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Ciara Kisses On Future & Twitter Beefs With Rihanna's Bestie Melissa + Trina Tags Along With Rumored Boo French Montana At Hot 97

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Another day, another Twitter beef.  Ciara and her fans have been involved in some social media drama with Rihanna's best friend Melissa Forde.  And posted a pic with her boo Future, who she called "her rockstar," to show she's over it.


Get the deets inside, plus French Montana and Trina acting like they're not a couple...

We all know pop princesses Rihanna and Ciara have had some rocky times and cattiness between the two of them.  And today, it surfaced once again with Rihanna's best friend Melissa doing some Twitter dirty work. 

Last night, Melissa tweeted a pic of herself and Rihanna and a friend looking at a phone, and she referenced Ciara's "Body Party" bathroom a cappella rendition:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at63231PM_zpsffabba07.png

We're still unsure how this was "shade" being thrown, but Ciara's stans didn't take kindly to it and started going in.  Ciara RT'd the comment and told her to grow up:

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at63529PM_zpsad1c46e6.png

And today, the feud continued.  After Melissa got dragged through the Twitter mud by Ci's fans for being a tag-a-long and for looking "hard faced", she responded with a snap at Ciara's "C-Squad" calling them small:

 photo Screen-Shot-2013-03-05-at-191546_zpsbb25f860.png

Ciara's biggest fan site had to clap back.  And they said:

 photo mforde_zps5ddcec61.png


Even Future got in on the beef tweeting today, "Tell dem thirsty hoes fall back."

Oh the thirst of it all...


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at72016PM_zps0323c5ac.png


In other news, French Montana rolled to Angie Martinez's show on Hot 97.  And randomly brought Trina along.  Neither of them like to admit the rumors of them being a couple are true, but they are surely ALWAYS together. 

French started acting awkward and shy about Trina while Angie asked him about Trina.  Then Trina hopped on the mic to sing his praises about how great he is in the studio....esp. since he executive produced her new mixtape.

Check out the interview below:


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CiCi no bueno....with those

CiCi no bueno....with those glasses. Nelly looks like a reptile/lizard
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Who is Melissa Forde? Does

Who is Melissa Forde? Does she even have a job? She's not important enough to Google.
MsNicholeP's picture

Anything to get the fans

Anything to get the fans rallied up, thats entertainment....sorry but I'm not feeding into all this foolishness!
No1sname's picture


Kamalla's picture

Of course iMo, Rih Rih is in

Of course iMo, Rih Rih is in first place *2 chains voice*, but Melissa should kinda stop with the shade, because whatever she does will be blamed on Rihanna. If I was Rih, I would tell her to fall back with that because they do not need the drama. Rih is too fly and rich for all that, she should just worry about building her brand. And I wish Ciara the best, she should just be worrying about creating a hit since Rihanna has DEF surpassed her in that department LOL And once I heard the rumor about French leaving his wife and baby to live the industry lifestyle, he has rubbed me the wrong way. Him and Trina are probably together, but who knows. Btw, Trina is attractive, but I def cant take those lacefronts Lol
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Melissa Forde is gonna cause

Melissa Forde is gonna cause RiRi to get her ass kicked....AGAIN....but by a woman this time. I would love to see CiCi mop the floor with Rihanna. I can just see all that strawberry blonde weave scattered all across the floor now. It's funny that they're throwing so much social media shade considering they probably cross paths all the time at industry events. And I'll bet when they do, RiRi doesn't say a word.
CoCo's picture

Melissa needs to leave

Melissa needs to leave CiERROR alone, she got enough issues trying to release this album that's been coming out for the last 10yrs and help paying her boo's back child support and upcoming child support, not to mention he was in town on sunday...and TRUST he didnt look like he was checking for Cici in the green room. He had a chic with him

Rihanna and her bestie are

Rihanna and her bestie are tragically petty, insecure, mean girls. They started this whole thing, and for what? All the money in the world obviously can't buy happiness or quench thirst and boredom smh.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

both of these people are

both of these people are irrelevant if you ask me

not sure where the shade was

not sure where the shade was but Ciara should be grateful for Rih for putting her boyfriend/everybody's baby daddy on that Loveeee track because anybody could do his wack ass autotune part. And I can almost guarantee you that during performances any and everybody besides him will. Lord knows he needs that money to pay child support.
shuga's picture

Melissa's old ass need to cut

Melissa's old ass need to cut it out. All of this childish for her to even stir up.
Keys's picture

AS IF Ciara has the time to

AS IF Ciara has the time to even be partaking in such pettiness. Your albums are not selling Ciara! You need to refocus your energy on making sure you stay relevant. You can say what you want about Rihanna's best friend but in reality Rihanna has dusted you on all levels. Tell Future to have a seat as well being in the record industry all of 3 seconds.
cutethatsall56's picture

@ cutethatsall56 ~ ↑↑ Ditto!¡

@ cutethatsall56 ~ ↑↑ Ditto!¡
GetUrLife's picture

melissa needs to stop this

melissa needs to stop this bull! i cant believe kelly rowland said she didnt like being chocolate skinned..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Melissa really needs to SHUT

Melissa really needs to SHUT UP her and Rih's hairstylist both are really feeling themselves lately. Ursula has also been coming for people on her Twitter as well, just because Rih is cute that don't mean they are cute by association and both need to KNOW THEIR PLACE as Rih's hired help! Ciara career may not be that GREAT right now but Melissa is just a SIDEKICK and Ursula does her hair, end of story! Rih is allowing Melissa to do her dirty work. We see you too messy Rih Rih!
Shay's picture

Tell dem hoes fall back, that

Tell dem hoes fall back, that girl Melissa needs a life Rhianna ain't going to be hot forever. And check out my blog http://submergedlife.com keeping you in the know.
Blee's picture

Yeah Melissa needs to shut

Yeah Melissa needs to shut the fuck up with her mousy ass.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth
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romance2013's picture

First of all “Melissa Forde”

First of all “Melissa Forde” was askin for it Lol ..But Ciara’s “Body Party” Bathroom Screeching was a “HOT MESS”! Lmao sorry .. And Future "Tell dem thirsty hoes fall back. “Kaka Roach” you stole T pain’s hole (Swag) Plus who gets a new girlfriend while there baby mama is pregnant ?
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abcoob's picture

Somebody tell Trina wig

Somebody tell Trina wig ponytails are not the business. Rihanna and camp, ya'll too big for that; stop it.
Peace Silas's picture

And she's been rocking them

And she's been rocking them for years Trina that shit is not going to happen stop it.
Mouse's picture

That's what she gets. One

That's what she gets. One person can't go up against thousands. They go cut your ass up. Besides Melisse is feeling herself because she is riding shotgun with Rih for the time being. What you gone do when she gets tired of u being a hanger on?
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hooklookping's picture

I didn't see what was wrong

I didn't see what was wrong with Melissa's original tweet, unless I'm missing something. I'm guessing it was only taken negatively because of some pre-existing bad blood. Fall back.
CheyPie's picture

lol @ Sidekick definition

lol @ Sidekick definition
HNICCHICK's picture

That was hilarious! I

That was hilarious! I couldn't help but laugh as well.
DivineBeauty's picture

LOL @ the fans calling

LOL @ the fans calling Melissa "hard faced". People are cold LOL
I_love_laughing's picture


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