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Lauren London & The Cast Of "The Game" GET FAB For The Season 6 PROMO Shots!

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 photo gamenew7_zps55571280.jpg

"The Game" is BACK!  The BET show kicks off its sixth season with its 100th episode later this month.  And we've got the brand new sexy promo pics of the two new lead characters and the entire cast.  Check out Lauren London, Brandy, Hosea Chanchez and more inside...

On March 26th, "The Game" returns to BET with a special one-hour premiere and new cast members.  Everybody's fave dysfunctional circle of football family & friends will face new drama in the lives of the Sabers and the Sunbeams.

Now that Tia Mowry is out, the sexy Lauren London is IN.  On the premiere episode, we'll see how Derwin Davis (Pooch Hall) gets traded on Premiere Draft Day, and newcomer Bryce "Blue" Westbrook (Jay Ellis) steps in.  Since there are no promo pics for Pooch, and he said previously he was indeed returning to the show, it seems he may just be in the first episode or so.

Here's what you can expect to go down on this season of "The Game":

The season five finale ended with Tasha Mack in love, but will this love last forever when former flame Rick Fox returns to her life? Meanwhile, newlyweds Jason and Chardonnay are very much in love, but will Jason’s job get in the way of their honeymoon bliss? Tempted by his past demons, Malik is Malik 2.0 this year, but will he stay on track and maintain his sobriety? All this and more will be revealed in the new season of THE GAME.

Check out all the hot promo pics below:

 photo gamenew6_zps2fd72c60.jpg

Lauren London

 photo gamenew1_zps0e34455b.jpg

Jay Ellis


 photo gamenew5_zpsbb07fee6.jpg


 photo gamenew3_zps8b9f5071.jpg

Wendy Raquel Robinson

 photo gamenew2_zpsb046efc4.jpg 

Coby Bell

 photo gamenew4_zps1fd3bdc5.jpg 

Hosea Chanchez

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-07at13058PM_zpsfaf11253.png


Guest stars this season include: Rick Fox, Rockmond Dunbar, Ciara, John Singleton, Navid Negahban, Bumper Robinson, Tae Heckard, Greg Jennings and LaMonica Garrett.

Season 6 is once again executive produced by Mara Brock Akil, Salim Akil & Kelsey Grammer.  "The Game" premieres March 26th!  And you can check out more photos over at BET.

Photos via BET Networks

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I'm not sure what happened,

I'm not sure what happened, why they feel they had to let Melanie and Derwin go but I believe this will be their last season. Kelly, Jason, Melanie ,Derwin ,TashaMac and Malik were the characters that made the Game ,"the game" as far as I'm concern the game is over give it a new name. Either way I won't watch it, good luck with the show I'm off this.
natoutou37's picture

Just don't get the fashion

Just don't get the fashion logic of Hosea wearing a coat with a fur collar. As Pops from the Wayans would say ~ you got to coooordinate [sic].
GetUrLife's picture

sorry won't be watching wish

sorry won't be watching wish them luck though

While I find lauren London

While I find lauren London intolerable...I do like the Jason and Chardonnay characters. I will give it a shot until I find them all to be intolerable.
Zetagirl's picture


omgbecky's picture

This was my favorite show

This was my favorite show when it was on UPN. Then it went to BET and weirdly became a mess. I was told they had all the same writers that they had at UPN. When a scene where a group of little girls from a mentor program of the Sunbeams were looking up to Tae Heckard's character -a proud video hoe groupie I knew then the show was going down the drain fast. The writing was so sloppy and so were the storylines that just went nowhere. Then Tasha went from being hilarious hood mama to all out super ghetto ignorant. The show became trash and I stopped watching. Hopefully the writing will stablize this season. Sometimes new blood helps things get better. We shall see.
Keys's picture

Hope they last...when I knew

Hope they last...when I knew Mel and Derwin would be gone, I was done....
Laia's picture

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echo's picture

people still watch this?!

people still watch this?!

I can't look at Lauren

I can't look at Lauren without thinking about her being a 'baby mama' for Lil Wayne. What on earth could he have been saying to her for her to have UNPROTECTED sex with him? Damn homey..... (~_~)
SpeakingMyMind's picture

Get out! (of my head that is)

Get out! (of my head that is) Ewww is the only thing that comes to mind when I see her. And why any decent woman would want the spawn of Lil Wayne emerging from their loins?
precioustx's picture

Brandy is serving it!

Brandy is serving it!

Lauren can't act...sorry.

Lauren can't act...sorry. She's pretty but...I just think of her pushing out a baby Wayne...yuck.

Before I clicked on the post,

Before I clicked on the post, I already knew what everyone would say "BET ruined it, I wont be watching, blah blah blah". Of course it will be quite different without Melanie and Derwin, but I will give it a try. I enjoy the show, so hopefully the story lines will be good. Im happy that Lauren London got a new role in something, and she is sexy so I will be watching! lol :) P.S I STILL miss Kelly!!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I'm really looking forward to

I'm really looking forward to this new season. I'm so excited that Chardonnay is back. Her and Jason are my favs from last season. I can't wait to see what the writers do with the new characters. They did such a bad job with the Melanie/Derwin story last season that I was not sad to see them go at all. New characters should get thier creative juices flowing again. Can't wait!
Bird's picture

I was in love with this show

I was in love with this show when it was on CW, petitioned to help get it on BET, and now they boot the star actors! Nope, I will not be watching but I wish them all the best.
EWord's picture

I hope this is the last

I hope this is the last season! Yes I am a disgruntle fan! I hate when they have a hit show, then they wanna take the original characters out which made the show. I'm still upset with how they messed up Girlfriends. Now they messing this show up. They took out the funny cool white girl, now Tia, & Pooch! Not feeling this show anymore at all! I apologize for my rant, I'm just an old fan venting. Good day!
DivineBeauty's picture

You are not alone.

You are not alone.
EWord's picture

Glad I'm not the only one.

Glad I'm not the only one. smh.
DivineBeauty's picture

BET ruined this show.

BET ruined this show.
TheMrs's picture

Smh. First Kelly, now Derwin,

Smh. First Kelly, now Derwin, & Melanie... Not the same.
DivineBeauty's picture

The men's stylist in this

The men's stylist in this promo shoot was all the way turned on, and then they style the women like much ado about nothing but basicness. Nevertheless, I'll be watching this season.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

OMG these pics and that

OMG these pics and that styling is so BASIC. I was nvr a fan of the Game. I tried to give it a chance on BET, predictable ghetto drama and I do mix. I used to loooove Lauren London, but ever since she let dirty Lil Wayne IN, her stock has went way down in my book. #gameover
SkeeWee's picture

I am so through. They took my

I am so through. They took my favorite show, one so many of us worked on to get it back on the air, and they butchered it. How can they survive, with already low ratings, without Tia and Pooch, the MAIN DAMN PLAYERS! What did they do to my show? Even though I am disgruntled fan, I'll check out season 6, which I believe will be their last season, and if it isn't any better than the previous two seasons, I'm out!
Sunflower Jones's picture

I feel the same way but I

I feel the same way but I won't be supporting it anymore after the major changes. It was hard enough after they removed Kelly, but now no Derwin & Melanie...I just can't. But I'm with you, I think this will be the last season. I'll be shock if it survives another season after this.
DivineBeauty's picture

I don't believe Kelsey

I don't believe Kelsey Grammer was in the last two...so I'm sure he can make this work.
Tren's picture

I think Kelsey was actually

I think Kelsey was actually in the last two seasons.
Sunflower Jones's picture

I havent watched the show in

I havent watched the show in a while. It lost the flair when Der.win and girl Melanie left
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Well today is your lucky day

Well today is your lucky day because this will actually be the first time the show has come on since they left.
Bird's picture


Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

find something less dangerous

find something less dangerous to play with ho.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Cute pix. I'm a little salty

Cute pix. I'm a little salty at the photographer though for allowing Brandy to use the "pull up my ponytail fashion pose" knowing that her tracks weren't even...it looks a mess and ruined that shot.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

Well i hope it's gotten

Well i hope it's gotten better because when i stopped watching two/three seasons ago it was dying. What Mara should do is reboot Girlfriends or make another show similar to it, it was her best work so far.

OMG!!! I'm with you. I'm

OMG!!! I'm with you. I'm still a little pissy about the cancellation of Girlfriends. Actually, I'm STILL quite pissy from when Toni Childs left.
MrsCPA's picture

Ha! I'm still hoping they'll

Ha! I'm still hoping they'll do a Girlfriends movie with Tony in it and her ex the sex addict. So many loose ends there.
Bird's picture

hope its good!

hope its good!
BritJackson's picture

been stopped watching this

been stopped watching this but I like that black football. it still boggles my mind that new-new actually had sex with lil wayne.
shuga's picture

Nice--I hope this season's

Nice--I hope this season's better than last...

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