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RIHANNA LOVES THE KIDS...EVEN WHEN SHE'S 4 HOURS LATE: Ri Ri Rolls To Chicago Area High School That Won Her DIAMONDS Video Contest

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Rihanna made a stop at Barrington High School near Chicago yesterday, just hours ahead of her show at the United Center for her Diamonds World Tour.  And even though she was there to congratulate the students on winning her DIMAONDS video contest, chick showed up over four hours late to the party....

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To be fair, anyone who's been to Chi-Town knows Chicago traffic is an absolute beast.  Rihanna learned this the hard way yesterday as she showed up to the winners of her Diamonds video contest, Barrington High School, four and a half hours late.

Rih Rih said she was determined to make it there to congratulate the kids on producing the best fan video using charitable acts as their theme.  And she even Instagrammed a pic of the horrible traffic.

But after she arrived well after 5p (the event was scheduled for 1p), the kids who didn't already give up hope and leave were treated to 12 minutes of Rih's presence.  And they went nuts when she arrived.

 photo BGDCPZvCQAAMtPLjpg_large_zps7700db57.jpg  photo normal_0005_zpsee176551.jpg

Great cause though still.  Check out a cute video below of Rih greeting all the kids...and chasing one little boy for a kiss:

P.S.  Rih's opener A$AP Rocky must have caught her flu bug, because dude cancelled his performances both last night in Chicago and also previously in Detroit.


Photos: Twitter

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On one hand, I'm saying, "At

On one hand, I'm saying, "At least she showed up." Then, I'm saying, "I can't imagine with proper planning and even with dense traffic that she can be 4 hours late!" smh!
Happy Lady's picture

Self absorbed bish, good

Self absorbed bish, good thing fame is fleeting and you already a nobody cares, then next a who is that??? Finally!!!

This bitch better enjoy her

This bitch better enjoy her 15 mintues. There is no excuse to be 2hrs late, ol 5 head no talent battered slut!!

4 freaking hrs late? ..i

4 freaking hrs late? ..i wonder if nicki is worse...i just cant believe that bruno mars cocaine shit...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

i have grown to love her, i

i have grown to love her, i am glad she kept her word and did not cancel. we dont know why she was late but she did not let the kidos down! she is so sweet and humble. i wish she would kick the smoking!
doll's picture

Barrington is a

Barrington is a looooooooooooooooooooong way from Chicago. Long way......rich white kids and most of the Bears players live there.....
KENNEDY78's picture

I cant stand folks who have

I cant stand folks who have no respect for time, no matter their status. Its a basic symbol of respect & ultimately relates to your character, and if you cant show it you dont deserve it in return imo.
Realist's picture

She appears to be very

She appears to be very humble! Love the red lipstick!
Beautyfulones's picture

Riri's just giving an "I

Riri's just giving an "I don't give a f*ck attitude" from that horrid outfit, to being four hours late, then staying there for only 12 minutes. Very disrespectful, tardiness is another bad example she is displaying to the kids.
sexybrownpyt's picture

Some of ya'll acting like

Some of ya'll acting like she's due ANY DAY now (prolly the same folks who still think Bey-Z gave birth) ..........
Jesus H. Christ's picture

I dont see how ya'll think

I dont see how ya'll think she looks pregnant, with that big ole jacket on but I'll look again. That was nice that she still made it to see the kids. Love her..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

I've noticed. Her belly is

I've noticed. Her belly is pretty out there. I have seen her wear baggy clothes before and not look like that but hey maybe it's just me. . oh well time will tell.
Queen.03's picture

Nobody else notice she looks

Nobody else notice she looks preggers? maybe it's just the shirt who knows
SHE TRIED IT.COM's picture

"Wow" What a Bitch!

"Wow" What a Bitch!
REd™'s picture

Not to excuse her tardiness,

Not to excuse her tardiness, but the event was scheduled for 2pm not 12. The students began arriving at noon. Now, that said, its still sad that they waited all that time for a measly 12 mentions of her attention. Still my girl though.
MrsCPA's picture

Chicago traffic is bad...but

Chicago traffic is bad...but not 4.5 hours late bad. She had to have already been running extremely late before she got on the road.
AnoniNYC12's picture

If she or her people didnt

If she or her people didnt call the school ahead of time....thats totally unacceptable (Jesus wouldve kicked her in the vagina)................
Jesus H. Christ's picture

Is Rhianna Pregnant? She sure

Is Rhianna Pregnant? She sure looks like it, if she is well i'm late. Just finding out. If she is congrats to her and Chris.
Queen.03's picture

4 hours is 4 hours LATE.

4 hours is 4 hours LATE. That's a disgrace; and then only stayed for 12 minutes?!?!?!


Yas's picture

Barrington is NOT a Chicago

Barrington is NOT a Chicago High School, it is located in Barrington, IL; a suburb right outside of Chicago. People who were born and raised in Chicago can empathize with the "City of Chicago" being confused with "Chicagoland"
Ceero's picture

This is getting to be a bit

This is getting to be a bit of a trend with little Rihanna...not a good look.
Santi114's picture

12 WHOLE minutes??? wow

12 WHOLE minutes??? wow
pinkairforce's picture

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