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SUPER BOWL WEEKEND: Kelly Rowland HOSTS Jesse Williams & Serena Williams At ESPN's 'NEXT' Party + Ray Lewis HONORED At The GOSPEL CELEBRATION With Fantasia

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 photo ESPNTheMagazinesNEXTEventxl0FA1nd45fl.jpg

Kelly Rowland and a few of her celebs friends helped kickoff Super Bowl Weekend in New Orleans last night.  See pics of Kelly, Serena Williams, Jesse Williams and Lolo Jones partying with ESPN and Ray Lewis honored at the Gospel Celebration with Fantasia .....

  photo nexmagazine2.jpg

Last night, "Ice" singer Kelly Rowland attended ESPN The Magazine's 'NEXT' Event at Tad Gormley Stadium in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She gave us a shout out saying, "Ooohhh I Love The YBF."

 photo ESPNTheMagazinesNEXTEventmO2DCmMSEsBl.jpg

Kelly took over the @ESPNMag Twitter handle and served as celebrity social media ambassador for the event.

 photo photo37.jpg

She posed with US Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson and personal trainer to the stars Jeanette Jenkins (who helped her earn her famous six pack).

 photo photo36.jpg

Kelly's BFF Serena Williams (posing with Shawn and Jeanette) wore a form fitting dress and big curls.  Jeanette told us that she's enjoying the local cuisine and has had beignets and tuna stuffed with crab so far....

 photo ESPNTheMagazinesNEXTEventcEs7lNIKd_xl.jpg 

 photo ESPNTheMagazinesNEXTEvent19SjOuOB_0fl.jpg

Track and field superstar Lolo Jones gave Angelina Jolie a "run" for her money with an exposed leg pose.

 photo nextmagazine1.jpg

Tony Rock was spotted on the black carpet.

 photo tbaesp1.jpg

 photo espnenext.jpg

And Holly Robinson Peete posed with Green Bay Packers player Greg Jennings (who'll retire soon). 

 photo espnext20.jpg

Also, Holly thinks the Ravens will win tomorrow.  She said, "I think it's going to be 27-24 Ravens will win. I have friends on the 49ers, when you are a football wife for 16 years you have friends on both side of the ball. I hate to choose but it's going to be the Ravens."


And the evening's entertainment was......

 photo CeeLoGreenESPNMagazineNEXTEventRVtO4y3hvyNl.jpg

 photo ceelov.jpg

 photo CeeLoGreenESPNMagazineNEXTEventKrH6V5L3kf3l.jpg

 photo espnext4-.jpg

Cee-Lo Green and Goodie Mob entertained the partygoers .

   photo photo38.jpg  photo photo39.jpg 

Cee-Lo posed with D-Nice who kept the crowd moving during the party.



 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowNeb0mF2eGrrl.jpg

Kirk Franklin and Sherri Shepherd hosted the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration yesterday at the University of New Orleans.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowCUVqdAph73El.jpg

Backstage, Kirk posed with his wife Tammy Collins.

   photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowEcIn9w3f8a4l.jpg

Sherri even sang a few notes with Donnie McClurkin and the choir.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowbiCB1iqakU8l.jpg

Fantasia headlined the concert and did the red carpet and interview with her mom, Diane.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowuKnPu314S_Ll.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013Show2mUqKnW1Wd-l.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowIcgh5UMTXKFl.jpg

Both mom and daughter did a few costume changes while sticking with a black and white theme.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowFA4T0aX-2bkl.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowV6a2tjIRfBwl.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013Showo39I11YHxoSl.jpg

She performed alongside her mom, Diane Barrino, for several songs.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowVS8tDnvFa-0l.jpg

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowyAWcsgWeTx6l.jpg

And she was brought to tears when speaking about her testimony with Kirk.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowGbZA54BA_TTl.jpg

And Baltimore Ravens player Ray Lewis was honored with the Lifetime of Inspiration Award. Ray, who has performed with the NFL Players Choir during the celebration for many years, sang during the event.

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowPxUNjFuMbOUl.jpg 

Melanie Few-Harrison, creator and producer of the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration, spoke of Ray saying,

"His accomplishments and triumphs have inspired football fans, teammates and colleagues – a true representation of what the essence of the convergence of faith and football is all about. As a big supporter of the event, Ray Lewis has attended many Super Bowl Gospel Celebrations and sang in the NFL Players Choir, so we are beyond thrilled to honor him in what is sure to be a memorable year.”

 photo SuperBowlGospel2013ShowG02m6aGS29yl.jpg   

After playing in the Super Bowl with the Ravens, Ray plans to retire and begin a new career as an ESPN analyst.




Photos by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for ESPN/Rick Diamond/Getty Images North America


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fanny needs to get rid of

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So a man CHARGED WITH MURDER is HONORED & a chick who had a child with a married man PERFORMED at a "GOSPEL EVENT" during SUPERBOWL WEEKEND?
tori's picture

Has anyone ever seen Kelly

Has anyone ever seen Kelly with a man?
Disturbed's picture

Yes with Roy Williams her ex

Yes with Roy Williams her ex finance. In the dude she was dating overseas.
THE BUSINESS's picture


Disturbed's picture

I'm surprised Fantasia didn't

I'm surprised Fantasia didn't burst into FLAMES on that stage, she is a JEZEBEL & PROUD OF IT! I guess if God can forgive, so can Antoine's WIFE!
tori's picture

Men like Ray Lewis give the

Men like Ray Lewis give the best testimonies. You never know how God used his past to bless his future. A man that committed a murder became one of Jesus' Apostles and wrote most of the New Testament. Don't block your blessings by refusing to see God's forgiveness in others.
Username's picture

Fantasia mom looks nice.

Fantasia mom looks nice.
TeaNicole's picture

She does.

She does.
C2C's picture

Fantasia kept her shoes on

Fantasia kept her shoes on "good job" #she.looks.great.flips.hair.that.is.all
sexybrownpyt's picture

I didn't know there was a

I didn't know there was a superbowl gospel celebration, that's wassup....and I'm sure Fantasia did her thing. Love her!
Abri's picture

Kudos to whoever lately is

Kudos to whoever lately is styling Fantasia's hair and clothing. She is looking beautiful! If GOD can forever Ray Lewis for his life choices, I certainly can. We don't know his internal hurts about all the bad decisions he has made.
JJFad's picture

fantasia is looking gorgeous

fantasia is looking gorgeous just flawless

So I'm the only one that

So I'm the only one that thinks Kelly looks just like Matthew Knowles? ok.
Username's picture

ommmg where's kelly's hair

ommmg where's kelly's hair line?!! it's pushed so far back
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romance2013's picture

3rd picture, Kelly's closeup,

3rd picture, Kelly's closeup, you can really see the family resemblance....I wish to GOD that this girl would write a tell-all and expose EVERYTHING!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

Hmm, let's see: 49's at the

Hmm, let's see: 49's at the strip club... Ravens at the Gospel Celebration. No question who's WINNING. Go Ravens!!!
RO's picture

I LO♥E Kelly in this color!

I LO♥E Kelly in this color! She looks fabulous, just stunning. I want Serena to STOP IT, stop it.
Peace Silas's picture

Sherry Shepard is shaped like

Sherry Shepard is shaped like the Tasmanian devil from the old bugs bunny cartoons. So damn top heavy.
TrueThinker's picture

You're right, she has a

You're right, she has a horrible shape.
jgraves58's picture

Honey, Sherry is the SF 49ers

Honey, Sherry is the SF 49ers SECRET WEAPON! If Colin Kaepernick pull a hamstring in the 1st half, Sherry is the alternate QB..I kid u not lol!
tori's picture

Ray Lewis has 6 kids with 4

Ray Lewis has 6 kids with 4 women and barely got off on Murder Charges. PRACTICE what you PREACH!!!!!!!!!!! smdh........I thought we'd seen the last of Lolo Jones <-------------
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ray Lewis didn't "barely" get

Ray Lewis didn't "barely" get off on murder charges. He was allowed to plea on an obstruction charge, that's not "barely" getting off on a murder charge. He testified against the two people that were charged with murder and they both were acquitted. Those are the facts.
jgraves58's picture

They never found his bloody

They never found his bloody white suit that he took off, changed clothes. He was very lucky. I'm more upset about all the kids and "baby mama's". I'm glad he's doing well now. But we let people off the hook to easily when they mention "God". Amazingly, everyone on death row manages to find God too when it's CONVENIENT............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Omg Serena and that

Omg Serena and that Wig(yikes)...,......Kelly and that damn forehead...Girl should NEVER wear her hair pulled back with NO hairline...I see where Fantasia gets her shape...lol
star's picture

Why don't these ladies have a

Why don't these ladies have a friend who will tell them this stuff............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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