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Beyonce Releases New EPIC Trailer, Stays Mum On Allegedly Rounding Up Houston Rappers For "Bow Down" Remix

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Beyonce just posted the new trailer to the new animated film, EPIC, where she stars as Queen Tara.  Check it inside, plus news about an alleged Houston-style remix of "Bow Down" possibly on the way....


Hitting theaters May 24th, Beyonce, Amanda Seyfried and more are starring as the voices of the animates film EPIC.  The fairytale depicts a modern day Thumbelina in a secret world, and Beyonce plays the wise Mother Nature figure.  The synopsis:

Epic is a 3D CG action-adventure comedy that reveals a hidden world unlike any other. From the creators of Ice Age and Rio, Epic tells the story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and the forces of evil. When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world...and ours.

Here's the newest trailer that just came out today:


In other Bey news, chick is ignoring the negative criticism about her "Bow Down" promo track and allegedly taking it one step further.  MTV News reports that according to "Houston reporter" Isaiah Carey, the H-Town native is tapping classic and new Texas rappers for the remix.

Scarface, Willie D., Slim Thug, Kirko Bangz, Lil KeKe and Bun B were all named to make an appearance on the already southern dipped track.  And that ish will be a conversation starter at the very least.

Apparently, Isaiah said he was going to keep it a secret--as one of the listed rappers spilled the beans to him--until he started to see pics from their studio sessions popping up on Twitter.  Still, Bey's camp hasn't confirmed or denied the remix.

What y'all know about them Texas boys.....

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Sigh. I really wish she and

Sigh. I really wish she and Rihanna would go away and let their fans (whoever you are) miss them. I started "missing them" both a long damn time ago.
WoolyBlunt's picture

Looks like a nice movie. I'm

Looks like a nice movie. I'm a sucker for all these animated movies. Beyonce should stick to these type of movies
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

And this is why she is

And this is why she is telling you bitches (haters) to BOW DOWN 1. Inauguaration 2. SuperBowl 3. HBO Documentary 4. Sold Out Word Tour 5. Cover Vogue 6. Voice in Epic 7. Face of H&M 8. Puts out a fucking snippet of two songs and trends instantly 9. She wears the crown, its no question. Respect that #bowdownbitches And its only 3 months in the new year. She is the King! #kingmebitch #over
SkeeWee's picture

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!! Like Kat

I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!!! Like Kat Williams (pre drugs lol) said if you don’t have haters you're not doing something right. And by the amount of haters that she has, she is doing AWWWWWESOMEEE. As I, they hate on me because I'm 32, educated, independent, not no one’s baby momma, the director of my department at a college, and I travel when and where I want. But they call me names and hate on me. But at the end of the day they have to BOW DOWN to me when they clock in to work and answer to me.
kimaras31's picture

You sound like a fool. That

You sound like a fool. That fake chick can be all over e ery magazine, put out a new album every week and attend every bash across the nation and she'll STILL sound and look like trash in my eyes. Like alot of her fans, you are probably young and aren't accustomed to what REAL talent looks and sounds like cause most of the REAL talent is either dead or already stepped off the stage for good and what is left is gimmicks like her. I'm STILL waiting to see the impressive talent in her, I'm not impressed with gimmicks. All of the wig shaking, booty shaking, pussy popping and grinding...Hell, that's no different than a stripper. Hello?! She does all of that to distract gullible clowns like you from the fact that there's NOTHING else to her. But I digress. Sluts gravitaye to their own kind and what other embassador of the pole do y'all have right now?
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Look @ your profile pic.

Look @ your profile pic. #caseclosed
SkeeWee's picture



She'll HAVE to grab all of

She'll HAVE to grab all of those "have been" rappers to make that trash even sound half way decent. She can't cut it alone...ROTFLMAO!!!
Carmen CaBoom's picture

Beyonce, Scarface, and Bun B?

Beyonce, Scarface, and Bun B? For sure!
Suga Bear's picture

I hope It's true. Love to

I hope It's true. Love to hear it.
Tren's picture

i wanna watch this movie..i

i wanna watch this movie..i just cant believe that bruno mars cocaine trouble..i mean just google kelsnetork
reane's picture

I love bow down. Bitches are

I love bow down. Bitches are pressed. Only reason people don't like the song because she say Bitches. Now beyonce got over 10 songs with bitch and shit on them. But once she say bow down bitches y'all get mad. Look what beyonce went through, Y'all put out a lie about she faking her pregnancy y'all must don't know how she felt and she had lost her first child. People on here sit and talk shit about her everyday like she don't have a heart. And that is the reason she will stay on Top cause hating bitches like y'all.



Queen Bey

Queen Bey
REd™'s picture

Bey stay on top!!!!

Bey stay on top!!!!
BaddieBeyFans's picture

Ah Remix?! You Can't Be

Ah Remix?! You Can't Be Serious. This Chick Is Actually Recruiting Others For That Str8 Up Ratchett Song. Um Sure They Willing And Able To Comply. Smmfh.
Keyths'Girl's picture

......and the "Lyrics" to

......and the "Lyrics" to that "Song" are the RAMBLINGS of a COMPLETE RETARD.....lol.....I'm calling her: BeyTard now!!!!!!!!!!!
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I'm from Houston and am

I'm from Houston and am actually proud of Beyonce representing our city. Maybe she could have left the "b" word out but I get where she was coming from. How long has she had to endure people lying and/or hating on her. Questioning her child's legitimacy, her faith, etc. She is simply saying I'm from Houston, this is the music we love down here (chopped & screwed) and I can be down to earth too. People are so funny. One minute she needs to be more down to earth. The next minute she thinks too highly of herself. You may not care for her but don't knock the hustle. Who else is doing it on her level? I'll answer for you - no one!
K.o.G.'s picture

Omg! Called the Houston

Omg! Called the Houston Rappers thing when I heard the track.
designer_c's picture

Bey looks cute...Love when

Bey looks cute...Love when she laughs
star's picture

I guess she feels that her

I guess she feels that her voice is unbearable to adults, so she's delivering it, to a more suitable audience......kids......they don't know any better.....plus the role comes with a title that she so badly wants to be called, so it's a win win for her.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Bow down.... I am not a real

Bow down.... I am not a real stan but I like the song I am glad she is not her same cookie cutter self. Sorry people have such srtong ideas about who she is and what she should do and say.... I don't care if she did the inaguration and it is supposed to be "beneath" her to sing a song like that or not she is an artist and I think if she wants to express herself like that fine. I like that she is less pop more R&B and hip hop and paying homage to the H. Yea it's ratchet but she can do what she wants she is BEYONCE Bow Down lol.... Even "perfect" people like Beyonce get to feeling themselves and say some crazy stuff!
Babyl98's picture

I love her booties.

I love her booties.
TeaNicole's picture

Is that DANGEROUS toy she's

Is that DANGEROUS toy she's straddling for Blue???? Planning to have a possible "accident" in the near future maybe????????????? smh............
Jesus H. Christ's picture

This was your corniest line

This was your corniest line yet Lisa...
TrueThinker's picture

Crayonce' is ALWAYS plotting

Crayonce' is ALWAYS plotting & scheming something (she can't be trusted)................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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