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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Full "Law & Order: SVU" Episode 'Inspired By' Chris Brown & Rihanna

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"Law & Order: SVU" often rips straight from the headlines.  And despite NBC offering a disclaimer that the episode does not portray particular events or people, it was pretty obvious Chris Brown & Rihanna's domestic violence situation was the inspiration.


Check out the full episode inside...

It's probably the first episode of "SVU" we didn't like, thanks to the male singer "Caleb" looking like a black Ken from Barbie's playhouse and everyone's acting capabilities seeming like this was an "SNL" skit. 

The episode incorporated the "leaked" shot of the victim, "Misha", with her beat-up face on a gossip site, Misha and Caleb ignoring the restraining order, the twosome recording a duet afterwards, and ever Caleb's bowtie and "I'm Sorry" interview with Wendy Williams, instead of Larry King.

There were a few things too that seem to shade both Chris & Rihanna.  But you be the judge. 

If you can get past the horrific acting, the randomly intertwined stories like the Drake club fight...with no "Drake", and the over-the-topness of many things, check out the full episode below:


By the way, Mary J. Blige's protege Starshell starred as the jumpoff of "Caleb".


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HouttSyperout's picture

Everyone in here saying this

Everyone in here saying this is the worst episode of SVU is probably a beater and a victim themselves and have not realized what kind of mess they're in. It's not about the acting its about "the message" that's being sent.
Tae9's picture

That song is great, and her

That song is great, and her voice is at an A for effort, but its not bad it sounds like she was holding back though.
kimaras31's picture

With all the horrible acting

With all the horrible acting and story line. I found a good thing in this episode, the song in that scene is nice " you can count on me". And they had someone famous in the music industry. But with all the horrible acting and ca-ca story line ignore. Did ya'll realize the guy portraying JZ died.
kimaras31's picture

Between the HORRIBLE actin &

Between the HORRIBLE actin & even worse SCRIPT, the episode was painfully BORING! I enjoyed the ending! Wonder if Chris & Rhitard watched smh!
tori's picture

That episode was hilarious!

That episode was hilarious! It wasn't so terrible like people made it out to be, but it was over the top in a lot of scenes. I like Chris and Rihanna but this episode really made them both look dumb for even thinking about getting back together. That girl was so dumb in this episode and her contacts look super fake! My favorite part was when they were caught in the bedroom and the girl said, "Caleb I'm sorry, I love you!," TOO FUNNY! It reminds me of Whitney in court, "Bobby I love you!" This episode reminds you that no matter the circumstance domestic violence is WRONG! That sh** is NOT cute by any means. For some reason being in a dysfunctional relationship is popular these days. If there isn't drama, cheating, beating, emotional abuse, and so on the relationship must be boring or isn't worth having... It's SAD that some people actually think this way, especially women.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This episode was

This episode was horrible....just so extra!
Laia's picture

Wendy Williams showed a bit

Wendy Williams showed a bit of this on her show and I knew, instantly, it would be bad. Glad you guys noticed the horrific acting, too. I certainly had/have no plans of seeing it.
Zetagirl's picture

That Chris-clown character

That Chris-clown character had me in stitches: that terrible over-exaggerated acting, those thick ass eyebrows, cake-up, skinny toothpick body, and (the icing on the cake) bowtie was comical. Although I feel this was a necessary story to depict but the writing, directing, especially acting was all wrong.
Peace Silas's picture

LOL...soooo pretty

LOL...soooo pretty much....Chris Brown is gonna kill Rihanna AND Jay Z....lol hilarious I know they are a messed up couple but dang! Kinda extreme lol
Lynn313's picture


Lynn313's picture

I haven't seen this episode

I haven't seen this episode yet, but I will be watching as soon as I get off my internship. As a fan CB and RiRi I hate that this episode was made being that they are both trying to move on with their lives, but hey, law and order does depict true stories sometimes.
youngblacknrare's picture

They even tried to pull

They even tried to pull Karrueche into the episode - when they were in the studio and he was all over the back-up singer - Misha/Rihanna walked in and said "why are you all over that beef cake"...a play on the whole "rice cake" mess. SVU was doing a little too much with this episode. We get it - Law & Order does not approve of the Rhianna & Chris reunion.
rihannafan1's picture

Somebody is obviously pissed

Somebody is obviously pissed off at CB & Rhi Rhi's reunion....they're basically telling her that he will eventually kill her. They are dead wrong for that ish. Plus they had a main character name drop them as a comparison to the ficticious couple. Seeing that domestic violence has been done a million times on the show, that episode was unnecessary.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

lol this episode was just

lol this episode was just funny. Bunch of bad acting and exaggeration.
BaddieBeyFans's picture

Interesting episode but

Interesting episode but definitely terrible! Worst acting I've ever seen in the history of the show!
Awwwww Shucks's picture

I am a Law & Order groupie

I am a Law & Order groupie and this was by far the worst episode I've ever seen. The acting was cheesy and the script was just horrid. I actually laughed through most of it because it was such TRASH.
PacificGirl's picture

I agree, made me want to go

I agree, made me want to go on a L&O haitus for real.
Realist's picture

Ok I dont really watch Law &

Ok I dont really watch Law & Order enough to judge the entire seasons but this episode was just blah. The acting could have been stronger and the storyline went wayyyy far. I hope chris and rihanna never end up like that, and if it happens Law & Order put those thougts out thier..... Anyway Stay prayed up - GOD is our final Judge...
CpraiseNworship's picture

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karoladesrosiers63's picture

I am a Law & Order Stan and

I am a Law & Order Stan and even I was like WTF. That was their worse episode. I don't even think it got the ratings they were anticipating. I wish people would leave Ri and Chris alone. Let those damn people live.
JJFad's picture

I don't understand why

I don't understand why everyone is so upset. It's your typical melodramatic L&O SVU episode. Maybe they waited so long to do it because C&R recently resumed dating. Truthfully, I can totally see their relationship ending the way it did on that episode because I don't think CB has changed (based on his words and actions). I don't think he would purposely try to kill her but abusers have the type of rage where they just lose control and unplanned things happen. I hope for their sake I'm wrong, but I just don't see this relationship ending well.
GJ's picture

Definately lessons to be

Definately lessons to be learned here. I will however, say this. I do not believe CB behaves this way. I pray all be well for both of them!
VIRTUOUS1's picture

I recorded the show because i

I recorded the show because i wanted to see what they would come up with. I was disgusted. I was utterly disgusted by the terrible acting and non life like scenes. So really a group full of people are just going to let the girl get beat and not say anything because it is Caleb Brown? No one went to help her? Really? And i hated how the detective even mentioned Chris Brown and Rihanna as though this story wasn't already based on them!!! UGHHHH it was just horrible and yes there isn't always a happy ending to these stories that we know but we also don't know all of what happened that infamous night! All we know is they are back together and it is her choice! Making an episode weeks later wouldve made sense, but damn its been four years the restraining order lifted and he hasn't had another incident? COME ON!!!! UGH Do better SVU

He hasn't had an incident to

He hasn't had an incident to the magnitude of the beating but he's definitely had some anger-related incidents.
Peace Silas's picture

This was the worst storyline

This was the worst storyline I've ever seen on Law & Order. I mean using Rihanna & Chris Brown for rating is just sad. That old ass Director must be mad that they got back together. What is it with people? Is Rihanna & Chris Brown a threat to their lives. Anyway the acting & storyline was horrible that it became laughable. Greed is something else and I will never watch Law & Order anything anymore in life.


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commonprosperity6652's picture

It didnt end happily ever

It didnt end happily ever after, Rihanna take notes
lolo's picture

Most Law & Order episodes are

Most Law & Order episodes are taken from real stories. They just try to do them a few years later for legal reasons. We just aren't used to them using black story lines. They also did the whole J.Lo & Diddy shooting incident thing.
Username's picture

They do NOT wait YEARS to do

They do NOT wait YEARS to do anything. Sandusky, Jaycee Dugard, the NBA players whose fight spilled into the stands, the maid raped by the French Diplomat in that NYC hotel--they did shows on those stories within 2-3 mos, at the MOST. I truly believe that someone who works on that show--or one of their cast members must have strong opinions about CB & Rihanna to do this show FOUR YEARS after the fact.

The CB/Rihanna story is

The CB/Rihanna story is current news. The beating may have taken place 4 years ago, but their on again off again relationship is on the blogs everyday. They were probably waiting to see if there would some kind of natural conclusion.
SweetDivaT's picture

You make a valid point in

You make a valid point in that this incident is 'ongoing' in tabloids...but again, there are ongoing sagas with celebs everyday & not all of them become episodes of SVU. This was FOUL.

For the first time since

For the first time since SVU's been on the air, I PURPOSELY didn't watch it. I don't appreciate that shit--granted they take their storylines from real life; but I've never known them to take FOUR YEARS to do a show about a story. One of their writers must be really pissed off about Rihanna & CB's reunion--not that its any of their damn business. I haven't seen any episodes about Charlie Sheen or Alec Baldwin. GTFOH--I think I'm done with that show.

Don't think I'll ever watch

Don't think I'll ever watch that show after this Bullshit!!!
ldh34l's picture

I didn't even bother

I didn't even bother watching, because I knew is was gonna be horrible and blown out of proportion. smh.....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I thought is was as good as

I thought is was as good as any Law & Order in terms of acting and casting. As far as the Rihanna/Chris Brown parody I thought it was necessary because this episode illustrated what domestic violence looks like. It is not beautiful or tabloid fodder, it is ugly, scary and often leads to the death of women. Somehow we have forgiven and moved on like nothing happened, but it did happen and we as fans should never forget it. Why are we suppose to believe he will never hit her again even though he has a history of violent outbursts? Because he is famous, because he said sorry, because they look so much in love? Come on people this is the story of our mothers, sisters, cousins, bestfriends, and neighbors! Violence against women is never ok I don't care about the race, creed, or celebrity status!

Last thing, I don't think the

Last thing, I don't think the world should crucify just Chris Brown. I think all men who commit violence against women should be called out, including him. This episode used a high profile case to tell the very devastating story of the cycle of domestic violence and the people around the couple who take that attitude that I can't tell grown folks what to do, but 19 is not GROWN (the age of the character in the episode) it is just a legal consenting age. And just because you are fans of their art does not mean you have to a fan of their actions. And although he hasn't hit a woman again and may never hit Rihanna again, Chris Brown's rage and violence including the GMA outburst, the club fight, the parking spot fight shows that he still needs help.

The incident happened 4 years

The incident happened 4 years ago and he has not had another domestic violence issue since then. He has also gotten help for the problem. So I personally am going to assume he has worked past that issue unless and until it happens again. No one has to forget it if they don't want to or can't, but NO ONE can tell anyone else how to live their lives. Not even your own adult children. So we can comment on it all we want and drag Chris through the mud all we want, but if we are expecting them to live according to our rules we are being unrealistic.
Bird's picture

I certainly hope that all of

I certainly hope that all of the people on this website so up in arms about this episode aren't women. Because if they are they are dumb as hell. I'm a dude and everyone should know if a man puts his hands on a woman 1 time he will do it again if given the right circumstances. So I would assume all the women angry with this episode and Rihanna have no relationship with there fathers because most of the time when a woman allows a man to abuse them in any way have not had a father in there lives showing them how they should really be treated. I really feel sorry for any woman that thinks just because a man is famous, rich or they love them, or think he loves them gives them the right at anytime to put their hands on them. The only difference in the storyline that would happen in my life is that any man that puts his hands on my daughter would not live long enough to do it again.
ibetite26's picture

I agree with your comment

I agree with your comment 100%. I was a bit curious about the episode so I tuned in but after the first 3 mins whne he beat her up in hte studio in FRONT of witness I switched hte channel, the acting was beyond BAD!!!! seriously I watch L&O-SVU from time to time and the acting was good as well as the storyline but not this time. Pathetic!!!
sweetpea1989's picture

One word... HORRIBLE

One word... HORRIBLE

they went in!

they went in!

The episode sucked. I wonder

The episode sucked. I wonder if the show has a new director. I can't believe someone signed off off on the horrible acting. The bags under Caleb's eyes drove me crazy. Why would they cast him when he looks bad and acts even worse? The acting and story were so bad I didn't even see the Chris and Rihanna situation in it.
Bird's picture

I think what threw the story

I think what threw the story line off was the fact that there was NO SEX CRIME. Usually if they do something as daring as this they would have tied in a sex crime, but they didn't. By far, for the past 13 seasons this episode was the worst. from the story line to their acting.
kimaras31's picture

THANK YOU! I was like WTF

THANK YOU! I was like WTF with the bag under his eyes! LMAO.
PacificGirl's picture

This by far was one of the

This by far was one of the worst SVU's episodes I've seen in my life. Partly because it was poorly portrayed and they had the nerve to say it wasn't an reenactment of any one was and insult! This shows you that society imagination of celebrity lives needs to be controlled if not we end up with crazy visuals like this shit There was just too much imagination that the story ... if it was supposed to happen in real life wouldn't be believable to anyone. Not to mention Caleb makeup was CAKED on and that annoyed me the most

Haha agreed, they even took

Haha agreed, they even took the liberty of giving Chris and Rihanna a shout out during one scene, guess the network said F it, of course we talking about y'all asses...str8t up! Lolol
Like Really's picture

GM! Caleb Brown did THE MOST!

GM! Caleb Brown did THE MOST! The makeup was kicks.
Jeunesse Doree's picture

Man that shit was friggin

Man that shit was friggin Hilarious to say the least!! Omg I was cringing and ROTFLMAO at the same dam time! Smhlol.. That storyline was literally all over the place..I agree worse SVU and actors to date!
Like Really's picture

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