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Ciara COMMENTS On Rihanna's Bestie's "Body Party" Diss, Says It Didn't Come From "A Positive Place"

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Ciara talked about her new single "Body Party" recently and addressed the "perceived" diss that Rihanna and her pal Melissa Forde posted. Find out what she said about RiRi, and her upcoming appearance on "The Game" inside......


Ciara called in to 107.5 WGCI's "Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot" this morning to promote her upcoming appearance on "The Game" and her latest single, "Body Party."  

But before she could talk about her own projects, she was sprayed with questions about rapper Future.  CiCi playfully ignored the hosts and only spoke about her excitement over "Body Party" (which Future wrote with Mike Will Made It). She also talked about the photo that Rihanna's bestie Melissa Forde put on Instagram and she denied that KFC ever tried to sell or promote her Fantasy Ride disc.  Here are the highlights:


On Rihanna & Melissa's Instagram Photo (which many fans interpreted as a diss)

"In my mind, I operate from a place or love and support.  And if you would have ask me about her up until this point, I would have nothing but good things to say because I'm sincerely happy for her.  But I didn't receive what they did from a positive place."  

On "The Game"

She revealed that she plays an entertainer named "Ciara" but it's only loosely based on her life. (Um, OK.) "The things that I do are things I could NEVER do as a person!  It the unexpectedness of me as an entertainer and it gets real serious."

On KFC selling the "Fantasy Ride" album

When the hosts joked about KFC giving out copies of "Fantasy Ride" with a purchase, CiCi denied that it ever happened, saying it was a rumor. When one of the hosts began reading verbatim from one of the KFC coupons, she said that it was "made up."


Listen to the interview here:

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I know she is embarrassed.

I know she is embarrassed. But when is Melissa going to get herself a life.
TeaNicole's picture


REd™'s picture

Lol, Why did they have to

Lol, Why did they have to bring that KFC thing up....HILARIOUS! But she handled pretty well.
TrueT's picture

Fuck is Ciara talking about

Fuck is Ciara talking about "up until this point, I had nothing but positive things to say"? Going on television and telling people Rihanna was rude to you was speaking "positive" of her? Oh, but wait...you thought she wouldn't be upset about you labeling her a rude diva? Girl, bye. Like Keyshia Cole, you need to learn to watch your mouth. What they did was childish but, you can't start a fight and not finish it.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Oh my goodness Ciara is

Oh my goodness Ciara is GORGEOUS!!!
I_love_laughing's picture

And yes that bathroom video

And yes that bathroom video was def random. I can see if she was in the mirror, doing her hair or something touching up her makeup and she was filmed singing the song randomly, but it looks like she went into the bathroom for the SOLE purpose of singing Lol Like "Hey, lets go in the bathroom and tape me singing Body Party" Lol Smh ..And how is Rihanna insecure, etc if SHE wasnt the one to post anything about Ciara?
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

LMAO @ them asking her about

LMAO @ them asking her about KFC *crying* I never heard that rumor. Sounded like shade to me. I would've felt a bit played if I was her Lml And when she tried to change the subject about The Game, they went right back to asking about the KFC coupon ctfu! Ciara seems like such an underdog these days, hopefully she will regain some respect within the industry again. And lmao @ "Now put Future on the phone, we wanna talk to HIM!" #iCant
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

ciara is a bore! she needs to

ciara is a bore! she needs to a new team! and future wrote body party? figures! smh!
BritJackson's picture

Ciara isn't as popular as

Ciara isn't as popular as Rihanna because Ciara doesn't make music that mainstream audiences like. Her fan base is mostly black people. Mainstream unfortunately is what's selling right now. If you have a mainstream look (light skin, light eyes, etc), mainstream sound (pop, rock, techno, etc) and a cool style that stands out (Lady gaga, rihanna, katy perry, etc) you're in. A lot of artists like Usher, Beyonce, Nicki, Trey, and Timbaland have diverged from their R&B/Hip hop roots and as a result are considered sell outs. Ciara did that song with Justin Timberlake, 'Love Sex and Magic' and had a little bit of mainstream success, but she didn't keep that sound (thank goodness). I wish she could make it as a R&B/crunk artist but even crunk is dead now. No more Ying Yang twins, lil john, David Banner, and so on.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

It's very frustrating to me

It's very frustrating to me that Ciara is not as successful or even more so than Rihanna, there singing is at the same level I believe but Ciara is a great entertainer. I remember when she was poppin me and my friends use to ador her and use to copy all her dance moves from her vids. Though Rihanna's songs are so catchy, she is so music industry manufactured.
Starts's picture

Exactly Riri gets all the new

Exactly Riri gets all the new fresh songs and beats sent her way. Without her "song writers" Riri is nothing, those catchy, addicting "make you wanna dance in front of the mirror" songs makes up for her horrid voice and dancing skills. Rihanna's a robot where her "Great team" is pulling her strings, she only has freedom of speech and actions via twitter & instragram.
sexybrownpyt's picture

How does Melissa posting a

How does Melissa posting a picture laughing at C-Error's make a complete ASS of herself make Rihanna insecure? If I remember 90% of the comments from the post of said video where NEGATIVE. So we are all insecure in that case; hell! On another note, Rihanna looked like she was just watching it, same way C-error watches her vids I'm sure. People look for anything.. and I mean ANYTHING to bash this woman's character IMO.
Keonta's picture

Exactly. Of course I wasnt

Exactly. Of course I wasnt there, but it looks like Rihanna was just chillin and Melissa brought the pic to her attention and showed it to her. As far as I know, Rihanna hasnt said anything about Body Party OR Ciara lately. Melissa seems like a cool/nice/loyal friend, but she should understand that whatever SHE does will be blamed on Rihanna!!
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I think it's because there's

I think it's because there's an unspoken rule amongst celebrities to not throw shade or bash each other publicly, no matter what. It has it's consequences (i.e. Keri and Bey fiasco). Rhi and CiCi have a history of bad blood (silly really) between them so anything about Ci from Rhi's camp will be scrutinized.
TrueT's picture

Rihanna is kinda similar to

Rihanna is kinda similar to Madonna at the time she was the big star in de nineties, always being a jerk towards people in the business, not being humble and not even considering being a rolemodel to anyone. Just like Madonna she will meet herself one day and become an adult.
Tannygirl's picture

Ummm, Madonnna is still one

Ummm, Madonnna is still one of the highest paid musicians in the game. No one has stopped booking her because of her supposed attitude. Thus, if that's who Ri will end up like, so be it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ciara is turning into the next Mya. A pretty girl who started out hot but quickly withered into extinction.
Sabs4Prez's picture

I guess that will never

I guess that will never happen because Madonna still doesn't act like an adult. Still flashing her boobs and ass like she's in her 20s instead of the senior citizen she is now.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture


sexybrownpyt's picture

They need to just go ahead

They need to just go ahead and start filming Ciara's Unsung episode now
BooLuv's picture


gogreen's picture


Sabs4Prez's picture

She sounds delusional. I

She sounds delusional. I guess that happens when you starting sniffing your own $hit.
GetUrLife's picture

Rihanna and this Melissa

Rihanna and this Melissa person are really immature and hella messy. Ri thinks because she has Jay on her side that she can just be nasty to anyone at leisure, but she need not sleep on Ciara. She has alot of industry friends and shares many of them with Jay. No matter how important Ri thinks she is to Jay's pockets, his industry relationships are far more important and will bring him much more money than one person.
JJFad's picture


bred601's picture

I can't believe you all can't

I can't believe you all can't see this is really what messy ass Rih wanted to do but what does she do? Get her sidekick nobody friend to do it! Like someone said Rih may be successful but it's very clear how INSECURE and IMMATURE she is. Melissa is STUPID to do this because they DRAGGED her and put a pic of Wesley Snipes next to her and called him her twin! Ciara on the other hand needs to stop during LAME stuff like singing in the bathroom!
Shay's picture

Everything you said seems to

Everything you said seems to sum up this whole mess.
TrueT's picture

I agree..Melissa is obviously

I agree..Melissa is obviously just as insecure or more than RiRi behind and she knows it, but maybe too young to realize these antics make her look less of the woman in their profession..*shrugs; However w/the nature of the biz, There's also nothing wrong w/a lil' friendly competition either...
Like Really's picture

@Like Really, like you said

@Like Really, like you said what's wrong with a lil friendly competition. I really think in the beggining CiCi wanted to be friendly w/ Rih but of coarse messy Rih was not having it! On the other hand Ciara was wrong to get on that Joan River's fashion show and say that Rih was mean to her. What was she expecting? I heard that Ciara was'nt that friendly w/ Keri Hilson so the saga continues until someone is IMMATURE and SECURE enough to stop the foolishness!
Shay's picture

Kudos to that bcuz Neither of

Kudos to that bcuz Neither of them are innocent but as you mentioned, the immature pettiness is RIDIC..If anything they all shud focus on creating good, fresh, and innovative music for their darn repertoires..Shucks Music today is in sum pretty bad shape and instead of implying 0ne being the reason..I'd rather them just fix whats left! Smhlololol
Like Really's picture

Yes that pic comparison(Mford

Yes that pic comparison(Mford & W.Snipes) was everything....had me laughing for the longest!!!! Cici wanted to show out for future with that "epic fail" bathroom stunt. smdh, Love/Lust makes some chicks do crazy things.
sexybrownpyt's picture

@sexybrownpyt, I was on

@sexybrownpyt, I was on another site when I saw pic's of an after party of the Grammy's when I saw this pic of CB on a pic w/ Ciara and Future and Cici was posing and smiling and acting silly, and waaaaaay in the back was Rih and Melissa and Rih was looking a lil mad! I think Rih is one of those CRAZY TRYING TO BE CONTROLLING FEMALES, Ms Crazy probably did not want Chris talking to her, Chris was more interested in talking to Future not Ciara! When will she learn she will never CONTROL him! Oh I responded to the Terrence J post. Oh does Tori come on here anymore?
Shay's picture

idk haven't seen her on here

idk haven't seen her on here for a while. Yes Riri does look like the jealous narcissistic type, smh
sexybrownpyt's picture

@sexybrownpyt, Btw love love

@sexybrownpyt, Btw love love The new Naomi Campbell pic vibe going on! Work it!
Shay's picture

@Shay Thanks

@Shay Thanks
sexybrownpyt's picture

Ciara handled the

Ciara handled the MFORD/hardface well, finally an artist who acts their age!!! Yes Cici and Riri are head to head vocally but when it comes to dancing Cici wins. So yes Cici is a more talented artist when it comes to singing and dancing. LMAO@THE KFC, they stupid for that...lol with their silly arses.
sexybrownpyt's picture

I like her response but that

I like her response but that bathroom clip was random as hell and it sounded horrible. Celebrities seem to be in a position where speaking the 'truth' about a colleague is a no-no. I would have a hard time with that.
Username's picture

CiCi can't talk. She either

CiCi can't talk. She either dating someone else man or being a Jump Off. She needs to take notes from Kim K. Plus she use to answer Fan mail for Kim K so how she going in on Melissa.
lola69's picture

I really like Ciara and

I really like Ciara and thinks she's just a pretty as Rihanna! Rihanna needs to stop being petty and it just shows, even though she's successful, that she's insecure! Melissa needs to have A TON of seats because she's ONLY the side kick!!! smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Neither Rihanna nor Ciara are

Neither Rihanna nor Ciara are good singers, heck they are barely passable vocally so, IMO they are in the same boat.
sweetpea1989's picture

less successful or not ciara

less successful or not ciara is just a better person. the fact that rihanna goes out of her way to shade ciara who is suppose to not be as successful shows she's miserable. ciara keeps a smile on her face and keeps working. reminds me of when beyonce used to go through it but she just kept getting better. it's not a race. rihanna will get what's coming to her soon enough

All CiCi needs to say is

All CiCi needs to say is "She's still with Chris Brown....next subject please"
PegLeg®©'s picture

I don't know if it was a diss

I don't know if it was a diss or not, but if it was, Rihanna Sweetie...... Know that you are not where you are because of talent and Mr. Meliss...., what do you do? Clean the room after Chris and Ri sexes it up, clips Ri's toenails, tastes Ri's food before she eats it, to make sure it's safe and good, take photos of her, blows her hot food for her, I mean seriously. You are in no position sweetie. Do you even have a state ID? Girl Bye!!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

yessssss!!! Cosign!!! that

yessssss!!! Cosign!!! that sh*t made me chuckle, MFORD need to stay in her lane, chick has zero talent=zero place to talk sh*t!!
sexybrownpyt's picture

LOL - good one!

LOL - good one!
Happy Lady's picture


Hahahahahahaha....she's RiRi's Tampon Changer & Ass Wiper too!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

lol ewww....and the list goes

lol ewww....and the list goes on.........
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

CiCi has more Class but she

CiCi has more Class but she was LYING....anyone in that line-of-work is highly competitive. But she's in a No Win situation b/c RiRi is so much more successful. So, she HAD to handle it like that............
PegLeg®©'s picture

ciara always responded to

ciara always responded to haters in radio interview even when she was more sucessful than she is now. that's just who she is as a person. competition doesn't have to be nasty. she competes where it's important. whether her sales reflect that is another story. point is the competition should be on the talent. rihanna clearly doesn't care about that. despite her sucess she will remain a miserable battered child. the hard front will never clear up what she knows is true

Very true....but CiCi is @ a

Very true....but CiCi is @ a very important moment in her career right now...so she needed to do that. Not saying that she wouldn't have at another point....but we all know CiCi could beat RiRi's ASS worse than Chris Brown did!!!!!!!!!
PegLeg®©'s picture

...TRUU and not to mention

...TRUU and not to mention gettin rid of that Bitch Rep frm colleagues..
Like Really's picture

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