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LIGHTS OUT! Celebs REACT To Beyonce's Halftime PERFORMANCE, Keyshia Cole Says Michelle Williams MESSED IT UP

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Beyonce took over the Superdome tonight and literally shut the lights off with an electrifying performance.  Find out what other celebrities are tweeting about her show....

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Shortly after Beyonce gave a sizzling halftime performance at Super Bowl XLVII, the lights went out at the Superdome.  Coincidence?  We don't think so.  And neither did a ton of celebs who Tweeted that Bey shut it down! 

Only Keyshia Cole had something negative to say...but it was directed at Michelle Williams, not Bey.  She claims that the performance had her in a trance until the D-child reunion started and Michelle started to sing....and messed it up. SMH.  She's getting railed on Twitter by the way.  Because Keyshia Cole criticizing ANYONE's live performance game is....

Here's what other celebs (including Bey's husband Jay-Z had to say about the show):

I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michell sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always fuckN the groove up/
But hey! I love y'all too! And y'all girl is WACK and always will be!

-Keyshia Cole

Lights out!!! Any questions??

Loved Beyonce's outfit. I want one! Beyonce's outfit for Wimbledon. But in white? Hummmmmmm
-Serena Williiams

Im sorry but @KELLYROWLAND yaaaaaasssssss heffa!!!! #shedidthat
-Tamar Braxton

I might be the only one NOT watching the Super Bowl!! I'm just waiting on Half time...BEYONCE!!! OMG!!! I'm hyped!!! #Beyonce #DestinysChild

Halftime show slayed!!!!! Yessss @Beyonce!! ICONIC!! And I'm so proud of my BFF @KELLYROWLAND and @RealMichelleW! Wow
-LaLa Anthony

Beyonce Bowl/No. One. Better/By the way.... Black girls ROCK, and I couldn't be more proud to be one tonight!!!!

OMG Beyonce killed it!!! And when Destiny's Child came out...that made my life! #Bootylicious
-Kim Kardashian

That's the TRUTH“@AngieBeyince: Proud night for talented gorgeous young black women! DC3, Alicia Keys, & Jennifer Hudson.
-Sylvia Rhone

Beyonce was hot!!!! & @KELLYROWLAND & Michelle looked & sounded amazing too! I loved it
-Kandi Burruss
Whoooo I'm so tired. That performance took a lot out of me! LMBO
-Kenya Moore
King B is my fuckin Hero!!! #KillinIt
who gon stop her!?
-Luke James
Yes!!!! B you killed it girl!!!!! #SuperBowl47
-Wendy Williams
-Terry Crews
Beyonce literally shut it down!!! Fierce. #blackout
-Tamron Hall
Top 3 SuperBowl Halftime performances I've ever seen, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Beyonce. #REALTALK
-Nick Cannon

Bey-once .... Enough said
-Laura Govan

For all those who know me, knows i just had an orgasmic moment! #BEYONCE
-Selita Ebanks

Yes, B. Yes. Roasted that… #KINGBEY
-Justin Timberlake

Millions of eyes on @beyonce killing it #superbowl47
-Randy Jackson


I’m in the DON’T GIVE A F**K IF IT’S PRE-RECORDED OR NOT club!! B’s putting’ in WURK!!!!
-Samuel L. Jackson

Beyonce is the best!!!! Damn she killed it. Best female artist (singer/dancer combo) ever!
-Michael Strahan

Had a great time w/my sisters tonight!! Tried to keep it a surprise!! Love you all...God bless!!

-Michelle Williams


It looks like most people agree that Beyonce did a great job.  We can't wait to see what she pulls out her bag of tricks for "The Mrs. Carter World Tour."


BONUS: Beyonce posted a photo of Destiny's Child backstage at the Superdome (above).


 photo ScreenShot2013-02-03at113522PM.png

Bey posted a handwritten note on Instagram where she said she was proud of Kelly, Michelle, Alicia and Jennifer for performing at the Super Bowl. 

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Keyshia is a hateful bitch

Keyshia is a hateful bitch who needs to take her ignorant ass back to the ghetto where she belongs. Instead of throwing shade on michelle, you need to spend time on finding ya real daddy, u bastard! And take ya two dollar crack whore momma with u, bitch.
sianna1's picture

Didn't see Beyonce's halftime

Didn't see Beyonce's halftime show performance? Don't worry. just look at every video she has done with a beat. Every concert. Every show. The same moves. here we go. "The hand on the hip and the back pop. The cat walk. The stare. The hands and knees on the floor. The crawl. The swirling and thrashing of the hair. The ten million runs on one note" Ok You have just been caught up on Beyonce's show. This is all she has done, and will ever do. I hate when people say she can dance. It's the same darn thing every show. I give her credit for her hustle. and I appreciate her work ethic. But the hype is a facade for real. Beyonce Is not the best singer out there. Her team makes her great. She puts on a great show with all the theatrics. She can sing, don't get me wrong but she is not the best. Hasn't ever been the best. You will never convince her fans otherwise because they drool everytime she hits the stages and I just always wonder why when you already know whats coming. The catwalk. The hand on the hip and then the back pop. The thrashing of the hair. The runs on one long note and then the stare into the crowd. SIGH!!! but if you ask for more from your performer (especially if they are claiming to be the best) you are wrong? Whitney never had all those theatrics and was the best vocalist in her time. She just stood there and sang, yes I said "sang". All these celebs kissing Bey's butt is ridiculous. To be an artist in todays' time must be so tiring. You can't ever get your moment bc all the news media does is take up for the girl. All the celebs are scared to be honest. And all the public is blinded and misguided and it seems to be a neverending situation. Amazing artists like Chrisett Michelle, Jasmine Sullivan, even kelly Rowland (who by the way can do every run beyonce can do) never gets there moment. Beyonce is marketed very well, don't get me wrong. But she is and ever was " the best" that is a lie. Even her fans can't deny that she does the same thing every show. her theatrices and costumes may be different (well then again she is always going to have on a corsett) but her notes, her singing, her songs, her dance moves, her look. Has been the same for the past 10 years. Don't believe me. Watch her videos. Watch her concert performances. Can't dispute facts. Just sayin...
meekmeek's picture

Couldn't have said it better.

Couldn't have said it better.
Peace Silas's picture


C00kiesNweeD's picture

And last Kelly was great! but

And last Kelly was great! but she didnt steal NO show! half the tme kelly performs she really pitchy and sings her notes all fucked up! beyonce always saves her ass and sings for them both!... Queen Bey!
BritJackson's picture

first! why is it looooong ass

first! why is it looooong ass comments on this!!??? and BEYONCE WAS FUCKIN E.P.I.C!!! i swear i didnt want to move my eyes from the tv because i didnt want to miss nothing!she killed the singing and dancing and the looking firece and fuck!omg! i can go on on! that shit was bad! love when kelly and michelle came out! gave me my life again! QUEENBEY! And keyshia is a nothing nobody with a bad ass attitude...and people always are nervous when she sings live because she known for fuckin up just as much! but i Love michelle so she cant do not wrong!
BritJackson's picture

Bey must’ve misspelled

Bey must’ve misspelled “phenomenal” with an “I” and then when someone double checked her work she fixed and slid that "E" in there, but we see you. I do not care how much money she has I can’t see how anyone would happy with a 7th grade reading, writing, and speaking level. Girl get your life and go back to school.
Peace Silas's picture

For those who are saying

For those who are saying Kelly stole any moment are just Beyonce haters. They would say Precious did if she were on stage for a min. If Kelly was capable of stealing a second she would not be struggling so much in the industry. As for Michelle, hood rat extraordinar Keisha Cole was very hash but I absolutely agree. From the moment Michelle was on stage she look like she was nervous & just praying that she don't fall & become tomorrows headline. She lacked confidence & her moves were mediocre. I agree with the blogger who said motherhood & marriage has not made Keisha happy. Don't know what is going on in her house but it's safe to say it's NOT happiness.
Somerknight's picture

poor keisha, she is the one

poor keisha, she is the one wack, i love michelle keisha has some nerve, girl sit your tired ass down some were,corny broad, i been over her since she flipped on lil kim

Yes Michelle's voice may not

Yes Michelle's voice may not be that strong compared to her counterparts but Keyshia Cole has no room to call anyone wack when her voice and stage presence is less than average. She should just keep her opinions to herself.

Yes...she definitely deserves

Yes...she definitely deserves respect after that Power Performance.
Classic87's picture

I guess I have to watch it

I guess I have to watch it again because I was more impressed with what was going on around Beyonce (lights, pyrotechs, images, dancers...) than I was with her actual singing and dancing. Nevertheless Keyshia should support her fellow artists! Kelly looked fierce!
Denise2007's picture

I'm a huge Beyonce and DC

I'm a huge Beyonce and DC fan, and I agree with Keyshia somewhat, Michelle was stiff and off beat.
Lola's picture

Agree..she looked like she

Agree..she looked like she forgot she was performing all together..looking like a deer caught in headlights..She messed up the flow a little bit..but then again I was never a fan of hers from the start..IJS
MsMidwest's picture

Jennifer, Alicia and Beyonce

Jennifer, Alicia and Beyonce + Destiny's Child all looked and sounded great...I was shocked when I saw what Keyshia Cole typed (if that was really her). She is such a negative and jealous person. I feel sorry for her husband Daniel for marrying that evil, ghetto, mean spirited, album flopping R&B has been. She really needs to join her mother in therapy and work out her mental issues.
Naomi's picture

I respect what Keisha said,

I respect what Keisha said, eventhough I've NEVER thought she could sing herself. It's time for folk to start being HONEST instead of following what's popular.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Honestly, I didn't enjoy

Honestly, I didn't enjoy Michelle's performance. However, Keyshia was the last person who should have been commenting on what someone else is doing when her career is doing so badly. Not to mention she can't sing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but opinions should still be stated with tact and class, two things Keyshia Cole does not have.

Totally agree..she said what

Totally agree..she said what people been saying for years! We all have a right to an opinion..at the the end of the day what she said was just words with no meaning like most comments on the Internet..PERIOD! No one will remember by FRIDAY lol
MsMidwest's picture

So we are going finally start

So we are going finally start being Honest huh? So let's start with K Cole cannot sing. Let's go further and discuss how her career is in the basically toilet and this ignorance she pulled pushed it out to sea. If we are going to do the Honesty Tour 2013 then can go all day on her alone.
JJFad's picture

Lol I agree with you..but KC

Lol I agree with you..but KC was right about Michelle..maybe she shouldn't have put her thoughts on the Internet for the world to see lol but she was dead on!
MsMidwest's picture

Whether it was true or not

Whether it was true or not wasn't the issue I had. It was that Keyshia was so trifling to put that out there and on top of that she's not even on that girl's level. Just messy.
JJFad's picture

Anyone that agrees with what

Anyone that agrees with what Keyshia did last night is just as hood, tacky and immature as she is. Bet you're part of the the "keeping it real" crowd which usually mean acting and saying nasty hood mess, but hiding behind the keeping it real mask. Fans or onlookers commenting slick about Michelle is one thing because they spend money, but for someone in her same industry to do that publicly is stupid and senseless. That's just common sense to realize that! It's really even more assinine coming from a chick who does even have as much talent or accomplishment as Michelle. People dragged Keyshia because she is a nasty bully so she deserves it. She didn't have to single Michelle out because quite honestly Michelle did nothing wrong in her performance and didn't deserve the harsh criticism from onlookers nor Keyshia's underachieving a**. Yea you swamp possums can have Keyshia because she's so "real" so she'll represent you real well with those tired bitter bitch breakup songs and her funky attitude. She won't see a penny of my money.
Keys's picture

Yes I agree 100% with your

Yes I agree 100% with your statement.....Keyshia (ebonic azz spelled name) and her ghetto fans are the real joke and an embarrasment for all African Americans.
Naomi's picture

Once again, you hit the nail

Once again, you hit the nail on the head. Said everything I thought darn it. I've never been a fan of this Keysha Cole person, but how absolutely petty is she? I've just never truly witnessed a person so mean spirited and angry, despite the succeses (albeit small) that this untalented person has garnered. Be thankful for your corner of the industry and try uplifting the women that look like you. I fear that without extensive counseling, this person is going to be miserable (and create misery for those in her life) for the rest of her life...
Zetagirl's picture

Ooh Really?.. What is all the

Ooh Really?.. What is all the hoopla about?..IJS this EXACT performance has been seen for the last 10 dam yrs! U wud think most of Bey's peers have outgrown Destiny Child and her tired songs!! Sh!t I have and the BiSH older than me and still no growth whatsoever!! All I'm saying is beneath it all, Destiny Child was a manufactured pop illusion! Beyonce is the kind of star who wants to plz folks all the time, which btw lead her to mime rather than risk a bum note in the first dam place! Sorry Bey will continue to chase MJ, Prince, Janet, MC, Whitney etc..shadows due to her caliber of songs, that only suggest a woman without REAL substance! I cant fathom this redundant Catalouge as timeless no matter how much performed..bcuz IT's just NOT neither NOW nor NEVER! If Bey is all ya'll got to call Iconic and Legendary...chilee y'all ain't got NOTHING but a stage HAM and yes that she can wrk but it definitely won't LAST w/that BShittin' music! I hope for her sake one realizes, that it's gonna take more than a weave audaciously flingin' in and out to garner staying power w/meaning!
Like Really's picture

Girl you obviously know

Girl you obviously know nothing about entertainment. She is who she is BECAUSE OF THOSE SONGS SHE PERFORMED LAST NIGHT. Those are the songs that her fans like the most. She also debuted material from her latest album. If people still love those songs, why not keep them in rotation. Every time she performs them, those single sells spike again. So with 114 million people watching last night, Kelly and Michelle will be getting a nice little check from destiny's child albums. When all of the icons you mentioned above performed, they always performed their greatest hits.
Classic87's picture

sooo true!

sooo true!
BritJackson's picture

I beg the differ HUN, what's

I beg the differ HUN, what's obvious is u have absolutely no Knowledge or clue of Music Period! Beyonce her dam self didn't grow up with half the mediocre BS she gives u gullible stans and then gotcha thinking its as GOLDEN as her weave! Lolol Chilee if u believe that tired crap will be around in the next 20 yrs like Purple Rain and the other REAL  Legends I mentioned.. Hunnie u can keep throwin' ya pennies in the wishin' fountain..BCUZ it ain't happenin Captain, u BETTA tell that ding bat to Try Again! Smhlol....*sigh
Like Really's picture

Girl please lose the

Girl please lose the theatrics and stick to the subject. Crazy in love is still rankin and its going on 10 years. Destiny's child is pushing 20. Out out all the things she has accomplished, you can only bring up biased things: " Beyonce her dam self didn't grow up with half the mediocre BS she gives u gullible stans and then gotcha thinking its as GOLDEN as her weave!". How do you know what she grew up with. She obviously had to have something around for her to belt out those tunes like that. There is also credible footage of her singing and dancing to MJ, Miss Ross, and many others. and the weave comment was a lame as all get out. who doesn't wear weave/extensions now-a-days? Let her get her hustle on, and you find a hustle. Besides, you helping out anyways by posting and giving views HUN! Thanks....keep supporting.
Classic87's picture

I don't give a fuck about

I don't give a fuck about what nun of u toasting camel toe BiSHes got to say! If America was really waiting on Single Ladies, crazy in hell  and Halo she cud be that BiSH but..NOT!! Do u no how many folks turned their TV Halftime?  U silly fools don't realize the Cookie has Crumbled BCUZ hunnie if that's all she's  got for a repertoire... It's OvA sweetie! Lol.. What legend u know round here singing Booty-dam-licious @49! Exactly as well as the rest of her ingenuous load of crap, thats honestly quite laughable! Tell that Skripper to grow the fuck Up, if she wants to perfect class and get sum REAL bish wats up material, so u dumb mindless sheep in denial about the fucking subject, can start handling the TRUTH! Sh!t It's not that much convincing and azz licking u or the media can do to save her Overexposed azz Now! Kick Rocks u wudnt know sophisticated music if it hit u dead in yo panty sniffing azz NOSE! #classic too..Ugh!
Like Really's picture

All that babbling you did and

All that babbling you did and she STILL killing the game and has gotten respect from ALL the icons you mentioned. Are they kissing ass too?I'll give you a minute to answer that.
Classic87's picture

"If u believe that tired crap

"If u believe that tired crap will be around in the next 20 yrs like Purple Rain and the other REAL Legends I mentioned.. Hunnie u can keep throwin' ya pennies in the wishin' fountain..BCUZ it ain't happenin Captain," OMG I CAN'T! LMAO!!! And I agree she doesn't have a great catalogue of songs, the only ones I like that are mainstream is Crazy in Love, Irreplaceable, and Sweet Dreams.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Lol..I liked *me, myself, and

Lol..I liked *me, myself, and I along with *Crazy in Luv too, but even that's getting tired if not already!
Like Really's picture

@ Like Really I feel you I

@ Like Really I feel you I really do! Beyonce level of TALENT is NOT even on the LEVEL of talent as a Whitney H, or MJ, MC or Prince. What I don't like is how LOW the BAR is set now. We have STUPID MINDLESS PEOPLE calling her the female MJ when she is so NOT EVEN ON HIS LEVEL in any WAY! His VOICE LEVEL or DANCE ABILITY, I come from the voices of MC and Whitney and the entertainment level and TALENT OF MJ and Prince I will NEVER agree w/ the NONESENSE of what people are TRYING to bring her on the level to be! I said she did a nice job NOT GREAT OR SUPERB OR OUTSTANDING JOB! Listen to this my sister said on the radio this morning STUPID ASS STEVE HARVEY was hanging up on people who would not agree w/ him about Beyonce's performance he called her the FEMALE MJ! This FOOL actually GOT MAD AT people and HUNG UP IF YOU DID NOT AGREE W HIM! This is where the FOOLERY is coming in w/ her CELEBRITY FANS and her REGULAR STANS trying to make her more than WHAT SHE IS! What's SAD about this GENERATION is people like Whitney MJ Prince and MC they had other COMPETITION OUT there like Janet J. Madonna, Celine, Sade, Toni B, they had other TALENTED people to COMPARE TOO but what is SO SAD RIGHT NOW is that she has NO REAL COMPETITION OUT THERE, she's on TOP BY DEFAULT! I give her credit for her level of singing and her level of dancing and being able to do BOTH, has set her ABOVE the Rihanna's who just STAND,AND WALKS AND PRANCES ON STAGE! The Ciara's BAD MUSIC, & Keri Hilson's LACK OF ENERGY & DEADNESS and KC's plain RATCHETNESS, type people, who just DON'T HAVE THAT X FACTOR, that would even bring them to her level of ENTERTAINMENT! Believe me she's NOTHING GREAT like the people at the top I mentioned she is just a better ENTERTAINER than the people at the bottom I mentioned! Right now it's just BAD in the MUSIC INDUSTRY! This is why people are giving her so many ACCOLADES! Like Prince said years ago about her she's very NICKELODEON and I would add MEDIOCORE!
Shay's picture

smh! you must NOT know real

smh! you must NOT know real talent...she soo mediocre how has she sold OVER 300 mill albums? you and the other dummies talking are the only 100 people in the world that hates on her talent! smh your sad... and she is well on her way of being that! while staying humble! jealous bitches!
BritJackson's picture


LIL DUMB BUNNY you so WRONG she has not sold NO 300 million albums, you are the SILLY ASS RETARD here getting all her FACTS ALL WRONG! Bey has not sold as many albums as MC, MJ, Prince,Sade, and the list goes on! Bey has never ever GONE DIAMOND CRAY CRAY! She may be worth 300 million but she ain't sold no where near that amount! What are you an DELUSIONAL 10yr old, grow up and get your FACTS straight! Lil NIT-WIT!
Shay's picture

@Shay u said that

@Shay u said that girl...Steve Harvey is an A-Hole anyway, especially if u don't agree with his simple minded thoughts! Ugh) Oh and speaking of Toni Braxton, Kit frm AH asked Her did she watch the halftime show right..Toni was like NO but I did see Bey stomp in, she has a good March! Lolol.. Then went on to say I had to go get something to eat Sweetie! HaHa she had me crackin up and AH was like DAM okay! I was glad Toni didn't liCk Beys mediocre butt too! Lol
Like Really's picture

"what is SO SAD RIGHT NOW is

"what is SO SAD RIGHT NOW is that she has NO REAL COMPETITION OUT THERE, she's on TOP BY DEFAULT!," VERY TRUE!!! What beyonce does on stage most performers should be able to do in their sleep, but because there is a minimum of talent and lack luster entertainers in the industry, what beyonce does is looked upon as GREAT! Yet had she been in the era with Michael, Prince, Janet, Whitney, etc, she would have been lost in the crossfire. Not to take anything away from her but those are the facts! Beyonce catapulted to the top because there was NO ONE ELSE!. Aaliyah died, Ashanti was fading fast, and everyone else in the 90s was nowhere to be found. She took advantage of the drought and for the that I'm NOT MAD. And did Steve Harvey really hang up on people for not agreeing with his SIMPLE ASS? DAMN... IT'S NOT THAT DEEP!! LMAO! People really need to get a grip when it comes to beyonce FOR REAL!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

@Crazy Sexy Cool, Yes Girl

@Crazy Sexy Cool, Yes Girl that RETARDED ass STEVE Harvey did do that, and he said HE was tired of BLACK FOLKS hating on each other and said he did not even want to hear from you, If you did not LIKE her PERFORMANCE or have ANYTHING NEGATIVE to say about it! His STUPID ASS won't be around long, It's a RADIO HOST job to be IMPARTIAL and allow people to LIKE OR DISLIKE WHAT THEY WANT! I'm so MAD about how all these CELEBRITY people are being such LICK BUTTS TO her and Jay Z. It's not gonna do anything for his EBONIC SPEAKING ASS! We agree girl, no shade but there's no COMPETITION for her right now and she is ONLY their by DEFAULT not by REAL REAL OUTSTANDING TALENT! Mediocore at best!
Shay's picture

I'm sorry but I hate how

I'm sorry but I hate how everyone wanted to all of a sudden be a Michelle stan last night. C'mon Keyshia was just saying what I'm sure we were all thinking. I mean if we have room to call Keyshia out then she has room to talk about Michelle. lol No Keyshia wouldn't be able to perform at the Super Bowl lol but lets be real, only reason Michelle was there cause Beyonce dropped her name. Michelle always looks like a deer in headlights on stage lol, vocals are awkward, and her style is...But anyways I wanted to see more of Kelly. Maybe its the ratchetness in me but it have been fly if she busted "Neva End" with Future.
Nehemiah Israel's picture

@Nehemiah Isreal, Sorry but

@Nehemiah Isreal, Sorry but if that comment would have came from some like: "Prince" who is very TALENTED and HAS PERFORMED AT THE SUPER BOWL before, it would have been well, OK he can say that! We all know Michelle was choosen to be a part of DC because they needed someone who would not cause any WAVES, and would stay in her LANE, and would not out STAGE Beyonce. That being said, she has done her JOB! Keyshia on the other hand is BITTER because she will FOREVER be on the CHITLIN CIRCUIT and will never get to even EXPERIENCE what Michelle has EXPERIENCED in her LIFETIME! If KC had made it to Mary J Blige's level maybe then she could talk but no matter how awkward Michelle is or strange her voice is, Michelle HIT THE LOTTERY w/ just being a part of DC! Like Michelle TWEETED BACK SAYING You are FRANKIE'S CHILD and I am DESTINY'S CHILD NOW YOU DO THE MATH! ENOUGH SAID!
Shay's picture

@Shay So truuuu! KC I tried

@Shay So truuuu! KC I tried lol Yea that was a good description of BET "CHITLIN CIRCUIT" LMAOO. Did Michelle really tweet that? If she did "DAYUUUUUM GINA!"
Nehemiah Israel's picture

"It was an honor to perform

"It was an honor to perform with all you phenomenal ladies," in other words, I'm really better than all you BITCHES! LOL. Naw it was nice for her to write the letter, but did she really have to post it on instagram? Couldn't it have been something just between them, why expose it?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

She's a shallow PHONY 100%.

She's a shallow PHONY 100%. Fame Whore. Money is her GOD. Now she uses Fire & Brimstone in her demonic inspired performances...........smh
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

LOL... You said it not me.

LOL... You said it not me.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

So Keisha Cole wants to get

So Keisha Cole wants to get her shine on by knocking other people...not a good look at all. First of all Michelle ha won more awards than you by herself and with Destinys Child than Keisha Cole will ever win. Michelle to me brings the grit to the vocals of the group and remains a classy b!tch at all times unlike Keisha Cole...so in my Tamar voice Keisha needs to take several seats
keqi's picture

Beyonce did a Nice job, Kelly

Beyonce did a Nice job, Kelly looked AMAZING, and Michelle we know is a lil ROBOTIC, but Keyshia Coles WHO WILL NEVER EVER GET TO BE ON STAGE AT THE SUPERBOWL, LEAVE MICHELLE ALONE! Michelle is just HAPPY to be a part of DC and to be included in this event! Michael Jackson was the best at the Superbowl, #2 was Prince and Beyonce was #3 as far as Superbowl acts go!
Shay's picture

My best friend has just

My best friend has just announced her wedding with a handsome millionaire, they met on ~~~ WίnkMillionairé.Ç0M ~~~ where you have the opportunity to make friends and chat with rich men and classy women. If you are looking to date a millionaire, Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends.
romance2013's picture

Everyone inside/outside the

Everyone inside/outside the industry knows Keyshia Cole has a nasty attitude. Her nastiness towards her musical peers is legendary. I’m shocked she’s still making music and hasn’t been blackballed a long time ago. BET & The Soul Train Awards will be her best friend. Ghetto, hoodrat behavior is in her DNA.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

The fact that Ms.Cole wasn't

The fact that Ms.Cole wasn't invited to perform at a Super Bowl halftime show says it all. believe it, or not everyone that is commenting on her statement is just helping her to get undeserved press. I thought this was America where even a statement that isn't popular is still allowed to be made. Right now I'm feeling mighty scared to be a member of a Black American country because if some of it's leaders were the ones who are saying some of the things I'm reading we would be a communist country. Just a thought.
roylee47's picture

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