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K. Michelle DISHES To THE BREAKFAST CLUB On Getting Her HEART BROKEN By Knicks Baller J.R. Smith, Says She Thinks Mimi Faust's New Man Is GAY

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"LAHH ATL" star K. Michelle chopped it up with The Breakfast Club this morning where she spilled the deets on her split from New York Knick J.R. Smith, her upcoming album being all about him and what she thinks about Mimi Faust's new man. Get the deets inside....

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Singer and fiesty reality star K. Michelle stopped by The Breakfast Club yesterday (and it aired this morning) where she talked about her upcoming album on Atlantic Records called Rebellious Soul.  The pretty gal revealed that the entire album is about her "relationship" with NY Knicks star J.R. Smith.  

"That whole album is about that boy [JR Smith]. When dudes use us for coochie, I use them for songs." Ha!

She added that she got her her heart broken in the end.  "Yeah, man he played me. I was in love. I was so open dude, I was ready to cook breakfast naked. I was ready to sit down. I was very sincere."

She says the last straw was when he posted some nasty comments about her on Twitter, trying to intentionally hurt her feelings. After that...she was done. However, she says he gave her enough material for three albums.  Damn!

K. revealed that she is dating someone new, but she won't speak about it publicly.  Though she is not in a committed relationship with him yet, she says she feels like she already shares enough of her personal life and wants to keep her love life private.  Another reason she is keeping it private is that she doesn't want to have a high body count (sexually speaking) in the industry.  Because we all know how that goes.

And she mentioned her friendship with Keyshia Cole saying that they talk on the phone a lot.  When asked about Keyshia dissing Michelle Williams, she said she knows that Keyshia is a nice person and was only throwing shots because she had felt like Michelle had dissed her earlier. (Does Michelle even know who Keyshia is?)

The reality star also confirmed that she's in the middle of taping the second season of "LAHH: ATL" and she's already cursed out most of her castmates.  No surprise there. 

Oh, and she revealed her thoughts on Mimi Faust's new man.  "Mimi has a new boyfriend, I think he’s downlow. That’s my opinion. Normal stuff I wouldn’t be in the middle of. I really just wanna be in the studio."  We weren't going to say anything, but since K. did.....


Listen to the full interview here:


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I like me some K.

I like me some K. Michelle...sings really well...
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tom100's picture

K. Mart needs to realize u

K. Mart needs to realize u get what u put out! She went on a CRUSADE, tryin to BLAST Memphiz & J.R. str8 played her (BIG FAKE) azz! I agree the gum is annoyin!
tori's picture

Lol @ kmart.....lawd.....

Lol @ kmart.....lawd.....
sianna1's picture

Ugh...I hate she's chewing

Ugh...I hate she's chewing gum while on the radio. Did someone not tell her that was a no-no!

You shoulda seen J.D.'s EXTRA

You shoulda seen J.D.'s EXTRA LONG interview on TBC, he was chewin gum throughout the ENTIRE interview smackin like a BAMA BANSHEE!
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jecobjesan's picture

I don't like this GIRL. She

I don't like this GIRL. She drives a PONTIAC GRAND PRIX that she don't want seen on TV. #girlbye
SkeeWee's picture


sweetpea1989's picture

No man in their right mind

No man in their right mind would make that horse teeth hefer his girl!! First of all, shes a ghetto hood rat! Thats enough to just bang her and leave!! A no job having bro wouldnt make her his girl. J.R played HIMSELF by dating that nobody!!
dunkin57's picture

I'm sorry but who is this

I'm sorry but who is this chick again? I have never heard of her or her music...and why would your entire album be about some man who played your dumb azz 0_o
Naomi's picture

I Love What u said girl ur

I Love What u said girl ur rite who the hell is she.
CandyBar1's picture

lol! not just one album but

lol! not just one album but she said she could do THREE albums about him. im almost jealous because i aint never had no sex that dam good. i may have been inspired to update my status on facebook, but three whole albums?? im missing out!
shuga's picture

i know people is tried of

i know people is tried of folks bringing her name up....yeah she might act ghetto on the down low.....but when the last time have you ever seen beyonce act like this in a interview.....these black women are so lucky in this day and time to have other africa american females like oprah and beyonce,kiki pamer to remine drama free in the industry.....k michelle alone would make the world think that we're all just nothing but a bunch of section 8 living,child support breathers,club hoppen,fight starters,loud mouth talking bullies who live in the ghetto....THANK GOODNESS THAT I WAS'NT RAISE LIKE THIS:)
GOLDEN HEART's picture

Lol @ keke palmer.... To put

Lol @ keke palmer.... To put her name with Oprah and Beyonce was just so random. But I agree with what you're saying.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

I have no problem with people

I have no problem with people admiring Oprah and Beyonce but are black entertainment women the only examples you have as proper role models. There are Congresswomen, college presidents, CEOs, etc that easily be examples? Some of the entertainment people are not even community minded unless a camera is on. I think we need to be careful with obsessing over singers and rappers. There are plenty of influential people that work hard everyday to make lives better that we can admire and emulate.
Keys's picture

Girl you have said Beyonce

Girl you have said Beyonce name twice lol them Beyonce haters are going to come for your neck lmaooooooo be ready!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

black woman i tell you the

black woman i tell you the truth....if only some of us just tone done our voices,and mind our own bussiness we will be better people.....k michelle always crying about somebody doing something wrong to her...but everytime she gets on a radio show she always trying to gain fans by talking on subjects that dont matter or have anything to do with her....(learn how to be quiet and answer questions only about yourself only).....may be this is why beyonce stays away from most of the black female entertainers in the music industry because they smile in your face than talk about you behind your back......which is really common in the black community
GOLDEN HEART's picture

I couldn't have said it

I couldn't have said it better! Totally agree.. My thing is K Michelle always said Mimi is her girl then you wanna blast her and her man on the radio not cool at all! That's the same issue Jennifer and Evelyn had(even through Jen was right lol) she still shouldn't have put her thoughts on their relationship on blast for the world to know! Same thing with K Michelle and Mimi..K should have kept her thoughts to herself..just messy messy lol
MsMidwest's picture

Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! All

Ha! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! All that fake ass couldn't keep a dude, huh? You need alot more than that, ghetto beast.
sianna1's picture

This irrelevant chick needs

This irrelevant chick needs to sit down somewhere & read a few self help books or watch a few eps of Iyanla Vanzant's show cause she obviously has self esteem issues. Her only way to stay in the public eye (as a D list at that) is to discuss & talk bad about others. Girl bye
Tiff's picture

You ain't never lied lol

You ain't never lied lol
MsMidwest's picture

I dont understand the belt on

I dont understand the belt on K's shirt or Angela's whole entire get up but ok. Sorry to hear about the heartbreak. you have to accept these dudes for what they are (as opposed to what you wish they would be) and it usually isnt much.
shuga's picture

I could say something

I could say something negative about her attitude and need to comment negatively on other folks but I'm just going to limit my comment to a compliment. She looks really good in the pics.
GJ's picture

There was a lot of fake

There was a lot of fake laughing in that interview. I think K. Michelle keeps things real. If Mimi's new man really is DL,,,,she sho can pick em. K. Michelle also makes bad choices in men tho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Her weave is so pretty! I

Her weave is so pretty! I hope in this new relationship she doesn't start cooking breakfast naked before some type of commitment.
cutethatsall56's picture

So was MIMI's last BD. Does

So was MIMI's last BD. Does she think dishing on other ppl is going to help her get plays on the radio. These radio ppl just want rating for their dying radio stations. They want payola for radio spins. They don't care about your singing career. This is why you will not make it in the industry. Kissing and telling before you achieve is not the way. Whats next pole dancing?.......alllllright
YaHeard's picture

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