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Diddy, Drake, Trey Songz, James Harden & More Kick Off 2013 ALL-STAR WEEKEND At Dreams Strip Club

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 photo chas12_zps109ecb3e.jpg

NBA All-Star 2013 weekend kicked off last night in Houston.  And, of course, Diddy was front and center at one of the biggest parties at The Drake hotel.  And then the fellas all headed to Dreams to drop dollars on the strippers.


We've got pics of him and his celeb friends like Drake, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, James Harden and plenty more....

Celebs have flocked to H-Town to party it up for NBA All Star weekend.  Diddy and his crew ended up at Dreams Houston strip club last night.  With stacks of 1's to drop on their faves.  Drake's ex Maliah was working--of course--so he and his boys came extra prepared.  French Montana and DJ Clue all snapped pics doing the classic strip club ish--like posing with their stacks of cash:

 photo chas8_zps3a15a131.jpg  photo chas7_zps1da278b0.jpg


 photo chas13_zpseef8620c.jpg

Meek said he was happy he caught up with Maliah.  We're sure.

 photo 7a8cad3e781f11e2a45222000a9e06f4_7_zps41efdd8e.jpg

And showed love to other strippers too.

 photo cha5_zpsb8b8fa47.jpg

Former Rockets baller Steve Francis was there....looking like he's on some rough times lately.

 photo cha1_zps00aab5ec.jpg

 photo cha4_zps33a30514.jpg

Diddy snapped pics of the money and the other booty.  Boys will be boys.

 photo cha2_zps64faab81.jpg     photo chas11_zps356b60f2.jpg

By the way, Steve also stopped by French Montana's event with Julius Erving earlier in the evening.  Is there something we need to know about Mr. Francis?  What's going on here?


 photo cha3_zps17ab3eac.jpg photo chas9_zpsfd95b529.jpg  photo chas6_zps074f33f0.jpg

Diddy showed off his private jet before taking off to Houston with son Christian.  Drake showed off his too...saying he was repping for Michael Jordan's b-day (pics of that bash coming up) with the Carolina blue.

Pics: Instagram

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When i saw this i saw this

When i saw this i saw this garbage i had to sign up an post. Its one thing to head to a strip club as a young man for ur first time just to see what its about or on a ur birthday but these guys r makin trickin a hobby for real doh. Nasty! who wants to boast about being someones trick ahahaahaha Diddy is going to grow old and die with no one to love him cause he spent his life dissin kim porter to do this? wth? Ticks r for kids not grown business men who end up crying when the world no longer take them serious. I used to like diddy and drake but now they just big tricking lol the only smart ones r the hoes in these pics. They got people who were supposed to be about something to prove that they aint bout ish more den trickin. Whats the point in working hard to be famous just to act like a slimeball when u could have just been as slimeball from the begging? Drake looks old and worn out from tryin to prove himself so hard with all them ones. and wth wants to have their boys visit their ex at the stripclub while she dancing yuck. Tricky tricky icky icky diddy is no longer a sex symbol he a master trick & a bad example for the young brothers coming up in the game. Whatever happened to hanging out with people ur age who validate u as a business man like Donald trump? Wow! StripcLubs r for guys who get no poom poom hot boys get it for free. DUH and they may as well get it for free if they gone go in da club wit ones smh I still have yet to see crazy kanye stepping out like dis lol wow #teamkanyeallday
Mankilla's picture

looking ignorant as

looking ignorant as ever...this is nothing new...stacks of ones...only impressing the strippers...
Laia's picture

OMG Drake is just one ugly

OMG Drake is just one ugly hairy man, i mean all that hair and that dogface yikes. I can imagine his whole chest and stomach are full grown with that hair too ulgh.
Tannygirl's picture

Wow...love how their all

Wow...love how their all posted up like their gonna make it rain w stacks of $1 bills...GTFOH!!! lmao
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Diddy reppin that Creme De La

Diddy reppin that Creme De La Creme sweatshirt! S/O to D-Roc Invisible Bully!!
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I hope Trey didn't hurt

I hope Trey didn't hurt nobody with cash, you know how she gets.
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Does Puffy ever hang out with

Does Puffy ever hang out with people his own age? I mean really....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Right...Puff's gone be one of

Right...Puff's gone be one of those old men partying with his son's LMAO Licking his lips rapidly like LL cool did at the Grammys #SMDH
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Trey is sexy as hell. I love

Trey is sexy as hell. I love me some Drake. He is fine as hell and he ain't gotta be to everybody but he is to me *bites my bottom lip*
nico89's picture

Gurlll you ain't neva lied.

Gurlll you ain't neva lied. I'll fight cha L&HH style to get at Drake. LMAOOOOO--especially when he has that 5 o'clock shadow. Yeahhhhhhh...they'd lock me up for public lewdness if he EVER crosses my path. LOL


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Them GRANDADS in the club are

Them GRANDADS in the club are gonna have a CORONARY if them strippers get to close! Whose idea was that anyway?!? B!tches tryna get a PENSION this weekend!
tori's picture

I counted at least 22 Sins in

I counted at least 22 Sins in those photos
Jesus H. Christ's picture

it is when you are diddy.

it is when you are diddy. #teamdrake
emveed's picture

This can't be life.

This can't be life.
Yas's picture

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