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REALITY FAB: Ray J HOSTING "Bad Girls Club ALL-STARS" + Jessica White LANDS Reality Show On The "STYLE" Network

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 photo rayJandJoJoRyderpic.jpg

Ray J will be hosting Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club All-Stars" reality show. See him on the set inside and find out about Jessica White's upcoming reality show....

Ray J, shown above with exective producer JoJo Ryder, is set to host Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club All-Stars."  

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at114430AM.png

The "Sexy Ladies" singer tweeted a few pics from the set recently.  And we've learned the deets about what he's been up to.  The air date is scheduled for May 20th.  And "Bad Girls" breakout star and newlywed Natalie Nunn (who is the reason we STOPPED watchign a while ago) is one of the contestants returning to the popular franchise. They're all competing against each other for a cash prize.  So we all know Ray's gonna eat up the attention from the ladies who want their thirst quenched.

While standing in front of the LA mansion where the show is shot, Ray said, "Just getting live on the set of my new show, get ready people I'm about set it off for yall. Thx you"

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at114325AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at114626AM.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at114608AM.png

He also posted a few self-portraits from his dressing room.  Dude does love himself doesn't he..

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-10at114533AM.png  

And because he keeps himself busy, he told fans, "Long nite in Mexico! just jumped On the Jet headed back to Cali for a 3:00 set call time! New TV show coming soon."


In other reality tv news....

 photo JessicaWhiteFrontRowFrontRowSpring2013TvLAd0a4iaFl.jpg

Maybelline spokeswoman Jessica White is expected to hit the airwaves of the Style Network for a reality show of her own. The show will focus on her life and work as a model and follow her trying to establish her career as a singer.  Yeah, a singing career.

Most recently, she was spotted out and about in New York with a camera crew following her to the Doe Fund’s Sweet: New York event where she chilled with Cynthia Bailey.

Congrats on the new gigs Ray J and Jessica!


Photos via Instagram

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Ray J is talented, aw I want

Ray J is talented, aw I want to watch this show

im wondering when Bad Girls

im wondering when Bad Girls Club ALL-STARS is going to start...

Bad Girls Club ALL-STAR

Bad Girls Club ALL-STAR should be an original :D. I believe in JoJo Ryder and Ray J

Well good luck to both Ray J,

Well good luck to both Ray J, and Jessica!

This should be good! Big

This should be good! Big congrats to Ray J and Jessica!

JoJo Ryder is one of the best

JoJo Ryder is one of the best producers ever. I love him so much

instead of talkin shit bout

instead of talkin shit bout someone you dont even know, or a show that hasnt aired yet, let it play out then make your judgements. the irony of someone talkn smack on the internet callin someone else "pre-pubescent"...quit acting like a child...smfh...
zachariahmcdonald's picture

I actually still like the Bad

I actually still like the Bad Girls Club, its one of my guilty pleasures (Smh I know lol), but I dont really wanna see them competing for anything and playing a bunch of stupid games. I could see if it was the All Stars living in the house with eachother, but it seems like that show Love Games (which I dont like). And I do wanna see Ray J win in the industry, but doing a show like that wont help ppl take him seriously. Idk bout Jessica's show as I dont know much about her. Maybe I'll check out a rerun or something when Im bored.
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Rob is getting piggish.

Rob is getting piggish.
Twila's picture

Oh, well Ray J should be in

Oh, well Ray J should be in heaven. Right up his alley.
JewelryLover's picture

I wonder if Ray J really is

I wonder if Ray J really is that much of a scumbag or if he just likes playing the role of one. Anything associated with Bad Girls Club reminds me of herpes. Something real seedy about that show.
shuga's picture

oh this is d dude that banged

oh this is d dude that banged kim k..hehehe...i cant believe chris brown illegally smoked weed on stage in africa...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Ray J...so lame. Reality

Ray J...so lame. Reality tv...he can do no more than that...
Laia's picture

Ray really can do more.

Ray really can do more. That's why I'm so excited he teamed back up with JoJo Ryder. Those two together are a dynamic duo.
MacieTurnstrap's picture

Jessica White is so Z List.

Jessica White is so Z List. FAIL.
PacificGirl's picture

You're the FAIL you

You're the FAIL you dimwit--Jessica White has a major cosmetics contract, which 90% of all models would kill for. Go back to arguing about Rihanna vs. Beyonce with the rest of the crabs in the barrel.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Every time I see ray jerk, a

Every time I see ray jerk, a wave of nausea comes over me. I wish he would just not sit, but LAY the hell down somewhere.
sianna1's picture

Jessica White has some really

Jessica White has some really pretty eyes.
jgraves58's picture

I agree.

I agree.
I_love_laughing's picture

Ray J needs to have a seat

Ray J needs to have a seat forever! I thought JoJo Ryder was Rob Kardashian. Done!!!

Ray j soo wack

Ray j soo wack
BritJackson's picture

Brandy brother is Super

Brandy brother is Super annoying and...JW has a spider web protruding frm her forehead! Smhlol... *sigh 
Like Really's picture

Can't stand Ray-J's corny.

Can't stand Ray-J's corny. tries waaaaay to hard, screechy-pre-pubescent voice having self. I thought that was Rob Kardashian in the pic & I was gonna say WTF...kudos to Jessica White.

... all this coming from a

... all this coming from a person hiding behind a screen name. Not to mention the fact that you don't know who JoJo Ryder is; "WOW" proves your ignorance.
MacieTurnstrap's picture

Shutup FOOL. Isn't everyone

Shutup FOOL. Isn't everyone on-line using (not 'hiding behind') a screenname? Cuz if that's your actual face & name in your gravatar perhaps you should hide behind IT. No--I don't know --or care who JoJo Ryder is just like I don't know or care who you are--and yet I still live a full life LOL. Imagine that. Stupid a$$.


shuga's picture

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