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YBF KIDS: Taraji P. Henson's Son Marcell MODELS For "SquareBear"

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 photo squarebear2_zps5a9df509.jpg  

Taraji P. Henson's son is putting his mom's good genes to good use as a spokesmodel for the SquareBear brand.  See pics and find out who else wears the brand inside....

 photo SQUAREB_zpse7921f4b.jpg

Marcell Johnson, the cute 18-year-old son of Taraji P. Henson, has landed a campaign with the SquareBear clothing.  The proud mama tweeted, Be different! Get SQUARED UP!!! @mysquarebear I love everything about this brand....especially the model!

And we think this gig may be Marcell's way of breaking into the real world and paying for college as Taraji revealed to Jimmy Fallon last year that she wants Marcel to sit out of college for a semester and learn what it's like in the real world.  She said,

"Even though he is privileged, he doesn't remember the bad times when we were eating Hamburger Helper and peanut butter and jelly for dessert. He remembers all the good times and I don't want to raise this privileged kid, who's out of touch, so I made him sit out the first semester and he has to get a job. He called his grandmother, he was like, 'It's hard out here, it's hard to find a job.' So I was like, 'Yeah, I need you to know that.'"

"I need him to see how real it is out here. It builds character. I told him, 'College is like an investment. I'm investing my money in your future, and if I feel like you're a bad investment, I'm taking my money back."

Well.....Marcell seems to be doing well so far!


And he's in great company as Kelly Rowland is among the celebs who've also rocked SquareBear.

 photo kelly-t-pain-australia-ADm_zps58d0e7b7.jpg

The SquareBear brand describes itself as the brand for folks who don't just think outside of the box....they are the box.

Photos via Instagram/SquareBear

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Nice looking kid.

Nice looking kid.
GetUrLife's picture

He's very handsome....many

He's very handsome....many blessings!!!
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hooklookping's picture

Uh oh! The cougar in me just

Uh oh! The cougar in me just got a little hype for that baby-cub. LOL! He's a cutie, I didn't know she had any kids. Hoy Mama☺♥
Peace Silas's picture

That red lipstick look good

That red lipstick look good on Kelly regardless of her skin tone #flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

Can't believe Taraji has a

Can't believe Taraji has a GROWN son! She looks great for her age, & her son is adorable! Gotta love a CELEB who instills values in their child instead of UNLIMITED FUNDS!
tori's picture

Its no wonder Tarji is so

Its no wonder Tarji is so proud. Her young man is representing her well.
Realist's picture

kelly looks beautiful.....i

kelly looks beautiful.....i cant believe that omarion and bow wow rumor..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

He is a handsome young man!

He is a handsome young man! Love that she did not raise him to be all Hollywood and foolish acting.
JJFad's picture

he's a cutie. I dont agree

he's a cutie. I dont agree with the whole thing about not sending him to college just like i wouldnt agree with not sending him to elementary or high school but it aint my child so whatever. kids dont come with instructions so you have to just play it by ear. and now I want some hamburger helper for dinner. havent had it in years, i wonder if its still as good as i remember....lol!
shuga's picture

She plans to pay for his

She plans to pay for his college education ---made him sit out a semester to test the job market so that the young man will have firsthand knowledge how difficult it is to land a job without a college diploma. She also stated, wisely I think, that she will only CONTINUE to pay for his college education if he is a good student, and thus proving to be a wise investment. As a community, we would be a lot farther along if more black parents taught their children the same lesson: there are no free lunches... Edited to add: he is a cutie, I agree :)
PR22's picture

I read the same post as you,

I read the same post as you, so why did you feel the need to paraphrase it??? and I STILL dont agree. I think you send your kids right to college and pay for it in the same way you would send your kids to elementary, junior and high school. Again, everybody can do it their own way but its not how I will be doing it. In my opinion, thats the whole point of being privileged!
shuga's picture

Taken from your original

Taken from your original post: "I dont agree with the whole thing about not sending him to college". As a parent, Ms. Henson made the decision to sit her son out for a semester. In Europe, by the way, young people spend a "gap year" pursuing other interests before attending university; Princes William and Henry spent their gap years in other parts of the world, as most privileged kids do. Reading is fundamental. You didn't quality your statement that you didn't agree with her sitting him for a year, you wrote that you disagreed with her not "sending him to college". Her kid, her choice!
PR22's picture

Reading sure is fundamental

Reading sure is fundamental and you didnt even read the dumb shit you just posted. move along, cunt.
shuga's picture

Dearie, is that the best you

Dearie, is that the best you could do? Lesson one: the first person to launch an ad hominem attack is the loser, as you're unable to defend your positon so you muddy the water with personal attacks. Lesson two: mind your manners, you're speaking to your superior! Now, back to the ghetto you go, and leave civilized discussions such as decent people educating their children to people who have actually GONE to college :). Hoodrats such as yourself ought to know your place, and I hope that I don't have to remind you again. You are starting to bore me ---thought you could have come up with a better response, so I have had my fun with you, therefore I won't bother to check in on what I assume will be your foul mouthed response.
PR22's picture

lets muddy it some more then.

lets muddy it some more then. eat a bowl of dicks and die. you too fukkin dense to realize that youre arguing with me about some shit you basically agree with. and i bet everything that you will read this. dumbass.
shuga's picture

Wow. I had no idea Taraji had

Wow. I had no idea Taraji had an 18 yr old. Cute kid...or should I say man?
CheyPie's picture

love her parenting skills.

love her parenting skills. Jada and Will should consult with her. those potential monsters they are raising.
lola69's picture

willow smith brought sex

willow smith brought sex trafficking to the attn of her mom, contributes to enforcing prevention and raising awareness of it with hilary clinton... found out about it by doing her own research at 11.. oh yeah lol, real monster. lock her up and juvi, we would all be better served.
imjussaying's picture

What a handsome young man!

What a handsome young man! And love the ethics Taraji is instilling in him. I've always liked her and this makes me like and respect her even more.
MrsCPA's picture

That's a great way to make

That's a great way to make kids realize how real it is out here. My mother made my sister attend a junior college first before she heads off to a university. While she not privileged she lives an great life. Good thinking Taraji handsome young man.

Ummm...he is too cute for

Ummm...he is too cute for words!!
holmesa925's picture

He is damn adorable!!!!!!!!

He is damn adorable!!!!!!!!
sianna1's picture

Cute kid

Cute kid
CLS326's picture

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