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DO WE LOVE IT?: Solange Brightens Up The NYC Streets Outside "Letterman"

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 photo SolangeKnowlesStopsLateShowDavidLettermantXyMw5w0u9Hl_zps8be0731e.jpg

Solange Knowles loves a brightly colored head to toe look.  And today in New York City she put her love for colors on display as she headed to a taping of "Letterman."  Decide if we love her citrusy flare inside....

"Losing You" singer Solange jetted back to NYC after hitting Sunday night's Oscar parties in L.A.  And the fly chick brought spring with her as she rocked a bright orange coat with a yellow shift dress, matching yellow pumps and a fun yellow clutch as she made her way to the "Letterman" studio.

 photo 8511339212_d6364055bc_o_zps68adde1e.jpg  photo 8511363430_d448007a80_o_zps3350c6d3.jpg 

She topped off her look with oversized cat eye gold frames and smiled for the paps.

So, about her look.....


Pics: FAME/Flynet

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Soooooo many hateful bitches

Soooooo many hateful bitches on this site! LOL
LBA1's picture

mop head

mop head


zzcv10's picture

I think her smile says,

I think her smile says, "Don't you wish you were Beyonce's sister? I know I wouldn't even be noticed if it weren't my big sister. Now take my pictures as I do my "thank you big sis" smile."
Child Please's picture

solange looks pretty...i cant

solange looks pretty...i cant believe nicki minaj showed her boobs..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

yep i like it

yep i like it
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wilmettecaudry's picture

Everyone knows I love

Everyone knows I love Solo...the new album is so soulful and free...

the irrelevant bitch is back.

the irrelevant bitch is back. y is theybf.com talking about this woman? r they paying you guys? pls talk about some relevant celebrities.
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tom101's picture

She looks pretty and sunny.

She looks pretty and sunny.
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romance2013's picture

i like solo's eclectic look.

i like solo's eclectic look. however, i'm not understanding why she constantly makes the choice to wear 3C wigs when her hair is already natural. it comes across as being afro-centric yet hating the fact that she has 4A hair.
gogreen's picture

SOLO ur pretty but ....u look

SOLO ur pretty but ....u look like an orange mix with tangerine lol
LEXI's picture

its too damn cold in nyc for

its too damn cold in nyc for that lol but love the look!

I like the outfit but that

I like the outfit but that wig needs to be burned!
Username's picture


C2C's picture

I don't like that outfit but

I don't like that outfit but I love Solo. I like that fact that she's not afraid to be herself and to be different.
BaddieBeyFans's picture

"...be herself and be

"...be herself and be different"??????? ...she's begging for people to NOTICE her!!!!!!! Wake UP!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

You wake up. Solange is

You wake up. Solange is comfortable with being SOLANGE. She's not changing herself to fit the so called "trend" and what's in today. She marches to the beat of her own damn drum. I guess you have to be free spirited to notice another free spirit.
Iridescent One's picture

FREE Spirit????????? More

FREE Spirit????????? More like FREE Loader.....Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture


aabcooy's picture

Look mom it's Ronald

Look mom it's Ronald McDonald!
TeaNicole's picture


C2C's picture


gogreen's picture

She looks like a Fraggle in

She looks like a Fraggle in that wig o_O
goeze's picture

Sweet Jesus..that wig, the

Sweet Jesus..that wig, the fit, those glasses are all wearing her..plz make it stop! Smhlol0l..*sigh
Like Really's picture

Laaaawd, Wut Is It About This

Laaaawd, Wut Is It About This Chick That Erks Me To The Core?
Keyths'Girl's picture


K.o.G.'s picture

Bozo <---------

Bozo <--------- Hahahahahaaahahahahaaahahahahahhha
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