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SPEAK ON IT: Should These NY High School Parents Be ANGERED Over ALL-WHITE Casting of "The Wiz"

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One high school in New York is attempting to bring "The Wiz" to the stage in a way that differs drastically from the both the movie and Broadway versions of the play....starring an all-White cast! Find out how the outraged parents are responding inside and speak on it...

"The Wiz" a musical became a star-making vehicle for Stephanie Mills when it hit Broadway in the 70s and big career moves for Michael Jackson and Diana Ross in the movie version.  It's been re-made several times over off-Broadway, through traveling tours/companies and on school campuses around the country.  

And while we understand that musicals are supposed to re-made and reinvented...a few parents at Cicero-North Syracuse High School in Cicero, New York are a little peeved that an upcoming version of the play will star a predominately White cast. And before you go thinking that there weren't enough Black actors at the high school to go around, parents say that just isn't that case. In fact....the Black actors were passed over.

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It's actually been a full week of Blacks being passed over for Black roles as French fashion magazine Numéro reportedly may have passed over casting a Black model to celebrate African beauty and hired a white model for their "African Queen" spread! What's going on?!

Numéro apologized today saying they are sorry people are offended, and they believed in the artistic nature--which was in line with his previous images of "melting pots of cultre"--of the photgrapher, Sebastian Kim.

And after more backlash on the net, the photgrapher himself put out a statement saying, in part:

It was never my intention (nor Numero’s) to portray a black woman in this story. Our idea and concept for this fashion shoot was based on 60's characters of Talitha Getty, Verushka and Marissa Berenson with middle eastern and Moroccan fashion inspiration. We at no point attempted to portray an African women by painting her skin black.


But back at the high school with "The Wiz" drama, there will be ONE Black actor in the play, Kierrah Titus, who was one of seven Blacks to audition, BUT she was relegated to the ensemble dance troupe.

Her mom, Letrice Titus, is speaking out asking a reporter at the Post-Standard. “Was there any outreach to the African-American students in the school? Why didn’t the school just do The Wizard of Oz?”  Preston Fagan, Cicero’s NAACP chapter president, sides with Letrice saying,  “To not let a black student have an acting role in this play is appalling. It’s almost an insult.”

Both Letrice and Preston spoke at a meeting with the North Syracuse Central School District Board of Education this week and voiced their concerns. For now, many African American parents and students plan to boycot the musical.  

Speak on it....should the community feel some kid of way...or does the school have every right to put on whatever productions they please, and cast whomever they please?

The Randomness:

1.  Former singer Michael Winans, Jr. was just sentenced to 14 years in jail in Detroit for running an $8 mill scheme over many years...and for running away once he was caught.  STORY



Why don't they just call the

Why don't they just call the production "The Wizard of Oz," instead of "The Wiz."
Sunflower Jones's picture

Am I missing something here?

Am I missing something here? They should rename the production just because the cast is predominately white? If the cast recites lines from the original play, isn't it still a remake of the original production?
CLS1986's picture

CLS, you are missing a lot.

CLS, you are missing a lot. The Wiz was the black version of The Wizard of Oz. There is no reason why they should have an all-white cast, which they did on purpose. Of course, according to your previous post, you assume that these white kids "earned" the role. You have no idea the systems they have in place to promote their agenda. When one owns the media, business, and are in high places, they can do whatever they want. They have many of us bamboozled. You really lack understanding of white supremacy. Negropeans usually do. I can't blame you. It's a well-oiled system that has imbedding itself in our psyche for centuries. We've had this discussion before, and it's clear to me that you are either white or white washed. You do no understand how the system works. I've suggested in order to get educated, you have to read things like The Miseducation of the Negro or What Black Men Think.
Sunflower Jones's picture

You have a really big chip on

You have a really big chip on your shoulder. How do you know the faculty picked a predominately white cast on purpose? You talk so much about people needing to doing their research and not base their opinions on personal life experiences, so where is the proof that backs up your claim that these black students were over looked? And stop accusing me of being white washed. There's nothing wrong with giving people the benefit of the doubt and judging others based on the content of their character and not what their ancestors did to my ancestors in the past. I don't like people like you. You're poison and bad for race relations.
CLS1986's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Iridescent One's picture

You guys, when you realize

You guys, when you realize how the white man's universe works, nothing will shock you. One thing I've come to realize is that many blacks have given into the propaganda machine of the white man by saying, "Oh, we make a big deal about everything." Many of us have even believed the lies that have been told about us because many of us don't read. We hear, believe, and by into this nonsense. Sadly, we don't make a big deal about those things we should make a big deal about. I'm so through.
Sunflower Jones's picture

This may sound strange but I

This may sound strange but I find strength in their fear and their need to white wash everything we do because they acknowledge our power when they do. The need to take over and redo our amazing acomplishments is evidence that we are and always will be their greatest threat that alone should make us feel strong.
Mouse's picture

Hi Mouse, I hear exactly what

Hi Mouse, I hear exactly what you are saying. We've always been innovators; however, they steal from us and THEY benefit. My friend always says, "There is money in black, they others are the ones making said money." They don't even give us the credit. Yes! They KNOW we are a force to be reckoned with. They know we are warriors, but the sad part is that they will never admit it, so they have to keep trying to convince us (and unfortunately, they've done a good job at it with many of our people) that we are inferior. It's the nature of the beast.
Sunflower Jones's picture

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