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Michelle Williams Responds To Keyshia Cole (And Other Critics)? -- "Ladies Must Learn to Support Each Other!"

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Michelle Williams issued a classy response today to the critics of her performance during the Superbowl halftime show.  Check out what she said inside....

As we previously reported, Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to blast Michelle Williams for "f**kin up the groove" of the Destiny's Child reunion performance.  And yeah, she may have been slightly stiff since it's been a while since she's danced it out on stage.  But today, she posted to her Facebook page the above post-performance pic with her "sisters" Beyonce & Kelly, and urged ladies to "stick together & support each other."

It was an honor to share the stage with my sisters Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on Sunday night. To all my ladies, we must learn to stick together and support each other. The incredible Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson did an amazing job too! Thank you to my sister Beyonce for sharing your moment with Destiny's Child. Love you!

Doubt Keyshia Cole will respond...or even care.  But on the upside of things: Record sales for Destiny's Child shot up by 600% right after Sunday's on-stage reunion.


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You know what really gets me

You know what really gets me going when I hear about singers in the game talking about Legends that's been in the game a far long time and pretty much can do what they please, it makes me sick.... First Off let me say this I love Keyshia Cole's music dearly she is an awesome singer but think about mama you'll never Be like any of the Destiny's Child women before you speak on someone you need to look at yourself and what your doing in the game Trust & believe mama alot of fans follow you and we know we will say shit that bitch in the game wont.. Get off your pot mama cause you'll never have a voice, body, Fans and album sells like any of the Destiny child women do you still new in the business wet behind the ears vocals need some tuning, that mug needs to be more beautiful before you can come for some.. I see why you made cause these gurls all have had awards Grammy's and selling out stores and arenas and the only thing you selling out in the rehab center where your monster drug head mama was in, You'll never be on the cover of vogue why "cause your EGO is to big & wide" dont no body wanna put "kisses Down blow" cause you still doing mickey mouse songs and videos with Nicki fakeja and your album with never "break into the Dawn" if you drinking that hateration you spitting on... Keyshia Cole Bitch you need to "Bow Down Bitch" and respect the Queens thats in front of you cause they "been Out" and you still trying to get out.... Ugh!!! I had to come for you gurl I'm so over your twitter comments and the shit you talking you need to go make a album that's more to listen to then the first 3 tracks cause you only coming out with so many albums cause your shit is weck and aint selling Trust & Believe that Bitch...
Iesousswagga_619's picture

keisha had some nerve, tired

keisha had some nerve, tired hasbeen

keisha had some nerve, tired

keisha had some nerve, tired hasbeen

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"Stick together and support

"Stick together and support each other" What a joke to post this on here. Most of the commenters on this blog don't know what that means. All they know how to do is hate, hate, hate!
LBA1's picture

I saw Meshell perform in FELA

I saw Meshell perform in FELA on 2/5 and she was hella amazing in that show... She CAN sing, I think Beyonce and Kelly are just naturals at the large stage/venue performances and can dance. Meshell has to try and looks like she is trying when grouped with them but let me tell you she was really something to see in that play. I was pleasantly shocked... now KeyKey is another story, see her live and it was a sad mess... she struggled on that stage all alone. Opinions are cool but what she said was just messy and rude coming from another performer... Glad Meshell didn't respond at all she just not tacky like KeyKey

Michelle should've stuck with

Michelle should've stuck with her alleged original statement ~ "I'm Destiny's Child. You're Frankie's Child". Nuff [sic] said from the scarecrow.
GetUrLife's picture



Michelle is Destiny's Child

Michelle is Destiny's Child and Keyshia is Frankie's Child....nuff said
BooLuv's picture

@BooLuv ~ get out of my

@BooLuv ~ get out of my head¡! ;-) ~ Literally just typed the same and then scrolled down and read yours ~ :-D
GetUrLife's picture


Happy Lady's picture

HAHA!! Well it's VERY

HAHA!! Well it's VERY appropriate!!
BooLuv's picture

Michelle brings a different

Michelle brings a different kind of energy to the group. They all fit well together. She can sing. Her voice is just different. I have her first 2 solo albums.
Tagirl27's picture

I'm happy Michelle ignored

I'm happy Michelle ignored Keyshia miserable a*s. Nobody remembered Keyshia's old a*s grudge. Her immature outburst made her look desperate, tired, and bitter. #beyonce.twerk.down.to.a.split
sexybrownpyt's picture

So was Michelle miserable and

So was Michelle miserable and immature when she made the negative comment about Keyshia when she was performing during the Ron Isley tribute at the Soul Train Awards. I like how nobody, including Michelle, is bringing that up.

Nobody have proof that this

Nobody have proof that this "soul train" shade happened....nor does anybody remember that it "supposedly" happened. Who watches the soul train now or is it still on tv?? O__O Keyshia old a*s grudge made her look stupid and immature. When did Michelle say this?? how many years ago??? Her excuse for throwing shade at Michelle was so irrelevant and resentful. Keyshia harboring feelings from i don't know when, nobody gives two sh*ts years ago is unimportant. That is why Michelle classy behind ignored her.
sexybrownpyt's picture

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I'm not a fan of Destiny's

I'm not a fan of Destiny's Child but I wouldn't bother to criticize them or Michelle either. The fact is that Michelle has made millions as a Destiny's Child member and she has made solo CD's in addition to appearing on broadway so her haters can kick rocks. Just saying....
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Keyshia is obviously

Keyshia is obviously miserable and unhappy. Michelle has had more widespread success without singing as well as her. Why? Because she has a kind spirit! Get over it HATER! PS - You cant dance either Beeyatch!
PacificGirl's picture

I agree, Keyshia immature

I agree, Keyshia immature behind need to focus on her child and marriage instead of sitting on the sofa looking for Michelle's imperfections #nobody.got.time.for.that. That resentful outburst made her look inferior to Michelle. #Michelle.not.pressed.over.keyshia
sexybrownpyt's picture

What makes you think keyshia

What makes you think keyshia is miserable because she just stated an opinion??? So it's safe to say the same thing about you right??? Because you doing what she was doing giving an opinion! I'm not on keyshia side but I'm sick of people like you coming down in her when you do the same thing..stating opinions that DONT mean shit at the end of the day..who cares!
MsMidwest's picture

An opinion is saying I dont

An opinion is saying I dont care for her performance but to get nasty and [publicly] say something mean is very classless. It's one thing (as a public figure) to say mean things in your home at the discretion of friends and family but to tweet it does make some look at you a little differently.
BooLuv's picture

I see your point but I still

I see your point but I still stand by what I said...All of the bloggers on here are the pot calling the kettle black..in my opinion! All day everyday people on here saying the rudest shit about celebs..but when Keyshia call out WACK ass Michelle..people want to hang her for giving her opinion or better yet stating a fact LMAO..I tell you people ain't shit!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture


RO's picture

TeHe..First @Classic97.. It

TeHe..First @Classic97.. It doesn't matter about the percentage of lies the media tells, BCUZ DC Catalouge will NEVER, I repeat NEVER go down in history as more liked than Prince, MJ, or any of Whitney's songs! Wow and To add injury to ur INSULTS, they'll never be as BIG either no matter how much one covers up the truth with FAKE flying weaves and leotards! Point, Blank, Period..Get ova being Twelve Half-Pint! Anyhoo... Michelle fragile azz shudda replied, but was u even there though let alone on the stage Keshia Who!? BaHa..and it's about time for all these hags to stop being followers and get some ReAL BiSH what's up music! This Era of Iconic titles with No Substance, has been thrown around more than both Amber n' Drayas golddiggin twats! Ugh..Feito!
Like Really's picture

okaaay natasha enough about

okaaay natasha enough about the halftime show
litebrite's picture

Says who? #moremoremore

Says who? #moremoremore
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tom101's picture

Keyshia is a hateful hood rat

Keyshia is a hateful hood rat who needs to go back to the ghetto where she belongs. And take your two dollar crack whore mama with you, bitch.
sianna1's picture

Tell them girl. Yes we do,

Tell them girl. Yes we do, especially us sista of color. Check out my book. Read the first chapter @www.beautyNbetrayal.blogspot.com

Classy Michelle. Keep it that

Classy Michelle. Keep it that way while all your "critics" are sitting on the couch being fat, doing nothing amazing and talking sh*t. Keyshia is garbage from her attitude to her music.
Keys's picture

That wasn't classy. It was

That wasn't classy. It was lame. Just because we are women doesn't mean I'm going to love or even like everything you do. Support does not mean liking, agreeing with everything another person does. Don't be ridiculous.
TheMrs's picture

Although Michelle has always

Although Michelle has always been a bit of a downer in my opinion, she definitely didn't deserve that level of vitriol from KC. I'm thinking maybe Mrs. Gibson was at home with a few glasses of wine and got a little twitter happy.
Santi114's picture

"keysha cole" is a hatin ass

"keysha cole" is a hatin ass Troll who should have kept her mouth closed .Good luck on resurrecting her career now !
REd™'s picture

Will you stop trying to drag

Will you stop trying to drag out this Super Bowl performance by posting every single story that comes up surrounding this event? You will look for any reason to post another picture of Beyonce in that black leather onsie. Michelle didn't even really snap back at Keyshia. She could've been piggy backing off Beyonce's letter about how all black women performed Sunday night. Get your life YBF.
Username's picture

I tried to tell one of these

I tried to tell one of these crazy bloggers the other day that it was smart for them to perform their old hits because their sales will boost back up.
Classic87's picture

By the way....Betty Bey

By the way....Betty Bey chooses a WEAK group member like Michelle so Bey looks 10 times better...AND when Michelle is attacked for being sooo weak...Bey leaves her out to hang!!!!! Told ya'll how EVIL this witch is............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

People can be such bullies.

People can be such bullies. They love to attack people just because. Michelle kept it classy, and for that, I applaud her. There are just mean people out there, and since their little insignificant pathetic lives don't amount to much, they have to attack others. Frankly, I'm tired of the attacks on Michelle. People have no sense of dignity anymore.
Sunflower Jones's picture

What Keisha said was very

What Keisha said was very harsh but I agree with her. While watching the performance I was thinking WTF is wrong with Michelle. She was stiff & looked unmotivated. I've never been a fan of her voice but just her performance alone was awful. That should be the last time for about about 20yrs that Beyonce share the stage with DC. I rather see the original DC reunion. Motherhood & marriage has made Keisha an evil lil troll
Somerknight's picture

We all know Michelle is

We all know Michelle is UNCOORDINATED as f*ck, but Keyshia isn't the most entertainin performer, so she shoulda kept her comments to herself! She was probably MISERABLE from babysittin all 15 of Neffe's kids & got sick of them askin why SHE wasn't performin! I agree marriage & motherhood has turned Keyshia into a TART!
tori's picture

Keyhia's two-step mediocre

Keyhia's two-step mediocre singing behind need to take several!! Keyshia tweeter beefed all by herself #Michelle.classy.attitude.dont.got.time.for.Keyshia.immature.ghetto.resentful.a*s
sexybrownpyt's picture

Her apology to Michelle will

Her apology to Michelle will come to soon and will be ignored. Her team will put a statement together and all will be rainbows and butterfiles.
kimaras31's picture

Pure class, i didn't expect

Pure class, i didn't expect anything else from Tenitra Michelle Williams. Regardless of her singing/dancing abilities, i think she did beautifully & it was a pleasure to see one of my favorite groups growing up, reuniting ! i wish that other chick can one day find maturity, class and the right key.
Tehara's picture

I agree, Keyshia was str8

I agree, Keyshia was str8 hatin cuz she knew her GHETTO FABULOUS a$$ would NEVER perform at the Superbowl & she was at HOME WATCHIN the game!
tori's picture

Support each other.

Support each other. ...or.....Straight up lie????? Looks like Michelle caught Beyonce's LIEABETES (Rena1970 invented that brilliant word) lol............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That's amazing cuz reno1963

That's amazing cuz reno1963 is a complete idiot.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

I like Keyshia Cole but she

I like Keyshia Cole but she needs to find some chill.
cutethatsall56's picture

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