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Bobby Brown Grabs A Pre-Jail Dinner...With "Beverly Hills Housewife" Lisa Vanderpump

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Bobby Brown was sentenced to 55 days in jail yesterday for his second DUI conviction in a year, the latest arrest being last April.  So he decided to get his affairs...and dinner parties...in order before he heads to lock up for a month and a half in March. 


Check out Bobby, Lisa Vanderpump and the fabulous Jiggy inside...

This is random...yet we love it.  Singer Bobby Brown and his wife Alicia Etheredge were spotted hanging out last night with "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband and co-star Ken and famous pup Jiggy.

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The foursome plus the pup headed to Madeo for a swanky bute to eat as Bad Ass Bobby Brown was spotted carrying the cutesy Jiggy out of the restaurant.

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And it seems Bobby is taking his sobriety seriously this time as his lawyer sent a statement today saying:

"A mutually acceptable plea agreement was entered into on behalf of Bobby Brown and the City Attorney’s Office. Mr. Brown has accepted responsibility for what occurred last October. Mr. Brown continues to remain committed to his sobriety. Mr. Brown is pleased that the matter has been resolved.”

Good to hear.

And if Bobby's lucky, he may get out in a few hours much like Lindsay Lohan did.  We shall see...

Pics via FAME

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hooklookping's picture

Lisa's show Vanderpump Rules

Lisa's show Vanderpump Rules is the ish! That Damn Stassi is a mess.
JewelryLover's picture

SMH - this shit is gettin so

SMH - this shit is gettin so old and so is Bobby - damn when is enuf, enuf? Please stop wasting your time and energy on writing about Bobby - so tired of this crooked lipped old ass man...
lifeisgood's picture

Many blessings for your stint

Many blessings for your stint and staying sober Bobby!!!
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

i cant believe he is going to

i cant believe he is going to jail.....i cant believe kim kardashian and kelly rowland stripped nude for a magazine....i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Absolutely love RHOBH! The

Absolutely love RHOBH! The best housewives franchise ever...lifestyles of the true rich & fabulous. Lisa and Ken are about that life!
lj's picture

So everytime he steps out

So everytime he steps out until he reports to serve his time it will be a 'pre jail' event huh? How deeply insightful NOT!!
Realist's picture

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zzcv10's picture

Why the "Pre-Jail" added to

Why the "Pre-Jail" added to the title. Just say Bobby Brown Goes To Dinner etc.. Unnecessary. Negative ass site and people to boot. I see why celebs become under the influence. They face too much negativity. Change this site to MediatakeoutPartTwo.com
Iridescent One's picture

Watch Bobby do the entire

Watch Bobby do the entire sentence - smh! - and Lindsey got a couple of hours - double smh!!!!!!!!!
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tom101's picture

YUK... he can stay in there

YUK... he can stay in there for ever.......allllright
YaHeard's picture

They'll probably keep Bobby's

They'll probably keep Bobby's black ass in there the WHOLE 55 days and that would be 'focked' up considering white trash Lindsey Lohan stays in the county courthouse fighting one arrest after the other, i.e., bar fights, theft, drunk driving, hit & runs times 10 over.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I usually comment first and

I usually comment first and then look at everyone else's because I don't want their comments to influence mine; but we sure had the same thought - LOL.
Happy Lady's picture

I love Lisa! shes soo cool

I love Lisa! shes soo cool and hip!
BritJackson's picture


I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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