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SHOTS FIRED: Bow Wow BLAMES Kandi Burruss' EGO For Throwing SHADE At Jermaine Dupri's So So Def ANNIVERSARY

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Bow Wow is blasting his former SO SO DEF label mate Kandi Burruss for being too busy to show any love to Jermaine Dupri during the label's 20th Anniversary. Find out what he said about her ego inside....

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Previously, we told you about Jermaine Dupri's So So Def Records being honored in Atlanta for it's 20-Year Anniversary (above) and their huge So So Def All-Star Anniversary Concert on February 23 at the Fox Theater in Atlanta.

And while many of the label's stars will make appearances on the stage, perhaps the most popular former member of the family, Kandi Burruss, is simply too busy to attend.

Since leaving the group Xscape, Kandi has gone on to make a name for herself as a songwriter, reality tv-star and sex toy empire queen...so she is a little busy (she's kicking off her Ladies Night tour the same night as the concert).

But Bow Wow, who now hosts BET's "106 & Park" felt that she should have penciled the So So Def Anniversary in....since it did put her on the map. He posted to Facebook,

"JD likes to keep quiet but... Yo Kandi is wack for not wanting to show up for jd for "20th anniversary so so def show" put ego to the side and give the fans what they want and understand w/ out jd know one would even know who you are. You aint Michael, this aint the Jackson 5. She act'n like she booked out like she too busy! Better yet dont come. The ones thats there are the ones who really got live for JD and the history if the label."

We understand Bow Wow venting his frustration (and letting us know that JD is hurt), but, does Kandi really really have to cancel her pre-scheduled money to appear at the show?  Maybe she already sent a Thank You and Congrats card.

Maybe there is a back story that we don't know about because Kandi has made it clear on several occasions (most recently on Bravo's "WWHL") that there will NEVER be an Xscape reunion. Maybe she feels like she's been hurt too.  We all know what went down between her and JD and other SoSoDef producers.  Sexcapades always mess up business....

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Could someone please tell The

Could someone please tell The Brat that this isn't the 90's. She's in desperate need of a new look.
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Not of FAN of SUGAR-MAMA MESSY ASS Kandi but, in her defense if I had to go back around JD and the rest of the SoSo Def producer's that she slept w/ to make it in the industry, I would pass on this lil reunion too! As for Bow Wow he needs to SHUT UP and take some PILLS that will make him GROW!
Shay's picture

He's going in on Kandi but I

He's going in on Kandi but I don't see Tiny anywhere in the picture. Speak on that Mr. Wow!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

TRUST, he ain't CRAZY! T.I.

TRUST, he ain't CRAZY! T.I. would DESTROY whateva lil MUSIC CAREER Bow WHACK has left, he hopin Kandi might mention him on the RHOA reunion!
tori's picture

Lmao i was thinkin the same

Lmao i was thinkin the same thing...
REd™'s picture

JD, So So Def and all those

JD, So So Def and all those artists are TIRED, DONE and obviously have nothing else to do. I wouldn't show up if I were Kandi either. Who wants to be around a bunch of broke losers? As much as Mariah loves her some JD I bet she ain't showing up either!
PacificGirl's picture

We know you were locked up

We know you were locked up for a while Da Wack. But you have been out long enough to catch up with the year 2013. That look was out dated before you went in jail. And hit the gym yesterday. Hard dikes don't make money even for Hollyweird. Get some tips from Queen La.. A softer look will suffice. I don't mean pretty woman girlly, girlly, cause we all know you couldn't pull that off even if they paid you. Little Dinky Winky Bow Wow Stinky. I guess you ''SUCKED'' Ooops my mistake, kissed and made up with JD cause yall had beef when he stopped making beats for you. He left your ass crying in your baby carriage with no one to pick you up and nipple nurse you or change your poo-poo diapers back to the #1 spot. Your career has not recovered since then. So don't go telling Kandi what she should do. I'm sure shes got her own story behind that Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkinhead Seed... alllllright BOOBOO Now on a brighter note. I know Kriss Kross looks wrong (it must be in the ATL water) but they still look good enough to sleigh. I'm alway open for some tender meat.... allllright
YaHeard's picture

Once again, Little Bo Peep is

Once again, Little Bo Peep is blowing his horn. LET'S TALK ABOUT WHAT'S WACK. You doing interviews about the celebrities you've slept with...is wack. You being broke after making millions of dollars...is wack. You having your shit repo'd because you can't afford to pay your own bills....is wack! You got the nerve to call somebody out? NEGRO, please have several seats in a 106 & Park studio. What you need to be concerned about keeping your job so you can pay those taxes and provide for your child. The nerve of these miniature ass, big mouth industry shits taking shots at their elders. Regardless of the choices Kandi has made in her professional or personal life, Bow Wow has NO PLACE in referencing her. Period. If Jermaine Dupri has a problem, let HIM speak on it AS A MAN. Do you wipe his ass after he takes a shit as well? Let me find out, Bow Wow! Put your lil tail between your leg and stand the f*ck down, lil' boy. You ain't NOBODY'S company...interviewin' REAL celebrities for a living. YOU AIN'T ABOUT THAT LIFE, BOY!!!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Thank you! LITTLE Bow Wow is

Thank you! LITTLE Bow Wow is not grown. He needs to stay in his immature, childish position. Kandi is the definition of a successful, grown, and beautiful African-American woman! She is the real celebrity. Bow Wow...go back in the dog house. "Bow Wow Wow Yippy Yo Yippy Yay" that!
C2C's picture

YES MA'AM!! I'm waitin for

YES MA'AM!! I'm waitin for Romeo to drop by 106 & KEEP GOING becuz back in the day Bow thought Romeo was BENEATH him, but oh how the tables have TURNED! Rome went to a GREAT COLLEGE, PLAYED BALL, DID MOVIES, & HAS THE BODY OF A GOD, while BOW WHACK is getin sh!t repo'd on the REGULAR, got a GROUPIE BABYMAMA, SIGNED TO YOUNG MONEY BUT THEY DON'T GIVE A SH!T ABOUT HIM and hostin a TEEN SHOW...WOMP!
tori's picture

Co-sign I knew Romeo was

Co-sign I knew Romeo was going to be cuter then him from the get. Bow wow has a "short man complex" and wants to be heard at all times or he'll throw a hissy-fit #smdh,flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Can the church say AMEN.

Can the church say AMEN.
Synsation's picture

Amen. Nuff said - Lol☺

Amen. Nuff said - Lol☺
Peace Silas's picture


BOW WOW NEEDS TO HAVE A STADIUM OF SEATS! No one who is financially sound is paying Jermaine Dupri any mind at oilz! Only hasbeens, and since Candy has money to make she needs to chase that money! Too bad Bow Wow doesn't have none to chase. And Tiny is MIA also, I wonder why he didn't come down on her..ahem (TI)
BEEMA's picture

JD was like a dad to Bow Wow

JD was like a dad to Bow Wow so I can understand his passion behind the rant. Kandi is very full of herself and her rep in Atlanta really is nothing nice. Neither was Tiny's before she got with T.I. She was known for sleeping around even while she was with her ex Zebo (Zonnique's daddy).
JJFad's picture

Kandi is GROWN, ENGAGED, & a

Kandi is GROWN, ENGAGED, & a BUSINESSWOMAN! Unlike Bow WHACK, she's actually MAKING MONEY to SUPPORT her family & to keep from gettin her sh!t REPOSSESSED! Look who showed up to the event smh ER'BODY know Kandi only takes pics with TOYA, MEMPHITZ, TINY, T.I., RASHEEDA, KIRK, & sumtimes PHAEDRA!
tori's picture

If Bow wow wants to end up

If Bow wow wants to end up likable/successful like Terrance J, he need to keep his trap closed and just do his job. People don't like men who b*tch and gossip like ratchet hoes. #flip.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Sexy you said a

Sexy you said a mouthful...Furthermore Kandi had a relationship with JD, maybe thing ended badly and kandi want nothing to do with anything associated with JD. Bow Wow should mind his damn business.
Synsation's picture

Hahaha girl u took the words

Hahaha girl u took the words right outta my mouth. Even though he has a valid point, all that bitchin' is not a good look.
Classic87's picture

Xscape, EnVogue, Supremes and

Xscape, EnVogue, Supremes and a few other GOOD groups broke up because a member started fuckin the producer, manager. I’m sure Kandi had a good reason for not wanting to participate. BTW: Why is Kandi touring? What is she singing? No shade, serious question.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I like Candy, but she

I like Candy, but she should've been there!
RCW's picture

I believe there are two sides

I believe there are two sides to the story...I believe there are some industry secrets of hurt and betrayal...However, I agree with an earlier reader...If you're going to speak on Kandi then you need to speak on Tiny too... despite if you're scared her husband, TI is going to hurt you.
Atlanta_Entertainment_Watchdog's picture

This may be a surprise to you

This may be a surprise to you young bucks but most (more than 50%) of women sleep their way to the top in the entertainment industry. They have to sleep with producers for top production work, writers for the hits, video directors for that bomb ass video. When Rob Kardashian put Rita Ora on blast for sleeping with 20 guy that was a low ball number. There is another R&B star who is known for sleping with 50 industry animals before her 1st single dropped. Women are subjecting to horrible things in the industry and thats why many are so mean, diva acting and angry throughout there career because they know the truth about themselves. That's why I don't idolize none of them. NIcki M was passed around like a blunt in the Young Money crew before her 1st colorful wig was bought.
Somerknight's picture

Bow Wow did the "casting

Bow Wow did the "casting couch" bit also... it's all over the net
Peace Silas's picture

what you just said has been

what you just said has been blogged about a million times on other blogs...and you shouldn't go spreading stories about people who you don't know at all. I know you read that story off of a certain blog (because I read it too) and you're on here repeating it as fact like you f*cked Nicki..now thats not right
BEEMA's picture

You know what? I can't with

You know what? I can't with you and LisaRay today!!!! LOL!!!!! But, sad to say, I don't doubt it one bit.
MrsCPA's picture

If lil Shad don't sit his

If lil Shad don't sit his arse down somewhere! How are YOU gonna come for Kandi FOR JD??? It's a schedule conflict...happens all the time. And hell, even if it's not, the reason she won't be there is her problem and JD's, if she chooses to let him know. Go grab your mic and introduce the next guest.
MrsCPA's picture

From my understanding Tiny

From my understanding Tiny didn't attend either. But I see Miss Bow Wow is smart not to come for Tiny. He know Ti will put something on that ass.

Say dat dere!!! He might be

Say dat dere!!! He might be overestimating Todd not coming for his throat though! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

setcho big pumpkin head ass

setcho big pumpkin head ass down
BEEMA's picture

It's "no one" NOT "know one,"

It's "no one" NOT "know one," IDIOT! Maybe if he invested in going to college like lil romeo his little butt wouldn't be in the financial mess he's in now. Kandi isn't the only one not attending, what about Tiny? One thing about Kandi, she handles her business! She still manages to bring in a steady 6 figure income despite the shadiness that occurred in her past (so so def). Bow wow has lost most of his millions and is now a host on a mediocre show, major DOWNGRADE!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I know, right?!!! Stay in

I know, right?!!! Stay in school, kids! Venting + illiteracy = good laughter for the soul.
MrsCPA's picture

JD probably owes Kandi money.

JD probably owes Kandi money.
Lola's picture

I think Little Bow Wow should

I think Little Bow Wow should be allowed to wear high heels
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Chile, you need Jesus!!!!

Chile, you need Jesus!!!! Bwahahahahaha!
MrsCPA's picture


Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Yes there is a reason, Kandi

Yes there is a reason, Kandi is a industry hoe that had sex with JD and his father Michael. #crewlove

Exactly!!! When you screw

Exactly!!! When you screw your way to the top, you can't be around your old flames!! And she's still on that hoe shit with KKN and her stanking ass toys!! I hope Todd sucks her ass dry!!
jdotty's picture

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