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Fantasia Talks To "JET" Magazine, Reveals "I'm FINALLY Able To LOVE Myself"

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 photo 01_031813_JetCoverUPC1.jpeg

Fantasia covers the latest issue of JET Magazine where she reflects on her financial pitfalls, relationship drama and learning to love herself.  Find out what she talked about inside....

In the upcoming issue of JET Magazine, Fantasia opens up about her public woes and embarrassments--the Twitter posts to the financial failures to her scandalous affair with a married man. She tells the mag that the past has produced several transformative teachable moments. She also reveals her new life mantra. Here are the highlights:

On self-discovery:
“I am finally able to love myself. The main thing I wanted in life was peace and freedom; the ability to let go…You could say the stage saved me because when I’m in front of people I carry my pain and soul…That is my salvation.”

On living single:
“I’m single and happy. I have a great relationship with both of my children’s fathers… If you catch me with either of them, we are not together— we are just being good parents. All I’m focused on right now is music and my kids.”

Elsewhere in the issue, legendary frontman of The Gap Band, Charlie Wilson (who's releasing his sixth solo album, Love, Charlie) talks about beating cancer and drug addiction.

And "Braxton Family Values" star Trina Braxton creates a cheat sheet for easy homemade cocktails.  Of course.

The issue hits newsstands February 25th.

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jet is so wrong this pic is

jet is so wrong this pic is ten years old fantasia gave them new picture to show off her new look and they do some mess like this

fanny looks nice...i cant

fanny looks nice...i cant believe they said chris brown causes air pollution...lmfao..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

It was clear to the blind

It was clear to the blind Fantasia didnt love herself, why else would she allow herself to be duped by a married man and his wife?
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tom101's picture

Gorgeous hair!

Gorgeous hair!
Denise2007's picture

First I must say that this

First I must say that this picture is like a decade old....Why JET is using it IDK...But something is wrong...But ppl always bash Fanny as if their life/house is in order...
rdiddyboi's picture

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romance2013's picture

Blah Blah Blah!! Nobody wants

Blah Blah Blah!! Nobody wants to hear all this crap Fantasia. I will say that I love Fantasia's profile. She is a nice looking woman physically. I just wish she would clean up her act in other ways and grow up.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

girl bye! its a wrap and dont

girl bye! its a wrap and dont nobody care that u finally figured out that u a fool. it took an abortion, suicide attempt, ruining a family & making a ass of yourself for u to realize....please! you were giving too many blessing that you squandered so im done w u!

I hope Fanny Mae is really at

I hope Fanny Mae is really at peace with her decision to have a man that was clearly married to another sister.
TeaNicole's picture

This ain't the Lady Chabli.

This ain't the Lady Chabli. What about her truth. Girl just stop going gaga gogoo over these men and have some standards. that married man has ruined you for good
lola69's picture


Did JET HAVE TO use a PROFILE pic of Fantasia (sigh)! LMAO at "Are you too fat to drive?" Trina is such a damn ALCOHOLIC!! I can't...
tori's picture

I like Fantasia and she has a

I like Fantasia and she has a beautiful voice. Best wishes
nico89's picture

dam they even photoshopped

dam they even photoshopped her earring holes. hollywood is so weird but best wishes to Fantasia with everything.
shuga's picture

You go Fanny...self

You go Fanny...self discovery, self esteem, self love, self confidence, self pride...do you girl, way to engineer your life journey.
Reign's picture

somebody been

somebody been photoshopped...where's all those tacky azz tattoos
TrueThinker's picture

in your gravatar....lol!!

in your gravatar....lol!!
shuga's picture


lilbit's picture

I know ppl are going to bash

I know ppl are going to bash Fantasia but I think she's nice looking cuz she's her TRUE self. No weave, no botox, no skin-bleaching. Black is beautiful! I'm glad she dropped her loser baby-daddy too.

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