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Usher Surprises Clive Davis On "Katie" As Clive Reveals His Own BISEXUALITY

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Usher will make a surprise appearance for his mentor Clive Davis on today's upcoming taped episode of "Katie".  But it's what Clive reveals in his new memoir, which he's now on a media tour for, that has everybody's eyebrows raised.


Check out one of music's biggest head honchos, Clive, revealing his bisexuality...

Usher jetted into NYC early just to surprise the man who created the label where he got his start, Clive Davis.  The 80-year-old recording industry exec has written his new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life, and has opened up about his incredible career of being the man behind artists like Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and especially legends like Whitney Houston, Gil Scott Heron and Aretha Franklin.  He also helped Babyface and L.A. Reid create LaFace records and Diddy create Bad Boy.

So with such a prolific career, especially in R&B acts and Rock acts, we're sure there are some tales to be told.

USHER said about Clive during the show:

But-- he-- you know, just to kinda give you a, I guess, a testament of-- of the pay it forward. You know, without that artist development and that ability to understand how to-- present myself and have an understanding of style, I would not be in the position to be, you know, a coach on The Voice-- and-- and-- introduce talent like Justin Bieber and-- writers like Rico Love, who was...my actual first artist, who went on to be an incredible writer and also producer. But-- you know, without that artist development of Arista and LaFace Records, I wouldn't be the mentor that I am today.

In the memoir, Clive gives detail about Whitney Houston's denial of being drug addict and the interventions he says he attempted to stage.  He also used the last 5 pages of his book to make a big reveal--that he's bisexual and is currently in a relationship with another man.

USA Today reports:

Davis, who is twice divorced, remains close to his family, which includes three sons, a daughter and six grandchildren, and to friends, with whom he vacations regularly. Soundtrack's aforementioned personal revelation acknowledges "something that my children and close friends have always known, but that I knew I would need to discuss in a biography": He considers himself bisexual.

"After my second marriage failed, I met a man who was also grounded in music. Having only had loving relationships and sexual intimacy with women, I opened myself up to the possibility that I could have that with a male, and found that I could."

Davis is currently involved with another man (who isn't in show business), "but I never stopped being attracted to women. Bisexuality is misunderstood; the adage is that you're either straight or gay or lying, but that's not my experience. To call me anything other than bisexual would be inaccurate."

Very interesting.  He may speak about it on today's episode of "Katie."  A preview is below:

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mixedcenter's picture

I'm sure this isn't news to

I'm sure this isn't news to the entertainment industry. A while back, one of Diddy's former workers wrote a book, alleging that Clive was smashing Diddy, suggesting that's how Diddy was able to seal the Bad Boy deal.
Dee35's picture

Coincidentally these

Coincidentally these celebrities seem to only reveal their so called secrets when they have a book about to hit or has just hit the shelves.
Realist's picture

Exactly! And this is even

Exactly! And this is even real news. I'd find it more interesting to know who in hollywood is actually straight. Just sayin
CheyPie's picture

Usher is Always getting into

Usher is Always getting into someone else's buisness....Nigga when are you going to admit your BISEXUALITY..???
star's picture

Lol okay No BullSh*t

Lol okay No BullSh*t
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litebrite's picture

Why tell us now Clive? Dude

Why tell us now Clive? Dude you're 80!! Something tells me Usher was 'spose 2 come out that CLOSET along with Mr. Davis! If a man engages in a RELATIONSHIP with another man he is GAY! Clive gave up VINTAGE VAGINA for ANTIQUE A$$!
tori's picture

Ya ass is crazy. LMAO @"gave

Ya ass is crazy. LMAO @"gave up VINTAGE VAGINA for ANTIQUE A$$!" Where do you come up wit this shit??? DEAD
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jecobjesan's picture

I can't help but thinking

I can't help but thinking this is a big publicity stunt to sell books. The timing is REAL convenient. And I don't buy Clive being bi-sexual. Just because you were married to two women for decades and then started dating men doesn't mean you're bi-sexual. Real bi-sexual men are attracted to men and women equally and have to have both in their lives. The aren't happy/satisfied with just one sex. How are you gonna sit there and claim to be bi-sexual when you admit that you haven't been with a woman in 20 years? I could see if Clive was saying in the last 20 years he's been with both sexes off and on, but no, for 20 years he's only been with men! Dude, you are gay...G-A-Y shauntay you stay gay!
DesignDiva's picture

DesignDiva, this is very

DesignDiva, this is very ignorant and I really wish people like yourself wouldn't spread misconceptions about bisexuality. Having worked with and being friends with many different types of people -- hetereos, homos, transgenders, AND bisexual people -- you are doing nothing to battle ignorance. Bisexuality has nothing to do with wanting two people at the same time or whatever other perverse image you've depicted. I know plenty of bisexual women and men who have had long lasting relationships with partners of the opposite sex and STILL consider themselves bisexual. It simply means they are OPEN to the possibility of being with whomever they choose, gender aside. Maybe Clive Davis didn't find another woman he was interested in. You are reducing bisexuality to some kind of sexual deviant act that perpetuates the illusion that bisexual people are some kind of polygamists.
imjussaying's picture

Good grief charlie brown...I

Good grief charlie brown...I was beginning to think no one else here lived outside a cardboard box. #cosign
TrueThinker's picture

Jesus loves watching

Jesus loves watching Bi-Sexual Orgy Porn (especially when they're running a: Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl..Train) **sips jesus juice** ...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Just for the record to those

Just for the record to those ppl who think they know so much about gay sex, penetration is not always performed.......allllllright
YaHeard's picture

I have a gay friend who says

I have a gay friend who says he can't stand people who claim bisexuality. He says to those people, in his opinion, it's about SEX and SEX ALONE. You are either one or the other. That's his take on it.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I dont think we can

I dont think we can understand it or define it because its not our preference. There are ppl that Im attracted to that would make others shake their heads. To each his or her own. And for the record, some gay, lesbian and bisexual people are still virgins. you are attracted to who you are attracted to regardless of the extent of what kind of sex you have...if any at all. for example, not all gay men have anal sex but some straight women do.
shuga's picture

Ignorance about sexuality is

Ignorance about sexuality is not just heterosexual trait. He's gay. So he only comprehends gay tendencies. I have a gay friend that thinks any guy that's nice to him is gay, curious or on the DL on account of them not being a gay bashing homophobe. Pure stupidity.
TrueThinker's picture

Amen! And if you are

Amen! And if you are sleeping with both, you ALWAYS prefer one or the other.
sianna1's picture

I'm more shocked by the fact

I'm more shocked by the fact that he was married twice and had kids. Who couldn't see this with Clive?!
PacificGirl's picture

Now it all makes sense! Clive

Now it all makes sense! Clive has been a bitchy, messy, controlling queen for years. WOW!!!!!
Keys's picture

good for him and anyone else

good for him and anyone else thats honest with themselves and with others.
shuga's picture

Man this whole Gay agenda is

Man this whole Gay agenda is just so ridiculous. Anybody who's followed or has been in the Music business knows Clive is Gay. Clive is posturing this is all part of a bigger agenda. Think not? Why all of a sudden mention something that everybody already knows. Also Clive needs to check his inner circle cause that's the only way folks know. Oh and Usher's Gay also.
I'mThatDude's picture

What exactly is this 'gay

What exactly is this 'gay agenda'? And what are they planning exactly? World domination? Steal the little children? Perhaps force gay sex on you? Smh...
TrueThinker's picture

No I think what that person

No I think what that person means is how media execs who are gay to push gay propaganda more. Whether you agree with homosexuality or not its real. I seen MTV change overnight in the early 2000's as soon as a gay exec took over from Viacom. Men were kissing men in droves in no time. Like I said I don't have anything against either way but it does happen that way.
cutethatsall56's picture

lol! ppl are scared that

lol! ppl are scared that "they" are going to convince them to do what ppl have been doing since the beginning of time.
shuga's picture

Oh WOW that is about as a BIG

Oh WOW that is about as a BIG shocker as saying Boy George is GAY!!!!!! You ain't tellin us something we ALL didn't know!!!! All those young men getting signed for record deals....
BlackBarbie818's picture

Yeah save all that BS dude!

Yeah save all that BS dude! Bisexual or whatever you call it still makes you GAY...This is the worst kept secret in the music business anyway...everybody knows Clive Davis is gay!! Can't take anything away from him as an executive so I'll leave it at that...
Money First's picture

Bisexual? Really? If a man

Bisexual? Really? If a man puts his dick in the hairy ass of another man or he sticks his cock in his mouth......he's a f@ggot. Sorry.
sianna1's picture

Yes Really! If a man has

Yes Really! If a man has intercourse with another man and then has intercourse with a woman the following day, he's bisexual. duh!!! No class.
Happy Lady's picture

You ram ur dicc up the

You ram ur dicc up the butthole of another man, ur a f@ggot. If u disagree with me, then o well.
sianna1's picture

How hard is it to have

How hard is it to have dialogue without all the name calling?
TrueThinker's picture

@ sianna1 - LMAO. Ditto!!! If

@ sianna1 - LMAO. Ditto!!! If it weren't for down low, dirty, shitty dick dudes sneaking around fuk'n other dudes in the ASS... Women (LIFE GIVERS) wouldn't have to worry about contracting HIV & AIDS. So miss me w/ dat bisexual, straddle the fence bullshit. It's just another reason to be ignorant & irresponsible.
RO's picture


sianna1's picture

ok wow! this whole time from

ok wow! this whole time from looking at your pic I just assumed you were a lesbian woman. learn something everyday---no offense tho.
shuga's picture

@ shuga -- be offended? Lol.

@ shuga -- be offended? Lol. U ARE NO-1 TO ME... I DON'T KNOW U so your thoughts/assumptions of me are NON EXISTENT! That said, I know i'm a pretty mutha fuk'a... & U can thank my Mother for choosing my Father. but don't get it twisted the fact remains AIDS & HIV is wide spread (WORLDWIDE) because of the irresponsible SEXUAL behavior of BISEXUAL MEN!!!
RO's picture

lol! ok girl, whatever you

lol! ok girl, whatever you say. it took you a few attempts but ok.
shuga's picture

As long as u focus on me i'm

As long as u focus on me i'm WINNING. Now Beat it Cock Suck'a!!!
RO's picture

No. Infected women and men

No. Infected women and men are the cause for the spread of disease. Just like stereotypes, hatred, and nonacceptance is the way to spread ignorance. Just because you don't share someone's preference doesn't mean you can't understand the laws of attraction that applies to ALL human kind. Sexuality is not black and white for everyone.
TrueThinker's picture

@ true thinker -- & right

@ true thinker -- & right there in that last sentence you wrote ("Sexuality is not black and white for everyone.") is the ENTIRE problem bro. Quote: "because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I spit you from my mouth!" (Revelation 3:15-17) -- BISEXUALITY is confusion & confusion is a CURSE!!!
RO's picture

@RO..That bible verse was

@RO..That bible verse was taken completely out of context. This is why is stay focused on spirituality and NOT religion because we have a funny way of curbing everything into our own selfish interpretation. The problem is that people are promiscuous and not protecting themselves. It is not BISEXUALITY. THAT is the confusion. Attacking someone because they are different? THAT is wrong and will continue to be wrong as history CONTINUES to prove. The disabled. Israelites. Women. Indians. Blacks. Women. Gays. The list goes on for days. Why can't people understand this?? The suppression and dehumanization others because of this self righteous "it jus ain't right" mentality is so crazy that it's almost laughable if it wasn't so sad. You always have to step outside yourself to observe a situation in its totality before you make judgement. Your frustration is NOT unfounded RO. It's just misplaced.
TrueThinker's picture

@ true thinker -- bla...

@ true thinker -- bla... bla... bla... NOT a fan of SHITTY DICKS dun!!! K?!
RO's picture

yes. yes you are.

yes. yes you are.
TrueThinker's picture

LMAO, U's a funny Nigga. I

LMAO, U's a funny Nigga. I know YOU want me to be, but keep'n hope alive didn't work for Jessy Jackson, & it ain't work'n 4 u. Good luck wit dat!!!
RO's picture

now why would I want that RO?

now why would I want that RO? Then there would be no need for me to spread knowledge to the masses:) And we can't have that now can we?, so you stay right where you are buddy. I'm here to teach.
TrueThinker's picture

I don't believe in

I don't believe in bisexuality. I don't like guys like this who marry women for superficial reasons knowing the whole time they like the D. He's a liar.
cutethatsall56's picture

Truuuuuuuuuuuue! *2 chainz

Truuuuuuuuuuuue! *2 chainz voice*
I Am Anonymous's picture

oh wow. Im surprised by

oh wow. Im surprised by that.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Whenever he talked i thought

Whenever he talked i thought to myself "that guy looks like he enjoys sucking cocks" Anywho....most Jew Men have Gay tendencies because they hate their overbearing bossy Jew Mothers
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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