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BREAKING NEW GIGS: Alicia Keys Named Global Creative Director Of BLACKBERRY! + Jay-Z Signs Timbaland To Roc Nation!

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 photo bzjubl_zpsd1617e73.jpg

Not only is she dropping hit after hit these days and performing at every big event possible, but Alicia Keys was just named as the Global Creative Director of Blackberry. 


Plus, Timbaland just joined the Roc Nation family.  Pledge your allegiance inside....

 photo bzjvfp_zps474a2524.png

Alicia and her husband Swizz Beatz love a "Creative Director" title don't they?  They have yet another one to add to their arson. 

At today's Blackberry 10 launch event at Pier 36 in NYC (pictured above), RIM’s chief executive, Thorsten Heins, named the androgynous dressed "Girl On Fire" singer as the Blackberry phone company's Global Creative Director.  Likely a move to rev up publicity for the brand.

 photo bzjtwf_zps92e307ab.jpg

 photo 724822197_zpscb734c54.png

As for BB's newest roll out, the Z10, (that the company hopes will save it from going into oblivion thanks to the takeover of iPhones & Samsungs), it's fully touch-screen, lots of hi-tech capabilities like video in BB messenger, and more than 70,000 apps.  It's set for a March 2013 launch here in the states, and Feb. 10th in Canada.

According to Alicia's website, her new role is described as the following:

In her new role, Alicia will work closely with app developers, content creators, retailers, carriers and the entertainment community to further shape and enhance the BlackBerry 10 platform, and inspire creative use through its remarkable capabilities and functionality. From music to books, to film, to apps, Keys will lead the charge of enhancing entertainment consumption and distribution, through the power of BlackBerry 10.

Alicia tweeted just a few minutes ago:

Excited2jump right in2my new role as Global Creative Director of@Blackberry! #BlackBerry10 #keepmoving #forwardthinking

And posted this pic on her website of her on her Blackberry while at her piano:

 photo MG_93062-1024x615_zpsbf26df1d.jpg

This ought to be interesting.  Congrats Alicia!



Another big move made today:

 photo jay-timbo_zps29e1f7ce.jpg

Timbaland's been producing for Jay-Z for the last 15 years....all the way back to the "*igga What, *igga Who" and "Big Pimpin" days.  So Hov has finally woo'd the superproducer over to his Roc Nation family....officially.

The BK rapper took to his own Life+Times website today to make the announcement with the above pic saying:

"Roc Nation welcomes TIMBALAND to the family."

Timbo also produced Justin Timberlake's new "Suit & Tie" track that Jay is featured on.  No word on if Timbo will simply be managed by Roc Nation or if he will be totally a part of the label.  But we're still wondering where Jay Electronica's and Willow Smith's albums are...


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Congrats to them both!!!

Congrats to them both!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Alicia! You go girl.

Alicia! You go girl. Managers and business people love, love, love their Blackberry's! Congratulations! This PHONE IS ON FIYAH........I can hear it now. At least it won't add calories...
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commonprosperity9913's picture

Blackberry?? Who knew they

Blackberry?? Who knew they were still around? Apple is about to come out with a "CHEAPER" iPhone so this should be interesting! Timbo look like he just got out the PEN!
tori's picture

You better do that, Alicia!

You better do that, Alicia! YES!
C2C's picture

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tom100's picture

Good Job Mrs Beatz. One more

Good Job Mrs Beatz. One more to drive em crazy!
Realist's picture

she looks really butch here

she looks really butch here
litebrite's picture

Sho does.......lol

Sho does.......lol
star's picture

Good for Alicia... Don't be a

Good for Alicia... Don't be a hater!!
dmcw1264's picture

I think rihanna would have

I think rihanna would have made a better pitch person she uses her phone more than Alicia. she has more followers than Alicia and she's more global.FYI the blackberry 10 beat the iphone in every test.
xedos's picture

good ain't nobody looking for

good ain't nobody looking for blackberry and they sure ain't checking for A. Keys. That is ridiculous. The only business sense this ho got is taking married men. Is there an App for that.
lola69's picture

You are a depraved

You are a depraved dickhead,,,,,and there is an app for that.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Currently been unemployed

Currently been unemployed going on 4 months now and the job requirements (MA/BA/hell even AA) are THE MOST. Totally not fair for the people who know the communications industry, have gone to school and are trying to work up the latter in this industry. I'd love to be in the conference room while she's trying to direct a team that's waay more qualified than her. And Jay-Z and his Roc Nation...Boooooooooo Boo! lol dude has been signing people left and right to Roc Nation but I haven't heard of one project from this Label...Maybe Rita Ora...but she's in London. Put some damn music out from all these artist you've signed already. What ever happened to Jay Electronica? SMH at least when artists signed with Puffy, they came out with one single.
AnoniNYC12's picture

Creative Director of a

Creative Director of a company that's pretty much DEAD. Great. Congratulations!
PacificGirl's picture

Quite the contrary. Many

Quite the contrary. Many business managers and government employees use the blackberry exclusively. Not dying....but the revamping of this phone is nice.
JewelryLover's picture

Excellent achievement Alicia.

Excellent achievement Alicia.
Taj's picture

I'm sorry but I'm a woman

I'm sorry but I'm a woman who's been working hard and climbing the ladder in the Marketing and Advertising industry. This is OFFENSIVE. This off-pitch singer just snags a job as a Global Creative Director when you have so many other people in the world who actually understand the business and know how to exceed all expectations of that role. This was DEFINITELY a Marketing ploy. Anyways, let sit back and watch.. *crosses legs & sips tea*

Totally agree with you. What

Totally agree with you. What qualifications does Alicia Keys have for this job? There are MBAs out there with talent, drive and know how, yet a popular singer gets the gig. Sheer marketing ploy and it's going to get Blackberry no where. That was a jack move and any bit of credibility that Blackberry had with me, it just lost. I have to carry a blackberry for work, but I hate the damn thing.
The Real Thing's picture

You know, that is an

You know, that is an excellent point, but of course this will backfire!

(squints eyes) And Alicia's

(squints eyes) And Alicia's gonna save them how? Whatever.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Great for Alicia but she has

Great for Alicia but she has the easiest new job on earth. Just hand the people @ Blackberry an iPhone & a Samsung Galaxy then say "Here! Copy these Motherfuckers!!!!!!!" ..............smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Like Really's picture

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