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Mendeecees Harris Takes The Stand--"I Didn't Commit Those Acts To That Girl!"

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Today, "Love & Hip Hop" star Mendeecees Harris took the stand in a Hackensack, NJ court in a statutory rape/sexual abuse case involving a 15-year-old girl four years ago.  His baby's mother & co-star Yandy Smith was in the courtroom today as well.  And Mandeecees' denied everything.


We've got defendant Mendeecees' testimony inside...

A woman who is now 19-year-old claims that when she was 15, she had a sexual relationship with Mendeecees Harris, and was blackmailed into doing so.

Mendeecees claims not only did he never commit any of the acts the victim claimed in court yesterday--like him blackmailing her with the secret of her being raped when she was 8 (what he threatened to do with the info we're not sure) for sex--but that he rarely interacted with her at all.

CliffViewPilot.com reported his testimony:

“I never had a relationship with her, she never extended herself,” said Harris, taking the stand in his own defense. “She didn’t play basketball, she didn’t play Playstation, didn’t want to go to the movies.

“She always walked around the house like she had an attitude,” he said.
“That’s the truth – never, never – I never committed none of them acts to that girl in my life.”

The victim previously claimed she lived with Mendeecees in Lodi, NJ for a period of time, because her mother--who she says was dating him--lived with him as well.  Mendeecees denies an intimate relationship with the mother as well, and says she was "just a friend" he met in Harlem.  Oh.

He put down $50,000 on a home for them to live in as "just friends," and was upset that the woman (the victim's mother) only put her name on the deed.  He says she claimed it was because his credit was bad, and his name being on the loan would have raised the mortgage.

He was upset about it saying:

“I told her we need to either sell the house or you need to give me my down payment out,” Harris said. “My stuff was in boxes in the hallway for months.”

He then claimed that his "friend", the victim's mother, rented an apartment in her name--putting her credit on the line--for Mendeecees to live in.  The prosecuter, Demetra Maurice, pressed him on why she would do this:

“She offered that service,” Harris said, “because I had to get out of the relationship with [his oldest child Mendeecees Jr.'s] mom…. She put the apartment in her name and she didn’t have a key, didn’t live there.”

“She put her credit on the line?” Maurice asked him.
“Yes, yes, she did that – absolutely,” he said. “Anything to impress me, she would do. She bought me a mink coat as a friend.”

Um, ok.  Then he attempted to explain further exactly why they were living together and why the teen was in his vicinity:

They moved in together in Lodi “because I had credit problems,” Harris testified.“She told me if my name was on the loan it would cost more,” he said. So they decided that he’d pay the down payment, she’d get the loan and the deed would be in his name. He said he also paid the grocery, cable and other bills.

Then, his voice choked with emotion, Harris said he went to the Bergen County Clerk’s Office and discovered his name wasn’t on the deed. This, he said, forced him to remain in the house. After living together in Lodi for three years, they were joined by the teenager, he said.

Contradicting her testimony, Harris said he was rarely around the girl – although he admitted exchanging texts, mostly about “when her mother and I were going to be home.”

Oh the questions we have.  Like, what was in those text messages that caused the victim's mother to throw a fit, if "nothing happened" between Mendeecees and the victim.  Where was the teen living before she "joined" her mother & Mendeecees?  Does anyone believe that Mendeecees and the victim's mother were "just friends" as she lived with and put her name on a house AND an apartment for that man?  Does Yandy care that this dude was very likely with someone else while they were together starting in 2009 (the date he gave in court that they started dating)?

The level of MESS....

Check out CliffViewPilot.com for more details and pics from inside the courtroom...


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Yandy needs to re-evaluate

Yandy needs to re-evaluate herself as a woman, and figure out why she has chosen to marry and have a child with this man. I noticed in her interactions with Chrissy Lampkin,. that Yandy often talked a lot and spoke very fast, which is indicative of salesperson, a person trying to sale you something. Chrissy called her out on that, and she never liked that about Yandy. I now see why. People like Yandy are too busy talking, instead of paying attention to the FACTS, and what is going on around them. Although Mendeecees beat the child molestation charges, I read the affidavit of the young woman, and I believe it. For one, to operate a multi-million dollar drug ring, a man would have to be a leader, charismatic, and manipulative. Those three characteristics were evident in the accusations that the 19 year old girl made against Mendeecees. The young woman spoke primarily of how manipulative he was, and said this in so many words. That affidavit, in conjunction with The fact that he has been convicted as a leader of multi-million drug ring, is what made me believe her story. It made sense, to me. Be careful of who marry and trust.

YBF editors need to update

YBF editors need to update this story. Mendeecees was officially cleared of all charges relating to sexual abuse of a minor today. http://www.tmz.com/2013/02/08/love-and-hip-hop-mendeecees-harris-acquitt...
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

By "just friends" he means

By "just friends" he means she claimed him but he didn't claim her as his girlfriend. You know how men do. No, I'm sure Yandi doesn't care. All that crap she was talking to Chrissy and Chrissy is in a way better position than she is. I knew she was jealous of Chrissy. However, the details of this case are sketchy. Either way, whether he did it or not, he will always be considered guilty. Once you are charged with something of this nature no one will trust you again.

Truth, on ALL forefronts!

Truth, on ALL forefronts!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Don't know about THIS case

Don't know about THIS case but I do know PERSONALLY women and men who have purchased homes, rented apartments in an effort to get with the one they desire. So it is plausible but a lot of messiness. This story boils down to Mendeecees being DUMB and the mother as being NEGLECTFUL if her child was away for three years while she was chasing after a man, it is inexcusable. I can't wait to see how the courts rule on this messy messy situation.

Let this be a lesson to all

Let this be a lesson to all young men...I too was guilty of focusing on the wrong things as a young male but at the age of 18 Mandeecees should have been focused on college, career or something positive but instead he was out here in these streets living a fast life. Fast lives catch up with you eventually!!! At the age of 18 if he did approach this girl he was still a teenager especially in thought. 15/18 thats high school sophomore to senior so I don't think anybody that age thinks of it as rape if its consensual.
Money First's picture

I really wish they would find

I really wish they would find this man guilty or not guilty cuz I'm tired of reading about the disgusting ratchery that is this mess. I will not believe dude is gulty until they prove it because she could be lying just as easily. Her mom seems a hot mess who let her child be too close to a grown ass man. There are ppl being brutally raped and murdered everyday and not all of those truths get national coverage.
nico89's picture

The girl/victim was living

The girl/victim was living with her father somewhere in the South, before moving in with her worthless "mom" and that man child. As a woman and a mother, I REFUSE to do anything other than believe the girl in this case,until PROOF is presented that convinces me otherwise. The girl was living with her mother,as a MINOR.Manchild took advantage of her, AND he was living there as her mom's b/f-he admitted he would tell the girl when him and the mom would be home-like a Father figure-so regardless of age or anything else-he took advantage of her,and used his position of authority to do so. Any woman who would side with a man over her child is worthless. Lastly, this case is in court, so there must be some kind of evidence. Would those of you who are questioning or blaming the girl want someone to question or blame you, or your sister,daughter,mother,cousin or friend if they were in this situation? 15 years old is legally considered a minor,meaning even IF the girl consented,it's still ILLEGAL.

How can u be so quick to

How can u be so quick to judge this childs mother? I have YET to hear that she sided with him first of all. I am a mother also and that has nothing to do with this case when you have NOTHING saying that she is telling the truth. Either one of them can be lying but automatically say her mother is worthless, that he took advantage of her--how did u come to this conclusion? What in that story did u find as concrete evidence against him? To text her to say "We're on our way home" says what exactly? I've done that to company that visits my home and that doesnt mean Im molesting them.....Just because a case is in court does not mean that a person is being honest. There have been millions of men convicted of rape, murder, etc and have been freed after decades of being incarcerated.
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First of all, he didnt have

First of all, he didnt have to say he didnt have sex with the mother. She could EASILY dispute that part of the story if it's not true. Im sure she's legal. Yeah he could lie to Yandy but in a big court case--I dont think he would do that. Also, its so easy to instantly convict this man when this woman could possibly be lying. Can we see a text, a letter, phone records---something to corroborate her story????? Trust and believe, the thirst is REAL!!!
BooLuv's picture



Dont know if real or fake but

Dont know if real or fake but neither one of their stories completely add up. They must have something to prosecute but at the same time, why now? where is/was the mother? Hoes will do anything for attention and put stuff in their name, he couldve led her on or just fuck buddies...
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Does the mom still have the

Does the mom still have the original text from Mandeecees to her daughter? If so, that would shed the light of truth to their allegations. Furthermore, if such text did exist, why wouldn't she take it to the police four years ago? Why now? And don't misconstrue my questions as support for Mandeecees. He seems "off" to me.
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My Moniker Is...'s picture

Madagascar makes me sick. But

Madagascar makes me sick. But The victims mother is "Despicable" for lettin this fool have his way with her daughter smh .. The Precious sequel "I Can't".....
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I was thinkin more along the lines of Holiday Heart 2: Nikki Unchained!
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romance2013's picture

I hope she kept the condom or

I hope she kept the condom or has SOMETHING to concretly back her up, this baby teeth nigga' needs to go DOWN for this shit!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Them hoes are out for

Them hoes are out for money...damn shame those bitches see him in tv and they saw an opportunity...
RCW's picture

He know he's full of shit. He

He know he's full of shit. He was fucking that woman, his "friend" and Yandy at the same damn time. I don't believe he was messing around with the daughter though.
Mrs_B_35's picture

I agree @Tori this SQUIRREL

I agree @Tori this SQUIRREL found the wrong NUT, bcuz he told the obvious TRUTH in his GUILTY azz DEFENSE! I mean brothels are what PEDO's think they're genius at, until caught! smdh....*sigh
Like Really's picture

I thought I saw

I thought I saw MANDY•DIDN'T•SEE•SH!T on MSNBC's To Catch a Predator with a 6 pack of Wine Coolers & flavored condoms tryna talk to a minor smh!
tori's picture


BAHAHA!... Girl STOP! smhlol...
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Hahahahahaha **eats fried

Hahahahahaha **eats fried green tomato & chocolate covered bacon from the Florida State Fair**
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...Yea and fresh fried skins

...Yea and fresh fried skins too! haha
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Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken Skin....Mmmm....Fried Twinkie & Fried Cheesecake (o.k. I'm done now:)............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Damn it @LisaRaye, that

Damn it @LisaRaye, that avatar is a M-E-S-S!! LMAO!!
tori's picture

I've been askin YBF to talk

I've been askin YBF to talk about this MONSTER named MANDEECEES for WEEKS, instead of Joe Budden's MOLLY POPPIN FEIN A$$! Who puts apartments & homes in e/o names when y'all NOT f*ckin? "FRIENDS" my a$$, dude was RUNNIN A BROTHEL & TRAP HOUSE!
tori's picture

When U have a name like:

When U have a name like: Mendeeeeeceeeeees <--- U are crazy b/c your crazy parents named u that....and they raised you.......so he's lying....VERDICT is GUILTY......29 Years in Prison!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Off topic...Check out

Off topic...Check out bossip.com's facebook page. They ran a story today showing Beyonce's alleged nose job. They have pics and I can tell a huge difference. Is there ANYTHING real about that chick?!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

So if she did get a nose

So if she did get a nose jobs..what's the big deal??? Just asking a question! I mean it ain't like nobody in the music business ain't had no work done before lol everything Beyonce does is made into some big drama...like what the hell lol!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

That's what I'm saying. They

That's what I'm saying. They act like they caught her in some big scandal. Everybody in Hollywood gets tweaks done. It's nothing new.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

yes, her money.

yes, her money.
Anonymoustoo's picture


MsMidwest's picture

What the HELL is going on

What the HELL is going on with Bey & her Nutty Ass Mother????? I don't know about you.....but my nose has always looked the same. Crazy Broads, I tell ya............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I'm a little slow in hearing

I'm a little slow in hearing about this, but I've read somewhere that he and Yandy have been together for the last 5 or 6 years. Where does she fit in to all of this? Did this possibly transpire while they've been together? Was she aware of his "friend"? And doesn't he have a son that he has custody of in addition to the one he has with Yandy? Oh the questions!
mimie42859's picture

Somethin in the milk ain't

Somethin in the milk ain't clean with this story...
PinkyDaGoddess's picture


MsMidwest's picture

hmph..black specks

hmph..black specks everywhere! smdh...
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