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CLAP BACK: Kelly Rowland RESPONDS To Keyshia Cole With A Subtle READ + Malik Yoba TELLS Female Reporter To SUCK IT?

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 photo KellyRowlandJadenSmithPerformsBETRipqBYN-_bfTKYl.jpg

Kelly Rowland has spoken her piece about Keyshia Cole's Twitter comments about Michelle Williams during the Super Bowl (yeah, we're STILL talking about this), basically telling her...you're not THAT famous.  See what Kelly said inside and find out what part of his body Malik Yoba told a reporter she could put her lips on.....

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Kelly Rowland was asked about Twitter comments that Keyshia Cole made about Michelle Williams' performance during their Destiny's Child reunion at the Super Bowl.  And BET's Rip The Runway host Miss Kelly snapped Keyshia down to size about her fame, popularity and relevance.   In just a couple sentences...

You reunited with Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl. Keyshia Cole received some blowback for criticizing Michelle Williams' performance on Twitter. Do you have any thoughts on her comments?

It didn't even make it on my radar until other people brought it up. It didn't even matter. We had a wonderful performance, and that's all I cared about. I was with my sisters and the three of us matter to each other, and that's all that counts. We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don't care what she said.


Also, Kelly gave a few hints about the theme of her upcoming disc, Talk A Good Game....

Kisses Down Low" is a flirty, fun song. Is this indicative of the direction of Talk a Good Game?

"Kisses Down Low" is just a piece of the story of Talk a Good Game. I'm really honest on this album. There's another song that I have, "Dirty Laundry." Even the title track is about relationships – the ins, the outs – all the interesting moments of relationships. I'm really ready for people to hear this album. It's kind of hard to keep it to myself.

"Dirty Laundry" is an intriguing title. Are you naming names?

It's the first time I've been so stripped away and naked. I had help with that, and that help was the-Dream. I was in the studio with Dream and he said, "I just want you to get deeper. The people want more. They want to be led into your life and know more about you." And I said, "Oh, God!" It's really nervous, because you don't know what people are going to say. In this moment, I really don't care. [Laughs]

Who are you collaborating with on the new album?

I'm still putting everything together, but I called on some new talent from Canada, like T-Minus and Boi-1da, who I love being in the studio with. Kevin Cossum, who just pulls melody out of his ears, Rock City, who completely know how to ride a beat and a cadence that's crazy, and Mike WiLL's genius-osity – I'm gonna make up a word – where he just knows what the streets are talking about.

Talk a Good Game drops later this year.


In other snappy comments.....

 photo MalikYobaHamptonsMagazineMorrocanoilCelebraterA9B0-g6bfGl.jpg

One journalist found out that hard way that Malik Yoba monitors his Twitter mentions and doesn't take kindly to comments about his lips ...even if you think they're ashy!

Check out their exchange...

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at10325PM.png

Malik's now deleted his comments but posted about people not saying ANYTHING if you have nothing nice to say.  Thanks to Kid Fury, we've got the screengrabs.  She tried to come back and make it seem like she was the bigger person (or that she was actually offering a compliment).  We have no clue who she is, but apparently this was her way of letting people know....

Later, Malik did come back with a more classy response saying....

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-05at15351PM.png 

And she did get touched!

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Haha that's hilarious now she

Haha that's hilarious now she is silenced. Check out my blog http://submergedlife.com Keeping You In Know!!!
Blee's picture

Somebody tell that lady we

Somebody tell that lady we been yelling that to Malik for not years but DECADES! LOL From New York Undercover to Why Did I Get Married and everything in between. He. Ain't. Listening.
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abcoob's picture

I love that Kelly is the one

I love that Kelly is the one who responded, but then again, I'm not really surprised. Beyonce clearly has to be the one to "rise above" all the drama. Michelle won't really respond, because the comment was about her. But Kelly's comment was high-parity all the way, "we matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her..." Amazing. Ball is in your court now, Keyshia.
Santi114's picture

Luckily someone in DC3 has

Luckily someone in DC3 has enough balls to bite back! "It didn't even make it on my radar" Yaaaas, honey. Miss Cole never makes my radar either. And I'm loving Malik's response. That woman was being a bully! But, it's okay if people bully celebs, right? Oh. He should have kept the comment up.
Sabs4Prez's picture

TeamKelly....."We matter to a

TeamKelly....."We matter to a lot more people, with all due respect, than her. So, I really don't care what she said." LOL.....LOVE IT!
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cheryl51's picture

kelly better put keyshia in

kelly better put keyshia in her place....i cant believe kelly rowland said she didnt like being dark skinned..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

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echo's picture

I agree with Kelly. Keyshia

I agree with Kelly. Keyshia is irrelevant and needs to go sit her section 8 ass down somewhere. I also agree with Malik Yoba,,,,this woman shouldve shut her own lips or otherwise suck a dick.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

If Keyshia can say what she

If Keyshia can say what she believes others are thinking then so can Kelly. Keyshia is horrible singing, depressed hoodrat trash and I believe its only the same type that support her and try to excuse her ignorant behavior.
Keys's picture

CJ is a gossip columnist in

CJ is a gossip columnist in Minneapolis for the local newspaper. She has had a feud for years with Prince but I think he quit paying attention to her awhile ago so she has to resort to this sort of thing on Twitter. Do better CJ.
YBFFan33's picture

oh right so how come bey

oh right so how come bey hasnt been asked about what keyshia said...Surely bey has been interviewed throughmagazines and stuff, since the superbowl.Bey still trying to portray the image that she doesnt talk bad about anyone...Girl please
ava's picture

Yeah but Beyonce has the good

Yeah but Beyonce has the good sense not to say whatever she thinks out loud ot the media, silence is golden. Everyone does not need to know your every thought.
sweetpea1989's picture

I LOVE Malik's reply!! Thats

I LOVE Malik's reply!! Thats what she gets. All these fake eGangstas hide behind these usernames--its about time yall--OOPS--I mean they get called out!!
BooLuv's picture

As single artists, Keyshia

As single artists, Keyshia has more album sales, with 2 platinum albums. The other two didn't make gold. Kelly's first album was gold here and platinum in the UK, her other two only sold 87 and 77 thousand. Winner: Keyshia. Keyshia has been nominated for quite a few awards, including Grammy's, but the only one she won was 2005 Vibe Next Award. Kelly won: 2012 Billboard Music Awards, 2003 Grammy (Nelly's Dilemma), and 2011 Soul Train. Winner: Kelly. Keyshia has had reality shows and guest starred on a few sitcoms. Kelly has hosted many shows, guest starred on sitcoms, AND starred in feature films. Winner: Kelly. The problem with all of this is Keyshia dissed Michelle, NOT Kelly. Besides her work on Broadway and sitcom appearances, she won one MOBO award. Her first album sold about 247,000 copies, but the last two only 78 and 32 thousand. So in comparison, they're both wack! LOL (I personally respect the hustle of all involved.)
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

ummm kelly has 3 grammys....

ummm kelly has 3 grammys.... keyshia aint shit!
BritJackson's picture

When you add up the Destiny's

When you add up the Destiny's Child record sales and the fact that Kelly Rowland is now on the radar of mainstream media ('i.e. the caucasian side of things') what you are saying doesn't even equal for Keyshia Cole...not even a little bit!!! Trust me there are 2 sides of this game 'urban only' and completely mainstream...........
Money First's picture

And before anybody says it,

And before anybody says it, yes...I'm bored as hell! LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

You're bored as hell but yet

You're bored as hell but yet wrote a paragraph win stats and all. Just a Lil hypocritical wont you say? But Kelly was also X-Factor UK Judge.I admit Kelly is a little zzzzzzz boring but she is right that she matters way more than Keyshia especially on an international mainstream level. I liked Keyshia first album but she put herself on a cheap level & sounded like a hater when she tweeted about the Superbowl performance, it wasn't professional & it ruined her image even more.

Malik IS ashy!! So maybe ole

Malik IS ashy!! So maybe ole girl had no biz dissing him, but he could have taken the high road and ignored her. Instead he had to get rude and vulgar, now he looks like the ass!! o_O
goeze's picture

This story is late NATASHA I

This story is late NATASHA I read this yesterday on another site, and Kelly you're late about responding, the SUPERBOWL was how many weeks ago! Yes Kelly does have legs to stand on because she was w/ DESTINY'S CHILD one of the best girl groups out but why even give somebody like Keyshia the time of day and she will respond she has nothing to lose and nothing going on she's PATHETIC!
Shay's picture

Kelly is not late if people

Kelly is not late if people are still asking her about it in interviews...

Kelly don't have much going

Kelly don't have much going on either. And she needs to STOP, TRYING to be sexy, its annoying. Keisha actually has had a SUCCESSFUL solo career. YIKES!! P.S. She looks like Gladys Knight in that hat!
Datz My Word's picture

You are out of your rabbit

You are out of your rabbit mind!!!! Kelly has had way more solo success than Keshia on a national level. Check her other projects and their numbers, just because you didn't hear her on the radio in your town doesn't mean that she did not have great success... Has Keshia ever been over seas on tour??? LOL... Don't get me wrong, I like some of her music, but her attitude has always been a turn off and reality TV has not done her justice... P.S. her looking like Gladys is such a compliment... Gladys is proof that black don't crack baby!

Well, maybe Kelondria was

Well, maybe Kelondria was referring to "people" as in twitter and IG followers of which she has 4 million plus. Keysh has about 250k followers. They both have "successful" solo careers depending on who/what you're comparing their careers to...if we're comparing their careers to the likes of Adina Howard, Blu Cantrell or Shanice, yes they are successful. Kelly has a lot besides a singing career going on though, so don't be too hasty in sweeping that under the rug either.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Kelly was JUST asked about

Kelly was JUST asked about the remarks by Rolling Stone last week. She waited until she was asked about it.
SweetDivaT's picture

I love Kelly but she

I love Kelly but she should've said no comment and kept it moving, that's how you really prove something didnt matter to you. This was old and done. Her statement about they matter to more people than KC was tacky. Keyshia may not out sell DC but she will certainly run circles around a Kelly Rowland solo album.
Username's picture

now Kelly you are just a one

now Kelly you are just a one hit wonder. please don't diss anyone else. Keisha records sales are higher than yours and it took being with Beyonce to put you on a Map. Bowlleg girl please
lola69's picture


Datz My Word's picture

Why 20 years after Malik Yoba

Why 20 years after Malik Yoba has been off the air is the lower half of his face STILL ASHY??!!? Kelly low key snuffed Mizz Keyshia lmao but I know Keyshia will snap back! Lol
cutethatsall56's picture

LOL, he's not ashy. Where he

LOL, he's not ashy. Where he shaves is lighter than the rest of his face. I don't reallly like Keyshia but Kelly's growing up in the suburbs of Houston sheltered and groomed to be in the music business azz don't want it with Keyshia Cole. Naw boo!
Username's picture

White people LOVE Kelly...so

White people LOVE Kelly...so she will always have a job. Red carpet reporter at the Oscars, Judge on X Factor UK. etc. Keyshia only reps for the hood. Please have several seats!
PacificGirl's picture

Not taking up for Keyshia's

Not taking up for Keyshia's ratchet ass in any way, but Kelly sweetheart...... clearly you don't matter to as many people as you think you do. (squints eyes)
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Tell em Kelly. Malik, that

Tell em Kelly. Malik, that fake reporter was wrong for what she said but so were u. Chick owes u an apology. Still, LMAOOOOOO--you are FAR removed from your days on NY Undercover.

Malik, I will talk about your

Malik, I will talk about your lips -- if that's what would allow me to put mine on your d***.
Child Please's picture

Kelly didn't have to stoop to

Kelly didn't have to stoop to Keylolo's level by responding. You don't see Beyonce or Michelle responding. Wasn't needed, but I understand the urge to respond...just don't lol. Re: Malik...why are people always giving advice they should take!? IG and twitter are full of such fooz lol. Comedy.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Kelly performed at the Supper

Kelly performed at the Supper Bowl?? She was there, REALLY? I don't think anybody noticed, since Beyonce gyrating seemed to be all that the worldwide media covered. Huh...glad she had fun though! LMAO & SMH
Datz My Word's picture

Yeah Girl--Beyonce threw them

Yeah Girl--Beyonce threw them a bone and let them peek their head in for a hot second. LOL!!
BooLuv's picture

LOL it's Beyonce's world,

LOL it's Beyonce's world, Kelly and Michelle are just living in it .
cutethatsall56's picture

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