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Diddy, Queen Latifah, Karrueche, KeKe Palmer & More PARTY IT UP For VIBE's Impact Awards Honoring MJB

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 photo mjbteaservibeparty_zps3e037501.jpg

Last night at Sunset Towers in Hollywood, Mary J. Blige was honored at Vibe Magazine's 20th Anniversary Inaugural Impact Awards Event.  And all her celebrity friends...and those that found a way in...came out to support.


Check out Queen Latifah, Diddy, Swizzy, KeKe Palmer, Karrueche Tran and more partying it up inside....


 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20th4Yoi_BpXGrAl_zpsa03cfee8.jpg

Mary J. Blige threw on her blue jumper and her black fur and gloves for the diva look off hers that we love as she received an honor from VIBE Magazine's Impact Awards Event.  She hit the carpet with her hubby Kendu.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thgVRXP_r2vzzl_zps00640953.jpg

Ok Mary.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thFd_HzVjabPMl_zps7d61e60f.jpg

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thynVAs7v-Bl4l_zpsc7eb3a26.jpg

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thspBuu6tUzb_l_zps86d5e15f.jpg

Plenty of the fellas came out to support.  J.D., Diddy, Swizz Beatz and Babyface all snapped a pic.  Stephen Hill and Queen Latifah joined in the fun above.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thrPuP5Po0UQhl_zps305d8868.jpg

Karrueche Tran is getting into parties on her own now...without the help of her ex Chris Brown.  She brought the mystery guy shes been pictured with lately.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thr3gt_AwPIWul_zps8b02711d.jpg

And showed off her cute little bod and the lace-up tattoo on the back of her leg in this grey mini dress on the carpet.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thDtDnKe65Koml_zps7656c3b3.jpg

Actress KeKe Palmer looked grown and gorge in her all black and leather look with a smokey eye and big curls.  Loves it.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thCTxU6y17iq4l_zps6b57e627.jpg

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thAW9rj9OHibFl_zps9cd4b090.jpg

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thFAMo4MKoNgnl_zps80ff4ad8.jpg

 photo 7b111c7d-0455-41bc-aa04-071a44fb96d3_zps2e1b48a5.jpg

Detroit natives Big Sean and Anita Baker chopped it up at the party as they posed it up with MC Lyte.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thECZZaPYBjDvl_zpsb39e9b68.jpg

SWV made a red carpet appearance.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thZOQScRBZvDTl_zpsf076f06c.jpg  

Roc Nation's Bridget Kelly wore her sexy signature long black gown look. 

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thVgDxPK29rm_l_zps3c9eda0c.jpg   

Nick Cannon rolled through to support MJB.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20thDlSmGR4L0dFl_zps1966be3d.jpg

And so did comedian/actor Wayne Brady


 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20th4aEhYlXTt4Dl_zps0136c9a1.jpg

Where you been Too Short?

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20th0f_j-NGcEeYl_zpsa1969db4.jpg

Babyface and his wife Nicole cuddled up on the carpet.

 photo MaryJBligeattendingVibeMagazine20th_CBcEqY20til_zps563c961a.jpg

And Simone Smith, wife of tomorrow night's GRAMMY host LL Cool J, popped up solo.

 photo KenduIsaacsDiddyMaryJAndreHarrell_zps871be968.jpg  photo QueenLatifahDiddyAnitaBakerAndreHarrellMaryJBlige_zps908eec22.jpg

Inside the event, everyone showed Mary some love.

 photo BigSeanmomdadandAnitaBaker_zpse6f15883.jpg

And Big Sean introdued his parents to Ms Baker.

Congrats Mary!

Pics: Pacific Coast News/Karl "Rage"

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Big Sean looks very, very

Big Sean looks very, very handsome/sexy in that outfit! Young men take note, that is how you dress for a formal occasion! Queen Latifah's jumpsuit was a teeny tiny bit too tight, but other than that she looks fab.
Santi114's picture

Love Love Anita Baker But she

Love Love Anita Baker But she DEF threw a few back b4 this pic...LOL
star's picture

Middle aged folk pictured

Middle aged folk pictured need to understand that the gym is your friend and not an enemy.

I'm here to say....Hey Big

I'm here to say....Hey Big Sean....Keke looks fierce, Queen looks lovely as well as the guest of honor Ms. Mary J! Ummmm and how is Kae relevant without CB when y'all had to mention CB for her to even be relevant in this post?....see, y'all doin the most!

Big Sean looks BOMB! And

Big Sean looks BOMB! And Keke Palmer killed it as well!
Beautyfulones's picture

Ms Lyte looks very fly So

Ms Lyte looks very fly So Kakayamaguchi officially walks red carpets now? Nick & Keke look gone with the wind fabulous.
Realist's picture

Keke Palmer needs to show

Keke Palmer needs to show Karruchet Tran how to dress like a young lady and not prance around in under garment. Especially not to an event like this. But then again you can't show a bed warmer class and decorum.
kimaras31's picture

big sean looks really

big sean looks really nice!!!! i cant believe that chris brown was crying over frank ocean though..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Karrueche Tran is a celebrity

Karrueche Tran is a celebrity for the same reason Kim Kardashian is, minus the X-rated video (that I hope she did not make). Sex in the music/entertainment industry brings notoriety, plain and simple!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

Wow, Ms. Anita switched it

Wow, Ms. Anita switched it up! Love it!
Laia's picture

I like queen latifah jacket

I like queen latifah jacket but not her booties, Anita looks high, Babyface looks fired up, Jemaine just looks like jermaine.
TeaNicole's picture

Bridget is wearing a

Bridget is wearing a beautiful dress. Keke and Karrueche are adorable.
Twila's picture

Kae looks gorgeous and the

Kae looks gorgeous and the nicknames are now
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Everybody looks Fabulous but

Everybody looks Fabulous but how did “KakaRoach Tran” get in to the Party? What is she famous for? IT”S CALLED CELEBRITY BLOG “sleeping with somebody should not make you Famous!
REd™'s picture

Whyyyy does everybody look

Whyyyy does everybody look drunk and/or high at this party??? LOL
PurpleRain85's picture

So what's up with that Wig

So what's up with that Wig LL's wife is wearing?.......lmao
star's picture

That woman is battling

That woman is battling cancer...Stop it!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

The picture of Anita Baker,

The picture of Anita Baker, Big Sean and Lyte is the nicest one.
Keys's picture

Umm.. That is not Eric Benet

Umm.. That is not Eric Benet and his wife. That's Babyface and his wife Nikki. SMFH!!
IridescentMe..'s picture

@QueenLatifa-I have never

@QueenLatifa-I have never seen her fit an outfit this good before. She looks great from head to toe. @Karrueche-I just love looking at her even tho her cakes are underdeveloped.#NoPedo. She is wearing the hell out of those sky high heels too! @IsThatMyAnitaBaker?!-This hair. And this outfit..STILL I love you :) @WayneBrady-this corny ass brotha. @BabyFace- should henceforth be known as OldHead. @BridgetKelly- will forever be known for nothing. @SWV- Makeup look like it was done by Fashion Fair or Avon for 'colored people'. ..the rest looked ok
TrueThinker's picture

dig'n that suit Nick Cannon

dig'n that suit Nick Cannon got on... yo suit game be tight. look like some Hugo Boss shit.
RO's picture

LOL@ these many names that

LOL@ these many names that Karrueche has aquired in all these blogs..lol
TrueThinker's picture

That's not Eric B and his

That's not Eric B and his wife. It's Babyface and some young lady

Where on earth did DIDDY find

Where on earth did DIDDY find that BLUE LEATHER (too small) JACKET? J.D. looks like one of them kids that be on the St. Jude Hospital commercials late at night smh! BIG SEAN looks so damn SEXY, KeKe killed it & KILOWATTS need to put sum clothes until she finishes goin through PUBERTY! #bait
tori's picture

LMAO! @ "St. Jude Hospital"☺

LMAO! @ "St. Jude Hospital"☺
Peace Silas's picture

I noticed that about BIG

I noticed that about BIG SEAN too.. haha got Tasha confused with the name mix bcuz he's sho'll giving me Eric Benet in that PIC!
Like Really's picture

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romance2013's picture

I guess Kangaroo finally

I guess Kangaroo finally Hopped in the right bed huh?..Smdh these type spotlights only cheapen the quality and branding of Real Celebs..UGH! That BiSH aint did NOTTA dam thing to be in the midst of that crowd..PERIOD!
Like Really's picture

You can tell she's an

You can tell she's an OUTSIDER by her damn attire smh, I know Kleenex better not be walkin the red carpet at the GRAMMY's 2moro night!
tori's picture

Haha..if so Kleenex is

Haha..if so Kleenex is exactly what she'll need once Ri and Chris hit that *rumored performance together! Smhlol...
Like Really's picture

real talk

real talk
Peace Silas's picture

And Kerosine is there WHY?

And Kerosine is there WHY?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Tran is a celeb because she

Tran is a celeb because she did Chris. Tran enough is enough girl have a seat now!
Tannygirl's picture

Nice to see the 4 power

Nice to see the 4 power producers teaming up
Tannygirl's picture

I don't give a damn about

I don't give a damn about what mrs tran fans...THEY'RE ALL THE SAME !!! She got her twitter account verified and now she's doing red carpet shit ??? Come on now !!
VumiLia Elba's picture

WTH? What happen to

WTH? What happen to Babyface!? Him and Too Short are looking like freaking twins! Huh?
Pam's picture

DAMN! That K-roach is no

DAMN! That K-roach is no joke, they really are hard to get rid of! Who wants irrelevant damn roaches at their party? Get the Raid.... The Queen need to give me those shoes though. Those are BAD!
Peace Silas's picture

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