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YBF Celebs GET FAB For The 2013 Trumpet Awards Red Carpet

 photo FannyLookingGood_zps3ff43009.jpg

Atlanta saw a star studded red carpet at last night's 2013 Trumpet Awards, sponsored by Cadillac.  YBF celebs like Fantasia, Eva Marcille, Tika Sumpter and more put on their Saturday best to impress the masses.  And they didn't disappoint (well, not everyone did). We've got the pics inside....

 photo Fantasia_zps7968662f.jpg

Photographer Paras Griffin caught celebs making their red carpet appearance at last night's Trumpet Awards at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.

And we're pleasantly surprised to see Fantasia looking amazing in this Ralph Lauren stark white knee high slit column gown with a subtle neck cut out.  And she paired it with white Giuseppe jeweled pumps. White is definitely her color as the singer accessorized with silver sparkling jewels on her wrist and on her earrings.  Great look for her.

 photo NicciGilbertFantasia_zps531e30dd.jpg

And while Fanny showed off her fresh curves, "R&B Divas" star Nicci Gilbert also showed up in a blue longsleeved satin-like gown for the ocassion.


 photo Eva3_zpsd03476b8.jpg

Model and reality starlet Eva Marcille worked the carpet in a slinky black long sleeved gown:

 photo Eva2_zpsd6fa3689.jpg

 photo Eva4_zps1679db64.jpg

Simple always works for her.

 photo TikaSumpta_zpscbdf70af.jpg

Tika Sumpter looked like a doll in her black gown with a leather bustier.


The rest of the R&B Divas were also in tow:

 photo Michael_KeKeWyatt_UncleCharlie_withhiswife_zps75e39909.jpg

KeKe Wyatt and her husband Michael hit the carpet with Charlie Wilson.

 photo RBDivaSynleena_zps65ce8b15.jpg

Syleena Johnson and her husband Kiwane Garris looked nice.

 photo RBDivasMonitaf_zpsdd7dd4d6.jpg

And Monifa kept it colorful in her yellow satin dress and blue heels as she hit the carpet with girlfriend Terez.

 photo Chaka_zps6d5be797.jpg 

Chaka Khan is still looking slim and trim as she matched the carpet in this red lace concoction.

 photo BigRichAtlanta_zps877d2e18.jpg   

"Big Rich Atlanta" star Sharlinda Parker kept it simple in a chocolate pleated dress.  This wig though....

 photo CarlPayne_zpsd80ecc85.jpg 

"The Game" actor Carl Payne hit the carpet on his preppy tip.

 photo XscapeMemberLScott_zpsdc84d3a8.jpg 

Former Xscape member Latocha Scott hit the carpet with her son's father, who is also her manager, Rocky Bivens.

 photo AnthonyHamilton_zps781bb105.jpg

Not sure why Anthony Hamilton felt the need to rock this humungous man bag on the carpet.  But yeah...

 photo AJ_zpsd155a8c8.jpg

AJ Johnson was on the carpet showing off her tight bod.

 photo x2_10a9eb59_zps5129a6b8.jpg

And she posed it up with the host of the evening, The Haunted House star Essence Atkins.  Essence's co-host was Rickey Smiley.

 photo thebrowns_zps90ff7b45.jpg 

The Browns love a good event don't they?  Tamela and David Mann hit the carpet for the festivities.

 photo AlonzoMourningwithrealbasketballwifeTracy_zpsf5834ad0.jpg

Tracy Mourning and hubby Alonzo Mourning hit the carpet.   Tracy looks gorge these days.

 photo DerekLukewithguest_zpsc7ca7b26.jpg

Derek Luke and his wife Sophia made their way to the event.  Not loving her look.

 photo BigTigger_zps9e76e4f3.jpg

V103 host Big Tigger hit the carpet.

 photo DemetriaMcKinney_zpsc0e6211a.jpg

Actress Demetria McKinney looked fresh faced and fab in blue.

 photo EypgtSherrod_zps2b8b3960.jpg

"Property Virgins" host and V-103 radio personaility Egypt Sherrod sparkled on the carpet with a champagne gown complete with a mesh one shoulder overlay.

 photo DrStevePerry_zpsb5d6368b.jpg

Political correspondent Dr. Steve Perry made an appearance.

 photo RolandMartin_zpsa44ab410.jpg

 photo RolandMartinattheafterpartyummyeah_zps9de58ddb.jpg

And Roland Martin was on his Alpha Phi Alpha tip last night.  The political correspondent partied it up at the event, which will air on TVOne on Easter Sunday.


Photo Credit: Paras Griffin



This is the best Ive seen

This is the best Ive seen Fantasia look in a minute (round of applause). If its a new stylist pls keep them Fanny. The Mournings make such a cute couple. I dont know what's going on with AJ's face it looks weird, & that dress didnt help matters any.
Realist's picture

Wait a damn minute!

Wait a damn minute! Fantasia...is that YOU?! Nikki...is that YOU?! These two ladies have lost a lot of weight, brought sexy back, put it in a choke hold and shut the city DOWN!!! Bay-beh...Check yo' email!!! Oooh-wee! I love it! Gone, Fantasia, I ain't even mad!!! Damn, EVERYBODY in the pics on this mf'ing post looks GOOD! Why didn't I get the email that they'd be cuttin' up like this?! Wow! Roll Call. Tamela Mann...Damn, she looks fabulous AND amazing! Check. KeKe, Michael and Charlie...BOSS status...as always. Check. Chaka...Gone wiht the wind fabulous! She's just has that timeless beauty thing going on ALL THE DAMN TIME and she just gets better with time. Check. Monifa, that purple hair is even making the doves cry, baby...love it...but I'mma need for you to get straight. I ain't digging the lesbian lifestyle on you, darling...and I'mma need you to put your new CD on speed dial...love you! Check. Syleena...Syleena...Syleena...that dress and your new and improved figure is EVERYTHING and I'm so damn proud of you!!! Whoop! But I have never been feeling that husband of yours...he just doesn't fit. I love you, Syleena...love you! Check. Latosha (from Xcape)...love the look...come on with the new music and breathe some LIFE back into R & B since all of the other fine ladies of R & B seem to have a problem doing it...or perhaps their just too damn busy sucking dick...I don't know. Check. Anthony Hamilton, give me that briefcase. He always knows how to accessorize around his talented voice with the most basic, most simple things like those hats. He can never go wrong...love that damn briefcase. Check. AJ Johnson, I'mma need to do a damn drive-by on you and swipe your WHOLE damn swag. Damn, you make 40-something look so damn GOOD! She ALWAYS looks so damn good! Now THAT's what Young, Black and Fabulous LOOKS like! Love her! Check. I used to couldn't STAND Essence Atkins, but I'm truly digging her on "Are We There Yet". Check. Tamala and David Mann...Umph...love them to pieces...love 'em! Neither one of them can do NO wrong in my sight. Tamala looks amazing, she and David both have gotten in shape and they look GREAT! Her voice is heavenly and her talent is superb. Check. I always love the Mourning couple. They're such a lovely couple. Check. I'm mad at Egypt for having lost her way, having let herself go since she had that baby...or whatever happened in recent years. What happened, Boo? Anywho...I'mma give you a pass for old time sake since I've always liked you and you've been so humble and consistent over the years. Love you, but I'mma need you to do better with your outfits before you walk the carpet in the future or just avoid being seen altogether. Check. Dr. Perry...love you, Man. Check. Roland...No, Sir. Check. Everyone else...here's a pass. Lovely pics and looks like a great time all around.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Fantasia looks fantastic!

Fantasia looks fantastic!
Happy Lady's picture

Fantasia looks nice but i

Fantasia looks nice but i wish she didn't have that leg tattoo
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hooklookping's picture

Fantasia has a new stylist,

Fantasia has a new stylist, she looks nice #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

When Fantasia is the best

When Fantasia is the best dressed celeb at the event, folks need to know they have to do better. What the blue blazes is that lump under Eva Marcille's boobs?
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commonprosperity9913's picture

Fantasia look hot!!!

Fantasia look hot!!!
RO's picture

So much! Tasia get those

So much! Tasia get those bangs out your eyes already, Eva has a horrible skinny shape and body. latocha outfit is fly on someone else, AJ Johnson girl please stop hitting them weights it look like you lifting them with your face. Tiger, still suspect where your lady at boy. Keke body is banging.
TeaNicole's picture

Agree, fantasia does need to

Agree, fantasia does need to get those bangs out of her face and close her mouth too. lol!!
sweetpea1989's picture


BEEMA's picture

fantasia looks nice...i cant

fantasia looks nice...i cant believe usher stripped nude again...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

up to I saw the paycheck

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luelladaube's picture

That is the best I've ever

That is the best I've ever seen Fantasia look You betta work Girl! So proud of her. Now please keep it up. Monifah, no Baby! Just No! What is happening to AJ's face? Syleena has such a pretty face.
PacificGirl's picture

Did Roland Martin just get

Did Roland Martin just get back from Ghana..lol...Anywho Fantasia looks good for a change. Eva Not so much.
star's picture

Fantasia (Slade) the carpet

Fantasia (Slade) the carpet the makeup was on point lol its not so often "fannie" gets it right .. Eva girl bye Failed.. KeKe Wyatt is actually a beautiful women its just her personality that sucks.. AJ Johnson look very dry in face and what the hell was she wearing ..Tamela and David Mann looked great ..Demetria McKinney makeup was flawless i just expected more from her outfit
REd™'s picture

fantasia killed mane sexy as

fantasia killed mane sexy as hell

I love both Monifah and

I love both Monifah and Fantasia's hair dresses and shoes, love the color pop Monifah is wearing
MarshayH's picture

Fantasia does look decent,

Fantasia does look decent, that style works but if she start singing Hard ROCK imma be so done! Smhlol
Like Really's picture

The R&B Divas look and I have

The R&B Divas look and I have to say for fantasia, this is my favorite look on her that I've ever seen
MarshayH's picture

Fantasia looks GREAT!!! Hair.

Fantasia looks GREAT!!! Hair. Makeup. Dress. Accessories. Yes. Yes. Y-e-s!!!!!!! Nikki Gilbert looks nice, like she lost some weight. Monifah even made her colorful hair & shoes work...Keke Wyatt & her hubby, Syleena and her hubby look nice...LMAOOOO at Anthony Hamilton's bag?? WTF...AJ looks sick and nutrient deficient. WTF...Tracy Mourning-what is she wearing?? Sophia Luke has TOO much black on. Big Tig & Dr Perry--and everyone else looks nice. Roland Martin thought it was Halloween and he dressed up as Desmond Tutu. He has provided my laugh for the night...LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I just can't lol....funny

I just can't lol....funny photos is all I'm sayin......definitely no comment!
lifeisgood's picture

I don't normally condone

I don't normally condone compliments on Fantasia, but she killed it on this red carpet. Congrats FannyMae!! Definitely the best dressed this episode! That AJ chic look like Sheree on hard times.
TrueThinker's picture

This is the best I have seen

This is the best I have seen Fantasia look ever. She looks beautiful! Whoever styled her and did the hair she need to keep for life. I think everyone else looked nice. What is going on with AJ's face? She was naturally a youthful looking woman so she did not need any work.
JJFad's picture

Nice try, still off the mark

Nice try, still off the mark from everyone pictured here, yes everyone.

Everyone looks really good,

Everyone looks really good, there's not a critical thing to say about anoyone! Well... well AJ could have chose another dress but she still looks hella good.
Peace Silas's picture


The "TRUMPET AWARDS???" What kind of Waffle House "DEAL OF THE DAY" bullsh!t is this? Every1 (besides Essence) looks a MESS! AJ Johnson need to do sumthin with that TUMBLE•WEAVE on her head, sh!t HELLA DRY smh!
tori's picture

Has Fanny finally gotten a

Has Fanny finally gotten a new stylist? The outfits and hair lately have been looking much better tha in in years past.

That's Demetria McKinney in

That's Demetria McKinney in blue, not Jennia Fredrique...just an FYI ;-)

Fantasia is soooo sexy. I

Fantasia is soooo sexy. I love a sista with some thick features and a thick body!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Everybody rocked except

Everybody rocked except Aj--go knows Aj--Egypt, Eva(she's usually always on point), and Roland. And how is Roland going to come to this sophisticated event, looking like a preacher, yet be the the first one to jump on the dance floor?
Dee35's picture

Fantasia ratchet ass almost

Fantasia ratchet ass almost nailed it until she put that bird's nest on her head. Eva is ill-shaped and that dress is ill-fitted. The End!!! I'm not going through all of those people.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

AJ Johnson looks busted. Bad

AJ Johnson looks busted. Bad hair(does she have dandruff??), hard in the face, awful dress. Lord Jesus!!!!

I agree with you, she looked

I agree with you, she looked the works. The other 65% are all C-list and not worth commenting one. The other 40% looked amazing. Congratulations to everyone.
kimaras31's picture



Here I b? LOL!!!

Here I b? LOL!!!
Pam's picture

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