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GOSSIP BIT: Tamar Braxton Remains Mum On If She's REALLY Having A BOY

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Recently, Tamar Braxton's best friend Tameka "Tiny" Harris dropped some secret baby news about Tay Tay.  And Tamar has yet to speak on it.  Check it inside...

While Tiny was chatting away with HipHollywood.com about her girl Tamar's pregnancy, she claimed she wouldn't give anything away about the baby.  But the bestie was beaming with so much happiness that she let the se of the baby slip.  And got flustered throughout the rest of the interview once she realized what she did. 

“I’ve seen HIS little face, she has a 4D picture," Tiny said.

Whoopsie!  Interestingly, neither Tamar nor Tiny have commented about it.  So it looks like a bouncing baby boy will be popping up soon.

Tay, who is reportedly in her last trimester, also just did a photoshoot with Rob Ector in Atlanta.  And we're hoping it's one that shows off that baby bump.  The photog tweeted:

Just wrapped shoot with @TamarBraxtonHer!! The whole squad killed it!

Can't wait!

The Randomness:

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Awwww, I know Vince would

Awwww, I know Vince would have a special connection with his little baby boy!
C2C's picture

It's really not that serious

It's really not that serious is it? 0_o
Realist's picture

Look how funnyface looked

Look how funnyface looked after she let the cat out of the bag...like damn!
elericram53's picture

Lol Oops, Tiny! :) She seems

Lol Oops, Tiny! :) She seems like a nice friend, I know Tamar prob let her have it once she found out lol Im not pregnant, but Tiny gimme a baby shower please! Lol :)
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

What if the same situation

What if the same situation happens to Tamar that Beyonce' is STILL trying to accept.....It's girl baby that looks like daddy?????????????
Jesus H. Christ's picture

These celebrities and their

These celebrities and their baby gender mysteries are so annoying......I mean who really gives a f--k....
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

shes having a

shes having a muppet...Kidding!

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