.jpg

Congrats on your second term Mr. President!

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Amazing Family!!!

Amazing Family!!!

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Those are some fabulous

Those are some fabulous looking people. All the coats were sick -- Flotus, Jill Biden and the Obama girls.
JJFad's picture

Ditto to those coats!

Ditto to those coats!
star's picture

I should've taken the day

I should've taken the day off, but I was able to watch most of the inauguration on cnn.com with my headphone plugged in at my desk :) Beautiful doesn't begin to describe the First Family, and Second Family as well. Best of luck, Mr. President, on your second term in office.
PR22's picture

Proud of the "First" Family!!

Proud of the "First" Family!!
IslandGyal's picture


GetUrLife's picture

They make me so proud. They

They make me so proud. They will be missed when the next four years are up.
Burself's picture

I am loving every MINUTE of

I am loving every MINUTE of this day of coverage!!! Thanks for posting the speech!!
goeze's picture

Love The First Family!!!

Love The First Family!!!

I am enjoying every minute of

I am enjoying every minute of these moments. . . Lots of love and well wishes to the President and his family.

Michelle looked stunningly

Michelle looked stunningly beautiful (photos don't do her justice). Sasha yawned during the speech like "that's just my Daddy" ............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Beautiful family

Beautiful family #flips.hair.that.is.all
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