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*UPDATE* So....Lil Wayne DIDN'T Cut Off His Dreads...But THIS Is What He Looks Like...

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 photo 8348e1066c4211e285b022000a9f15de_7_zps0e08ff73.jpg

*UPDATE*  We've now learned Lil Wayne did not cut off his braids.  But was simply a victim of unkempt-ness.  CLICK HERE FOR UPDATE.


Lil Wayne has been growing his dreadlocks for over 10 years.  But apparently, he chopped them off recently.  And we're just now finding out thanks to rapper Big Boi's birthday photo from last night's MaddenBowl event.  Check out No Dreads Weezy inside...

"No Worries" rapper Weezy has embarked on a new sector of life.  The sector that is dread-free.  His extra long dreads have become a major part of his image over the past decade, but it looks like he's ready to shed that for something new.

Weezy traveled back to his hometown of New Orleans to perform with birthday boy Big Boi at the MaddenBowl XIX at the Bud Light Hotel.

Wayne performed with a hat covering his new cut.  But when Big Boi posted the above picture, showing the dread-free Weezy, it caught pretty much everyone off guard. 

So, are we loving the new 2013 No Dreads Weezy? 


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I love Big Boi's WAVY

I love Big Boi's WAVY sweatshirt!
tori's picture

Yikes "No Worries" chile 2.O

Yikes "No Worries" chile 2.O BuckWheat is in Full terrorizing Force! Lol Yo but Who was that brave enough to take the pic tho?!..Hmm Prolly somewhere still rubbin' the pain out their eyes!..smh
Like Really's picture

and how many women procreated

and how many women procreated with this......thing?
litebrite's picture

One too many...cuz he shudda

One too many...cuz he shudda been swallowed!
Like Really's picture

About time...why didn't he

About time...why didn't he finish?
Lola's picture

Man this dude look real sick

Man this dude look real sick right here and its seems as if he didn't want to take a pic in the first place, wow, explains the motivation behind his sick ass rhymes


Babyjane's picture


RO's picture

Looks even dirtier than

Looks even dirtier than before!!! :o/

Now lets see how many of

Now lets see how many of these young people will follow his lead.....
BooLuv's picture

LMAO! I thought I'd never

LMAO! I thought I'd never stop laughing so I can post something - LOL. Where do I start? I'm going to leave Lil Wayne alone - LOL. Too funny though!!! This was my morning laugh!
Happy Lady's picture


OMG...OOOHHH I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I hope he gets that shaped up cuz it looks like a bunch of spiders is having a meeting on his head lmao
nico89's picture


Tamika30's picture

He looks like ODB's

He looks like ODB's illegitimate son.
PacificGirl's picture

ROTFL HA now that is funny

ROTFL HA now that is funny #flips.hair.that.s.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I can't say I love it. Maybe

I can't say I love it. Maybe he looks better when his hair is more neat.
Bird's picture

Dayum! I didn't think it was

Dayum! I didn't think it was possible for him to look worse than he usually does but like they say, where there's a will, there's a way. He needs to either go and get those bad boys out the garbage and glue them back on or have 'Neeka give him some extensions. Looking like a busted Yoda!
DesignDiva's picture


Like Really's picture

LMAO@yoda!!! man these

LMAO@yoda!!! man these comments are funny!!! #yes.keep.the.funny.comments.rolling
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richdates2013's picture


SWEET JESUS........................SMH
My Moniker Is...'s picture

With so much going on in the

With so much going on in the world…. Please keep your eyes on the prize!!! New bills and laws are being passed, while “media” want to leave you brain dead with junk like this!!! The revolution would not be televised!!!!!!!!
BEEMA's picture

lol! he looks even more like

lol! he looks even more like a treasure troll. funny, but maybe it will inspire some of his followers to cut theirs too. could never understand why someone living in a hot ass state would want all that heavy ass hair anyways. without all that heat they may have to cancel First 48: Miami. niggas down there is just hot and aggravated. get a haircut, idiots! your hair is hot and funky, your pants is falling down---no wonder you testy.
shuga's picture

LOL!!!! Could it be anything

LOL!!!! Could it be anything other than hot as Hades in places called Pork n Beans and Little Haiti? But, uh, I don't know if this BC was a positive thing for Mr. Carter. At least the dreads kinda, sorta distracted from the tattoo canvas that is his face.
MrsCPA's picture

lol,,,,yeah he does look like

lol,,,,yeah he does look like a treasure troll. Maybe if he got it shaped up that would help.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

LMMFAO @ Treasure Troll,

LMMFAO @ Treasure Troll, lol,lol,lol
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Dying out of of laughter!!!

Dying out of of laughter!!! he sure does and I use to have one of those bad boys with the green hair. LMAO brown treasure troll with tats!!! #Cracked.me.up
sexybrownpyt's picture

Nope...he looks twice as

Nope...he looks twice as homeless and three times as dirty.

LOL that made me chuckle

LOL that made me chuckle #kenya.twirl.down.to.a.split
sexybrownpyt's picture

Lmao really girl? Down to a

Lmao really girl? Down to a split? I'm not sure that was in Gone w/ the Wind lol!
Girl's picture

His gremlinism is in full

His gremlinism is in full effect. YUCK, ICK, GROSS, PTOOEY, EEEEEEEEWWWW!!!!There goes my breakfast. Thank a lot Tasha.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Gremlinism!!! LOL!!

Gremlinism!!! LOL!!
holmesa925's picture

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