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Cassie Shoots "Paradise" Video With Wiz Khalifa, Karrueche & Diddy + Jennifer Lopez HITS THE STUDIO With Chris Brown

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 photo paradise-video-5.jpg

Cassie was spotted shooting the "Paradise" video yesterday with Diddy, Wiz Khalifa and Karrueche Tran in tow.  See pics from the set inside and find out what Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown are working on....

 photo paradise-video-2.jpg

Now that her "RockAByeBaby" trailer is out, Cassie is shooting the video for her upcoming "Paradise" single.  Yesterday, she was spotted doing a scene with her new BFF Karrueche Tran.  

 photo paradise-video-3.jpg  

 photo paradise-video-4.jpg

The clip will also feature Cassie chilling on the steps of an LA home with rapper Wiz Khalifa (who's featured on the track) and a few of her homies. And Bad Boy president and Cassie's boo, Diddy (shown above in his grey slacks), managed to stop by the shoot and offer his support.  Of course. 

Other visitors to the set included Wiz's baby mama Amber Rose (who recently gave birth), Problem, Jeremih, and Da Internz.

 photo paradise-video-1.jpg

Cassie tweeted, “Just wrapped an amazing video with @wizkhalifa !! Dope shiiii #RockaByeBaby”


And in the studio.....

 photo cb-jlo-2.jpg

Jennifer Lopez had a late-night recording session with Chris Brown and producer Cory Rooney tweeting, “#studiolife #makinghistory #Album10 #SAMEGIRL.”

 photo cb-jlo-1.jpg 

You'll recall that Cory was behind the hit "Jenny From The Block" and was recently spotted in the studio with J Lo and rapper Future.  It seems like he will be overseeing several tracks from Jenny's upcoming 10th album.  He tweeted,  “Shit got real serious up in here tonight…” 

We shall see....

The Randomness:

1.  Record company sued for selling bootleg Aaliyah tracks.  Story.  

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j.lo still looks hawt at her

j.lo still looks hawt at her age...i cant believe bruno mars and the cocaine problem..i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Aww...how sweet...Diddy

Aww...how sweet...Diddy supporting his little girl like a proud poppa! Oh wait...
CheyPie's picture


LaFord's picture

Karrueche be you and do you

Karrueche be you and do you without being in the spotlight. Cassie, just go be a model and get another dope hairstyle that Rihanna can cop and you'll be good.
vanessa.boo1's picture

Cassie and Karruche look like

Cassie and Karruche look like sisters sitting in that car.
star's picture

Karrueche looks cute but can

Karrueche looks cute but can someone tell me what she does for a living??

Isn't this a mixtape that

Isn't this a mixtape that Cassie's putting out? Diddy sure is going all out with the expenses on this thing. I'm starting to think no other celebs have love for Rih. They are all playing both sides of the fence with her and Coochie. I couldn't deal with it myself.
Bird's picture

Cassie, sweetie ... I'm tired

Cassie, sweetie ... I'm tired of this shit. Enought is enough. You are not a singer. Why are you still begging? Please approach a modeling agency and ask them to sign you onto their team. Because this shit that you keep attmepting? ....
Creative . Novelty's picture

These comments r everything

These comments r everything lol! J-Lo better watch out. He gon put it down, she gon fall in love.
GG Boo 4 U's picture

Wow, Diddy, Cassie and

Wow, Diddy, Cassie and Karruche huh? Ok.......Jennifer and Chris should be awesome. I hope there will be a video with them dancing in it. Would love that. Karruche and Chris in the same post....interesting.....lol. I see you Tasha. : )
JewelryLover's picture

I see JLO done kicked her

I see JLO done kicked her fake interest in her PuertoRican culture? to the kerb! LOL!!!
Zanya's picture

Awww, Cassie and Pikachu

Awww, Cassie and Pikachu trying so hard to stay relevant. Bless their little hearts. 2 groupies with no talent.
Mrs_B_35's picture

That is soooo

That is soooo wrong....lmao!!!!1
JewelryLover's picture

Look at the two BLASIANS

Look at the two BLASIANS hanging out together I didn't know they were acquainted should throw in Amerie and make it a trio I'm sure she could use the publicity.
Zanya's picture

LOL!!!! So wrong!!! But,

LOL!!!! So wrong!!! But, Cassie's latina, no?
MrsCPA's picture

cassie is the luckiest

cassie is the luckiest talent-less hoe in the game!diddy has had soo many artist with wayy more talent and where are they? cassie is never leaving i like her hustle tho..
BritJackson's picture

would love to see what CB and

would love to see what CB and JLo dancing together in a video would look like. they both get it in on the dance floor. Cassie better watch Karrauche around Diddy.
shuga's picture

I don't know what but I think

I don't know what but I think this song will do well. Just by accident though. I don't think Cassie is built to be in the front lines of the music biz.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

Kurreche is a smart cookie

Kurreche is a smart cookie trying to hold on to her 15 minutes with Cassie. Interested to hear Jennifer and Chris new song.
sexybrownpyt's picture

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