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CELEBRITY HACK JOB UPDATE: More Details Released On "Doxxing" & Celebrity Financial Info Leak

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When reports hit the net yesterday that A list celebs and politicians had their financial info leaked online, more deets have come out about why and how. Check it inside...

Jay-Z, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Donald Trump and more are currently dealing with a MAJOR security leak.  Yesterday, their social security numbers, credit reports, bank reports and more were all leaked on a website yesterday, and the FBI says they are taking it VERY seriously. But some type of way, a day later, the site is STILL up and running.

Some weren't sure about the validity of all the info released, but it seems LAPD has gotten to the bottom of it.  But unfortunately, it also sounds like the info is valid---and is STILL public.

Today, the LA Police chief, the FBI director, Michelle Obama and a few others were also exposed on the site.  And the authorities say this is all a result of a new prank called "Doxxing."

OMG Yahoo reports:

The FBI also explained that this latest hoax is called "doxxing," which means "the process of obtaining or deducing information about a person based on a limited set of initial information," and that the bureau has had experience dealing with it before.

The LAPD issued the following statement Monday evening: "LAPD detectives are investigating the recent disclosure of Chief Beck's personal information. Apparently this is not necessarily a hacking incident. It is called 'Doxxing' ... This has happened to the Chief on two other occasions prior to this in a similar nature post Occupy LA. We are not at liberty to discuss the others mentioned in the web post. There will be no further comments or press conference on this matter."

Now, TMZ reports the hackers are doing this to USE their financial info in some way.

The hackers who obtained Michelle Obama's financial records -- along with some of the biggest celebs in the world -- aren't just seeking recognition ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ they have been "using" the credit information.

Our sources would not be specific on how the information has been used, but it could involve access and withdrawal of money. As we previously reported, the hackers have obtained personal banking information as well as social security numbers and that could be enough to obtain withdrawals of cash.

The FBI has also issue severe warnings to all hack victims to lock down their bank accounts NOW before any money is stolen.  And if you're wondering why entertainment sites are refusing to give the name of the website, it's mainly because no one wants to be charged for aiding in a federal crime.

The downside of celeb life...




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Thats messed up.....I BET KANYE DID IT.....
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Lol......he's not smart enough though.
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i heard some folks were

i heard some folks were stupid enough to be trying to look at that ish at work!!! This is not a site you wanna be caught checking out ya'll. The FBI is all over it and the site records the IP address of any computer that accesses it. You don't want to catch a case!
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Girl most of these people don't own a computer. They look it up in the library then run out lol.
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The site is likely still up

The site is likely still up because the FBI is monitoring who's visiting it...du duh
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So can you get in trouble for

So can you get in trouble for looking at it? Why in the H-E-double hockey sticks would the government even let people know this happened if you could get in trouble just for reading it? They know damn well how curious people are.
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Not saying I looked or

Not saying I looked or anything BUT there were thousands of hits to that site yesterday. From what I had heard *whistling* there was nothing impressive. The biggest thing is their Social Security numbers, date of births, phone numbers (Bey) and credit reports were posted. Incidentally, for the Bey haters, if the info is indeed accurate, there goes that "She is older than 31" rumor.
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Well...... Bey did say that

Well...... Bey did say that it's time for her to open up and share her personal life.(shrugs)
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Ew...u stank!
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