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EXCLUSIVE: Angela Yee RESPONDS To Erica Mena GOING UP TO HER JOB TO THREATEN HER This Morning-- "I Walked Past Her & She Didn't Say Anything!"

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There's been foolish twitter beef this week between "Love & Hip Hop " Season 3 star Erica Mena and Power 105.1 radio host Angela Yee, all stemming from Angela doing her job and asking fans what they thought abut Erica's new record.  Now, Erica's taken Twitter to the streets and went up to Yee's JOB this morning to threaten her in person.


Check out what Angela Yee exclusively tells TheYBF.com about the incident...

 photo 05226096661511e28ef622000a1fa434_7_zpsaa2c766b.jpg

The reality chick, model and wanna be singer Erica Mena decided to post up up outside the Power 105.1 headquarters in NYC while Angela did her morning show duties.  Aside from the fact it is ARCTIC cold in NYC right now, especially at 6AM, Erica brought Angela some doughnuts...wrapped in insults.

Erica posted the above pics showing herself decked out in football facepaint and sweats (and we wonder why she wasn't this prepared when she tried to fight Kimbella last season).  And she issued a few threats and insulted Ange's business deal with Belvedere Vodka:

E Money feeds the hungry! Your breakfast is waiting @angelayee ! #SponseredByCiroc Fuck Belvey Lmfao
@angelayee is real hungry in the Am's. Talking about me & My SON so I decided to come bring her some breakfast today!!

Apparently, Erica is harboring some anger about Angela asking, during the Twitter beef, how a person like Erica has a son in this world.

So we spoke to Angela this morning right after the incident, and it sounds like Erica was possibly all talk. Yee tells TheYBF.com she doesn't even know Erica, and Erica definitely didn't say anything when Angela walked past her this morning :

I hope she gets the help she needs. I walked past her and company this morning into my building, and didn't even pay any attention to the cab sitting out front. She didn't say anything to me, and I didn't even realize it was her until she posted pictures on Instagram holding doughnuts and wearing football makeup.


Erica's still talking on Twitter saying:

Dam This chick that shook she just ask power 105 to ban all #LoveandHiphop cast from the building! Smh think before you talk about some1 kid
Smh I was being nice too, I just brought the bitch some donuts ! Lmfao

We're going up to people's jobs at 6am now over Twitter beef?  Foolywang material.



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Erica simple ass is a fucking

Erica simple ass is a fucking loser.....Bitch be Easy (in my Deray voice) LOL
shemeiah's picture

Erica needs to calm down....

Erica needs to calm down.... that behaviour is not cute!! Embarrassing!!!

I don't know who Erica Mena

I don't know who Erica Mena is trying to be more like: Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives or Drita D'Avano of Mob Wives. However, as a pill poppin' animal, I am puzzled by the fact that she has the gall to be upset over the obvious. REALLY, Boo??? No one referenced your child in a negative way. Angela Yee's words were to the effect of, "...This person has a child somewhere in the world", AFTER Erica's war of words with her over some trivial Twitter shit! As a matter of fact, Angela only said what many sane, civil viewing audience members were thinking! Only a swamp rat will identify with someone like Erica. Ain't nothin' 'REAL' about being ignorant! And the way she bosses Bitch...I mean Rich...around is embarassing. Meanwhile, he's checkin' out his options, givin' Tahiry all kinds of double-takes. Rich, please come and get your hooch! She is doin' the most before for fifteen minutes of fame is up!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Wow......that Erica chick is

Wow......that Erica chick is cute in the face too but she's damm crazy. So damm ghetto.

exactly what i was thinking!!

exactly what i was thinking!!

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hooklookping's picture

Erica Mena is a scary slut

Erica Mena is a scary slut she's just too clinically crazy to realize it. She's the type of bitch who can't fight worth a damn but will start all types of shit with you and may even swing on you. Then will call the police on you after you beat her ass. Bitch I'm saying the same shit hoe...your son should be taken away from you hoe. Crazy sluts like you shouldn't be allowed to have children. Instead of being the best mother you could be you come out at 6am to harass someone who is entitled to her opinion...thanks for showing the world Angela Yee is correct!
qtpa2t's picture

Earth to Erica: people aren't

Earth to Erica: people aren't laughing with you, they're laughing AT YOU. That means you're a joke. Angela has a real job and career and you're literally out on the streets... that's says something. SMH Stupid people really amaze me.
Peace Silas's picture

Exactly, Erica sh*tted on

Exactly, Erica sh*tted on herself with all that foolery in that negative degree NYC weather!!! that chick need meds and professional help #flips.hair.smdh
sexybrownpyt's picture

I've said it before and I'll

I've said it before and I'll say it again Erica needs to sit her ass down all that loud-mouthed-acting like-a-dude shit ain't cute. I don't condone bringing up someone's kid(s) when having a petty argument/disagreement or even a fight but her priorities are all messed up. It's quite unfortunate for the little one smh
nico89's picture

Angela Yee should not be

Angela Yee should not be mentioning anything about peoples children. People posting comments on this story are missing the cause of Erica's angst and what has her so amped up. Somebody is going to bust Angela Yee dead in her f*cking face for crossing the line with her big mouth. She has the voice of a decrepit old maid and is always talking reckless about people because she's on the radio. She's a nerve-racking ugly asshole.
jgraves58's picture

Angela asks a question about

Angela asks a question about Erica's parenting and this is Erica's response? Case in point. That's unfortunate smh.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

shouldnt she be feeding her

shouldnt she be feeding her son those donuts for breakfast? lol like what are you doing girl? lol

Will somebody PLEEEEASE beat

Will somebody PLEEEEASE beat the brakes off this tired ass bitch already!!!!! Dayam......Her 15 minutes of fame is up. SMH

I agree! She needs the S***

I agree! She needs the S*** smacked out of her! Where is her son's donut at 6AM? This is why people are commenting on her parenting skills now O_o!! Why arent you at home with your son making him breakfast at 6AM? You go up to someone's place of employment with donuts and really took the time out to write a paragraph on the donut box O_x She needs to lay off the COKE! ASAP! Then she did all that and didnt even try to fight her? Have A SEAT please and never move from it! #JesusTakeTheWheel
loveAlways_K's picture

Aww come on with the

Aww come on with the bull$hit.
GetUrLife's picture

What (real) Man would call

What (real) Man would call this person ( cause she's not a lady) there girlfriend...I would not be associated with such immaturity and as the new word u all use "Ratchetness"
Lonniesmimi's picture

Keep fucking around Erica,

Keep fucking around Erica, And Angela Yee is going to kung fu your sorry ass with a karate kick to the neck.
Synsation's picture

I agree with Angela Yee, it's

I agree with Angela Yee, it's sad to think this person has a child in the world. People really should be required to have a license to procreate. I knew she was BONKERS after that video circulated on the web of her beating her baby daddy. This chick is worse than Evelyn in her prime, at least Evelyn had sense. These hoes will never grow up. Same sh** different year! SAD!!!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This hoe Erica is doing the

This hoe Erica is doing the absolute MOST!!! Gril, bye!!! Where is your child, while you in the streets acting like a child yourself??? (Secretly praying that she'll see this and bring me food...Fingers crossed...LOL)

she needs to be nice. L&HHNY

she needs to be nice. L&HHNY will be off the air in 15--no, 14 minutes and then what?
BooLuv's picture

Last year Erica was crying

Last year Erica was crying about how VH1 made her look like a mean crazy person. Now this dumb, thirsty for attention slore is up bullying ppl at their job when she clearly needs one so she won't have so much time on her hands. an I can tell she can't fight!!!She's a joke that's not funny!
myopinioncounts's picture

Erica needs a psychiatrist

Erica needs a psychiatrist and NOW!!! I can't stand her with her bitter, jealous self!!! Yes, she needs to have several seats in the back of a roach infested BUS!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Erica crazy STALKER A$$ sound

Erica crazy STALKER A$$ sound like a WELL-KNOWN STALKER on this site! Where is her son, where is Rich, sh!t where is MONA? Was Erica lookin 4 a DROP? That troll CLEARLY doesn't have custody of her child & too much time on her hands...she ain't got "NO WORRIES!!"
tori's picture

and who was taking the

and who was taking the pictures?? make that 4 fools instead of 3. smh
shuga's picture

damn. the thirst is real yall

damn. the thirst is real yall
litebrite's picture

Luckily, since the women

Luckily, since the women aren't black we don't have to hear some ungrammatical screed about how ghetto and hood black women are, SMDH, people do better, etc. Instead, their races are magically left out of it. Yeah, black folks do need to do better, just not in the way they always think.

Erica clearly needs to be

Erica clearly needs to be admitted. Straight jacket please!
Yas's picture

lolol wowwwww. the farther we

lolol wowwwww. the farther we go in time|history, the more stupid and ignorant GROWN A** FOLK act. smdh. are they in high school? do the other two chics posted up wit Erica think this was cute at 6am in the frigid cold still dark out?? whats scary is ...chicken heads are multiplying by the dozen and ratchetness is becoming the new black. *blank stare* Her poor child. #teamangelayee&allgrownrespectablefemalesouthere.com

Erica is the definition of

Erica is the definition of RATCHET!! Not a good look.

it was 7 degrees in nyc this

it was 7 degrees in nyc this morning. how did she manage to convince 2 other people to go out there with her just for some instagram pix? or was that part of her "modeling career" too? she needs a bigger coat, some vaseline on her face to protect her from this strong ass cold ass razor sharp wind, and a life. too many mentally ill ppl running free and these 3 knuckleheads are an example of that.
shuga's picture

Ok, I registered to YBF just

Ok, I registered to YBF just to comment on this foolishness, Erica needs to have SEVERAL seats, what kinda person goes to someones job with donuts, looking like a damn fool and don't even scrap. Where da hell was her son when this was going on, in the dollar cab with the window cracked? Chick has issues!
danielledivine's picture

LOL at the last episode of

LOL at the last episode of Love & HipHop...Olivia and Yandy calling her everything but a child of GOd (a bird, Meatball, matzo ball). I don't blame Olivia for not wanting to work with Mena. This chick is so angry at the world and doesn't even realize it. I thought during the reunion she said that she was turning over a new leaf. What's even sadder is she doesn't even act like she cares how she comes off to the world. People see her on TV and don't want to work with her. I pray she doesn't show her child's face on TV...with all of her antics.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Also...where is your son at

Also...where is your son at 6am? You so concerned about bringing breakfast to a "hater"...sh!t did your son eat bfast yet??? #priorities #getittogether
AnoniNYC12's picture


danielledivine's picture

"Dam This chick that shook

"Dam This chick that shook she just ask power 105 to ban all #LoveandHiphop cast from the building! Smh think before you talk about some1 kid".....(thinking) It's Erica's arrogance might ban the cast from 105, (thinking*) should she be the one to think before she talks....or at least just think?
Tren's picture

All of this to stay relevant

All of this to stay relevant - smh!! Her sole job is to make sure her name appears on blogs every single day until she can build a rep. - She and Rich Dollaz deserves each other and if I was Oliv - I would distance myself from both of these assholes!!
lifeisgood's picture

Rich sure picked a winner. I

Rich sure picked a winner. I wish ppl would get to the root of their frustration and not take it out on random people. Erica wasnt getting this buck with Rich or Olivia and they straight dragged her on their radio interview but she wanna come for Angela over nonsense. foolishness.
shuga's picture

Erica please sit your broke

Erica please sit your broke down dollar store ass down. That was very juvenile and you basically just played yourself.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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