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Terrence J. Set To Drop A Book On Wisdom + Behind the Scenes of Karrueche Tran's VIBE Shoot

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"E! News" host Terrence J has announced the publishing details for his upcoming book, The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom.  Find out more about the book inside and see BTS video from Karreuche Tran's VIBE spread.


It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers has announced that it will publish The Wealth Of My Mother's Wisdom by E! News host Terrence J. in September 2013.  The host has been making big moves lately, and this book deal is the latest one.

The book will focus on the lessons he learned from his mother how they kept him grounded and focused.  Terrence credits his mom, and the hard decisions that she made for giving him the foundation he needed to become the man he is today—a man driven by his dreams. Her drive became his drive. Inspirational, funny, current, and down-to-earth.  He said,

"During the process of playing the "Mama’s boy" in Think Like a Man, I took an in-depth look at my own mother and her extraordinary journey of raising me while a still teenager herself. I know that many of the successful moments in my life, personally and professionally, have been in part because of the lessons that she taught me, and I am proud to share her words of wisdom to inspire others."

Executive Editor Carrie Thornton added, “The first time I met Terrence J I found him to be charming, but also very humble. He shared with me stories of his childhood, and also his deep admiration for his mother. I knew we had found the kernel of a wonderful book from him. Terrence’s star is getting brighter and brighter every day, and we’re so happy to have the chance to publish him.” 

Congrats to T!


And in magazines...

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"The Kill" creator and Chris Brown's partner in fashion, Karrueche Tran, is appearing in the new issue of VIBE Magazine where she discusses her upcoming collection.  She says, "...it's a mix between streetwear and chic."  Stylist and her The Kill cohort Ugo Mozie used colorful ensembles and pieces from "The Kill" for the spread.

Watch BTS video here:


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I love how Terrance has grown

I love how Terrance has grown over the years he's turned out to be a fine gentleman keep it up TJ!
clove19's picture

Kae is a cute girl. I now

Kae is a cute girl. I now understand what the Kill line is all about. Just a relaxed casual type of line. I wish her success.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Ladies & Gents witness the

Ladies & Gents witness the first 'KILL' that's already dead.
Realist's picture


Hahahhahahhhahahahhahahahahahahhaha **bouncing up & down like a Nutty DingBat** ..........
PegLeg®©'s picture

Karruche got a big head and

Karruche got a big head and little body. When she wears her hair pull back in a ponytail she looks cute. That other hairstyle makes her head & face big that it looks deformed.

I sure Riri is trying her

I sure Riri is trying her hardest to make "The Kill" not happen. Karate, you should of started that line a year ago before the breakup. Timing is all off #poor.thang
sexybrownpyt's picture

@sexybrownpyt, I was thinking

@sexybrownpyt, I was thinking the same thing, her timing is WAY off! You know Rih don't want him affiliated with her in no type of way! I don't think this will see the light of day.
Shay's picture

Steve Harvey done started

Steve Harvey done started something. Now every male black celeb who never been to college wanna write a book. I think I will go out and buy Manology by Tyrese & Rev Run
Somerknight's picture

@Somerknight,Don't buy it!

@Somerknight,Don't buy it! Rev Run really should have did it by himself because DRYRESE is IGNANT! He was so embarrassing on HLN one morn talking about the book this FOOL did not even know how to express himself. It was soooo bad he said I quote "sometimes women should just shutup be pretty and just listen"! That morning anchorwoman was at a lost for words. Rev Run had to help the FOOL and clean it up on NATIONAL TV! I never liked DRYRESE anyway! Terrence may have some words of wisdom but I just CAN'T w/ SOME OF THE PEOPLE WRITING BOOKS these days!
Shay's picture

oh PLEASE. terrance is a

oh PLEASE. terrance is a college graduate with a degree in communications.
litebrite's picture

no disrespect but the Kill

no disrespect but the Kill isnt going to happen & can all bloggers stop mentioning Chris Brown whenever they do a story about her..i understand without him there would be no her but we know at this point her affiliation ..it almost seems like people are being messy &starting problems
KIIIIIIII's picture

Karruche is cute and has a

Karruche is cute and has a cute face but not a model type maybe for like commercials...
BritJackson's picture

I like Karrueche she is a

I like Karrueche she is a pretty girl. Honestly her clothing line looks better than what I've seen from Ms. Rhi's line. Those denim pants were a HELL NO!
Springtime's picture

Who is Karruche? Awwww I

Who is Karruche? Awwww I think it's cute how Terrance J has wisdom now that he's got an E channel job.
cutethatsall56's picture

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