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Solange COVERS "FADER" Magazine + Mariah Carey ANNOUNCES New "Almost Home" Single

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 photo Fader84_Cover_Single_Front_620-1.jpg

Solange Knowles covers the latest issue of FADER.  See the cover and BTS footage from her photoshoot inside and find out about Mariah Carey's next single. 

In FADER #84, Solange (who's touring North America with her TRUE disc) covers the magazine's Spring Issue and discusses the change in direction her music has taken since she first hit the scene as a solo artist.  She told the mag,  

“[Sol-Angel] was put out almost five years ago.  [In] four years, there’s been so much artistic growth, so much growth just as a woman in [my] 20s, but especially as an artist. You’re exposed to so much more from age 21 to 26, and you sure as hell care a lot less. It’s been a little weird, for me, getting feedback—the last album was so different than this one. I am like, Yeah, I was 20 when I started writing it. Is that supposed to be shocking? If it sounded similar, that would be really strange.”

The article goes on to draw parallels between Solange and Janet Jackson as both ladies were pressured to distinguish and define themselves outside of their older siblings' shadows.   The real question you are left with is if True will put the world on notice in same vein that Control did for Janet.

Read the full article here and watch the BTS footage with photographer Jason Nocito and style editor-at-large Mobolaji Dawodu here:

In other music news.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-12at112140AM.png

"American Idol" judge Mariah Carey has announced "Almost Home" as her next single.  The track is taken from the soundtrack to the upcoming film we MUST see, Oz the Great and Powerful, and will be released February 19. The song was co-written and co-produced by Mariah and the Stargate production team with Simone Porter, Justin Gray and Lindsey Ray also receiving writing credit.

Fashion photographer David LaChapelle has signed on to direct the video which will drop March 8.  MiMi on deck!  This is shaping up to be a super music year...


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Good Magazine choice cuz this

Good Magazine choice cuz this NO TALENT Free Loader is gonna FADE fast.................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I love Solo's independent

I love Solo's independent artistic route...my brother and I were grooving to her tunes the other day and honestly, I love the underground sound of it all...mainstream sells but underground has a way of really staying True....

I've never liked any of

I've never liked any of SoYAWN's MUSIC but I think she would make a lovely Lifetime Movie actress! *shrugs* MiMi stop the madness!
tori's picture

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tom101's picture

I love Solange because she is

I love Solange because she is just living for music. She realizes she doesn't have to be a Beyonce or MJ. She has her own vision of success.
Classic87's picture

Solange is seriously

Solange is seriously channeling Diana Ross in the Wiz in that pic!
GJ's picture

But Mariah ...that hair

But Mariah ...that hair
star's picture

Micheal jackson came took the

Micheal jackson came took the crown and own it than gave it back to all thoes thristy singers long after who need it to sell records....beyonce can have that crown micheal don't need it any more...real artist don't need crowns to shine
i accept the fact's picture

They're really trying to push

They're really trying to push beyonce up with micheal jackson....what can you compare their music career or music the fact that he was in jackson 5 and she was in destiny's child and they both later on went solo beyonce learned from micheal....beyonce may be doing it now...but micheal jackson already done it it's just another repeat of the pass
i accept the fact's picture

First thing that came to mind

First thing that came to mind was, "Dang, she looks like Tracey Ellis Ross' sibling!" Comparison to Janet Jackson - don't think so. Ms. Jackson could sell out stadiums ACROSS THE WORLD, collect numerous awards, ect. Solonge can not do those things (at least not at the moment).
gogreen's picture

now days good music consider

now days good music consider to be....fast beats,yelling over the track,beautiful face and body,having 20 dancers on stage and in videos,who has the most awards.....it's not about. Sound anymore
i accept the fact's picture

No really one weekend get on

No really one weekend get on youtube and listen to all micheal jackson and the jackson 5 music/ Mariah carey carey,whitney houston....young and old can do this task....and you'll see why we love their music it was on point it made since
i accept the fact's picture

Mariah carey:-)

Mariah carey:-)
i accept the fact's picture

They really try to hype her

They really try to hype her but there's nothing special there. Sheis a average girl that can carry a note. Fact not trying to diss her. But she is comparable to Cassie, dawn r, Ciara, Keisha c, Ashanti etc. more on a B/C list level.
TeaNicole's picture

HUGE beyonce fan and

HUGE beyonce fan and therefore by default, solange's BUT...ciara is the only one that can be parallelled to janet. and out of all those so called b/c list she has released and sold records and won every award by a recording artist (from grammy ascap billboard to soultrain bet etc) to toured and still can tour the world. true she's hit a bump in her career but she's accomplished and still relevant as she is still in US Weekly et al. so i wouldn't put her in a category of chicks still trying to get on like an olivia cassie solange or dawn OR get out of urban like kc. i see crossover still embrace a britney hillary duff or miley cyrus even when they fell of their sales game but they will never be compared to artists with no successful eras. only in this crabs in a barrel community. and that's assinine in other news, solange has done a good job of creating a lane for herself. i wish her the best

I like the colors on the mag

I like the colors on the mag cover for Solange. sneakers are adorable too. she looks more like Tracey Ellis Ross' sister than Beyonce's. Like Mariah's earrings too. Cute! Best wishes for success to both ladies.
shuga's picture

solange and beyonce very much

solange and beyonce very much look alike

LOL...I thought the SAME

LOL...I thought the SAME thing....that she could have been Tracy Ellis Ross' sister. She tries hard and I like her style and her creativity but I'm not sure if singing is going to be here real gig though, she's average but funky fresh
Reign's picture

Tanning mom, meets Lisa

Tanning mom, meets Lisa Simpson, meets lost, meets NO!!!!!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

BAHA...chilee A-Mess!

BAHA...chilee A-Mess!
Like Really's picture

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