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A SENSIBLE RANT? Kanye GOES OFF On Stage In London Saying "The Grammys Can S*ck His D*ck".....And He's NOT Feeling "Suit & Tie"

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We all know Kanye West no longer speaks to the media anymore...because he feels like everything he says is twisted into something negative.  So he often uses the stage as his platform.   And he may have more people than usual on his side tonight after his rant at his London concert...

After Mr. West performed "Clique" on stage at the Hammersmith Apollo in London tonight, he gave the audience a piece of his mind about the Grammys and people respecting his creativity.  And he spoke in general about reminding folks why he does this...and people in this business losing site of the art.

He said he hates business people and sponsors, the ones who ask him in meetings how they can "sell" what he's doing instead of understanding and respecting his music. 

He called out rappers who talk about smashing other dudes chick (Ha!).

He said "The Grammys can s*ck my d*ck"...and alluded to the organization not respecting creativity.

He also said he's got love for Jay-Z, but "not feeling that Suit & Tie sh*t."  Not surprised.

Check out his rant in full below:

Do you agree with Kanye?

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I agree that kanye has to

I agree that kanye has to stop ranting. It's promoting negativity and alienating from his friends, corporations etc. He needs big business to promote his records and support his concerts. Regarding jay z, he didn't make any derogatory comments about jay. Kanye is a black man that is intelligent and very outspoken which isn't tolerated in the music industry or any other industry. White artists can make negative comments about others but black artists are restricted in their speech. I truly believe that the reason why jay z is so successful is that he doesn't make waves. He's quiet and he doesn't let the public into his life. He doesn't talk against the industry and he"s non threatening. I cringe every time I hear jay z talk. He sounds like a fifth grader. But he doesn't threaten the white establishment as in oppose to Kanye who will not hold his tongue. Kanye, please my brother, you can't voice everything that you feel and face repercusations. He needs therapy. His fans don't want to go to a concert and hear you vent or whine or complain. Just let the concert be about the Music and not on your dissatisfactions.
Cutiepie's picture

Not a fan of suit and tie

Not a fan of suit and tie either but don't respect the fact that Kanye is acting like a whinny bitch, now I understand why Choppa aka Consequence was acting that way, Kanye want his way all the time! He is right, he should have won a grammy but no need to publicly rant about what ur so called friend is doing... just seem tacky and bitch like to me.

I wish his momma could come

I wish his momma could come back and give him a good spankin . "Suck my dick"? No, I'm sure Kimmy has that covered.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Let's Hang it up (Kanye)

Let's Hang it up (Kanye) jayz's moved on .........
REd™'s picture

Kanye sounds like a girl who

Kanye sounds like a girl who doesn't want another man around JayZ.
Twila's picture

lol "Exactly"

lol "Exactly"
REd™'s picture

Im not feeling that

Im not feeling that opportunistic bastard's suit & tie joint either!!! Other than that Kim needs to step her knob slobbing game up!!
Realist's picture

For everyone saying Kanye is

For everyone saying Kanye is entitled to his opinion..yes he is, we all are..but it comes at a cost. Would any of you tell your boss to suck your d*** or kiss your ass and still expect to have a job? There's a thing called RESPECT. The music industry made it possible for him to make a nice living off of his talent. Otherwise he would just be another talented brother in the hood. The very industry that gave him a chance, he is basically saying FK YOU to it. Kanye always thinks he's the best and deserves awards and accolades, etc bu then when he doesn't get them it's FK so and so...well which one is it? Either you care about the awards or you don't. Truth be told his work as of late has not be as good as his past offerings. What he doesn't want is to have NARAS and the music industry as an enemy. Then who will work with him? NO ONE. You see what happened to Keri Hilson and all she did was talk about Beyonce. Haven't had a hit since. Bottom line he needs the labels, execs and the very industry he is disrespecting. Unless he's planning to retire and pursue his clothing line...NOT! More importantly he is disrespecting his mother and family who I know did not raise him to act like that.
PacificGirl's picture

I think Kanye is going

I think Kanye is going through a lot right now and my prayers are with him. I feel sorry for him because he is a talented individual who seemed to have gotten caught up with the fame & fortune. He is speaking his mind and everyone is entitled to an opinion, although we may or may not agree with it. I do not think Kanye West is crazy in the least...well I do when it comes to his decisions concerning Kim because I feel that he should have known better. I think a lot of his anger is directed at the entertainment industry, Kim's family, or maybe even her and he is truly becoming aware of how everything and everyone operates. Fame comes with a price and I think he deeply regrets the dark decisions he made; however, at the end of the day he simply wants to be loved and happy...we all do. Jesus still walks Kanye. Happy Sunday & God bless everyone!
Sky's picture

the Grammys suck the fact he

the Grammys suck the fact he wasn't nominated for album of the year for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was crazy but his obsession with what Jay Z is doing and who he's doing it with is even crazier lol

Let's be clear. Jay's

Let's be clear. Jay's association became little to none when Kanye impregnated that slore who does absolutely nothing for a living outside of screwing rich black men!!! When Kanye posted that pic on twitter of himself, his slore, Jay and Bey (with the caption as "Family"), I knew that it wouldn't be long. There is a code in which you're never ever supposed to wife a chick like that who's not on payroll. She is a blood sucking attention whore and to be affiliated with Roc Nation would be another "up" for her. Nope, the team can't have that!! She is not a part of the "CLIQUE" and him trying to force her in is causing him to lose his spot!!! Kanye is a SUCK FOR LOVE type dude!! Period!!
jdotty's picture

Damn a "slore" have not heard

Damn a "slore" have not heard this term since reading Edith Wharton literature LMAO...And your analysis of Jay & Ye's roles and current relationship is rather interesting.
star's picture

Kanye also had a problem with

Kanye also had a problem with Jayz's collaboration with Coldplay which he stated in his song 'big brother'. Jealous mofo.
Tannygirl's picture

& I'm not feeling him. He

& I'm not feeling him. He needs to sit his ass down!! Him and his washed up ass baby momma! They just read pathetic to me. Smh attention hungry MFs!!
Ag1234's picture

The Grammys were two weeks

The Grammys were two weeks ago, why is he ranting now?....
Peace Silas's picture

I hope Jay disassociates

I hope Jay disassociates himself from Kanye like he had to do with R. Kelly and Dame Dash. Some of these so-called friends you have to put down when you see their maturity level is stuck on 0. Kanye is bad for business and bad on the mental. Who has time to cater to a nearly 40 year old man that's constantly throwing hissy fits, looking for the camera or speaking out of term for attention? Jay is better than me because I would have gave him the boot long time ago.
Keys's picture

I agree w/ the comments about

I agree w/ the comments about kumye jealous a$$.. He got dismissed frm the first Grammy and then the Real one Last night!! He's just not good w/ business relationships, which btw is a key factor toward respect and longevity! Lol whatta Friggin idiot!!
Like Really's picture

Oooooh there he go.

Oooooh there he go.
Yas's picture

== http://www.pokostyle.com

== http://www.pokostyle.com ===
zzcv10's picture

Are you embarrassed yet Kim?

Are you embarrassed yet Kim? This guy is NUTS and he's now going to ruin your life too. An article on huffpo states that Kim cannot sign autographs anymore because her boyfriend won't let her??She's crazy for letting him do that to her. She's a reality star and her fans is what truly made her famous outside of RayJ. lol..He's ruining his career by talking shit about JAY-Z. He will never get on again with him..RUN KIM!!!Your mother ain't going to like him messing with her commission
Missy's picture

He won't let her sign

He won't let her sign autographs because more ppl come up to her for pics and autographs than him. Again, insecure, jealous PSYCHO!
PacificGirl's picture

I am not really a fan of

I am not really a fan of Kanye, but every now and then he puts out something I like, however, I do believe he has Jay-Z envy. He tries so hard to get society to love him like they gravitate toward Jay.but Jigger knows who he is and is not trying to be anyone else! On the other hand Kanye comes across as a person trying to find a formula for the masses to love and want, that is the difference. I would suggest you take some time off and focus on your new baby to be, how to present yourself so that your child will not grow confused and looking for love in ALL the wrong places, like mom and dad. All your money has not helped, so look up for real and stop trying to pretend you know it ALL may your maker be with you!

So Ms. West wants to talk

So Ms. West wants to talk about "whites do this and that" but clamors to be with their women or a version of them? F*ck outta here with that Ms. West. Your music hasn't been about ish in a long while. That's why Jay was in Atlanta last night hanging with his real music friends.
JJFad's picture

My sentiments exactly!

My sentiments exactly!
cutethatsall56's picture


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MS_NONO's picture

Who mutha fucking cares what

Who mutha fucking cares what your egotistical,delusional, self righteous ranting-on- stage ass thinks. Please jump off a very high bridge and take ur plastic ho with you.
sianna1's picture

Jay-Z was chugging booze out

Jay-Z was chugging booze out of the Grammy. Now Kanye wants the Grammy to suck his dick. Poor Grammy. **watches gay sex going on underneath The Vatican...in secret rooms**...........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Didn't Kanye wear a tux and

Didn't Kanye wear a tux and tie when he was part if the Rap Pack that included Jay Z, T.I. And M.I.A.?
Anamcara450's picture

When Kanye' says he's not

When Kanye' says he's not feeling "suit and tie" he's not talking about the attire, he's talking about the song.
jgraves58's picture

Dang....don't feel like

Dang....don't feel like watching that..and will not!....Kanye is definitely jealous of this collabo and wishes it was only him and Jay. #smh
sexybrownpyt's picture

His "rant" may not be

His "rant" may not be "serious" to some ppl but he seriously needs Jesus and that's no lie. U can speak your mind and thats fine, free will, but sooner or later u should be tired of just being ignorant. All the Blue Ivy competition is gargage.just look at the parents, they don't even compare
Laia's picture

Yep, he needs me. Have a

Yep, he needs me. Have a blessed Sunday my child
Jesus H. Christ's picture

LOL!!..u so cray

LOL!!..u so cray
Like Really's picture

SHADE......Kanye is a big

SHADE......Kanye is a big hypocrite....I bet you money and a few outfits from his wack azz fashion line that if Justin and Jay asked him to get on the song he would be all over it and if they asked him to join them on tour he would be the first person packed and ready to go with his leather pants and backpack on waiting at the airport....Kim come and get your baby daddy!
Naomi's picture

Lol right!

Lol right!
cutethatsall56's picture

Kanye's on his period. He's

Kanye's on his period. He's JEALOUS of Jigga's collabo with Justin and their upcoming tour. Jigga has the respect of ppl in different genres and he has more versatility than 'Ye. Kanye is rigid and whiny--and while he's entitled to his opinions he needs to know that not everybody is feeling his ish either. Now that he shouts out hoe-a$$ Kim K in his music I'm turned off by him. Kanye's a whiny, gossipy, moody BITCH who acts out whenever he's not the center of attention. Kim K better watch her back. If she ever tries to leave him it'll probably result in a murder-suicide cuz THIS FOOL is nuts!!


cutethatsall56's picture

Oh the irony, Kanye would be

Oh the irony, Kanye would be just another underground wannabe rapper without the big business corporate establishment that is the music industry that has bank rolled him for years .


leighd33's picture


cutethatsall56's picture

lmao I love Ye. I don't care

lmao I love Ye. I don't care -- everyone is on here talking about he needs to grow up. Your asses are up on this blog grown as hell always talking about how someone isn't ish as well. Love that Ye is Ye all day every day and speaks his mind (wrong or right) and isn't worried about being PC. Suit & Tie does suck and the Grammys are shit now anyway.
imjussaying's picture

Kanye is going to be Kanye...

Kanye is going to be Kanye... Love That about him
get right church and let's go home...'s picture

Kanye is a very unhappy

Kanye is a very unhappy man!!!
Reign's picture

Kanye been hanging around Rob

Kanye been hanging around Rob Kardashian, stop crying like a bitch. Have several seats nobody checking for you Ye.

If Jigga never handed him

If Jigga never handed him that chain years ago dude would still be just a producer like Consequence. He's only as big cause Jigga put him on..Kim got him amp but he better chill.
cutethatsall56's picture

Kanye is biting the hands

Kanye is biting the hands that feed his a$$, he better find some chill before that new baby ends up in the projects.
cutethatsall56's picture

What he said (Kanye) | Not

What he said (Kanye) | Not feeling that wack a$$ Suit & Tie either ...
GetUrLife's picture

"He called out rappers who

"He called out rappers who talk about smashing other dudes chick " :/ for real Kanye?
HNICCHICK's picture

LOL Pot meet kettle

LOL Pot meet kettle
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