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Kim K. Talks Raising Her & Kanye West's Bi-Racial Child

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While promoting her role in Tyler Perry's Temptation, Kim Kardashian spoke to BET about raising a bi-racial baby and how she and Kanye West will handle the issue of race.  Check it inside.....

There's a few people out there who are skeptical about Kim K.'s parenting skills.  So check out her newest comments to BET about how she's going to raise her and Kanye West's bi-racial baby:

On raising a bi-racial child:
“I have a lot of friends that are all different nationalities and their children are bi-racial, so they have kind of talked to me a little bit about it and what to expect and what not to expect. "But I think that the most important thing is how I would want to raise my children is to just not see color.  There will be so many experiences…that you won’t really know how to prepare for until you really go through it so I think raising a child in general is challenging.”

On expsing her children to different cultures
“Obviously you want your children for me to travel the world and experience different races and different cultures everywhere so I think that would be something that is important to me to give as much information as I could.

Watch the interview here:




The Randomness:

1.  Oh?  NeNe Leakes has invited her top frenemy...Kim Zolciak...to her upcoming wedding.  STORY

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Man its Bi racial babies

Man its Bi racial babies everwhere.. thts like the norm. Pls next...
D_real1's picture

This girl...she tries so hard

This girl...she tries so hard to look like she's black, I'm surprised she acknowledges the child will in fact be biracial.
YBFFan33's picture

Y'all living in the same

Y'all living in the same fantasy world Kim is if you think money will buy their child out of racism. It hasn't bought Kanye out of racism. They're both fools.
WoolyBlunt's picture


wildlife's picture



Kimye's child will be rich,

Kimye's child will be rich, isolated, and have a silver spoon in it's mouth 24/7. Regardless of whether it's bi-racial, black, black looking, it will be an honorary caucasian person. No need to worry about this child at all or how Kim raises it.
The Real Thing's picture

Since Kim is Armenian, a lot

Since Kim is Armenian, a lot of folk including myself have wondered whether or not she's white. Here's what I found..."Armenians are Central Eurasian, which technically makes them White. However, since Armenian is so close to the Middle East, many of them mixed with Middle Eastern people over the years, which is where the exotic physical apprearance of Armenians come from." So......lol. I guess she's white and he's definitely black....so good luck with that Kimmy.
JewelryLover's picture

This comment is just...UGH.

This comment is just...UGH. The fact that you have BEEN commenting on this and just now decided to Google Armenia is just frustrating! The fact that you assume the rest of us are so uninformed is frankly annoying. Are those your parents in your avatar? WTF.
NinaM2012's picture

The gentleman in the avatar

The gentleman in the avatar with me is good friend Mr. Tony Todd. What I posted was for FYI purposes only, and not meant to be taken personally as an affront to anyone. Have a nice day sweetie.
JewelryLover's picture

If a child is Biracial he or

If a child is Biracial he or she is not BLACK OR WHITE the child is BIRACIAL!!!Stop saying she raising a black child, BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOING, you pretty much distancing that child from it's white parent , he aint just black I DON'T A FUCK WHAT A WHITE MAN SAID YEARS AGO ABOUT A ONE DROP RULE. Niggas accept any damnnn thinggg, stop with that dominate gene shit, because you can tell those kids have white genes and is mixed so come on now....
LetsGetIt's picture

lets just be real and not

lets just be real and not live in the fantasy world you live in. Sure things are better than they were years ago, but if a child has one parents that is black and if you look like one of your parents are black then you will face all the prejudice that comes along with being black..Sure, I wish it was not true but it is and to pretend its not is wishful thinking..You have to raise the child to see beyond those obstacles and embrace all that they are..

I feel what LetsGetIt is

I feel what LetsGetIt is saying as far as the importance of bi-racial children being raised to acknowledge and understand they have different cultures in their DNA, but Freddie is also correct in the fact that we live in a racist country in which the government still classifies you as Black if you have one Black parent. I mean, you can check "other" on forms if you want to, but that birth certificate will say Black. If you look Black, society will call you Black....and racism is always a possibility when you're Black in Amerikkka.
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

you are so right, even after

you are so right, even after all we have been through, all what we have seen this country still is just as racist as it was in the 60s and 70s...change is really slow huh?

Kim K. will learn there's a

Kim K. will learn there's a difference between dating a black man and raising one,she'll learn quick the prejudices of others just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean her child will not experience the ignorance of others....especially in a school setting kids are mean and cruel these days and make fun of things they don't understand

Oh great....raising a child

Oh great....raising a child of color to not see color. O_o

I can't stand that saying

I can't stand that saying either!!! That's just peoples way of trying to ignore racism instead of attacking it head-on with knowledge. Gon' head and let your baby walk around thinking everybody is the same if you want to....they're gonna fail Biology & History talkin' bout "But my momma said everybody was the same..." LOL
PinkyDaGoddess's picture

<3 this comment. LOL...Not

<3 this comment. LOL...Not biology too! Kids should be raised to understand and appreciate who they are, not to walk around trying to ignore it and acting like there's nothing special about them and their history. Not just because of racism and prejudice, but also because of the strong, resilient, globally influential, beautiful, intelligent and powerful culture that they are a part of. We have done plenty of good isht too, you know, and there is much to be celebrated about being Black. I'm sure Kim will have her part covered, even though she tries to pretend she's black too (favorite food to cook soul food, favorite men Black, closest (public) friends black, etc.).
NinaM2012's picture

It's laughable. I can't stand

It's laughable. I can't stand that phrase "I don't see color." Are you blind? You can see color without letting it dictate the decisions you make. Don't leave your little brown (or tan or beige) baby unarmed in this world. You tell them you have color and whatever it is, is beautiful.
SweetDivaT's picture

Off topic........ does

Off topic........ does anybody know what song that was and who was singing it, on The Game last night, during the scene where Lauren and that dude was kissing on the couch in the hotel room?
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I didn't find anything wrong

I didn't find anything wrong with what she said. I don't think she has anything to worry about, her friends and family are pretty diverse. The fact that this child is her and Kanye's will over-shadow the fact that she/he's bi-racial anyway.
Username's picture

I'm sorry...I try not to

I'm sorry...I try not to comment negatively, but this girl is as dumb as a lamp post...SMH! She somehow manages to make lots of money by keeping herself somewhat relevant with no talent to speak of; but at the same time, it's obvious that she doesn't have a brain in her head! I believe she is an idiot savant...(Webster's definition: a person who is highly knowledgeable about one subject but knows little about anything else). Describes her perfectly. Mystery solved!
Burself's picture

@Burself ~ haven't heard that

@Burself ~ haven't heard that term used in a minute. LoL!¡ A Perfect depiction.
GetUrLife's picture


Burself's picture

Everytime I listen to this

Everytime I listen to this woman on an interview, if I close my eyes I see Dalia from Suburgatory.
Realist's picture

their baby will be so

their baby will be so cute....i cant believe that bruno mars actually snorted coke...i mean just google kelsnetwork
reane's picture

I never comment on these

I never comment on these things but i just have to say... Kim No! First of all what does "teach my child not to see color really mean"? To me it just sounds like let me put a blanket over this issue so that I wont have to deal with it until it becomes an issue.... It's so easy for people that aren't black to say I'm going to teach my kids not to see color, when they have never had to deal with the issue of race a day in their lives. I think that Kim should embrace, and let her child embrace the fact that they WILL BE black! It's very important that they understand where they come from. Kim embraces her ethnicity all the time. She's a proud Armenian... but now that your child is black you want them not to see color? Kim, please.

Is it just me or does he look

Is it just me or does he look really zesty in that picture???
Just observing's picture

You are not alone...

You are not alone...

Kim please just hush. You

Kim please just hush. You suppose to raise you child to not see color whether they are biracial or not fool.
JJFad's picture

I hope that child looks like

I hope that child looks like Kim because if he or she looks like Kanye, that child will have no friends none whatsoever. That is one ugly man.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

I'm "Bi Racial" So What! ...

I'm "Bi Racial" So What! ... Who still sits up and talk about (Color)??? Bitch shut up, and just have a Human Baby,
REd™'s picture

I'm sure her kid will be

I'm sure her kid will be well. Educated and well travelled.
TeaNicole's picture

No matter what people say I

No matter what people say I think Kris Jenner is an awesome mom and raised great kids and I'm sure Kim will do the same, as for Kanye, his mother did her best a raising her child, but she left too soon cause he is still a fucking big baby.
SkeeWee's picture

Kris Jenner a good parent?

Kris Jenner a good parent? You're joking right? In the words of Phylicia Rashad "I don't know any parents like that". Ha!
PacificGirl's picture

Kimmy bubble going to get

Kimmy bubble going to get busted real quickly. Racism exists and is in full swing in 2013 honey...you might want to buckle up for the ride.
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

first of all why are they

first of all why are they saying bi racial altho it is lol. Lets just call it a child come now.

These Fools Are Counting The

These Fools Are Counting The Chickens B4 They Hatch. Which Is Not Good.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

I think it's important for a

I think it's important for a child to experience different cultures as well and its even more important for you to brace your child for the real world, so they won't be blindsided by the ignorance that's sure to come, from the oh so ignorant people in this world.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

It's also important for her

It's also important for her to let her child know that it's black before the cops do...Black is always the dominant gene.
cutethatsall56's picture


holmesa925's picture


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