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*UPDATED* PUBLICIST Confirms Seizure, But Says Lil Wayne Is RECOVERING....Report Still Alleges He's On Life Support (Plus Lil Wayne Tweets Update)

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Young Money has released an official statement on Lil Wayne's health, plus conflicting reports still allege he is on life support....

Here is the official statement from Young Money's publicist on Lil Wayne's current condition: "We can confirm Lil Wayne did have a seizure and that he is recovering."

As we previously reported, TMZ gave a detailed report about Wayne being read his last rites, being in an induced coma, and him being on breathing tubes and in critical condition after seizures today.  Lil Wayne's Young Money crew--Birdman & Mack Maine--denied the breathing tubes and near death status.  Mack also just tweeted "F*ck TMZ".

TMZ now reports Wayne's mother Cita is on her way to L.A., and no medical decisions can be made without her--including any decisions to remove Wayne from life support (that the site still claims he is on).  The site has also now removed the "last rites" update they previously posted.

Lil Wayne's crew has not denied the syrup binge accusations.

*UPDATE 9:55p ET* A tweet came from Lil Wayne's account:

I'm good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.

Some are not convinced he actually tweeted it himself.

And TMZ, who we all know gets pissy when they get called a liar, said the following:

Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU ... but stabilizing.  We're told the prognosis is uncertain.  Wayne is sleeping right now ... which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he's OK and thanking people for the prayers and love.

One side of this situation will have some explaining to do when things settle.  Regardless, we're hoping for a speedy recovery for Wayne.




It is time to for Wayne to

It is time to for Wayne to get with the program , leave the drugs and that other mess alone.
PinkyFish's picture

I don't see why TMZ would

I don't see why TMZ would exaggerate a story. They didn't lie about Michael Jackson dying plus their whole platform is getting as close to the confirming truth in celebrity news as possible. If they lie about anything people would stop watching and visiting their site, the program would cease to exist if people disn't believe their reports. As far as I'm concerned TMZ is the only television media newsource that reports the truth, the real sad part is it's celebrity-entertainment news. May e Harvey needs to takeover CNN and MSNBC and can get some real news reports about the state of true country and these crooked ass politicians.
PeaceSilas's picture

I don't know the truth but,

I don't know the truth but, there are few things we must consider: a) I've worked in the ICU. The patients we received included people with gun shot wounds and people who have been in motorcycle/motor vehicle accidents so, to say he's doing fine is an overstatement. Also, if TMZ publishes false information, they can be sued for libel (written defamation) which is worse than slander because libel is considered to be "forever". Thus, if they don't sue TMZ than they are the ones lying (even if they sue TMZ, if they lose than there is truth in TMZ's story). Lastly, I find it hard to believe Wayne is doing "fine" when T.I., Toya, Birdman, his momma and everyone else is flying to L.A. to see about him. He clearly isn't "fine". Do I think he is dead? Of course not. Do I think he's watching a basketball game with Maine? F(ck no! I think he is the furthest thing from "fine" but, I also believe they should all be allowed their privacy so if they want to lie...let 'em.
Sabs4Prez's picture

That's all very true and

That's all very true and worth considering also TMZ has a buch of lawyers and law professionals there so I'm almost certain they know what boundaries not to cross for hat very reason you mentioned.
PeaceSilas's picture

I'm not sure I care after he

I'm not sure I care after he made that disrespectful comment about Emmett Till.
cutethatsall56's picture

His ignorant ass is payin for

His ignorant ass is payin for it now.
I Am Anonymous's picture

like I said Lil Wayne dont

like I said Lil Wayne dont give a damn about his health so why should we?

Like most Addicts....he

Like most Addicts....he doesn't realize how serious it is...until it's too late (The Downward Spiral/Slowly Killing Yourself).............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Since he is the father of

Since he is the father of young kids that surely have access to the internet they probably are not wanting them to be exposed to that information especially the way the media is putting it out there....but I'm sure it's all true
shaunabaybee's picture

Whaaaaaat? I go offline for a

Whaaaaaat? I go offline for a few and it comes down to THIS?? SMH...not a fan but I wish him well.

Smh after multiple seizures

Smh after multiple seizures he has to be in a bad state, then its that drug withdrawal where your body shakes rapidly as seen on Dr. Drew. Smh let this be a wake up call. #Drugs.Kill
sexybrownpyt's picture

Sooo the President of the

Sooo the President of the Young Money is tweeting Wayne is watching a bball when there are news crews and black SUVS and hood looking rappers on tv all outside of Cedars. Oh and the publicist confirms he indeed had another seizure. Really? This is what you get when hood n***** run your company. SMH. Making it real hard to send prayers for you Wayne. Real Hard.
PacificGirl's picture

Weezy cut a deal with Jesus.

Weezy cut a deal with Jesus.
Jesus H. Christ's picture

yeah hes fine.

yeah hes fine.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

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