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Lil Wayne's "Rich As F*ck" Video Ft. 2 Chainz + Soulja Boy Dragged Over Codeine Photos

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Lil Wayne just dropped a new "Rich As F*ck" video with 2 Chainz to promote his new album.  And money, cars and clothes aren't the only things Soulja Boy's been posting on his Instagram.  Find out why thousands of his fans are dragging him on his social network inside...


As Lil Wayne gears up to drop his I Am Not A Human Being II album next Tuesday, he dropped the video for his "Rich As F*ck" single featuring 2 Chainz.  And yes, it's exactly what you would expect.  Model chicks driving fast cars with Weezy in the passenger side, the fellas jumping around talking about how heavy their pockets and gold are, and a tiger.

Check out the Parris-directed vid above.


 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at62716PM_zpsbe57a24c.png

And speaking of Weezy, after his reported near fatal codeine overdose last week, Soulja Boy posted some photos that pissed off his own fans.

The "Crank That" rapper uses his Instagram as his personal diary of sneakers, clothes, shots of his mansion and condo and cash.  And he recently posted pics of his weed....and his codeine.

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at62703PM_zps59706d55.png

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at62321PM_zpsa079dff4.png

Thousands of his fans have been dragging him over being so irresponsible to promote something that obviously is horrible for you.  One of his fans wrote:

Somehow in his brain, he thinks that makes him cool..In reality, it's obvious (to me) that drug users are Sad and Weak! I hope no one else has to die a senseless death...but we all know that's not possible! God-Speed to you and all the others playing Russian Roulette with their lives!

And plenty of people chimed in, dogging him out (amongst the people who oddly supported his habit):

 photo ScreenShot2013-03-22at62233PM_zps143e2ad9.png

Let this be a lesson kids.  Say no to drugs.

Photos: Vevo/Instagram

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6 million ways to die, why

6 million ways to die, why choose THIS?
shuga's picture

Keep playing with death and

Keep playing with death and it will show you who's the boss...
Laia's picture

Lets get it? Where are you?

Lets get it? Where are you? Come chime in on this.....
KENNEDY78's picture

He's a clown!

He's a clown!
Happy Lady's picture

Boi Bye

Boi Bye
REd™'s picture

These rappers are caricatures

These rappers are caricatures of the industry. They love to see these puppets dance and act ignorant for the public to see. These rappers, including Wayne, bought into it so now they have to keep up the facade. It's actually very pitiful!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Confused World I look at

Confused World I look at media outlets and see what’s going on We live in a world that’s full of confusion and a lot of lost souls We have our young black man and women living in a slavery mind set What happened to the Dream and all those who lost their lives The white man is still in control, you have our youths either in jail In the streets or procreating life that shouldn’t be, we have lost individuals Who made Homosexuality a way of life because they feel they weren’t born in the right skin But if we question everything god has done for us then your letting the devil get in your Life, How could god love you if you dot believe in him and how he created you, I believe the Confusion starts in the home, and more parents single or not should really focus on how their children Are Viewing this world, you can’t blame musicians or television, then you as a parent is not doing their Job. Don’t wait for something to happen to wake up. We live In a messed up world full of ego and pride, and if we don’t wake up and start fighting then we as parents and adults have failed them and shouldn’t be surprised to what the outcome will be ,no one is saying its easy but if you are dealing with your own kids then you better do it for the sake of them and their future’s. Stop the excuses or your child will just be another negro in the system. Wake up
EastAfrican's picture

Every time I see Lil Wayne up

Every time I see Lil Wayne up close I wonder WHY he has so many children/baby-mommas. YUCKKKKKK!!!! As for Soulja Boy-he's just IGNORANT, plain & simple. He fell ass-backwards into some money for *catchy*, not creative or classic raps. He had the nerve to cry so hard over the loss of his brother, but look what he's doing to himself and *proudly* advertising his habits. Disgusting! He's not nearly as rich or talented as some of his peers. Soulja Boy better wake up & get himself together before he ends up dead or homeless-very soon.

such a loser

such a loser
SlowNeckBecky's picture

Soulja is playing off of what

Soulja is playing off of what just happened to Lil Wayne to stir controversy to get the blogs and the media talking... What a LOSER.
Synsation's picture

Heyyyyy!!! Where all my

Heyyyyy!!! Where all my Libra's at?? If your Zodiac Sign is a (LIBRA) then you guy's are all personally invited to a great new page on Facebook called (Oh you're a Libra? No Wonder Why I thought you were so Brilliant) Come Like the page and be apart of the Libra experience.

Why are people gettin so

Why are people gettin so upset NOW? These rats talk about this shit in their raps ALL DAY and now because Lil Rat Rat had a close encounter people wanna make a big deal of it, you can't tell these people what to do, all they know is money. If you wanna see a change they MUST be hit in the pockets. Don't support them is the only way YOU can make a difference, if you are still buying singles and albums then complaining about their behavior, get over it. #thatsall OAN: Anyone who truly looks ups to Lil Rat Rat or Soulja Rat needs real guidance.
SkeeWee's picture

lol @ lil rat rat and soulja

lol @ lil rat rat and soulja rat
shuga's picture

Very, very true!

Very, very true!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Thank you. Idiots acting like

Thank you. Idiots acting like they're so horrified by sizzurp NOW, when they download garbage glorifying that nonsense all day everyday--like they're just now figuring out that opiates kill.
WoolyBlunt's picture

but your screen name is wooly

but your screen name is wooly blunt!! a "woo" or a woolyblunt is a blunt laced with either pcp or embalming fluid. youre glorifying it too!
shuga's picture

They talk about all this

They talk about all this material bullshit and how rich they are, not knowing that their health is the most priceless asset that they have..... and so is common sense.... and just to think, he's so proud of that photo. I can't with a bunch of dumb muthaf--kas....... I just can't!
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

Its a shame they can get

Its a shame they can get their hands on that much codeine (crooked, greedy doctors).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I agree with the statements

I agree with the statements of the fans. Clearly he and Wayne are addicted and are on the brink of dying. They LOOK like death warmed over...YET...no one is interveing to say say or do anything and when they kill themselves...it'll be all that boo-hoo/R.I.P bullshit going on for a brief day or so. Folk...GET YO LIFE!!! Some of you have the bull by the horns, more than enough money...but NO sense of self or common sense. Umph.
Carmen CaBoom's picture

See....you have a

See....you have a double-edged sword here: The industry is allowing the rappers do this shit and the children are following and interpreting this in their own lives, which equals more record sells for the rapper....and it recycles. smh.
Classic87's picture

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