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Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon Bust Out The "History of Rap 4"

Justin Timberlake spent a week as Jimmy Fallon's guest on "Late Night". And they busted out another rendition of their popular "History of Rap" mini-performance. Check out the fellas getting their rap medley on inside....

Jimmy & Justin have become known for their double team act of performing what they call the History of Rap.  And this time, with The Roots backing them, they gave us Eminem, Salt-N-Pepa, Trinidad James, Hov, and more.

Jimmy's Slick Rick & Busta are hilar.  Check out the fellas' 4th History of Rap above.




Sad part is that most of the

Sad part is that most of the history was lost on the audience. When they did the shot of the audience..... half of those people were like what.....

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Justin Timberfake is a dick

Justin Timberfake is a dick ryder of black culture and I will never trust that 2520 after he threw Janet Jackson under the Superbowl bus. YT will drink this wiggas Koolaid all day...look up the term it's called appropriation. Supposedly and allegedly cool white people collecting checks all day for doing a sliver of what black people are born with. GTFOHWTBS!!!!!! Of course they feel entitled to make light of our music history...they need to be the FACE of every thing cause they're so insecure...
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so agree with this statement:

so agree with this statement: " Justin Timberfake is a dick Justin Timberfake is a dick ryder of black culture and I will never trust that 2520 after he threw Janet Jackson under the Superbowl bus".

Who said Justin Timberlake

Who said Justin Timberlake wants to be black? Who said he wants to be "one of us"? Music is supposed to be universal. It is the one instrument that can bring people together, regardless of race, creed, color, class or religious beliefs. These days there are Black folk singing rock 'n roll and country music, Germans singing reggae songs, and, yes, white folk rapping about money, cars and clothes. That being said, it is backward thinking to assume that, because Justin Timberlake - or any other non-black for that matter - associates with anyone or anything that is black, or that embodies what we consider to be black, he or she is attempting to steal that which is indicative of the Black culture. What really defines Black culture these days, anyway? Jeans that sag all the way to the floor? Prison cells over-populated by our African-American brothers? The prognosis is so terribly grim. Fact is, our Blackness comes from within! It is who we are, intrinsically. Truth be told, JT is no more a threat to Black culture than Eminem was in the early 2000s, than Vanilla Ice was in the '80s. He did not come to take our Blackness away. He was born white and will die white regardless of what song he sings, just like the rest of 'em. You don't like his style? That's cool. But let's stop making every single thing about race, Black people. Because we all know that the minute a Black person tries to 'crossover' and do something new that is considered "white" by social counterparts and is rejected because of the color of his skin, the NAACP will be out in full protest calling foul. The perpetual double standards MUST cease on both ends.
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Alright fellas, I'mma need

Alright fellas, I'mma need ya'll to acknowledge Nasty Nas Escobar. I mean really what's the hold up?....
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Umm? I see Natasha is a

Umm? I see Natasha is a Justin fan as well! This is YBF not YWF stop posting stories about him as much as some of you want him to be black HE'S NOT GET OVER IT! THAT SKIT IS NOT FUNNY IN THE LEAST! Like @Keys said Music Industry COONS RUSH to work w/ this AH like he's the 2nd COMING OF MJ OR SOMETHING! HE'S NOT! USHER OUT SOLD ALL OF JT SOLO ALBUMS, 2 of Usher's albums went DIAMOND NOT 1 OF JUSTIN'S SOLO ALBUMS have ever went DIAMOND but yet MUSIC INDUSTRY COONS like Jay Z and Timberland LICK his BUTT because he's white! In order to go DIAMOND black,white, and everything in between has to BUY your ALBUM and BLACK FOLKS W/ SENSE SEE RIGHT THROUGH Justin's PHONY,MUSIC STEALING, USING ASS! Like @Keys also said when he was trying to make it in Hollywood I did'nt see any of these BLACK JAY Z COONS around because he calls their STUPID ASSES WHEN HE NEEDS THEM! Congrats to Janet and her new Hubby being CROWNED ON ET TONIGHT AS THE NEW POWER COUPLE OVER JAY AND BEY her man is worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS! CONGRATS TO JANET and her man!
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I kinda agree with half ur

I kinda agree with half ur comment! Bey and Jay are still a more famous power couple because they are happening now! and jusin is stealling styles i see alot of robin thick coming from him!
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Ok! @Brit Jackson I'll take

Ok! @Brit Jackson I'll take the part you do agree w/ me on, coming from you a true Jay and Bey Fan It's all Good! Remember when you told me off about Bey nothing wrong w/ having different opinions. VARIETY is the SPICE of LIFE!
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Bravo!! I find myself

Bravo!! I find myself agreeing with you more and more. I don't find this shit funny either! Admittedly, I am a fan of some of JT's music but not all of it; and I never thought he was 'one of us'. He's gotten one-too-many-black-friends and now thinks he can say or do anything much like Quentin Tarentino, If JT released a RAP cd today or tomorrow his career would be over. My point is, everybody likes to 'play' black and import some of our cultural norms and our talents into their lives...steal our swag or style of dress; but when it no longer works for them they go right back to being lily white & acting like they don't know us. Whatever. I am NOT amused. Now as for Janet & her hubby--god for them but I still respect Jay & Bey as a couple because they keep the press outta their business. Ppl talk about THEM--they don't talk about people. Get that money--but remember who you are too!

@Godiva-Diva, Thanks, Please

@Godiva-Diva, Thanks, Please read my reply to you on the Braxton's page 3 we can agree to disagree but still repect one-another and keep it moving some people on here don't know how to be civil w/ one another.
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Hey Shay. I should really be

Hey Shay. I should really be doing my schoolwork buuuut...I did reply to your Braxtons comment. We can respectfully agree to disagree; its all good :-)

lol HAHAHA that was too

lol HAHAHA that was too funny! I love justin! and jimmy is soo cool!
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I don't like anything Justin.

I don't like anything Justin. Janet.
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Lol I love it!!

Lol I love it!!
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