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BIG GIG: Quvenzhane Wallis Cast As Annie In Upcoming "Annie" Remake!

 photo QWallisAnnie_zps888f2674.jpg

When Willow Smith dropped out the lead role of Annie in the upcoming "Annie" remake--produced by Will & Jada Pinkett Smith--Columbia Pictures just announced their newest choice for the starring role.


Deets inside...

Quvenzhane Wallis, the Oscar-nominated 9-year-old star of Beasts of the Southern Wild, has just been cast to play the title role in the upcoming remake of Annie.

The film will be directed by Will Gluck and co-produced by Jay-Z, Jay Brown & Ty Ty Smith through Marcy Media in addition to the Smith's Overbrook Entertainment.

And the well-spoken and poised cutie Quvenzhane will be singing and dancing in the remake to music produced specifically for the film by Jay-Z.

Columbia Pictures President Hannah Minghella said about the new casting decision:

“With the recent Academy Award nomination and critical acclaim, Quvenzhane Wallis is a true star, and we believe her portrayal as Annie will make her a true worldwide star.  She is an extraordinary young talent with an amazing range, not only as an actress but as a singer and dancer, and we can’t wait for audiences to further discover her."

According to THR, DeVon Franklin will be overseeing the movie at the studio with Andrea Giannetti. And the film based on the 1977 Broadway production is set to be released during the Holidays of 2014.

She's the perfect choice for the role.  And whether she wins or loses at tonight's Oscars, she's well on her way to a BIG Hollywood career.  Congrats Q!





Congrats to her! I'm happy

Congrats to her! I'm happy they still went along with a young, beautiful black actress.
Jernero94's picture

I think she is the PERFECT

I think she is the PERFECT choice! She is talented, cute, and has the innocence about her that Annie had. Looking forward to the movie! I could see nothing but great things in her career.
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Perfect choice!!! Congrats

Perfect choice!!! Congrats to her.
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I love this little girl! I

I love this little girl! I hope she becomes very successful.
cutethatsall56's picture

Perfect for the role, she'll

Perfect for the role, she'll breathe new life into it as well. I never get tired of witnessing her express herself she is such an astute lil individual.
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She is a perfect pick.

She is a perfect pick. Congratz to her and much more success.
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tom100's picture

Black women and the names

Black women and the names they give their children.......idk
star's picture

I mean whats wrong with the

I mean whats wrong with the young sistas name???? I don't get it..... How about this, WHAT WOULD YOU PREFER HER TO BE NAMED???? Since black women give their children horrible names , now i can see if she was named after a car or liquor, but the young sista has a unique name. And black people be the first to put somebody down because they didnt give their children and EUROPEAN WHITE NAME.
LetsGetIt's picture

Awesome can't wait to see it

Awesome can't wait to see it .. #SupportOurYouth
REd™'s picture

Looking forward to seeing

Looking forward to seeing this child of talent perform, however I am sure Willow would have been really wonderful at the roll also, I think she may have felt that this was not her performance to star in. I do look forward to a Willow's turn in her star role as she is a very talented person.

Who gives a shit...........

Who gives a shit...........
sianna1's picture

I'm so proud of this young

I'm so proud of this young lady. I wonder where all the people with all the negative comments about Tarija's son? They can't find there way on this thread. Here's a good positive story, and they are nowhere to be seen. How typical! I wish this baby the best!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Some people just seek drama

Some people just seek drama and negativity. It's sad, but true.
C2C's picture

Awwww, congrats!!!

Awwww, congrats!!!
Happy Lady's picture

She just got interviewed on

She just got interviewed on the Red Carpet and shes adorable.
DivineBeauty's picture

Go ahead lil Nazie!!

Go ahead lil Nazie!!
SweetDivaT's picture

I've never met this child,

I've never met this child, but I'm extremely proud of her accomplishments this past year. It's good to see young, black talent on the rise. I'm also glad she got this role instead of Willow, but it would be nice if all of these producers and writers could come up with some original films for black stars. Just like with the remake of Steel Magnolias, it's always nice to see black folks getting some shine, but we'll never have classic films starring a black actor if we keep remaking films that have already become classics. My thoughts for the future. Good luck Q!
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SMH that she's being called

SMH that she's being called "Q" on the Oscars red carpet right now. People trying to make it a "cute" nickname because her mom decided to do her a disservice by naming her something nearly un-pronouncable. Parents need to think about their kids' future when making up ghetto names for their kids! "Q," indeed...
tinytexan's picture

Haha she should reply "Who is

Haha she should reply "Who is Q?"
C2C's picture

Wow! Bless this little girl's

Wow! Bless this little girl's heart! Congratulations beautiful!
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