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Evelyn Lozada DEBUTS Her VIDA LUXE Line At LONDON Fashion Week!

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 photo EvelynLozadaCelebsLePoshNailSpaLARpoNb7KW2_sl.jpeg

Evelyn Lozada is across the pond dropping her new clothing line VIDA LUXE for London Fashion Week today.  Get deets on the line and see a preview of sketches inside....


As we speak, "BBW" star and fitness columnist Evelyn Lozada is debuting a new clothing line called VIDA LUXE in London for fashion week.  She described the line to Celebuzz saying, "It’s very feminine and flowy and will fit all body types. It’s just so much fun. Lots of colors and patterns."

And Evelyn, who teamed up with Bow Wow's mom Teresa Caldwell, on the line described their process saying, "We got together and she sketched out my ideas and we talked about every detail from fabric to color to hardware. After she drew out everything and put it together, I was blown away.”

We're sure the line will pop up on the upcoming season of "BBW" as the show will need to fill the gaps with positive happenings since all the wine-tossing and fighting has allegedly been put on pause.  

So what's the price point of her collection" Eve said,

“It will be anywhere from $100. I believe that you don’t have to have millions of dollars to look fabulous. You can have something affordable, and just make it look like a million bucks.”

And how did she end up at London Fashion Week? She revealed, "I wanted to do something big, and I thought that launching this overseas would have a great affect on the line. I figured ‘go big or go home!’”

She added that she has plans to target the line towards her high profile friends like Rihanna and has dreams of expanding the collection into denim and feminine sweatsuits for chicks on the go.

Earlier, she tweeted,

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-20at44950PM.png


Here's a preview of what folks in London will see today:

 photo kim-kardashian-dujour-cover.jpeg

 photo evelyn-lozada3-3.jpeg

  photo evelyn-lozada2-3.jpeg


1.  Lou Myers--Mr. Gaines on "A Different World"--has died.  STORY

Photos via Celebuzz

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1) President Obama needs to

1) President Obama needs to outlaw celebrity fashion lines. 2) Evelyn, you are not known for fashion and you have the reputation of being a bully. WHY would anybody buy your clothes? 3) When is the last time the average girl could afford something that Rihanna wore? 4) I do NOT want to see a chunky chick in ANY of these looks. #respectyoself
DesignDiva's picture

Congragulation Evelyn!You

Congragulation Evelyn!You look amazing!
mzblessed's picture

the bottom dress looks like

the bottom dress looks like that atrocity that Tami recently had on. there is no design that looks good on every body type. Im sure this will just be something else for Tami's ass to be jealous of and fight about. No matter what they come up with, I would never support either one and I been stopped watching that trainwreck of a show.
shuga's picture

Love the designs. However,

Love the designs. However, here's my problem. Those clothes ARE NOT designed for all body types! C'mon Ev. Oh, and if they're targeted for her high profile friends such as Rihanna, how is the average (not a celebrity) woman supposed to afford it? Yeah, that's what I thought. FAIL!!

Everything that she

Everything that she "designed" looks like what she wears everyday. No thanks.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Living Luxe my a$$ ~ more

Living Luxe my a$$ ~ more like ¡Vida como mierda!¡
GetUrLife's picture

i'm so happy for evelyn...i

i'm so happy for evelyn...i cant believe they said chris brown causes air pollution...lmfao..i mean just google kelsnetwork
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tom101's picture

Hoe, go sit your uncreative

Hoe, go sit your uncreative ass down somewhere. Your line will be discontinued before my carton of milk expires, which is the 23rd btw.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I've seen each of these

I've seen each of these dresses on Melrose Avenue already. Boo! Also Ev, please stop with the sheer shirts w/the bra under it..that's so 90s!!
PacificGirl's picture

Rather go to F21 or H&M or

Rather go to F21 or H&M or Zara to get clothes than to support this HOE. O NOW you wanna make affordable clothes, but you call everybody who don't have a weak ass Louis bag a bum bitch #girlbye. You had your 15min now fade to black #dunzo
SkeeWee's picture

Didn't Evelyn "LUMPED UP"

Didn't Evelyn "LUMPED UP" Lozada have to close down that OVERPRICED SHOE STORE, now she tryna sell RAINBOW RIP OFFS overseas? They can buy that sh!t at PRIMARK!
tori's picture

Congratz Ev!!! Her fashion

Congratz Ev!!! Her fashion looks super sexii!!! Definitely better than She by Sheree!! Lol Let'z just hope she has actual pieces to show...
4U2NV's picture

I'm getting tired of these

I'm getting tired of these reality people creating tacky clothing lines thinking that their real fashion designers. 0___0 She knows nothing about fashion just like Rihanna. Rolls eyes. That black tacky sheer shirt with the bra speaks volumes...#rolls.eyes
sexybrownpyt's picture

I think Eve always looks

I think Eve always looks super cute, Jennifer has style but doesn't have a great shape like Eve.
TeaNicole's picture


Realist's picture

Why is Bow Wow's mom involved

Why is Bow Wow's mom involved with this chic? Everything she wears is either short and/or tight or a summer mumu with big old hula hoop earrings. Jen is the one with style not Evelyn Lozada.
Denise2007's picture

Maybe now that Evelyn is

Maybe now that Evelyn is making some money and doing good for herself, she can help out her ex Antoine who put her on the map from the jump. Imagine loving someone when they are rich and not loving them anymore while they are poor. Terrible.
LLCool Lady's picture

Not terrible, because that's

Not terrible, because that's the definition of a groupie my love. They look for opportunities to come up. "That's the rule". There are exceptions to the rule, but in this case Evelyn is the rule. Point, blank, period
kimaras31's picture

The operative word is "drink"

The operative word is "drink" not have a drank. Anyway back to these ratchet ass cloths. She ran over to London thinking they don't know her and these dresses that came out her closet. These cloths are not new ideas. We have seen these same identical dresses at H&M, Marshall's, TJ Maxx and for you gurls on the West Coast your favorite Swamp Meet......alllllright
YaHeard's picture

Cosign. a fashion designer is

Cosign. a fashion designer is creative and make statement pieces. At least Bow wow's mom could sketch, but this hoe got zero talent she probably slept with a couple of people and s*cked some d*ck to get into Fashion Week. She couldn't even afford to keep her Miami shoe store open. How many more investors is going to keep contributing to her tacky projects is beyond me.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Does anyone really want to

Does anyone really want to dress like Evelyn Hoz...I mean Lozada? Not I said the cat!
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romance2013's picture

I pray this chix plane

I pray this chix plane crashes on the way back
Jesus H. Christ's picture

As JHC, you should be able to

As JHC, you should be able to make that happen.
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