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Nelly & Girlfriend Tae Heckard COUPLED UP In The Club In Atlanta

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Looks like these two are getting more comfortable with taking their love public.  After a few mystery Instagram pics together, rapper Nelly brought his new girl, model and actress Tae Heckard, out to the club in Atlanta this weekend.


Check their pics inside...

Yeah, we see you Nelly & Tae.  While she's already confirmed she will be returning to her role as "Jazz" on "The Game," Tae is in ATL shooting and partying with her new man Nelly.  The twosome were spotted at The Gold Room Friday night getting in some drinks and QT.

Nelly def has a type though.

The twosome were spotted drinking and partying in their private booth all night as they partied with boutique owner/model Delicia Cordon.  And made their creep out the club together as well.


Photos: Prince Williams/ATLpics.net




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They are a hot ass mess SMFH

They are a hot ass mess SMFH
NcChick87's picture

These pics are not very

These pics are not very flattering, in the 3rd pic her side profile has a teletubby look to it.
Realist's picture

i got the vibe nelly &

i got the vibe nelly & ashanti were on the usher and chilli page only their relationship lasted longer. nelly was ready but ashanti wasn't. he was wining, dining, showing up with flowers, etc. sometimes its the woman....
ccwilson24's picture

She looks very masculine

She looks very masculine while Ashanti was feminine. I guess Nelly likes mannish women??
Twila's picture

She's actually really pretty,

She's actually really pretty, I think the way her hair is styled that gives her that "masculine" look and I agree, it's not flattering. Neither is her behavior but obviously that's not what counts to him.
Peace Silas's picture

He's been messing with this

He's been messing with this girl off and on for years allegedly. Sad, but this is one of the outcomes of allowing a man to keep your "relationship" a secret for ANY reason. Being private is one thing, but when your man can't claim you as his woman, beware - you need to step aside until he can, and if he can't well then good - you avoid humiliation like this. Ashanti wasted a decade of her life being "sort of" with this dude, and for what? For him to publicly parade around a trifling video chick who plays the role of a trifling video chick on t.v. #damnhomie
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Aww dayum, I was hoping this

Aww dayum, I was hoping this was a rumor. Oh well...
Username's picture

I'm so happy that Ashanti is

I'm so happy that Ashanti is worth $40 million and doesn't need Nelly for one thing! She is definitely going to find someone who will appreciate her. Nelly did a serious misstep with this new chick. Yes, she's pretty BUT sticking up the middle finger with the tongue hanging out KILLED her class. A pretty face is a dime a dozen, but what about chicks with class? That's another story!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Love Ashanti but none of us

Love Ashanti but none of us know the real story she did have some whorish ways, she did mess with a married man so no telling what the hell she did. As for the new chick, she should be aware that Nellie may have her waiting even longer for a ring. lol

She favors Ashanti a

She favors Ashanti a little.....But nobody is really checking for Nelly anymore...He was not even really a great rapper.
Naomi's picture

There is a valuable lesson to

There is a valuable lesson to be learned for all involved (especially women)...have a timeline in effect - don't count Ashanti out - I bet her bounce back far outweighs Nelly on every level - just look how Janet bounced back from Jerri curl Dupree....Billionare, marriage...need I say more....
lifeisgood's picture

What type of loyalty does he

What type of loyalty does he owe Ashanti after a break up? Life goes on! If she chooses to sit around and mope--SHAME ON HER!! This is exactly why you dont sit around and be a girlfriend for 10yrs. Instead of blaming him for moving on, take lessons!!
BooLuv's picture

I agree, life does go

I agree, life does go on...but in this particular situation, Nelly was cheating with Tae while he was with Ashanti so this is kinda a slap in the face to Ashanti. I do think Ashanti should just keep it movin though because she cheated as well.....
DCchica's picture

Yeah--if the relationship is

Yeah--if the relationship is over then what does it all matter?? It's water under the bridge. They are 2 rich, nice looking people that will surely find love regardless. They'll be good--no doubt! #DCrepsect
BooLuv's picture

He just threw his girlfriend

He just threw his girlfriend of 10 years a surprise birthday party in October acting like he was all in love, smiling and taking pictures like everything was roses and then 2 months later he introduces the world to his new chick just like that? Moving on isn't the problem but at least have some decorum, especially when your relationship is in the public eye. Usually celebs stop being seen together for a period of time and you assume they broke up, they don't throw it in your face. After a decade together Ashanti deserved at least that much. But I do agree noone should sit around moping... they've had problems for years. I'm sure she saw it coming.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

You act as though they broke

You act as though they broke up on Friday and this pic was taken Saturday. Why are u making Ashanti out to be the victim? Maybe she dumped him or gave him an ultimatum. How do you know? That relationship was probably LONG over before that birthday party. They broke up! It isnt like he's cheating. What is he supposed to do? Not go out in public with his new friend because he WAS in a relationship that is now over? He shouldnt take her out because he HAD a girlfriend a couple months ago? And when did he introduce her to the world as his girl? Did I miss something? Oh--I guess the blogs said it so it's #law
BooLuv's picture

Still Classless and Tacky

Still Classless and Tacky whenever you get thru with it! Sad that this has become the new normal.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

NIGGA'S AIN'T SHIT!!! and yes

NIGGA'S AIN'T SHIT!!! and yes Nelly is acting like a typical street nigga. Ughh. The rap world/ hip hop community glorifies this type of behavior so I'm sure he's feeling like a "pimp".
DreadfulBeauty's picture

You hit it right on the

You hit it right on the head...the truth and nothing but the truth!!!!!!
MsMidwest's picture

I thought Ashanti was more on

I thought Ashanti was more on Nelly's level than his Hollywood hoodrat on the comeup. She 's pretty and probably fun, but so are alot of women. Nelly is wrong for parading this girl around so soon after breaking up with his longtime girlfriend. Its probably for the best that Ashanti moved on because if he would do something dirty like this then no telling what he was like in the relationship. Karma will get him.
Keys's picture

Co~sign to the MAXXX 1000%

Co~sign to the MAXXX 1000%
MsMidwest's picture

Nelly know's he's not right

Nelly know's he's not right that's why he took down all those pics of him and Tae on Instagram once Ashanti's sister called him out. You went with a girl for 10 years now you all but wife up another chic. That Karma booooi....Ashanti can and will do better anyway.
cutethatsall56's picture

Totally agree 100%

Totally agree 100%
MsMidwest's picture

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brucegrande's picture

Every time I see Nelly, I

Every time I see Nelly, I think of Ashanti. smh....This girl is pretty but she screams lesbian to me and Nelly prob trying to see if he can do threesomes w/her. #she.look.a.lil.butch
sexybrownpyt's picture

is that the girl in the trust

is that the girl in the trust and believe video? i cant believe kanye west and kim k went nude..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

They make a cute couple. I

They make a cute couple. I wonder what finally made him and Ashanti "break-up". I'm guessing some sort of ultimatum was given, "Marry me, or else!" and I think maybe it didn't go the way she thought it would. Nelly doesn't seem like the settling down kind.
Santi114's picture


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zzcv10's picture

she's too cute to be looking

she's too cute to be looking this butch. she looks like a full blown lesbian here. ashanti always looks feminine even when she's on her tom boy swag. its crazy how quickly nelly bounced back...he played ashanti like a piano
litebrite's picture

So classy....

So classy....
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romance2013's picture

when did they claim each

when did they claim each other?????!!!I missed it!!!
Secret's picture

I like these two as a couple

I like these two as a couple becuz they CLAIM each other! *shrugs*
tori's picture

I LOVE Nelly's green plaid

I LOVE Nelly's green plaid coat. Where can I get it? Someone help me out!

She's drop dead GORGEOUS.

She's drop dead GORGEOUS. Regardless of all the drama.....she's beautiful.
sianna1's picture

wow all those years wasted to

wow all those years wasted to a man who never publicly claimed her or his love for her. Hopefully she will find someone better

I'm no fan of Ashanti but

I'm no fan of Ashanti but homechick should be glad that he's moved on (even though I'm sure she is very hurt). She seems like a sweet girl who deserves to be more than someone's human doormat. ijs I for one won't be surprised if Ms. New Booty doesn't hang around long for Nelly's bs. Like it or not she's the new 'it' girl on the scene. She doesn't appear to be the settling kind so she'll be making her rounds over the next couple of years. Hope Ashanti is smart enough not to feed that stray dog when he comes back wagging his tail!
precioustx's picture

Nelly traded in Ashanti for

Nelly traded in Ashanti for this throwing up a middle finger thugged out looking chica? SMH.
The Real Thing's picture

Get out my head lol that's

Get out my head lol that's the same thing I was thinking!!!
MsMidwest's picture

Ashanti is doing plenty. She

Ashanti is doing plenty. She has a major recurring role on Army Wives on Lifetime, she's getting that Braveheart album together (I'm sure she has a hell of a lot to say musically), and she host a show on the Fuse Network. So she's working. Anyway, as for Tae (who I do like) is concerned, when it all boils down to it, she is nothing but a video girl and an "urban magazine" model. Booty model as my friend calls then LOL. Look at her role on The Game, look what she's playing? The typical vidoe chick who came up hopping with the rappers and ballers. No surprise there. But real talk, these rappers don't pick women based on their character or work resume. That would be too much like doing the right thing, and finding a good/respectable woman. No they got to chase (lust) after the wrong girls.
TiffanyRB's picture

The Truth!

The Truth!
MsMidwest's picture

Homegirl looks like Riley

Homegirl looks like Riley Freeman from "The Boondocks." SN- I can't stand when people, especially females, give the middle finger in pics. Super classless.
holmesa925's picture


C2C's picture

Was in Very poor taste. She

Was in Very poor taste. She seems to act like her Game character. Tacky on Nellys part to flaunt his new (concurrent?) girlfriend so soon after the breakup of his long term relationship w/Ashanti. Guess he has to stay relevant somehow.
sista2sista's picture

Amen to that!!!! And she's

Amen to that!!!! And she's giving me way too much Cleo in these pics. But hey, Nelly, do you.
MrsCPA's picture

just before I saw the draft

just before I saw the draft saying $7940, I didn't believe that...my... sister woz like actually earning money part-time from there pretty old laptop.. there great aunt has done this less than 22 months and a short time ago repayed the debts on their house and purchased a gorgeous Lotus Esprit. read more at, jump15.com
johson321's picture

Ashanti hosts a show on the

Ashanti hosts a show on the Fuse Network but dudes dont usually choose women based on their resumes so there's no need to compare their stats.
shuga's picture

Idk what Ashanti did wrong or

Idk what Ashanti did wrong or if she did anything, but I always think it's messed up when a chick is down with a dude thru all his BS for years and has to watch some other chick reap the benefits of all her hard work. SMDH
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Ashanti wasted all those

Ashanti wasted all those years...poor child. Nelly never claimed Ashanti publicly and that's a huge Red Flag that your man has no intention of marrying you. Honestly a man knows your the one within less than a year and Nelly obviously strung Shanti along for bragging rights and to see if she was ever gonna get back on....
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

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