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Rick Ross Hires 24-Hour ARMED Security Detail, While Folks Become Skeptical Of His "Assasination Attempt"

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Rick Ross isn't taking anymore chances.  And despite the fact some folks believe he staged this assassination attempt that caused him to crash his Rolls Royce Monday morning, he's hired armed 24-hour security.  Deets inside...

He's been the victim of threats from gangs and such for a while now, but after his Rolls Royce was sprayed with 15 shots of gun fire Monday morning in Ft. Lauderdale, after his birthday party (pictured above), he's taking the threats more seriously.

Reports state that Ricky has hired a security detail that will be hovering over him for 24 hours a day.  In addition to the security he already had at shows and appearances.

But even with this move, people are starting to doubt his assassination attempt even happened.

There are unconfirmed reports that the car had no bullet holes, even though the person who sprayed the bullets was in a nearby car.  And after the car crashed, the passengers inside, including Rick Ross, reportedly ran away. 

Shortly after the incident, Rick dropped a freestyle over Kendrick Lamar's "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe" track.  And his verse talks about being surprised he's still alive and surviving bullets. No confirmation on if this was written/recorded before the incident, but it's mighty coincidental if it was.  And it was mighty quick of him to record it several hours after the drama.

A rapper lying for street cred isn't a brand new notion.  But we shall see....

Check it below:



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He really needs to stop

He really needs to stop frontin.
vanessa.boo1's picture

Seriously. All those shots

Seriously. All those shots his ass would've gotten hit somewhere. He's been lying and frontin', not suprised now.
chantayk's picture

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richdates2013's picture

The ONLY thing that's gonna

The ONLY thing that's gonna "ATTACK" Rick Ross is his damn HEART! FAT BASTARD!
tori's picture

LMAO... outta contol!!!

LMAO... outta contol!!!
RO's picture

Now the bear needs about 2

Now the bear needs about 2 colosseums for the amout of seats he needs to occupy.
Realist's picture

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tom100's picture

Every time his video comes on

Every time his video comes on I turn the channel. I can't stand to look @ his ugly face and body. Why do you have to take off your shirt in every video? Just nasty......alllllright
YaHeard's picture

This fake wannabee gangsta

This fake wannabee gangsta better stop playing games. These gangs mean business and don't give a ish about security when they roll deeper than security and with more fire power nowadays. Smh.
JJFad's picture

He is such a fraud. I wish

He is such a fraud. I wish black men would get over this lifestyle its nothing to aspire to. I believe he did stage this shooting which is pathetic.
KENNEDY78's picture

about a phoney as his

about a phoney as his background.
lola69's picture

he's a good rapper!

he's a good rapper!

wtf he aint nobody to be

wtf he aint nobody to be trying to assinat maybe kill,,, but not assasinate you aint that important he just need something to rap abt on his next album
idntjudge's picture

rick ross ole fake ass, i dnt

rick ross ole fake ass, i dnt see how peple listen to his music, i kno its entertainment but damn aint shit real about you from you name, to that big ass stomach you wear (okay maybe thats real) but anyways how you get sprayed with an automatic but no bullets hit you car even if they were aiming at the people behind you your car should have accidently got hit
idntjudge's picture

love the track. stay safe

love the track. stay safe rick. we don't need another biggie/tupac situation.
lewis3k's picture

Staged attempt on his

Staged attempt on his life...sounds just about right - fits in with his illusionary gangster rep. I really don't believe the hype - my gut tells me he made the whole shit up to stay relevant in the game...fact: how can you miss a big ass target like that??
lifeisgood's picture

Assassination attempt?

Assassination attempt? Really? More like a drive by
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Who cares? He's FAT!

Who cares? He's FAT!
Shay's picture

This clown disgusts me he

This clown disgusts me he wants to be hood so bad he'll fake it the sad part is all these knuckle heads listening to his music thinking that sh*t is real and imitating it with real guns and real lives officer ricky's pretend thug ass probably hired someone to shoot bb guns at him smh
Mouse's picture

"Assassination Attempt" is

"Assassination Attempt" is laughable....more like "Bust Caps in yo' azz" (rap about the thug life while hiring security guards....smh.....you can't be about both)..........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Classic87's picture


BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I know one dam thing, thats a

I know one dam thing, thats a pretty BIG target to miss!
shuga's picture

Fools be missin' by a mile

Fools be missin' by a mile cuz they still sprayin' Tech 9's.......smh.... **reloads 6 pump double-barrel, sawed-off shotgun...then sips tea**............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I think Rick Ross is a real

I think Rick Ross is a real live coon. He has gotten all these reality checks, he needs to wake up.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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