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DADDY DUTY: Dwyane Wade Appears In DOVE's "Men+Care" FATHERHOOD Campaign

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Dwyane Wade has signed up (along with his two sons) for Dove's "Men+Care" campaign to show the important roles fathers play in healthy development.  See the pics and learn about the campaign inside....

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In a new campaign with Dove "Men+Care" NBA champion Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade has teamed up with the brand to show how important fatherhood is to his life. The NBA baller is a spokesman for the NEW “Real Moments” campaign, which highlights relatable experiences from his life as an athlete and how they translate into fathering.

Rob Candelino, Vice President for Unilever Skincare, spoke D-Wade's praises saying:

“This year during the tournament Dove® Men+Care™ will showcase moments in men’s lives that really matter. When fans learn that playing ‘Defense’ for Dwyane Wade means teaching his sons how to guard a mini-hoop in his living room, instead of a fellow player during a professional game, it hits home where men today place priority — caring for their family comes first.”

Dwyane added, 

“The real moments in my Dove® Men+Care™ campaign capture the joy and excitement my boys and I feel when we are all together. Being a father is the most rewarding aspect of my life and my children teach me, just as much as I teach them.”


And in other Dwyane Wade news, there's somebody who's NOT speaking his praises in the public eye. His ex-wife Siohvaughn Wade, will appear on the Dr. Phil show today where she'll discuss their bitter custody battle over their two sons, now 11 and 5.

She says she has been unfairly labeled as “crazy” and “violent” in the media, and she wants to tell her side of the story.  At one point, Dr. Phil tells Siohvaughn that bashing her ex will not gain her sons.  He said, "You’ve got to change what you’re doing if you want to get back into the position that you need to be in with your children’s lives...I want you to have a bigger role in your children’s lives.”  Hmm...


We INDEED will be watching.

Photos via Jusinta Mintz

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She looks much better with

She looks much better with nose job but this heffa is hella CRAZY. Unfortunately she let a man drive her looney while she was in the process of filing for custody and lawd knows how women can be when it comes to their children and feeling jealous of the next chick... SMH... She is NEVER getting her sons back so tink tink aka Siovaugh need counseling before she gains another 100 pounds! The best thing she can do is let the past go so she can salvage some type of relationship with DWade to have a part in her babies lives.

The whole 'Mr Wade' thing

The whole 'Mr Wade' thing makes her look even crazier than she's portrayed. It showed on every audience member's face the camera zoomed in on.
Realist's picture

That 1st video clip of

That 1st video clip of Siovaughn reminded me of Mitt Romney's "Binders full of women" comment hahaha Look at 1:14
C2C's picture

Dwayne is a handsome black

Dwayne is a handsome black man but I really don't appreciate the way he villanized his wife and is now appearing like he's the angelic black hero who saved his kids from a lunatic. Nigga please. You married her and made those babies with her and the least you can do is show her that respect. Needless to say a man who's capable of tossing his wife aside and taking her kids could never be trusted. As for Gabby he's NOT marrying her...
Marketing Gimmicks's picture

wade soo fine! the youngest

wade soo fine! the youngest son looks just like him!
BritJackson's picture

He looks great!!!

He looks great!!! *sigh*...Cute ad spots with the kiddies!
Star_witness's picture

I don't think anybody is

I don't think anybody is perfect and the person on here stating that is just as crazy as his ex. lol His ex really has some issues. She obviously can't move on. That is dangerous. Don't know what she might do to herself or her kids if she still had custody, just to get revenge on him.
LBA1's picture

His ex could move on if she

His ex could move on if she wanted to; all she has to do is make her mind up--or *get counseling*. Dwelling in the past via youtube and Dr. Phil isn't doing her any favors. Not ONE of us goes through life without feeling hurt & disappointment but we have to decide to dwell in it & let it ruin us or move on. Its been YEARS now; time for this chick to move on.

I don't know what REALLY

I don't know what REALLY happened betw Wade & his ex but its obvious that he loves his kids and is a hands-on Dad. And is s-e-x-y. Nice. Now, the ex going on Dr. Phil-SMH...time to MOVE ON.

He's a perfect dad & Fabby

He's a perfect dad & Fabby Gabby Union is the PERFECT MOTHER!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

and you are a perfect moron.

and you are a perfect moron.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

U are soo smart

U are soo smart
Jesus H. Christ's picture

suck my right nut.

suck my right nut.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

i like your moxy

i like your moxy
Jesus H. Christ's picture

hell yeah, surprised the

hell yeah, surprised the idiot didnt say nothing about beyonce. obessed ass
BritJackson's picture

He's so beautiful!!

He's so beautiful!!
holmesa925's picture

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