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HE STRIKES AGAIN! Chad Ochocinco GOES IN On Evelyn Lozada.....On TWITTER

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Chad Ochocinco struck Evelyn Lozada once again....but this time it was on Twitter.  Find out what nasty secrets Chad spilled on the web inside...


Earlier today, Chad Ochocinco lashed out as his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada.  But unlike the first time....this was a virtual smackdown.  Ev's ex-husband used his Twitter timeline to throw a few jabs at Evelyn's publicist Danika Berry....and of course Evelyn was caught in the crossfire. In the tweets, Chad makes reference to Evelyn cheating on him with more than one person and insinuates that she might be sleeping with someone from the YMCMB crew to keep her money up. 

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So far, Danika has not responded to Chad and we're not sure why he got so upset with her for doing PR for her client....it's her job.  On Evelyn's side, she has not addressed Chad directly but she did tweet....

  photo ScreenShot2013-03-20at62234PM.png

And on Instagram she posted.....

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-20at63248PM.png  photo ScreenShot2013-03-20at63239PM.png


SMH....remember when he was so hard pressed to get her back?


1.  Jeffrey Simon Hubbard has entered a not guilty plea in the death of Usher's stepson Kile Glover. Story.

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honestly evenly and chad both

honestly evenly and chad both need to grow and get a life because i am tired of their foolishness just like willow smith a constant deep seated attention whore all eyes on her with all the bullshit antics from a"one hit wonder "whip your hair" track "to let's shave all my hair off so i can be a boy for daddy to accept me better" oh whatever cry me a river people just a bunch of attention whores all day forget them all forever i really don't care if evelyn had sex with ymcmb for a book deal more than likely she could have just like her daughter shaniece had sex with future to get in his video "neva end" featuring:kelly rowland like mother like daughter it's a whore's world over everything it is what it is in that order end of story..

haha thats what the women

haha thats what the women gets!! Chad too! Hes arrogant...hmm I thought black women were dramatic and undatable. Think again!!! :D

YMCMB d!*k? Hmmmm. Is he

YMCMB d!*k? Hmmmm. Is he implying that she is now sleeping with one of the YMCMB label heads? It sounds like Ev has moved on (in true hooker fashion) to a new, richer man and Chad is salty about it. Who didn't see this coming?
CoCo's picture

What did Evelyn expect when

What did Evelyn expect when she told the man he can sleep with whomever as long as she was informed???!!! Chad’s loving term of endearment for her was "Pizza".....not honey, love, boo or baby, but PIZZA!!!! She fronted for the cameras like she was cool with the terms of their relationship ….if so, You can’t be mad at someone when they do exactly what you allowed them to do. If Chad so called head-butted you why even agree to be photographed with him just a short 3 months later?? Charity event or no Charity event! If you head butt me the only time you will get a glimpse of me is from that courtroom chair when I am pressing charges against your ass. #missmewiththebullshit Furthermore, she should not have listened to her Ex-Friend Jennifer from the Jump ...she told her she didn’t think the relationship would last nor was it serious!! Now Evelyn can’t accept all the damn egg she has on her face so she has to continue to be negative masked with a bunch of pretentious self reflection bullshit.
MeekaStar's picture

Karma, karma, karma for both

Karma, karma, karma for both of these arrogant attention whores. He's trash and so is she. He wanted his "preference" so bad, so now you got it. Deal with how stupid BOTH of you look for being fake, thirsty and trash.
MsPrissyDiva's picture

Lozada doesn't look Latina at

Lozada doesn't look Latina at all I know many Latinas and they do not look like her she is trashy.
Twila's picture

Obviously you've never been

Obviously you've never been to the Bronx. If you had, then you'd know that she looks VERY latin. The Bronx is a dump and the residents look beat down.
CoCo's picture

LOL! That was a good one.

LOL! That was a good one.
WoolyBlunt's picture

I can't get past the poorly

I can't get past the poorly done boob job... #gross...I think their relationship was fake as Kim K's and Chris H! I heard her on the show essentially agree he could cheat as long as they talked about it... WTF did she expect from that type of relationship #dumbasses

Her boobs are monstrous. You

Her boobs are monstrous. You can literally see the implant poking through the skin. #Gross indeed!!!!!!
The Real Thing's picture

Evelyn, get them boobs fixed.

Evelyn, get them boobs fixed. Both she and Chad are a disaster. I feel sorry for their kids.
JewelryLover's picture

Lmao. at Eveil Ev

Lmao. at Eveil Ev
Goodgirlgonebad's picture

Dear, "Fame" can we please

Dear, "Fame" can we please get new Celebrities to (Talk About)These people are so boring "evelyn is a Cum Bucket" whats new? ....ZZZzzzzZZ
REd™'s picture

these two are always at

these two are always at it...i cant believe omarion was actually chilling with a snake..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Is this the only way for Chad

Is this the only way for Chad to get some attention? One minute he's "in love" with her, wants her back and is telling the world how she is/was the best thing that ever happened. Now all of a sudden she was a horrible girlfriend/wife...please, GTFOH. I'm not trying to make a case on behalf of Evelyn's character one way or another, but wether or not she's good or bad...he sure was singing her praises when he was needed her to vouch for him (which she did) when he was in court for those domestic violence charges. Sounds like he's just butt hurt because for whatever her reasons she didn't get back to him and she has appeared to actually move on. Nothing worse than a grown man running their mouth talking about a woman because he got his little feelings hurt, him and Rob Kardashian need to have a seat.
Moni's picture

both of them too grown for

both of them too grown for this mess

Life has a way of outing

Life has a way of outing people.
kimaras31's picture

This dude is a plum asshole.

This dude is a plum asshole. Does anyone with a brain in their head really believe that if he knew Evelyn was cheating on him that he would just keep quiet about it and marry her anyway? This arrogant asshole, are you kidding me? He would have beat Evelyn ass right there on the spot and there would have been no wedding. This sorry excuse for a man is trying anything he can to save face. He knows he's looking like a first-rate douche bag right now and is angry that Evelyn is coming out of all this in a better position than he is. This is a sorry-ass nigga if there ever was one.
jgraves58's picture

He got what he deserved. He

He got what he deserved. He made a statement about not dating black women and look at what the latina goes and does to him! Played his ass like a fiddle! Now she's on to the next and he mad!
CoCo's picture

She didn't do nothing to him,

She didn't do nothing to him, he was the one actually CAUGHT cheating. He seemingly was cheating on her the whole time. Evelyn was too trusting, it's a matter of what HE did to her. She's not on to the next, he's the one reported out about with various white women. This nigga is just a loser . . . period.
jgraves58's picture


Moni's picture

Evelyn no one is buying your

Evelyn no one is buying your righteous words. I'm pretty sure you want to keep on walking because Chad knows the real deal about all of your skeletons and shade. Yes! i hear the clock ticking. Your 15 minutes is coming to a end. #Karma

Didn't she??her shit is alot

Didn't she??her shit is alot worse than Jennifer's every was. Didn't Chad reference once again threesomes in his text. Any woman that does a threesome with her husband shouldn't expect for him to respect her..he never showed any respect to her at all when they were "dating"..
Missy's picture

He never respected her

He never respected her because she never demanded it! He knew that she could be bought.
CoCo's picture

EVERYBODY with a brain knows

EVERYBODY with a brain knows that how she was prepared to get down with any of those men. When she met Birdman on the show you could hear it and see it. Chad needs to move on and restore what rep he has and let this human sperm dumpster do what she's been doing for 20+ years..being a H*E
Missy's picture

"Negative people need drama

"Negative people need drama like oxygen"?..... you would know, wouldn't you? Thirsty bitch!!!....... and her implant print is showing.... YIKES!!!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Right?! She must be

Right?! She must be suffocating.
PeaceSilas's picture

so true!!!

so true!!!
Missy's picture

If this aint Karma biting

If this aint Karma biting Evilyn in the a*s, I don't know what is.Not to long ago Evilyn used those same exact words to Jennifer!!!and aired out all her sh*t now Ocho is doing the same sh*t to her....LMAO this is all kinds of funny #eats.popcorn... Wow
sexybrownpyt's picture

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