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Frank Ocean FORGIVES Chris Brown, Says He Won't PRESS CHARGES + Bobbi Kristina SAYS She WON'T Be READING Cissy Houston's BOOK

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Frank Ocean has tweeted that he won't press charges against Chris Brown...in the spirit of forgiveness.  Find out what he said inside and get Bobbi Kristina's thoughts on Cissy Houston's book about her mother....

We all know that Frank Ocean wears his emotions on his sleeve and doesn't mind sharing his thoughts about certain issues....so what does he really think about the Chris Brown brawl?  He recently posted a response to his fans where he revealed that he'd take the high road and offer Chris forgiveness...

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We think Frank summed up the situation pretty accurately.  It's time to forgive and move on.  And also time for Chris to control his mood swings. 

Fans of Frank can catch him performing on the Grammys on February 10.


And in "other" responses.....

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Cissy Houston revealed to Oprah Winfrey last week that she doesn't have the best relationship with her granddaughter and now Bobbi Kristina is confirming that through a few tweets about her grandmother's new book. 

In an attempt to address fans and foes who'd like to know what Bobbi thinks about Cissy's book, Remember Whitney, Bobbi let it be known that both she AND Nick Gordon don't have anything to do with it and she thinks the book is disrespectful.

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-03at84814AM.png

Elsewhere on her timeline, Bobbi retweeted responses from her followers saying she had no reason to read the book because she was there and knows what really happened. 

It sounds like Bobbi Kristina brought her little anger towards Cissy into 2013.  We hope they work that out.....


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She needs her teeth fixed!!

She needs her teeth fixed!! All that money and no veneers??
motorfingaz's picture

Either way they are both 2

Either way they are both 2 immature louts for letting things escalate to where it did. As to Bobbi Kristina I JUST CANT!!
Realist's picture

Will some1 please shut this

Will some1 please shut this b*tch (Frank Ocean) up!¡!
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hooklookping's picture

Frank ain't suing cuz the

Frank ain't suing cuz the SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE revealed Chris was NOT at fault, he was! And BobbiKris ain't readin Cissy's book or ANY OTHER book cuz the dummy CAN'T READ nuthin but a TEXT & TWEET!
tori's picture

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tom101's picture

Won't be supporting Frank

Won't be supporting Frank Ocean's efforts any longer. What a Bitch Ass!
PacificGirl's picture

Frank Ocean is a drama queen

Frank Ocean is a drama queen and Bobby Kristina needs her ass whopped.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Baha We knoW Frankie, we

Baha We knoW Frankie, we know.. All ya had to do was shake the man hand and maybe CB wouldn't hav tried to punch sum ALPHA swag in yo BiSH arse! Hehe
Like Really's picture

cissy did this for the money

cissy did this for the money and to put her own twist on the perception of her family. frank is full of iit. he is such a drama queen/attention whore. he has no cred to me. he needs to stick to the music.its startimg to always be something with frank lately. drama follows him as well.
JeanP's picture


carmensherita's picture

My sentiments exactly.

My sentiments exactly.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Bobbi Kris can talk to her

Bobbi Kris can talk to her grandma and she really should have a relationship with her...before she is gone and Krissy regrets how she treated her...

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romance2013's picture

I think Frank Ocean's

I think Frank Ocean's character is as dodgy as they come. This is not forgiveness, read his statement properly.
Yas's picture

Queens. Frank change his mind

Queens. Frank change his mind after chris lawyer said he has a video tape. Frank is using this to get sympathy vote for the grammy's
xedos's picture

That was an extremely

That was an extremely Passive-Aggressive statement by Frank Ocean (sounds like he's afraid to fight crazy Chris).............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Sad that she has no

Sad that she has no relationship with her Grandmother or her father, because I DON'T trust Pat Houston one bit.

^^^^ No she doesn't...Thts

^^^^ No she doesn't...Thts Bobby Brown twin all the way!

Amazing how much she

Amazing how much she resembles Whitney in that picture!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

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