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Beyonce Is SO POP....In Her New Artsy Pepsi Ad

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 photo 551354_10152616433180601_2051197284_n_zpsaa633c25.jpg


Beyonce Knowles has a new Pepsi ad that she just released on her Facebook page.  Check it inside, plus an additional version....

She's SO pop...art that is.  Fab chick Beyonce worked with Pepsi again to create an Andy Warholesque piece of pop art featuring an extra blond mane, puckered hot pink lips, blue eyeshadow and cutesy faces.  The spokeswoman of the soft drink brand is in the midst of her newest major--rumored to be $50 million--deal where she helps design advertisements, projects and receives tour sponsorships from the brand.

The Patrick Demarchelier-shot image will appear in stores and on soft drinks pack starting now.  Bey said about the image on her FB page, "Pop Art inspires me to Live for NOW."

Mauro Porcini, Chief Design Officer at PepsiCo, said, "Beyoncé and Pepsi truly achieved the 'Pepsi Effect' with this collaboration. It was a joy to discover Beyoncé’s current passion for Pop Art, and together make it come alive in a very contemporary way."


 photo Beyonce-Pepsi_zpsd62c69c6.jpg


By the way, Beyonce has lots to celebrate this week.  Her HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream broke the network record pulling in 1.8 mill viewers for its premiere, according to THR.  The previous record was held by Spike Lee's 2006 When The Levees Broke documentary.

And as for her Oprah interview special that aired an hour before the documentary, OWN reports that the special drew in 1.3 mill viewers.  Cha-ching!

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gogreen's picture

That little Beyoncé CARTOON

That little Beyoncé CARTOON ART really brought out the LOONEY TUNES!
tori's picture

Hahahahahaha....I can hear

Hahahahahaha....I can hear the Looney Tunes music in my Nutty Head
Jesus H. Christ's picture

it's a rendering of Andy

it's a rendering of Andy Warhol's body of work.
RO's picture

Bey always pulls the crowd,

Bey always pulls the crowd, most of them crazy an delusional AF but she pulls them.
Realist's picture


star's picture

I'm tired of y'all bitches

I'm tired of y'all bitches talking shit about beyonce. Like give props to the girl for doing her thing and making money. most of y'all that's talking shit probably don't have a fucking job and waiting for a man to give you and y'all are jealous. while y'all hating on her , she still making her greens. DUMB BITCHES!!! and she's only 30 and look better than all of y'all that's looking crusty , talking about old. #smh
cedille's picture

Great job Lady Bey keep

Great job Lady Bey keep growing and making the financial growth you need to put other factors in place! Love the throwback on Warhols art, really good to add some old to the new. Saw those lovely pictures of you and you daughter, she is beautiful and both you and Jay, I know how hard it is to pull yourself back into the working life after giving birth, cause all you really want is to enjoy your child, but you cannot loose yourself, so good to see you get back into performing.

Are u serious if Bey wud only

Are u serious if Bey wud only let us live without the self absorbed, fake, depressed antics, BCUZ this "good" n' spoiled brat has been gone BAD! Srry Reign, the lies will continue to reign in this BiSH imaginary bubble with stans like the JADEd•Azz•Kisser and grandma•Stephanie, who prolly has a shrine somewhere in a mothball smelling closet, that have no clue of common sense! Chile Just let'em be mo' dumb, they'll Neva understand the REAL THING! Speaking of real, Rena aint here yet but Ms. Thang got something for ya and what ladydee tryin' to tell u unworthy stans continuing to refuse  the obvious dam truth! BAHA gr8t Examples wud be, that whispering mouse and the broad who's cutethatsNEVA, who both are confused as hell! Anyhoo..im done but I cant dare leave w/out saying thank u to Jesus for all u've done! 
Like Really's picture

LMAO at Grandma Stephanie and

LMAO at Grandma Stephanie and her mothball smelling closet!!!! I didn't wanna go there, but I was squinting my eyes looking at her photo like, uhhh this lady is a little too old to be trying to walk this walk, like shouldn't you be somewhere knitting your grandkids some mittens. lol...... You crazy!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

this is not new or original.

this is not new or original. Andy Whorhall did this before this cunt was born
lola69's picture

By the way, it's

By the way, it's WARHOL....and we know that Andy Warhol is the creator and master of Pop Art..and I'm sure Bey and her people know that as well..These shots are Only in the spirit of Pop Art.
star's picture

ok.. I am not sure why this

ok.. I am not sure why this girl gets so so much hate. Not really a fan so much but damn let this girl live. you can NOT LIVE HER LIFE GET OVER IT. On every blog, the comments are high and nasty.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

LOL!!!! some of these

LOL!!!! some of these comments on this blog are beyond dumb, sure soft drinkks contibute to obesity BUT more so are the fatty foods, fast foods, candy cookies etc I see no one is saying anything about those foods only PEPSI Well, people make a conscious decision ot buy and consume any of the soft drinks, if htey wnat a pepsi or coke they will buy it, Stop balaming every dam thing on Beyonce because you do not like her, I am betting she could give a rat's azz about some of the nasty comments, she probably does not know any of you exist anyway. People will buy what they want to eat and if they gain weight then, I am sure they can go on a diet if they like or hit the gym for a workout.
sweetpea1989's picture

Let's just wrap-it-up and

Let's just wrap-it-up and agree this cunt is evil & worships money & power (even though she lies non-stop and never uses the products she endorses) smh............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Its funny how people still

Its funny how people still swear she never had a baby when she showed herself ASS naked in that DVD at like 8-9 months pregnant. You can clearly tell she was pregnant for real because she showed her pregnant belly! Furthermore, if people took half a second to realize that fake stomachs do NOT fold then the debate would be eliminated. What makes people think a multi-millionaire that is faking a pregnancy would wear something that would fold when she sat down? They don't even make fake stomachs like that. Common sense is so rare these days. Triple sigh.
Are Yall Serious's picture

"What makes people think a

"What makes people think a multi-millionaire that is faking a pregnancy would wear something that would fold when she sat down" Remember this multi-millionaire doesn't have a high school diploma. Not the brightest in the world! Also, she showed a "belly" in the shadows! What was the purpose of this?? Why not just lift up your shirt and show the belly?? Mark my words, it will come out that the "belly" image was computer generated or something of a fake nature. Just like it came out that she lip sang at the inauguration! She will get caught!
laydeegirl's picture

It's puzzling to me how

It's puzzling to me how Beyonce involved herself in Michelle Obama's childhood obesity campaign "Let's Move", but then turns around and does a $50M deal with Pepsi when everyone knows that corn syrup filled sodas are the leading cause of the obesity epidemic. I guess Beyonce has a justification for this hypocrisy though. Kudos to her for being able to figure that one out and land a huge paycheck for herself!!
The Real Thing's picture

Because of course Beyoncé and

Because of course Beyoncé and Pepsi should be held responsible for the lives of millions of kids instead of their parents that live at home with them and buy the products that contribute to the epidemic. I guess they were right when they called Beyoncé "The Mama" since she raising the entire nation's kids lol.
Are Yall Serious's picture

You're missing the point. By

You're missing the point. By joining the "Let's Move" campaign, Beyonce took on some responsibility for educating youth about good nutrition and fitness since that's what the campaign was all about. Perhaps you weren't familiar with it. So to take on that role, responsibility and subsequent press that went along with it, was a hugely positive statement from Beyonce about the obesity epidemic. Pushing Pepsi is in direct conflict with that. And if you can't see the hypocrisy then you are blind. Duh, parents are responsible ultimately. But celebrities are hugely influential, especially on our youth. And if that weren't a fact, then Pepsi wouldn't be paying Beyonce $50 MILLION DOLLARS to push their product. Wisen up.
The Real Thing's picture

The "Lets Move Campaign" is a

The "Lets Move Campaign" is a farce in itself because the Pres' administration is not behind it. SMH this problem is way bigger than Nino Brown and even pepsi itself. Obesity in America is on the rise because the food isn't really food anymore. Read my comment below or look it up for yourself the same people that are running the companies producing GMO's for all the fake food products we consume are being appointed to governement and vice versa and that's by word of the president so if is wife is running a anti-obesity campaign how in the hell is that all not a contradiction??? But it's all about Beyonce soooo..... all this knowledge and info will be lost on most. If the products weren't available and so dangerous there would be nothing for celebs to endorse but as long as we stay foolish enough to only attack the problems at the surface all of this will stay blog talk and these fat ass kids will keep dropping dead from high sugar levels.
Mouse's picture

I am well aware of the

I am well aware of the campaign that was done. I think YOU are missing the point and that is that Beyoncé or any celebrity for that matter can NOT be held responsible for the well being of a nation. Sure celebrities and people in the entertainment industry have a influence, especially over children, but the bottom line is that PARENTS should be the MOST influential in their children's eating habits or behaviors in general. Beyoncé did not crash a Pepsi truck into an elementary school nor did she stand on the corner passing out cans for free. The people who consume Pepsi, BUY Pepsi and are ultimately responsible for whatever the end results of consumption are. And Pepsi is NOT the biggest contributor to obesity. If you did your research, soft drinks only contribute a small amount to the overall epidemic. The biggest contributor to obesity is lack of activity/outdoor resources. Learn how to read and comprehend before being so critical.
Are Yall Serious's picture

LOL!!! good point!! Pepsi ,

LOL!!! good point!! Pepsi , Coke and whatever else is not going out of business because there is an obesity problem in the USA, parents should monitor what their children eat.
sweetpea1989's picture

Read my response. And sit

Read my response. And sit down. You know nothing about marketing, about it's impact on our children. And you're likely a lard ass yourself.
The Real Thing's picture

At first glance I couldn't

At first glance I couldn't tell if this was Beyoncé or a Simpson character.
Peace Silas's picture

This is definitely the year

This is definitely the year of BEY! I really admire her for building her brand and expanding her career despite all the negativity. I mean this post was to celebrate her Pepsi campaign. With the mention of one line about her ratings, it has drawn comments that she's a megalomaniac, egregious, narcissistic, phony -just to name a few. I personally loved the documentary. I felt like she shared alot, more than what she needed to share. People often look at celebrities and think they have the right to see any and everything about their life and they dont. Just like everyone else, celebrities desire a certain amount of privacy... Also, none of us are perfect, so no one has any right to judge. While we all do it anyway, people need to be mindful of the extent to which they do it. If its not meant to build and uplift, keep it to yourself!

Beyonce has yet to prove that

Beyonce has yet to prove that she was NOT carrying a down comforter all those months. That so called belly in the shadows proves absolutely nothing. There are computer programs that can make people appear to turn into animals. A computer program could have certainly made her appear to have a belly. What's wrong with an old fashioned belly shot or a picture of her hubby holding her belly. I'm sure in all her veiness (sp?) that she would have at least one pic of that. Anyone that believes she carried that baby is as dumb as a box of rocks! #EPIDATSIT
laydeegirl's picture

Yeah I love Bey but one thing

Yeah I love Bey but one thing I agree with is she carried no baby. It's obvious it's her and Jay baby but my girl didn't carry it. I wish she would have told us the truth about this one. It's her business but why come up with this lie is beyond me.
BaddieBeyFans's picture

How do you know that she is

How do you know that she is not telling the truth about having the baby when it looks like just her and jay z combined. I do not under stand how people can continually say that she did not carry that child when her face was bloated. Just because she did not show her stomach and put all her business in the street does not mean she did not carry the baby. It would be nice if black people would be more encouraging and uplifting of others. If you are not there everyday to see what she does and does not do in her personal life then you can not make comments like these about her. Why can't people just listen to the music like or not like what the person does via entertainment and not make comments on the entertainers personal lives. Because all they are to us are entertainers either you like their acting or their songs or you do not.... and that is that.
jadakiss's picture

No one ever said that the

No one ever said that the baby wasn't genetically hers... Just that she DIDN't carry it. Also you seemed a bit obsessed over someone you don't know. Still trying to figure out why you felt the need to send me a DIRECT MESSAGE to my email to defend Beyonce when she wouldn't even throw a crumb at your pigeon bird a$$. Please refrain from sending me direct messages in the future! Thanks. P.S. Please get meds for your psycho obsession!
laydeegirl's picture


Happy Lady's picture

Her documentary proved people

Her documentary proved people are idiots they will sap up anything including believing she gave birth to her pillow. Still no belly shots nothing but choppy blurred footage. You people are the biggest fools. Flips hair leaving.
TeaNicole's picture

Please stop being jealous at

Please stop being jealous at least she is doing something with her life what are you doing with your life. You are being to personal about something you know nothing about.
jadakiss's picture

Thank you! Some one with

Thank you! Some one with sense! She has yet to produce a belly shot and she never will. She even made up that fake miscarriage story to gain sympathy and to get people to back off of her. How is that she can talk about the "miscarriage" and not tear up?
laydeegirl's picture

Why does she have to tear up

Why does she have to tear up because you think she should tear up. She has more than likely gotten over it and is just telling people that it happened if I was her I would not have told anyone, that is too personal and people do not deserve to know that information, because people like you will make these types of comments. It seems that Beyonce can not do anything right the fact of the matter is that all these comments are not stopping her from making the millions of dollars she makes. While people are talking smack about her she is laughing all the way to the bank...Ha Ha Ha
jadakiss's picture


BEYONCE OVERLOAD....I thought we wouldn't have to see so much of her once the documentary was over...I guess she's trying to find or maintain some relevance somehow someway. She's very artistic though
Reign's picture

Congrats Bey!!!

Congrats Bey!!! #BlackGirlsRock
cutethatsall56's picture

I wonder if First Lady came

I wonder if First Lady came to the conclusion yet, that she was used..... and if this doesn't prove to her that Bey is a calculated opportuniist, I don't know what it's gonna take. smh......
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

So you are saying that if you

So you are saying that if you were in Beyonce's place you would not do what you need to do to get that paper. People are so full of s$%#.
jadakiss's picture

Sweetie, why are you going

Sweetie, why are you going from one comment to another replying with your defense for her. The last time I checked, her bodyguard was named Julius and he's getting paid btw. Your constant replying is not gonna change our minds about her. You're so damn emotional..... WHY? Have a seat please and get your feelings in order. Thanks!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

How did she use the first

How did she use the first lady?
Mouse's picture

By doing a dance video in

By doing a dance video in what was suppose to be in support of First Lady's fight against obesity, but then she turns around and promote one of the biggest factors. She know damn well she don't give a flyng f--k about a bunch of fat kids. Like I said many times before. she did it for her image, she did it to wiggle her way in to get the opportunity to sing at the inauguration again (and I said that before we found out that she was chosen and boom look what happened), and she just want it to go down in history that she was friends (but they're not actually friends) with the First Black Family, which all makes her a calculated opportunist.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

If thats the case her husband

If thats the case her husband sold her out too. Obama just appointed one of the former heads of the Monsanto (Biggest GMO producer i.e. high fructose corn syrup and the real culprit behind obesity, diabetes and cancer in america) to the head of the FDA sooooo if anyone is playing those kids out it's the pres himself don't take my word for it look it up and this is a new appointment during his second term. Not saying promoting Pepsi after speaking out against obesity was right either but this problem of what our govt. allows to be fed to it's citizens is way bigger than Beyonce. Look up Clarence Thomas and monsanto Michael Taylor and Monsanto the list goes on and on if anyone is undermining the FLOTUS' campaign for healthier lives for children it's the POTUS hate to be the one to have to tell you. Beyonce is just a pretty face on a poster go after the people who are making the decisions and have the power to actually change things.
Mouse's picture

Not saying that what you've

Not saying that what you've said is incorrect, but this is a Beyonce post, so it only made sense to go after Beyonce.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

No I understand and I agree

No I understand and I agree it is a contradiction but if we are talking about change Bey is only good for changing clothes lol we need to focus on the people making the decisions no beef just spreading info
Mouse's picture

No beef here either and I get

No beef here either and I get you 100%, but........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Some of these haters need to

Some of these haters need to STFU and get a life. Beyonce is a Bad B*tch! Don't hate her cause you ain't her!

Exactly...IDK why so many

Exactly...IDK why so many black women hate her. This girl on top of the world right now and the other R&B female artists can't touch her right now. Facts are facts!
BaddieBeyFans's picture

Jesus is right about the

Jesus is right about the Pepsi fools don't shoot the messenger and miss the message. Notice I said nothing about Bey so stans keep it in check please.
Mouse's picture

As much as I hate to admit

As much as I hate to admit it, Jesus/LisaRaye is right about the Pepsi/Any sodas for that matter. I still love Beyonce tho. Go Beyonce!!
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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