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Porsha Stewart Retains Same Lawyer As Michael Jordan's Alleged Baby's Mama + Kandi & Kenya SPEAK OUT In Support

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After getting blindsided with divorce papers from her husband Kordell Stewart, "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha nabbed an interesting choice of an attorney to represent her in the divorce settlement.  Plus, the reality chick's co-stars are speaking out in support...


Deets inside...

Porsha Stewart has retained Randall Kessler as her divorce attorney.  If you recall, Kessler also represented Pamela Smith--the woman who alleged Michael Jordan was the father of her 16-year-old son.

Pamela oddly dropped her case earlier this month, out of the blue, right after Michael's request to dismiss the case was rejected.  So it led folks to believe she and her legal team received an offer they couldn't refuse.

So now that Porsha has retained the same legal representation, this divorce may not be as clean cut as Kordell wants it to be.  

In his divorce petition, Kordell said that he did not want to offer spousal support, and also hinted that a pre-nup was in place because there would be no division of assets.  And Porsha's attorney said today about the case:

“Typically there is a lot that happens but I can tell you that there will be a status conference where the parties get together and talk and the court helps direct them to work towards a resolution...I know Mr. Stewart’s attorney very well and I have worked with him in the past and we will work with him in this case to the extent that his client allows.”

If Porsha ends up challenging his petition for spousal support, things will get interesting.  Kessler commented about Porsha possibly having the upper hand due to Kordell's words and actions being documented on tv:

“The short answer is that evidence is evidence. If you’re on a security camera and we get it, or if you’re on reality television and that’s taped, that’s evidence as well.”


 photo Porsha-3-682x1024_zps327e2cba.jpg

Meanwhile, Porsha's "RHOA" rival Kenya Moore spoke nothing but supportive words about the split (after saying she saw red flags before the split), and revealed she hopes they work it out.  She told TMZ:

"It seems they just need to maybe iron some things out in their relationship. Maybe they could still make it work."

And co-star Kandi Burruss told CoCoa Fab today:

“I was very sad.  I reached out to her. I didn’t talk to her, but we spoke on text. I was really just hurting for her. I hate the whole thing that when people get on reality TV sometimes that can breakdown a relationship. I hate that for her. She really, really, really wanted her marriage to work.”

Good luck Porsha.


Photos: Bravo, itsrobinlori.com




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Anthony Leong's picture

First off, why do folks get

First off, why do folks get on this site and complain about the posts? I mean last time I checked YBF was pretty much a gossip site about celebs. Therefore, we all are free to express our opinions. With that being said, I hope Porsha gets thru this. I don't wish divorce on anyone. I really thought she tried to make it work; he just kept her from being great. I'm sure he gave her permission to do the show, now it's a problem? I'm sure there's more to the story, but maybe this is the best thing. She needs to breathe and try some things on her own.
MsFiFi's picture

I think it's about to get

I think it's about to get ugly. Kordell's past is going to come back to haunt him. He has some secrets in his closet. The show was bringing too much attention to him. Now everyone is looking online and finding the articles about his "life" in Pittsburgh. Kordell -- you better lay low (down low).
Child Please's picture

This is Tasha's site and if

This is Tasha's site and if she want to report on this ish 24/7 it's her damn business. I find it pretty interesting actually. It's better than a thousand Beyonce posts. Or should I say a switch from that..... : )
JewelryLover's picture

Kordell is definitely a

Kordell is definitely a controlling son of a B*tch that obviously likes his women powerless with NO BRAIN. But I DO NOT feel sorry for Porsha or women like her. Treat your husband like a king MY ASS! If that entails being "submissive," lying down and f#@!ing on demand and not being allowed to have a brain of your own, then I'll PASS! If you want to be a trophy wife and have that lifestyle fine! But be prepared of the possibility that it will come to a screaming halt. Many women give up going to school, having a career, being a stay at home mom and so on to be a trophy wife and FOR WHAT?! Most of them get burned in the end good women or not. Women in general just need to do better. I REFUSE to be destitute and live off of someone else's money. Love is unpredictable and unfortunately these days is not worth the bullsh!t women go through. One minute a person says they love you, the next they're trying to break you and take away whatever happiness you have. But no one can ever take away your intelligence, career and accomplishments. So if I had to choose it would be the latter.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

She looks fantastic in that

She looks fantastic in that white dress. It's unfortunate to hear about the divorce though. I honestly feel once you've said your vows, that is forever and you should work out any minor grievances and theirs seem very minor.
Just observing's picture

Porsha is fab!!She will do

Porsha is fab!!She will do fine on her own!!!
mahogany24's picture

Smh I know that this has to

Smh I know that this has to suck for Porsha. Glad she has support. H*ll, my man and I arent even on speaking terms at the moment and Im feeling like blahhhhhh, so I couldnt even imagine a full divorce Smh Maybe she doesnt have to get half, but she should be able to come out with SOMEthing, since he wanted her to be a stay at home wife. I hope this is a blessing in disguise for her, and she comes out on top and smiling big..Good luck, girl..
GucciQueenOfLife's picture

Like wendy said. She should

Like wendy said. She should get spousal support for the length of time that she was married...2 years. He pretty much made it clear that he didn't want her to have a career and preferred her to stay home...and not allow any man that he has not been introduced to inside the house while he is not there...even if the man is gay
AnoniNYC12's picture

I hope her attorney isn't out

I hope her attorney isn't out of ATL. These attorneys in the A are horrible. Don't believe me ask Michael Vick and Neyo. Neyo had to pay 475k in a settlement when he WASN'T the father.
Somerknight's picture

Word on the street is that

Word on the street is that Kordell was salty that Porsha wanted to do another season of RHOA after he asked her to quit. Porsha girl, ditch that closet queen and go get your life!
DesignDiva's picture

Well, if Porsha's attorney

Well, if Porsha's attorney can use video from the show on how Kordell acted, Kordell's attorney can use video from the show from when Porscha was talking to Kandi about not having a prenup and all she would want is her name back.
happy123's picture

Kordell is upset that Porsha

Kordell is upset that Porsha was hanging with a few independent women and started to have some independent thoughts. Once she's getting 250-300k for 3mos a work, she can pretty much call her own shots. #contol
SkeeWee's picture

That's what women (especially

That's what women (especially black women) do. Laugh or tee hee about another woman's problems. We love to hear about shit like that. Sisters? Yeah, right!
LBA1's picture

That must be the reason YOUR

That must be the reason YOUR here.
Purlie's picture

lol!! and there it is.

lol!! and there it is.
shuga's picture

Yeah, thank god nobody else

Yeah, thank god nobody else does that! That's why all the gossip sites are run by black women and are all about black women! Seriously--are you this dumb? In other news Tasha, minute by minute coverage of this nobody's divorce is really not necessary. It's quite dull, actually.
WoolyBlunt's picture

No darling, or should I use

No darling, or should I use your name WoolyBlunt, really smart name. LOLI am not dumb at all. I was not addressing that comment to you but replying to someone else at the bottom of this post. However, judging by the comments on this site which is mostly black women, I'm not too far wrong. Please keep any further comments to yourself.
LBA1's picture

I want to hold out hope for

I want to hold out hope for them, but I have a feeling the negative press they have both received as a result of the show may be a big part of why they aren't together. The fact that they continue to get this negative coverage can't be helping. I just really hate when marriages fall apart. It's such a painful thing and if she didn't want it I know her heart is broken in a 1000 pieces. I'm going to keep praying for them til the fat lady sings.
Bird's picture

Divorce happens but this just

Divorce happens but this just seems to come out of nowhere. It's a shame if he didn't atleast try to work it out since he claims to be a devout Christian. Once she gets past the shock & the divorce is finalized, she will probably realize she's better off. It's pretty tacky that he doesn't intend to offer any support on top of this abrupt filing. I mean at least offer her temp support until she can get on her feet. They weren't married long so she shouldn't be entitled to half his assets but depending on the reason behind this divorce, be it his fault or hers, she could get a decent settlement. I like Porsha on the show. She came off a little snobby at first but I started to like her. Kordell I didn't care for at all. He wasn't supportive, mocked her when she was crying & reallyfidnt seem to let her have a voice. I am glad Kenya took the high road & didn't use this time to kick her when she's down bc Porsha & Phaedra were really insensitive twd her issues wit ugly azz Walter. I actually stoppedliking Phaedra this season she acted like trash. But hope Porsha comes out on top & destroys Kordell!!!!
JSalsa's picture

Kordell doesn't need to give

Kordell doesn't need to give her half, but give the woman a little somethin'. Shoot, he allowed her to stay at home and not work for an entire year. He allowed her to have that lifestyle and now she has to go back to the way of living before she married him? PLEASE!!!
Happy Lady's picture



plus this ho can work she

plus this ho can work she doesn't have any marketable skills unless being dumb and wearing tight dresses and spending other folks money count. she got what she deserved by making fun of other people and talking about Kenya not being able to get a husband. Kandi shut up stank booty
lola69's picture


Blindsided?!Blindsided?! Girrrl Yousa Blindedsided Lie. I Know I Shouldn't Judge...But I Ain Buying It.
Keyths'Girl's picture

another post?!!?!? this

another post?!!?!? this bitch aint dying she just getting a divorce. its really NOT that serious to warrant all this dam attention.
shuga's picture

I hear ya shuga but I think

I hear ya shuga but I think since she played perfeck card on the show some of us are tee heeing thats all. But I feel ya.
LaFord's picture

maybe i should watch the show

maybe i should watch the show so i can empathize then. if i didnt know anything about black american culture and came to YBF i would swear this trout mouth chick was the queen. *shrugs* off to the next post, i guess.
shuga's picture

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