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EXCLUSIVE: Torrei Hart Spills Her TRUTH About Divorcing Kevin Hart, Says "There Was NO Pre-Nup!"

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On Friday, reports hit the net that Torrei Hart and Kevin Hart have finalized their split...and the division of assets.  Ex-wife and comedienne Torrei is now telling TheYBF.com exclusively that the reports were wrong, there was NO pre-nup.  And she tells us all about the marital and divorce drama she's leaving in the past...

Yesterday's report from TMZ stated that Torrei received $175,000 and a car and jewelry in the divorce settlement with comedian Kevin Hart, all based on their supposed pre-nup.  Now, Torrei exclusively tells TheYBF.com that report was wrong.  She says there was absolutely NO pre-nup.  The court's decision on assets was mostly based on Torrei ending the courtroom battle.

Torrei tells us she simply ended the messy proceedings.  So messy that she physically attacked Kevin's divorce lawyer last year (said lawyer is interestingly now Torrei's attorney).

The ex-Mrs. Hart says during their almost 10 years of marriage, she helped Kevin (who now has a model girlfriend named Eniko) build his empire into what it is today, like many first wives do.  She claims that despite the Laugh At My Pain comic constantly spinning the divorce his way, she has decided to focus on her new career and the couple's two kids, Heaven & Hendrix.

Here's the REAL deal on what went down, according to our exclusive chat with the comedienne.

Torrei on the Marriage & Legal Woes: There was no pre-nuptial agreement. Kevin and I have known each other ever since we were very young, and we genuinely loved each other. I knew Kevin when we both had very little. We built our love, our marriage, our family, and the Hart Empire from scratch together.

On attacking Attorney Debra Opri: Many news outlets have chosen to spin Kevin and I’s divorce proceedings in many ways. The truth of the matter is, yes I did attack Debra Opri and I am unapologetic for my actions. No one wants to be painted falsely in a negative light. With the immense amount of legal and emotional pressure that I was under, I think almost anyone can understand. A majority of the court’s final decision came from me simply being tired of going to court and fighting battles over money and material things. I’m a hardworking black woman; I know how to hold my own. In the end, the legal drama and the money drama were not worth it. Ironically, Debra Opri, is my attorney now, and we are close acquaintances.

On Kevin Hart: Kevin is a great father to both of our beautiful children. Like all marriages, we’ve been through a lot together. At the end of the day, Kevin knows the truth. He knows that I was the strong woman by his side every step of the way. I am nowhere near perfect, and I can admit that I have flaws, but he knows what I’ve had to endure over the last several years. Although things have been up and down, Kevin and I are actually really good friends. I recently had a yacht birthday party (pictured above), and Kevin paid for everything. We have children together, and our goal is to make sure that we provide a nurturing environment for them at all costs.

On Future Plans: I am, and always have been in full work mode. I recently Executive Produced and acted a short film titled “Victim of Circumstance,” which is being submitted to several film festivals. I also create sketch comedy on my YouTube channel “PrettyFunnyFish” with my partner Simone Shepherd. Moreover, I plan on going full speed ahead into comedic, as well as, dramatic acting. I am no stranger to entertainment, and I know what it takes to be successful in this industry. I am currently in talks with a few networks and have some really big things coming down the pipeline that I am not at liberty to disclose as of yet…but The YBF will be the first to know as soon as I have the green light from my team to speak on it!


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In a public statement yesterday via her PR rep, Torrei also revealed she isn't focusing on the cheating Kevin did during their marriage, because she's moving forward with the career she says he didn't allow her to have:

"I could go into detail about extra-marital affairs, and other problems that many American couples have, but I won’t. Some who’ve walked in these shoes would boast, 'I’ve lived the Diary of a Mad Black Woman… almost scene by scene,' but I won’t.

I am not disheartened by the way things have turned out. It is no surprise to me. Kevin has chosen to be very vocal with his spin on his affairs and life choices."

And she ended with a bit of positivity:

"Although a position of honor, I always knew I was destined to do & be more than the house-wife Kevin allowed me to be. I know the dreams and plans God has for me....

I, Torrei Hart, will be a pillar for hundreds of thousands of women who are afraid to live life after life with their wealthy and/or powerful husbands. Women are too often defined by the pocket-size of their “pocket-sized” husbands. We are desperate for more positive role-models who are living examples of women who work and hold our own while we are yet “good help” to a grateful husband."

So, there you have it.


Photos: Torrei's Instagram

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I liked Tori before this

I liked Tori before this statement. She seem to be doing her own thing & not focused on Kevin & his new girlfriend. D.Wades crazy ex could learn a lot from Tori on how u keep your dignity and kids. My mom always taught me the best revenge is success.
Somerknight's picture

proud of you girl. You were

proud of you girl. You were his real women. A lot young that just want his money and nothing eles he find they out like all actors do.

Well you can say that she's a

Well you can say that she's a fool for not taking "what she is owed" but GOD can multiply and give her more. sometimes its not about giving up but its about knowing you have better things coming your way.
taela's picture

I mentioned all of this in

I mentioned all of this in the comments section of "Laugh at My Settlement" on March 22nd! Torrei has ALWAYS been a strong woman. She carried Kevin's little black self for ten dam years. The fact she let him off the hook so easily speaks a lot about her character. Now, watch he marry whats-her-face (a.k.a. fake Karreuche) and he take his little ass TO THE CLEANERS. His new chick never even smiles. He will get what he deserves.
Sabs4Prez's picture

Round of applause to Torrei

Round of applause to Torrei Hart for being so classy in this situation. She could have easily divulged nasty details of her divorce and Kevin’s infidelity but she chose to keep it calm. This goes to show you that things are not always as they seem. Quite often women intentionally go for men with wealth, status and popularity. I’m glad Torrei is stepping out behind Kevin’s shadow. She proves that women can be in entertainment industry and also be great mothers, and businesswomen. I appreciate how you are standing up for what you want and leaving the pettiness behind. Good for you Torrei!!
makeitbrash's picture

LetsGetIt has some valid

LetsGetIt has some valid points....

She sounds like an

She sounds like an intelligent woman. I like her and wish her the best. No matter what your spouse has, you should always strive for your own success on your own merit.
Just observing's picture

her kids are cute...i just

her kids are cute...i just cant believe that bruno mars cocaine shit...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

Its good she decided to cut

Its good she decided to cut her losses and move on. Its a much better way to heal. I wish her all the best with hers. Karma is a bytch who dont like ugly and never sleeps.
Realist's picture

Unfortunately, most short,

Unfortunately, most short, pocket-sized men suffer from Napoleonic complex and as someone stated earlier, comedians often have very dark personalities and demons, so living with them isn't always a laugh-a-minute. She is very attractive, and dated him when almost no one would, so to Ms. Hart I say: the same people you meet on the way UP, are the same people you will meet on the way DOWN. She sounds like an intelligent, positive black woman and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. I also agree with one of the first posters: I am not leaving a DIME on the table, and would have gotten everything that I am owed, but to each, her own.
PR22's picture


Sabs4Prez's picture

Yea that's cool but you a

Yea that's cool but you a damn fool not to take what was entitled to you.
ms.gigi21's picture

Very proud of Torrei for not

Very proud of Torrei for not staying in a marriage just for the sake of who the man is/money. If a man is chronically cheating/not living up to his duties as a husband, celeb or not, a woman should not stay. Too many men feel they can do whatever they please and the woman is supposed to stand by them silently. That is NOT how a marriage works. And no woman should stand beside a man that time and time again proves he has NO regard for your health(cheating w whomever and then coming back home..gross) and NO regard for your feelings (they continue to do them no matter how much you do to show you love them). So yes, Torrei and ANY woman who is being subjected to that type of treatment should leave and I applaud her for doing so.
J_Li's picture

Pocketsized husband, ROTFL!!!

Pocketsized husband, ROTFL!!! Short men have the worst tempers ever!
PinkRose's picture

20k a month goddamn!!!! Stop

20k a month goddamn!!!! Stop thinkin with ya dick ppl please. It can fuck u up in the end. Beautiful black children tho, torrei is a beautiful woman. But lets just be real black women are detrimental to successful brothas, it never last. NOT ALL, but most of the time they are. And it always end with using the children against you, and money. I mean most successful brotha that date black women the children don't even get to GROW UP PAST 18 before they decide to split??? SO those children are gonna have to jump from household to household, the shit is just crazy man. I see why brotha don't marry these women, but i don't understand why they shoot their seed in these women as well. Me being a black man i would not want my children jumping from mommas house to my house, WE NEED TO BE A UNIT. But todays black women don't want a traditional family , it's fuck culture when it comes to them. So hey it is what it is. NOT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL NOTTTT ALLLLL ARE LIKE THIS, so don't come to me with your silly ass stories NOTTT ALLLLLLLLLL, but too damn many
LetsGetIt's picture

I hope you get out - soon.

I hope you get out - soon.

You sound stupid as hell

You sound stupid as hell talkin that bs. You must be dumb as a brick. But at least you got your GED. You talk about Black women are detrimental to successful brothas...the problems is that dummies like you, get the wackest, tackiest, hoodest chick on the block. Then when she acts like the hoe she is, you generalize the good black women you could NEVER get by the hoes you can get. Have several seats with ya wack ass. No good black woman wants you. Get over it. Step ya game up and maybe one day, a good black woman will take pity on you and try to work with the pennies you got.
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If you read what i said

If you read what i said sista, i said NOT ALL!!! Goddamn you black women keep proving that you are guilty!!!!!And the hood chicks, or chicks from the hood isn't the ONLY problem. 75% of black women have children out of wedlock THAT AINT JUSTTTT HOOD CHICKSSSSS!!! Soo its a problem in the hood AND THE BLACK COMMUNITY!! So don't get mad at me when i bring this shit up BLACK WOMAN!!!! If im so goddamn ignorant WITH a GED keep your BLACK ASS MOVING!!!!! You don't have to reply BLACK WOMAN!!! BUT YOU GODDAMN BLACK WOMEN HATE THE TRUTHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Im just telling you all MY OBSERVATIONS , not all BUT ALOT OF BLACK WOMEN SEEM TO BE DETRIMENTAL TO SUCCESSFUL BLACK MEN, black men aint really having this problem with other races of women, where they using the kids and trying to get all this goddamn money out of you NOT TO SAY IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. But im seeing it with black women tooo damn muchhh!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Both of you guys are entitled

Both of you guys are entitled to your opinion. We don't have to resort to being disrespect to one in other. Personal I feel every race has its rachettness. He can speak on it more because maybe just maybe all the people that are going through this are black. Wait not ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL but most, lol. Marriages are meant forever and when it doesn't last it gets ugly. What they did wrong is speak about it publicly. Personal information is not meant for public conversation. It’s like people don’t understand the more the public know about you the more it takes the attention away from the real reason you are famous. Talents get tainted. Torrie seems like an amazing person she seems strong and That’s what every man needs by his side, I think they might get back together for some reason. I wish them both nothing but success.
kimaras31's picture

But isn't it strange sista,

But isn't it strange sista, that everytime a successful brotha gets a divorce black women go to every goddamn media sorce and spill the beans ON A MAN WHO IS THE FATHER OF THEIR CHILDREN. They willing to coon and speak ill on black men who they choose to marry and have children with. You wouldn't catch me deaddddd saying some ignorant ass shit about an ex wife and mother of my children if i had any THAT'S STUPID. BUT BLACK WOMEN WILL DO IT BECAUSE THEY LOVE THE SPOT LIGHT, AND THEY BREAKING BLACK MEN DOWN!! She aint strong if she telling every body their goddamn business and what went on in their houseeeee, what strong woman does that??? OH YEAH THE STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN DOES!!
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Just a lil food for

Just a lil food for thought::: These "bashing" of the black man is so one-sided and so biased that your entire comment is null and void. Apparently you have been living under a rock and do not follow Kevin's comedy. Its okay for him to air out their dirty laundry for the sake of money and laughs but for her to get some closure and gain a voice she is ungrateful and disrespectful and bashing????! Im so confused. I'm pretty sure you are a man scorned by a (Black) woman and now MAJORITY, NOT ALL as you keep saying, are statistics in some form. You know what will change and how it starts?! Change starts with the individual, so start there and while you're at it, form a vaild opinion with educated facts about 'MOST BLACK WOMEN" and then develop an argument. Every race have selfish, spiteful, conniving, scandalous individuals not just blacks so let that tired ass cliche go. Another point, didnt your mother raise you and wasnt she a strong black woman, independent or not. Have respect for the women before you and if you meet a woman, black or whtever else and she is on non-sense teach her something or give helpful insight instead of "bashing' us in the process. I get sooooooooooo sick of the negativity its ridiculous. BUT until then, shut the fuck up and have several seats with yo "i was hurt by a black woman can I cry on your media oulet with this tomfuckery of a post" faceass!!!

it's a publicized marriage

it's a publicized marriage and I'm pretty sure they asked her the questions and on top of that the truth had to come out so she spoke on it and gotten something straight...it seems to me that you are siding with the black man who gets successful and marry a white woman or a model chick.....she hasn't spilled nor spoke ill of him...she said that they have a good friendship and he paid for everything for a party she had...and that kevins knows the truth...she stated what people already knew. Also noone is breaking the black man down...for what some people don't need any help being broken down...people self destruct themselves by the choices and decision they make...you sound very angry and lashing out at black sisters for what reasons...for something you may have done and making us pay...don't agree....I speak and talk positive about my brothers because I have a brother and a dad whom I love...but if they do some shay mess then I am going to speak on it and let them know the deal...so what you said sounds like some bitter mess that are you experiences and you haven' dealt with them
natnatb's picture

"75% of black women have

"75% of black women have children out of wedlock" I wonder who they're having them with.....hmmmmm.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

well what about white women

well what about white women who do....they have shows called 16 and pregnant are the married no....so all the stuff about black women are biase and one-sided..and used as scape goats to justify or cover up other people messy perfect fabricated lives...I mean come on look at the show snapped...look at the man who's married to more than one wife bigotry...sooo all this none sense is onesided
natnatb's picture

THE SAME NIGGA!!!!!!! Black

THE SAME NIGGA!!!!!!! Black women have sex with the same men!!!! THAT'S WHO!!!That same thug ass niggaaaaaaa
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You must not date or be able

You must not date or be able to get any woman because you are always on here talking a bunch of nonsense.. Maybe it's all of those mental health issues you are dealing with. Seek help outside of your keyboard. You have to much anger and that will kill you soon
Missy's picture

What makes you think im

What makes you think im angry, WELL THEN AGAIN i am angry because black women are support to be the first transmitter of CULTURE in our community!!And you see the way we turned out , the black community DON'T EVEN HAVE UNITY ANYMORE. And we 're not more materialistic, and self hating than ever!! Im just being real with you sista, them simp asss negros that want some coochie aint gone tell you the truthh. BUT I LOVE YOU SISTAAAAA AND PLAN ON HAVING BLACK DAUGHTERS and i want them to be better than what im seeing out here with these group of women!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

then it starts with

then it starts with you...once again the blame on sista and not you...and we do have unity don't believe what this system put on tv about blacks...it starts at home not on tv....this divide and conquer spirit is taking cycles on its own
natnatb's picture

You have serious issues that

You have serious issues that need to be dealt with outside of YBF. Seek therapy for your self hate. I will pray for you.
BEEMA SUX DIX's picture

How is it self hate?? Explain

How is it self hate?? Explain sista. It's self hate , that i love black women and want them to do better??? WOW!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Jesus sees why women in

Jesus sees why women in Africa get their Clitoris LOPPED-OFF with a dull sword (they breed too damn much....smh) ..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

You saying it as a joke, BUT

You saying it as a joke, BUT I ACTUALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Because they dont want their women to be like the women over here who are sexually irresponsible !!!!!!But it's not just the women who are that way it's the men as well. Black women be having babies by niggas they know got 5 kids already...lol
LetsGetIt's picture

You sound extremely ignorant.

You sound extremely ignorant. How is it Africans don't want their women to be sexually irresponsible when they have the highest BIRTH RATE and HIV/AIDS RATE in the ENTIRE WORLD? 90% of babies born with AIDS are born in Africa. To me that is sexually irresponsible, knowingly creating and birthing babies you know will die a few years after birth. The average women in American has 2 children, where as the average women in Africa has 6 or more. You should educate yourself more before you comment and agree with these idiotic statements. This is why black men like yourself stay FAILING, you are completely under educated. SMDH. #FAIL
Saywhat's picture

The image you have of black

The image you have of black women can only be a result of the black women you know and grew up with. For example your grandmother, your mother, your sisters, your female cousins and any female friends you may have. And honestly that's sad. I don't know much about you and I'm not trying to get to know anything outside your post. But you appear to be uneducated, close minded and it doesn't seem as if you travel much. There is a world full of wonderful people black , white and every other race. To hear you put the majority of one race down is extremely embarrassing. What's worst is the fact that you are black, and so is your mother, and the rest of the women in your generation. What ever black woman that hurt you this bad, I sincerely apologize for them. Move and meet new black people, you would be surprised how great black women are. I'm going to leave this with from now on I will ignore anything you write. Good luck on here explaining your horrible picture of the majority of black women.
kimaras31's picture

You right sista now stop

You right sista now stop replying to me... Because i see now that you black women are selective readers, and disagreeable to get along with!!
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You sound extremely ignorant

You sound extremely ignorant for your statement. Cutting off a women's clitoris does not stop them from breeding or having children you dumb@ss. That is what ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and wombs are made for. The clitoris simply stops a women from having an orgasm or pleasure from sexual intercourse. SMDH, go get educated before you say such stupid sh!t.
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.....which makes them dryer

.....which makes them dryer than GrannyGums®© Thanksgiving Day TURKEY!!!!! Thus, they don't want sex..........
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How old are you? There is no

How old are you? There is no way that you can be a sexually active adult and not know that a women can be aroused by things other than her clitoris. A women can be aroused simply by smells and touches to other parts of her body including her breasts. A women can also have a orgasm without her clitoris it's called a g-spot.
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Jesus will turn 2018 Years

Jesus will turn 2018 Years Old this year....and died a virgin...and doesn't know SQUAT about the TWAT!!!!!!!
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Wrong again, women don't need

Wrong again, women don't need a clitoris to be aroused. The procedure does the complete opposite of your statement in actuality it keeps the women aroused, so anytime their husbands want to have s ex they can. Africans believe that only the Males should feel pleasure from s ex and that is why they perform this procedure. The procedure has nothing to do with them not wanting their women to procreate.
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Jesus isn't all knowing and

Jesus isn't all knowing and all seeing.....but u contradicted yourself. How can they stay aroused but feel no pleasure????? arousal IS pleasure in itself o_O
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Just because a women gets wet

Just because a women gets wet doesn't mean she will have an orgasm or feel the pleasure of the s ex. Unfortunately, most often African women after having this procedure just lay there and allow there husbands to have s ex. There is no throwing it back or nothing like that because they feel NO pleasure during the actual intercourse. It's like having a wet vagina that's numb on the inside. He maybe having a good time but she is not.
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You can be aroused and not

You can be aroused and not feel sexual pleasure. They are to different things. The same way a man can get aroused by looking at a fully clothed women, women can as well. A women can be sexually aroused by a man and not feel pleasure or have an orgasm during intercourse. News flash Women fake it all the time. Just because you may be aroused by someone that does not mean you will have an orgasm. Men get aroused allllll day long, are they constantly wackin off to relieve it? Of course Not.
Saywhat's picture

Thanks 4 the Lesson. Thought

Thanks 4 the Lesson. Thought arousal & pleasure were the same thing. (you are still highly favored).........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Most comedians have very dark

Most comedians have very dark personalities!! Kevin IS funny but living with him may not be so fun...
goeze's picture

Say that

Say that
sista2sista's picture

Yeah but she's gonna get

Yeah but she's gonna get knapsacks full of loot for those kids (they're like walking ATM's!!!!!!!!)
Jesus H. Christ's picture

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