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Alicia Keys Talks Married Life With Swizz & Baby Egypt Kissing Blue Ivy On "The Wendy Show"

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The curvy Mrs. Keys-Beatz made her way to "The Wendy Show" and her interview and TV performance aired today.  Check out Alicia looking fab in a royal blue Roland Muret Godet fitted dress and her YSL Tribtoo cap toe pumps while dishing on her marriage to Swizz Beatz and the life of her baby boy Egypt inside....

Alicia Keys did a pre-taped appearance on "The Wendy Show" this morning.  And it's too bad because we would have loved to hear a question about that All-Star halftime show from last night.

But Alicia and Wendy chopped it up about marriage, the ways Alicia is a real mom like everyone else, and and Egypt's love for the piano.

Alicia says she's pretty sure she wants more children at some point, and her favorite gift that she’s received from her husband, Swizz Beatz, is the tattoo he got of her face on his arm. Ouch!

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When Wendy asked her--sneakily we may add--exactly how she and Swizz got together and how long they dated before marriage, Alicia avoided the question by talking about why she fell in love with her husband.  But she did reveal they first met way back when they were 16 and 17-years old.

As for baby Egypt, he's walking everywhere now and loves to play the piano with mommy.  Alicia revealed she indeed puts him in a car seat--with her driving the car--sometimes.  And yes, they make everyday stops like Home Depot and she brings her son to the studio all the time. And she even dished on how she, Swizzy and Egypt go over to The Carters' house in Tribeca for some QT. And Egypt got in trouble for giving baby Blue Ivy a kiss.   Sweet!

Check out the interview below:

And her "Brand New Me" performance:

Pics: Wendy's Instagram

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I liked the interview. AK

I liked the interview. AK was ready & very well spoken. Women kill me with all these judgemental negative remarks about her. We don't know what went down. I think most of us would be disgusted at most of the things our celebs do behind close doors Fucking for beats Fucking directors for parts Fucking video directors Fucking for record contracts Planting negative stories about their competition in the press Having black mates in front of the cameras & in the privacy of their home it's another story Having the Michael Jordon syndrome (TOTAL COMPLETE ASSHOE) I could go on and on...............
Somerknight's picture

Alicia is such a liar and

Alicia is such a liar and everytime she lies she will have to deal with it. Swizz is 34 years old and she said she is 30. So how the hell were they 16 and 17 when they met. She got with Swizz during his marraige to Mashonda. She got pregnant with Egypt while Swizz was still married . She fell in love with him and encouraged him to leave his family and wife. Alicia will always be an adulterer right along with Swizz. There are lies an holes all over this interview.
Rachel's picture

Why is there so much hate

Why is there so much hate toward Alicia? Swizz knew he was married, so if he cheated he will have to live with that. I must say, at least he did marry Alicia!! How many other females would have just settled to being the other woman.... If you are sinless, then you can throw rocks!! That is just food for thought...It seems he made a mistake when he married Moeshunda. You live and learn. He a real man because he takes care of all his children. Moeshunda knew that it was over, every woman knows when things are not RIGHT at home. I see so much chemistry between Swizz and Alicia.
dmcw1264's picture

Alicia is a liar

Alicia is a liar
Rachel's picture

Just love A. Keys, she is so

Just love A. Keys, she is so classey and well spoken. She does not have to couchie pop and butt shake all over the stage to show sexy!!! Keep doing you Alicia!!
dmcw1264's picture

I think she's a nice lady but

I think she's a nice lady but why is she dressin like she's in her fifties nowadays. On the other hand maybe it's just the hairdo that gives her that look.
Tannygirl's picture

It was a good interview. I

It was a good interview. I like the way Wendy asked "How they met" without putting Keys on defense. That was good for Wendy. When she had her radio show, it would have been a whole different interview. If she still interviewed harshly and direct she would have no guest. In the beginning of "The Wendy Show" it was difficult for her to get any guest above a "D" rating. She had to change her style and still get some gossip with out insulting them. The quest would be walking off her show or not showing up.....alllllright
YaHeard's picture

How Sweet! That was

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I kinda imagine beyonce and

I kinda imagine beyonce and tina ok'ing egypt for the future cos he light skin, smdh
ava's picture

It's hilarious that people

It's hilarious that people still use the term "homewrecker". And I find it interesting that Swizz Beats seems to have suffered no harm to his professional reputation behind his alleged cheating and "homewrecking", but Alicia Keys has. SMH at the double standard. I just listen to the music and reserve judgment on these human beings who have foibles just like the rest of us . . . just like the many of you who launch stones. We all fall short. That ish is between Keys, Beatz and Mashonda and the rest of yall need to get over it.
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romance2013's picture

I liked the Old Alicia Keys,

I liked the Old Alicia Keys, but, I most certainly like the New Alicia better now…she’s exciting.
rebellious soul's picture

Alicia looks classy, and

Alicia looks classy, and happy. The best combo..P.S love short hair on her, I was over the Bo Dereck braids with beads.
cutethatsall56's picture

It was a good interview. She

It was a good interview. She was personable and funny. Her performance was actually very good. I think her voice is more suited for small-medium size (enclosed) like venues while sitting at the piano...not for performing outside or in stadiums. But I did notice how she totally avoided Wendy's question (slick). She new her and swizz got together messy...and there is no appropriate way to answer without admitting to cheating/homewrecking...but that media training kicked in and she totally avoided it. I saw an interview that Swizz did and he was all over the place in answering the question too...never got a real answer from him. On a side note, although I am not a real fan or have any of her albums, I think that she would be GREAT to play Lena Horne in a movie.
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commonprosperity8872's picture

Wow Wendy came a long way and

Wow Wendy came a long way and now has Alicia on her stage #applause Glad that Keys is dressed age appropriately.LMAO @ Wendy bringing up Bey in "Alicia's" interview. Wendy behaved herself from her radio days. #she.use.to.be.so.ratchet
sexybrownpyt's picture

She sounded good in this

She sounded good in this performance. SN: she doesn't have any boobies O_o

This was so Painful to watch

This was so Painful to watch “Wandy Clearly Wants Beyonce on her show” But Alicia was the closest she could get lmao.. Keep trying Boo!
REd™'s picture

Well after Wendy played

Well after Wendy played Beyonce about her pregnant belly...this is the best she's going to have to do
Girl's picture

I love that out of ALL the

I love that out of ALL the media outlets voicing opinion on Beyonce so called fake pregnancy, she chose to play a Wendy audio clip in her movie... it was like saying "Bitch ! i'm never doing your show. "
Tehara's picture

Lol Hell yea! (Keenen Wayans

Lol Hell yea! (Keenen Wayans Voice) "MESSAGE"!
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tom101's picture

You know, for Wendy to always

You know, for Wendy to always proclaim to push the envelope and ask the tough questions no one else will ask I wish would've asked Alicia "Why are you a homewrecker, are you really proud and happy with the respect and support you've lost with some of your fans, have you as a woman and mother reached out to Mashonda, and where'd you find those cute shoes?" -- What? Read the avatar pic: P☮ace.Lo♥e.SHOES! Cute shoes never did nothing to nobody.☺
Peace Silas's picture

Keep on keeping on Mrs Beatz,

Keep on keeping on Mrs Beatz, you are talented beautiful and a great philanthropist. The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy, and most of the ones who cant let got of the homewrecker title are just that.
Realist's picture

used to like her until she

used to like her until she became a homewrecker.
tclack's picture

use to like her until she

use to like her until she became a homewrecker.
tclack's picture

Not feel'n this album AT ALL,

Not feel'n this album AT ALL, but A. Keys look'n like a classy lady...
RO's picture

I think Wendy and Alicia Keys

I think Wendy and Alicia Keys are great and their making wonderful tv for all of us to enjoy.
Kim Williams's picture

Nope. I didn't believe it

Nope. I didn't believe it until now....they are GAY <---- and so many people in this business are gay....but won't admit it..............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Who is gay?

Who is gay?

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