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Taraji P. Henson's 18-Year-Old Son Marcell SMOKES OUT On Instagram....And Flaunts His 6-Pack

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 photo 14ob4l_zpsa0f3ec23.jpg

Taraji P. Henson may have kept her son Marcell under wraps all these years, but now that he's 18 and kicking off a modeling career, he's flexing his personality....and 6 pack....all over Instagram.


Check the pics inside....

Taraji's baby boy Marcell Johnson now models for the SquareBear brand.  And clearly, he's not shy about showing off his slim cut bod on his Instagram either.  And dude likes a smoke or two as well:

 photo 2jfyk5k_zps12ef39db.jpg

 photo ScreenShot2013-02-24at101529AM_zps8685e7c5.png  photo ScreenShot2013-02-24at102008AM_zpsa2fcdea5.png

And he's posted cutesy pics with his mom and homemade cooking:

 photo 242g9rs_zpscf7a4521.jpg photo 2r4u7hf_zps10c5ba6f.jpg

Retract those claws cougars.  He may be legal and all, but y'all know Taraji seems like she would be quick to cut a chick who messes with her baby.

 photo MuYJwtO_zps011fa978.jpg

And speaking of Taraji, the "Person of Interest" star was posted getting glammed up by her team right before yesterday's press event for the show.  Nice.

The Randomness:

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If we all recognize we need

If we all recognize we need to change, to begin to see the black community rise let's start by making plans whether in small groups or large forums and then execute them. Let's put some action to what we know to do. I don't want to talk anymore about why our community is struggling cause I think we all know why. My plan is to help by teaching young black men and women a trade and exposing them to opportunities in the 4H program in our city, like stepping. Many of us are doing things positive to help our community out and I salute you. Also lets stop thinking the worst of each other because of a preconceived idea, like TM said he may not be smoking weed cause there are cigarettes on his nightstand. Let's change our perception of ourselves and hope for the best in each other

That is a skinny little boy.

That is a skinny little boy. Who is he modeling for -- The Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones Collection? Go put a shirt on and stop kidding yourself -- you're not a model and if you want to ride off of your mom's success, you may want to try acting -- modeling is a stretch.
Child Please's picture

*shaking my head slowly*

*shaking my head slowly*
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tom100's picture

Oh, boy...when will these

Oh, boy...when will these children learn. His abs look nice, that's all I have!
Laia's picture

An excellent book to read

An excellent book to read which covers the topics discussed below - Brainwashed Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell- http://www.amazon.com/Brainwashed-Challenging-Myth-Black-Inferiority/dp/...

Its not that (Deep) ... cute

Its not that (Deep) ... cute kid...
REd™'s picture

This kid has EVERY possible

This kid has EVERY possible advantage and THIS is what he chooses to do? I LOVE Tariji and wish she would BE the strong Black woman character she's always portraying! Someone asked her a question about parenting in an interview and I knew from her response that this kid lacked focus!
PinkRose's picture

Hmmmmm thats pretty much what

Hmmmmm thats pretty much what i was doing at 18, working and smoking my herbs...it was the 70's for God's sake...the difference is this generation post all of their private personal lives for all to see
Reign's picture

A story about this young man

A story about this young man has turned into a debate over how bad/good blacks are. Sometimes I wonder if trolls are sent to black sites to perpetrate the negativity. I see it all the time, and so called, black people, are the one perpetuating this bullshit. From the beginning of time, blacks have been routinely educated to feel inferior, and it's usually done by the mass media using STATISTICS. I was watching Good Times yesterday, and even though it's fiction, is says a lot about how the system works. Michael refused to take an IQ test because he said it is culturally biased. The school counselor told Michael that he'd be better fit for a trade school because STATISTICALLY, he wasn't fit for anything batter. When Florida and James went to visit the counselor, he was enamored by his calculator. He calculated everything in order to "prove" a point. This is what they've been doing. The sad part is that many blacks, instead of reading and doing their own research, have believed the lies. They don't realize that we are kings and queens and that language, the arts, and mathematics came from Africa. We believe all the negativity told about us. Even those blacks who are "pro-black" have bought into the lie. We an innovators and everyone wants to be like us. Did you know they have classes on Tupac in universities? It's impossible to undo the damage done to many of our people. They don't want desire to know the truth. We are the only ethnicity that downs our own people. Ask yourself why? WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE and KNOW YOUR DAMN HISTORY or you will forever believe you are second class.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I understand everything

I understand everything you've been saying on all the posts you've written and I agree with what you’ve been saying. Like you, I don’t have a problem with recognizing the negativity that’s in the Black community, but in the same respect I’ll acknowledge the many more positives that exist in our community as well. I know you agree with me when I say that there is way more to the story than what the media loves to portray or what a person living in an impoverished neighborhood may see on a daily. I always say if a person is not going to try to come up with a solution to better our community or at the very least research the entire facts, (credible sources are NOT newspapers, magazines, or your “personal” experiences) then you really shouldn’t be speaking. I say this because there is really no point in telling a story or giving facts if you are not telling (giving) it fully.
Abri's picture

I'm beginning to think that

I'm beginning to think that maybe there isn't a conspiracy of silence in the black community when it comes to the serious self inflicted problems we need to address. Many are simply ignorant. I get my facts from websites that end in .gov, so you can miss me with your sentence about credible sources. The problem is people like you, who are in denial and believe "the man" is cooking the statistics to make black people look bad. You say that a person should offer solutions to the problems but how can one do that when many won't even admit that there's a problem to begin with. Hell, let your ally tell it, black people are thriving at the same level as every other racial group in America and other racial groups have the same epidemics within their communities as blacks. Now you don’t really believe that, do you? If so, please join me in this place called reality.
CLS1986's picture

Offering solutions to the

Offering solutions to the problem has little to do with someone else but more to do with the person (s) implementing the solution. Of course not everyone is going to take the help, but there are individuals who will. If I'm wrong, then I don't think there would be people be actually benefiting from the many programs or non-profit orgs that are out there willing to provide aid to combat these socio-economic problems
Abri's picture

For starters, I'm not into

For starters, I'm not into rebutting with the intention on convincing anyone to believe otherwise because people are going to believe what they choose to believe regardless (otherwise I would have commented on all the posts I disagreed with). You may want to reread my post because there isn't anything in my post that indicated I was in denial about anything going on in the black community. I am well aware of the “epidemics” that exist in the Black community as well as its prevalence in Non-Black communities. But as far as the rest of your post goes, you can believe what you choose to believe and lack the real knowledge behind the true reality of these facts you speak so passionately about. I never denied anything. Unlike you, I don’t take statistics for face value and simply believe “the story ends there”. I research the EXPLANATION behind any statistics using credible sources (that’s what I meant by what I wrote above ^) because it tells the whole story. I like how you refer to “.gov” sites as being credible sources implying that they are all free of any biasness or political motivation. But anyway, that’s beside the point. Disagree with I what I write? Then maybe you should thoroughly research any scholarly research database or book (written by experts who actually conducted numerous amounts of research of the issues at hand) using the topics of the stats you get from all of your .gov sites. I'm sure any undergraduate level professor or graduate level professor would agree with me when I say that submitting any type of scholarly research paper using only sources from “.gov" websites without adding any sources from scholarly-research articles/journals would be considered as actual “research" (<--not written to throw shade, but I’m just saying).
Abri's picture


Money First's picture

Wild child.

Wild child.
Twila's picture

Why are people saying he's

Why are people saying he's smoking weed, when we can't see what's in his hand? There's a pack of cigarettes on his nightstand.
tm's picture

Lmao @ that little body.

Lmao @ that little body.
cutethatsall56's picture

Exactly! hahaha I need

Exactly! hahaha I need something to hold onto... :O
C2C's picture

LOL....... I hope this post

LOL....... I hope this post doesn't reach 100 due to the back and forth. Geesh!!! To me, the photos just come off as a little suburban kid, trying to be cool, imitating what he sees on tv (like alot of people) That's all. (shrugs)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Let me address the topic at

Let me address the topic at hand. I'm done trying to convince black people that they are inferior. That mentality is too engrained in their brains. There's no hope, so I'm moving on. Everyone is making judgments about this young man, yet none of us know him. OK, so he's smoking a joint. Many people smoke weed. I don't. I can't stand the smell, and I don't like anything altering my mind, but that's me. There's nothing about these pictures that warrant the criticism of this young man. Don't judge a book by its cover. Yeah, maybe he is trying to fit in. Many kids his age do. That doesn't make him a bad person. Kids today just need to be taught that it's OK to be different, and sometimes you have to stand alone.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Black people, if you don't

Black people, if you don't believe what I'm saying, Google, "myths of black America." If you aren't willing to become un-brainwashed, there is NO HOPE for us. If we continue to see ourselves as inferior, negative, and below everyone else, we won't rise up like those before us did. Herein lies the issues. Blacks marched together in unity. We are always talking about the black community as if we are monolithic. If you start turning off the TV and start reading books like, "The Miseducation of the Negro," you will see what I'm talking about. But if you keep licking the boots of the master, you'll always see yourselves as less than. We come from a strong people. Having been oppressed for over 500 years, we STILL STAND. Everyone around the world copies us. They steal our innovations and make money. Yet, we are the inferior ones. We created Black Wall Street, and the racist whites burned it down. Since the beginning of time, the black family had been disjointed, now people want to criticize us. People, you better wake up and smell the coffee. We are too engrained in Western America to see the forest for the trees. I feel so sorry for this generation.
Sunflower Jones's picture

That's the rub, it's

That's the rub, it's important that we keep seeing ourselves as inferior, that we keep fearing or not believing in the possibility of a strong union between a black man and a black woman that we keep ignoring our power. That we keep believing their stereotypes about us. Don't you realize? If we woke up one day and owned ourselves and realized how truly powerful we really are fear would shake this nation to their knees. We've been taught to undermind ourselves and we do it with no assistance.
Mouse's picture

I apologize for not replying

I apologize for not replying to your comment. I didn't see it. THANK YOU!!! You get it!!!! Halellujah, someone's eyes are open. Trying to get some of our people to see what we've been saying will open our eyes, thus the enemy keeps us believe the negative. That's exactly where they want us. Thank you, Mouse, for getting it!!!
Sunflower Jones's picture

He's handsome and he's 18.

He's handsome and he's 18. Y'all don't know his life, get yours together! #basically
SkeeWee's picture

I don't have a problem with

I don't have a problem with this kid smoking weed. I think the government should legalize weed because it's a lot safer than drinking alcohol.
CLS1986's picture

Attention black people:

Attention black people: Question. Where do you get most of your information on black people? The media? If you answered, "yes" to that question, may I suggest you venture outside the white-owned, white-brainwashed media that has convinced our people that we a the scum of the earth. Start reading and visiting sites that show the way black people are REALLY living. Seek, and ye shall find. It isn't all that bad. Is it perfect? NO! The last time I check, NO ONE/GROUP is perfect. What we see are years and years of brainwashing from those in power (who own every damn thing) telling us about us. Do you know the names of black inventors, scientists, doctors, educators. Did you know that many black parents are homeschooling their children? Did you know that a young black boy got a perfect SAT score? He got every question right - didn't miss one. Did you know that? Do you know how many blacks are doing well in this society. There's a Facebook page dedicated to positivity. If you choose to keep your minds in chains and continue to think negative about your people and believing the LIES that have been told to us, we will never progress as a people. BTW, there are wonderful, loving black families. Not all is bad in "Black America" people!
Sunflower Jones's picture

I think you're the one who

I think you're the one who needs a reality check because the black community is in BAD SHAPE! We are drowning! Yes, there are African Americans who are thriving but they're in the minority. Would you like me to list some statistics that will back up my claim?
CLS1986's picture

Sista you know what's wrong

Sista you know what's wrong with black people??? They don't want to face reality. SHIT IS FUCKED UP!!! I aint gotta watch the news to know this I CAN JUST WALK THROUGH THE BLACK COMMUNITY AND SEE THIS. Black people love to romanticize and think "awwwwwwww evaaaathangggss gonessss beee alriteee sugaaaa". No the fuck it aint, things have gotten perpetually worse since the 70's goddamn we DIDN'T EVEN NEEEEEEEEEEED POLICE IN OUR COMMUNITIES BACK THEN!!!!!! Now niggas wildin out, and its because we been under women far to long that men are starting to become emotional and take on the characteristics of females. Shit im guilty of some of the shit to!!!But it's gettting out of handdddd out here, and its coming to a point where i feel some niggas are gonna have to be quarantined, and fire bombed for this shit to changed , we gone have to call a "Code red" and get rid of these crazy ass niggas BEFORE INFECTION SPREADS. Sista everytime i watch zombies movies or walking dead, i think of these niggas out here, and only me and few other ppl survived. And we gotta watch out because these fools might try to get us and turn us into them. Fuck that we need a code red!!!!!!!!Sooon!!! Or it's definitely a wrap for black ppl we gone all be zombies around this shit. and if we dont become zombies our children are gonna have to grow up in post Apocalypse type of world
LetsGetIt's picture

LetsGetit, I'm more steeped

LetsGetit, I'm more steeped in reality than you'll ever be. You are one of those blacks who will never shift from neutral to drive. You will continue to parrot what you've heard. Neither you or CLS have looked outside your minds and done exactly what I've said. Have you read the Miseducation of the Negro. Have you read about the myths we have been told? I doubt it because you keep wanted to repeat the same old nonsense, and instead of presenting an argument, you keep regurgiating the same thing over. You and CLS are not teachable, so with that, joint the Klan. They like Negroes like you who only see the worst. I'm done talking. There's not hope to penetrate the brains of those who only see negative. I'm not wasting my time anymore. I'm in my 40s, so I know what I'm talking about. This generation is so dense and don't wanna listen. Peace out.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Exactly! I don't have time to

Exactly! I don't have time to debate with someone who doesn't want to deal with reality. The black community will only begin to advance when the light bulb goes on and we come realization that we have big problems and need to change. We are drowning!
CLS1986's picture

You keep saying the same

You keep saying the same thing over and over again, but I bet 10 to 1, you haven't done anything to disspell what I've said. How old are you? I'm in my 40s, and trust me, I live in reality. I read. I don't believe everything I see and hear. Did you even Google, "Myths of black America?" I bet you didn't, so you want to stay naive. Keep at it. You keep saying, WE. Back up your claims, and not based on some white man's statistics. You are drowning in your own ignorance, but you are not alone. You have many to partner with. It's a lost cause trying to educate those who are stuck in neutral. With that, I'm out.
Sunflower Jones's picture

You're the one that's

You're the one that's drowning in ignorance. You can't stand living in a fact based world. You think "the man" is reporting statistics to make black people look bad?!?! No, those are the facts. There is a conspiracy of silence in the black community when it comes to our self inflicted problems and people like to sweep it under the rug. Stop it! Peace.
CLS1986's picture

That's the first step of

That's the first step of recovery, acknowledging that you have a PROBLEM. And we don't want to do that.
LetsGetIt's picture

Yes, I agree, and that's the

Yes, I agree, and that's the one thing you and CLS are NOT doing. You have believed what your masters have told you. You have NOT set out to see the other side. You choose not too. You would be better fit for a white supremacist group because you have the same mindset. You and CLS are no different from them. You spout all this negativity about your own people, and you believe the lies. There is no hope of penetrating minds like yours and CLS. You choose to remain with your heads buried and thus, there is no hope.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Nope. Black Americans need to

Nope. Black Americans need to wake the freak up!
CLS1986's picture

We are in bad shape? Says

We are in bad shape? Says who? When last have you sought out the good in our community? Where are you getting your information? What studies have YOU conducted to show how "bad off the black community is." You are the brainwashed minions who can't see past what they've been told. How dare you say the blacks that are thriving on in the "minority." I don't give a fluck about statistics. You have been brainwashed by the white man because he uses statistics to tell us how terrible we are. Have you taken a statistics class? Who is compiling these statistics? Do you just believe everything your told? Do you think they are going to release statistics based on the TRUTH? No, because they depend on the pathetic blacks to believe everything they are told. They've always used statistics to tell us how inferior we are. Yet, isn't it strange that whatever we do, they copy US. They make money from US. It's impossible to undo the damage done to black people because they refuse to see the fact they they are enslaved. You are just one of many. Does the black community have issues? Hell yes we do. Does every community have issues? Hell yes they do, but when was the last time you've seen stats on that? You haven't and you won't. Harriet Tubman said (paraphrasing), "I would've free more slaves if they had known they were slaves." This fact rings true in 2013. That's the issue in our community.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I find it funny that you

I find it funny that you chose that quote by Harriet Tubman because it describes you perfectly. You're not living in a reality based world if you don't think the black community is in bad shape. We have the highest HIV rate, highest abortion rate, highest rate of out of wedlock births , highest rate of single parent homes, highest prison rate, highest murder rate, highest obesity rate, we finish last in education and we have the highest rate of people on welfare when you compare it to size of the black population. Yeah, we're in good shape! Smh.
CLS1986's picture

OH, I know you are white,

OH, I know you are white, because you sound just like em. there are more whites on welfare dimwit. There are more whites who commit violent crimes than blacks. More blacks are convicted and most in prison are due to drug related incidences. Again, you are either white or a brainwashed boot licker. You are the detriment to our race. You are a pathetic soul. You lack the ability to think or even reason. You are a white man/woman for sure. If you are black, you are pathetic.
Sunflower Jones's picture

One more thing, your comments

One more thing, your comments regarding welfare and violent offenses made by whites are incorrect but I'm going to leave you alone because you simply refuse to live in a fact based world.
CLS1986's picture

You're a 40(+) year old woman

You're a 40(+) year old woman that resorts to name calling, but I'm the one that's pathetic? LOL Bye, girl!
CLS1986's picture


C2C's picture

I can't! lol

I can't! lol
CLS1986's picture

CLS, again, you are a parrot

CLS, again, you are a parrot for the white man who convinced you of those things. Did you even bother to check into how many of those stats are correct. The answer is NO you didn't. Don't you see the white man is the one who creates these stats to make those like you believe it. What have you done to dispell any of it. NOTHING. They depend on so-called blacks like you who don't have the sense God gave a Billy Goat to not understand that these statistics were made to make us believe we are inferior, and as usual, those weak-minded boot licking Negroes fall for it. Maybe you should joint a white supremacist group. You'd be better fit for that setting. BTW, I bet you aren't even black since you parrot exactly what the white man says. I bet you believe he's God since he can do no wrong. Black people like you are the detriment to our race. The brainwashed minions of our race are what brings us down. You and LetsGetit say, "WE," as if we are all alike. Your master has taught you well. Unless you can come back with something other than that which you have been trained to believe, don't bother to respect because black people like you make me ill.
Sunflower Jones's picture


CLS1986's picture

i feel sorry for him. He

i feel sorry for him. He feels like he has to be this way to be excepted by black america. This has little to do with him not being with his dad this is more about what is expected by black women and white america. They brainwash these black boys into thinking being a thug is all you will ever be. I"m sure his mom will kill him. Black women except all of this fake thug ish which is why we have so many assholes walking around. i have a 16 year old son and yes his dad is around and i tell him all the time what ever you do, do not follow the crowd.
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

SMH. Why do my people always

SMH. Why do my people always have to see race in everything. This has nothing to do with black woman. I'm a black woman and I don't accept any of those things you discussed. Where are you getting your information? The problem I see with many of us is that we make assumptions just like racist white people do. My mother was a black woman (RIP, mommy) and she never raised my brother to be anything other than a law-abiding, strong black man. He's a very successful businessman today. He's never once been arrested. I think the first thing many of us need to do is get UN-BRAINWASHED to what we've been told about ourselves and start looking for the positivity. However, I highly doubt that will happen. The chains are way too tight around our brains to see anything other than what's been engrained in our psyches.
Sunflower Jones's picture

The key word is RAISED. Your

The key word is RAISED. Your mother raised your brother to be decent human being. A lot of black parents are failing their children. Some don't know how to be parents and others aren't interested.
CLS1986's picture

Let me educate you for a

Let me educate you for a minute. Many parents are failing their children. I'm a Court Appointed Special Advocate/Guardian Ad Litem. I deal with children everyday, and if you want to see bad parenting, try being a CASA. It's so hard to get this through black people's head because they won't listen. There are many, many black parents who are doing a damn good job raising their children, but if you don't know that, and all you see staring back are the negative ones, you won't know. When last did you do research. I'm a lot older than most on here, and I can tell you, I'm insulted when I hear blacks making such generalized comments. Newsflash! Bad parenting SEES NO COLOR. You need to get out in the real world and stop making everything about race. You would not believe some of the conditions many of these children are subjected too. Guess what? They are white, mixed, Native American, and Latino children. Bad parenting isn't a race issue; it's a character issue. Many parents aren't equipped. Regardless of the race of the parents, bad parenting affects ALL OF US.
Sunflower Jones's picture

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