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Angela Simmons GETS MASSAGED With Ex Bow Wow, BUMPS Into Taraji P. Henson During Jason Bolden's SHOE LAUNCH

 photo raj8.jpg 

Angela Simmons was seen getting a massage with her famous ex-boyfriend Bow Wow and running into one of her famous friends, Taraji P. Henson on the streets of New York yesterday.  Take a peek inside a random Tuesday in Angela Simmons' life inside....

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After days of sitting front row at some of NY's most high profile shows and before hitting up Beyonce's HBO documentary premiere, socialite and business mogul Angela Simmons needed to take a break from all the madness, so she called up an old friend...Bow Wow.

 photo raj5.jpg

Angela, who also stopped by "106 & Park" Monday, found some time to relax and catch up with him over drinks and a massage at Stone Rose Lounge in the Time Warner Center.


Meanwhile, over on the east side.....

 photo raj3.jpg

"Person of Interest" star Taraji P. Henson was spotted going to see Jason Bolden launch a capsule shoe collection for Brazilian shoe company SCHUTZ.

 photo raj4.jpg

Taraji was also in town for fashion week and has been promoting her hit show.

 photo raj1.jpg

On the way into the launch, she bumped into Angela and they seemed to check out each other's fabulous outfits.

 photo raj2.jpg     

 photo raji2.jpg


 photo raji3.jpg

Back inside the boutique.....the collection consists of 2 styles of shoes (a sandal and a pump) each coming in electric orange and black.

 photo raji1.jpg

Rachel Roy was also spotted at the launch.



 photo raji4.jpg

Before she bumped into Taraji, Angela posed with Jason and one of the shoes from his collection.


Photos via Diane Cohen/WENN.com/Dario Alequin/INFphoto.com




Rachel Roy is another one

Rachel Roy is another one that took advantage of a rapper to get her clothing line. I'm not a fan of Ang but once you live an EX keep him as an EX. His ass has not changed since you left him. His antics are unfavorable to anyone that has money and education. The masseuse should have squeezed his neck extra harder. Taj looks fab from head to toe......allllllright
YaHeard's picture

Run Ang BEFORE u end up payin

Run Ang BEFORE u end up payin that fool's CHILD SUPPORT (like sum1 we know) Taraji is started to age & Rachel Roy looks FIERCE!
tori's picture

The shoes look so

The shoes look so uninteresting and cheap like they will hurt your feet as soon as you put them on, waht is it with celebrity or psuedo celeb fashion and fragrance lines??? most of these ventures will not be too sucessful because there are wayyy too many of them and the clothes all look so cheap. Angela? Bowwow?? really???? do better please!!
sweetpea1989's picture

Whatever name some people go

Whatever name some people go by, they are still psychotic scum with NO class.
LBA1's picture

Notice that Jesus H. Christ

Notice that Jesus H. Christ shows up when LisaRaye Subscious mysteriously is missing. Writes the exact same "shock" comments. So obvious.
Keys's picture

Not fooling anybody. Thirsty

Not fooling anybody. Thirsty loser!!!
LBA1's picture

Rachel Roy's outfit made me

Rachel Roy's outfit made me bust out laughing. Taraji's get up is equally "interesting".
shuga's picture

Angela probably treated Bow

Angela probably treated Bow Wow's lint pockets to that massage.
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

What a waste. Losers.

What a waste. Losers.

Angela has been sucking that

Angela has been sucking that midgets cock since she was 9
Jesus H. Christ's picture

=O! *jaw drops* Wow!

=O! *jaw drops* Wow!
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